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[20 Nov 2003|04:29pm]
[ mood | irritated ]
[ music | The drew carey show, then Home improvement. ]

....Im watching the Drew Carey Show. I love it. Its too funny.

Well lets see. Luis took me home Tuesday and we stayed at my house from 1:20 til 3. It was a lot of fun. We got in a big sticker fight and there are stickers all over my floor. I told him he has to pick them up. lol.

My back is hurting really bad. I know what your thinking --- SHUT UP. lol. I have to go to the doctor tomorrow and see what it is. I thought it was getting better but it has started getting worse. When I get back to school I have a thing were i get to listen to a lawyer talk about his job and stuff. Most people would think this is boring but i think i will find it very interesting. lol.

When it is over I have to STAY in the class for sixth and seventh period because it is my regular class. Seventh period i have a meeting. lol. IN that class. afterward I have to go to the band hall load my equipment then it is off to West Point for our second play off game. :^D I*m sure it will be fun. But with my back hurting i don*t wanna Plus i*m just really sick of marching season. This one hasn*t been fun. I dunno. Too many attitudes in band. Blah.

Well I gotta finish finding all my ideas for the FBLA tshirt. Yes yours truely gets to design it. lol. :^D.

Well Im gone. <3 Amanda

I love Luis.

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Quizzes [17 Nov 2003|09:29pm]
[ mood | Quizzy ]
[ music | SackCloth Fashion's Cd ]

im bored )

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[13 Nov 2003|06:51pm]
[ mood | blah ]

Nothing really has happened. We had an officer meeting today after school. We then went to Kayla's house afterwards and hung out with her.

Luis told me today that he liked my hair. Its been cut since Saturday. lol. I dunno why he told me today he just did. We were standing there and he moves it out of my face and tells me. lol. Go figure. Gotta love the boy. He comes in 3rd Lunch today to see me. He even comes and stands by Zach and isn't mean to him....MoSt LiKeLy because I was there but oh well. My mom said she was going to get on to them for fighting. lol.

Tomorrow We after staying after school because a band member's mom is cooking us all chicken. ROCK!. lol. I most likely will leave with Kelley and then come back. Me, her, Nicole, and Kayla. lol.

Zach flipped his jeep. Crazy. Cheapest wreck he has had. Boy is bad. He gets it back tomorrow. lol.

I redid that hot or not thing. Check it out this time. I am Hott )

Well thats all <3 Amanda


to get 2 the center of a tootsie pop!

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