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I want my pills. :^( [22 Nov 2003|10:47am]
[ mood | sore ]
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Well. I went to the doctor and its my kidney's and my muscles and partly my joints. I got muscle relaxers. I didn't get it filled before i went to school. I got to school about 9:30. I had to park WAY down beside where the buses come. I finally saw luis and he asked me how i was and everything. i told him what the doctors said.

After school i was late going to the band hall becuase I stood in the mall area too long talking to my baby. I hate not seeing him.

The game was lame. we won tho. Next game we don't HAVE to go with the band. If luis ain't going to the game then im going with the band. But if he is going to the game i going to go and sit with him.

After performing my back hurt so bad. On the way home i wanted to cry it hurts so bad. I called my mom to see if my car was still at the school. It was and she told me that she DIDN"T fill my muscle relaxers so I had to just sleep with my back hurting. *cries*

I gotta call Nicole sometime today and see if we can still go to town and hang out and whatever. lol. Boring town. NOthing to do. lol. <3 Amanda

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