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Rachel's Journal

25th December, 2003. 8:20 pm. MERRY CHRISTMAS

merry christmas everyone! It's been awhile for this thing. So for all of you who don't know, that certain little distraction at work that i talked about in my las entry is now my boyfriend. Yes rachel has left the world of singledom. He's great, really he is. His name is Garth, hee hee isn't that adorable? Anyways so yeah ive been happier than a bug in a rug, my cat is still a pain in the ass but oh well. The apartment looks like hell due to the frisky fuzz ball, betweeen the ripped cardboard and fallen christmas tree its been crazy but hopefully things will calm down soon. the holidays seem to bring out the best in all of us. well i hope everybody had a safe and happy holiday, peace out my peeps!{

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12th November, 2003. 6:16 pm.

So work is ok I guess. It's just work. However I get to work with some of the coolest people ever, added bonus. They are a tid bit nosy however, offices are so funny like that. I just happen to go get coffee with the cutest guy in the building every day, and you know the wheels are just burning inside their little heads..hee hee. It kills them I know, they fish around for details and come up..ohhh DENIED!!! Yeah, so im a deviant. But yeah so it's going good, I'm not screwing up half as much as I was before. Surpisingly enough, cuz I've been a bit distracted lately. (yeah and the office wants to know why too, hee hee, my lips are sealed) it's all innocent fun mind you. I did some painting on the ole' apartment last saturday, that gave it some color. Everything is freaking off-white around here! Would somebody please come visit me!!! I miss everyone so much, even Craig has been busy lately. Nobody loves me anymore :-( It's weird how much I miss him sometimes. And for those of you who know us you know why it's weird. lol So goddamit Craig, lets do something! hee hee. Well I have to go to my sister's pampered chef party here soon. So time to get my ass downstairs.. lata!

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3rd November, 2003. 9:06 pm.

So I'm still alive, living on my own and loving it. Nener has beena bit much lately, i personally think she needs a playmate but my landlord said no more cats, Dammit Dad! On a good note I still have a jorb and still like it for the most part. It was a rough couple weeks but i got through. My only problem is that I busted my ass to get out of college and into the working world to get absolutely no respect because I am so much younger than everybody. Half the people I work with didn't even GO to college, let alone know how much work it is to grad early. But I muttled through, and even though being treated like I was 6, I still didn't get freakin nap time! That would have made it a little better. ANYWAYS, I went to MA with Craig last weekend to meet up with Michael and Stephanie. Man I love these people, yes even Craig, I swear they are the bestest people ever, soooooo much fun. We went to six Flags New England for Fright Fest , it was a blast. The only bad thing the whole weekend was that it was shitty weather coming back and therefore I don't think craig will ever ride with me again! Oh well, boys are stupid. (yes yes I know girls are stupid too) Oh and while I was at Six flags, believe it or not these amazing people actually got me to go on Roller Coasters! Now for those of you reading this who know me very well, then you know about my whole Roller Coaster motion sickness thing. But steph gave me some drugs and after about an hour of complaining, I was actually beginning to enjoy myself! The evil wonderful people took me on the most terrifying roller coaster first though, thanks guys! freakin 210 foot drop ahhhhhhhhh. Well actually I was too terrified to scream. Everybody prob thought I was dead. lol So that was a great weekend, these are the people that I hope i know for the rest of my live long days. Tiani was greatly missed but I thhink part of me went on the rides just for her, ;-)
Lots of hours at the liquor store coming up with the Holiday season. If you know I don't have your address, please send it to me so i can put you on my christmas card list! And to end, a quote, that even though a bit mushy, it just really hit home with me...
"love builds bridges where there are none"

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18th October, 2003. 9:45 am.

Well guess its time to update everyone....ok peeps, I now live in my own apartment, 240 Warren the lovely town of Glens Falls. I love my apartment, it's known as the shoebox, but hey its mine right? so yes Athena is with me, she's been a handful as usual but I still love her. I'm looking into getting her a playmate right now but my landlord is putting his foot down, oh well i think mom will let me! LOL the ups and downs of having your parents as landlords. Last night was my Grandparents 50th wedding anniversary, it was really cute, they renewed their vows and all that. I can't even imagine spending that much tiime with one person, it really was beautiful. So everything really is status quo around here lately, i think im too busy for drama! Speaking of which, i have to go the second job now, so TTFN! I'll have something better to write about later, just don't have time now!

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18th September, 2003. 8:36 pm. Causin Trouble as usual

Hello hello, so I actually have something exciting to write about! I have aquired a new love in my life. She doesn't have a name yet but it's a 71 Honda CB 350. Thats a motorcycle for those who are clueless. Hmmm as soon as John reads this he's gonna freak, i know it. But I will be careful! So life is kinda weird as of this week. Mom is gonna lose her job, the place she works for is being bought out and closed. So that was kinda a hard hit. And I'm still getting used to working 60 hours a week. So I've been a bit tired lately. I actually got a writing assignment at the Saratogian so there we go I can use my degree as well!! Thats always a bonus. Meanwhile my cat is still running havoc on my house...i could really just do something rash some days. She's outta control. There are just too many things she can get into here. That guy has a week to get out of my apartment. It's gonna be a long week! Oh well so yeah...things are a bit much for life being boring....

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5th September, 2003. 9:40 pm. This just in by request....

Hello Hello My blurty. By request of a friend who lives in the land of plastic trees, I will now begin to update my journal again. I have to put a disclaimer in here that since being out of college life is not half as interesting as it used to be but you know there is still my natural stupidity to amuse us all. :-) Ok so from the start, yeah I did graduate. I was working at hannaford back home again and hating every minute of it. So I applied at about a million different places and didn't get much feedback. Till one magical day I got called in for an interview. The next problem to arise was that I was told that I was blatantly just too smart for the job, hmmm, thanks...but no thanks. So there I was thinking I was screwed out of a job becuase my intelligence was too high??? I was flustered. Lo and behold I get a phone call a couple of days later from the publisher himself of the Saratogian Newspaper. I was stoked, I went in for the interview and instantly fell in love with the place. I just knew I would fit in there. And another happy ending becuase the next day I was offered the job and that pretty much brings us up to date. I'm still single, but slightly more happy with that status. I am simply too busy for anything else lately.
So yeah life is good. Now about my job that I love so much. I do the layout each morning which entails checking to make sure all the ads are that are scheduled for the paper are there and so forth. This is done twice to ensure accuracy, both by computer and bymanually checking the ad order forms. So then I get into my computer system and depending on what percentage of the paper is advertising, I decide how many pages the paper will be. And then this has to be oked by the publisher. Then numbers go to corporate and they have to ok it. Then I can go and in the computer put the ads on the pages and export the pages to the rest of the staff. They call it "dummying" the paper. And then if that doesn't take me all day, which on days i have more than one paper to dummy it does, I then am also the supervisor of co-op advertising. Which means i look for ads and research which companies can get "co-op" or reimbursement for their ads by a sponsor. After I find that out I send invoices out with the ad from the paper. And at the end of the month i total it all up and make commission off how much co-op i have. So thats the bottom line. I have little odds and ends that I do as well. I am the official buisness office coffee maker, a title that is not easily earned. I had to go through a trial period to be offically nominated! Ok that sounds stupid but its funny at work! Jack of all trades, master of nothing. Thats me. So i like it though. And then on another note i am moving into an apartment in my fathers building so i can be out and on my own with some wicked cheap rent! So yeah thats my life. Tiani and Kate are still in potsdam, John and CAsey are still in NJ, Michael is back with his honey in CT , when jerome is in this country he's back in rochester and Craig wins the price for the closest friend to me with a half hour below albany. And who knows when he leaves me, :-( There is a special someone who lives nearby, but not even the journal can know about that! WE must have some secrets. Patience is indeed a virtue. well ladies and gents thats it for now. I suppose ill try to keep this updated with my now mundane life, just for you cAsey!!!! peace out.

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30th May, 2003. 8:52 am.

Wow, I need to learn to post in this more often. I know I could never be like John and post before 6am everyday! But anyways, yeah so I did it, I graduated. Now I hang around home for a year, pay off some debt and then it's off to grad school next fall. I really really really want to go to UPenn, but it's like a one in a million chance I'll ever get in. Hopefully this little connection I have at another college in Philly will be just the trick! I have sooooo many places to visit this summer, I'm off to see Michael and Steph for the Fourth, hopefully I'll be able to drag Craigory with me, I hate riding all by myself! And I want to go to Philly, Boston and New Haven to visit campuses. And possibly Syracuse as well. I am looking forward to it all, and hopefully I find a nice professional job this summer as well. I went back to good ole Hannaford for the time being. Tiani will be happy, she can continue to come steal cookies!!! On a recent note, my grad party is tomorrow. I'm looking forward to it like crazy. Johnny will be up and hopefully his rockin girlfriend as well, I haven't seen them in sooooo long!!! Of course Craig will be here, pimpin in his new jeep jeep! Michael and Stephanie are traveling up here and hopefully kate will be up. Tiani is still stuck in pdam, I'm so bummed about that but hey what can ya do? Jerome is not going to be there, but we are suppose to be going to Americade sometime next week. I'm looking forward to that, I don't have much in black leather though.....LOL
On a home note, I think my mom might kill my cat soon. Athena is tearing up this house, but she gets fixed shortly so hopefully the yowling and crying will stop! I love my baby but apparently nobody else does!!!
Well thats it I suppose, if it stops raining for long enough I have to go mow the lawn, or hay the field, whatever you prefer to call it! LATA

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13th May, 2003. 10:55 pm.

OMG, am going crazy....I am sooo restless right now. I don't know what it is, I can't seem to stay focused for like more than a week. And with graduation approaching anticipation is high. Too bad I will be spending the rest of my life in the writing center to get those extra 3 credits!!!
So X2 is soooooooo good. In fact then I had to borrow X1. You know these journal things are so boring....I need to come up with something interesting to write about. Life is at one of those really weird stand stills right now, so much is happening and time is going by so quickly yet I feel like im standing completely still amongst it all. Huh. I miss my Craigory and Michael...they always have some way of making life interesting. And Craig makes a great fiction character...LOL....once its in writing, it's all fiction.

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5th May, 2003. 12:02 am.

Oh thank goodness....finished one project, the fiction piece is done!!!! It turned out to be 70 freakin pages....oh my goodness. Now I just have to finish the portfolio for that class and I'll be completely done with editing and revising. Now just have to get everything else done. So Saturday (yesterday) was my last day at hannaford. They got me a cake and a card, it was really nice.
Man this whole graduating thing is turning out to be a bit more work than anticipated, who figured!!! lol

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28th April, 2003. 5:09 pm.

so things are still seeming to go ok. I have so much work to do, it's seriously not even funny. Let me do an ultra boring little run down, sorted by class....
Biblical Heritage
-two 2 to 3 pg papers
-reading (1 book, about a million pages out of the bible)
-final project

Editing and Revising
-journal entries from the last 5 weeks (oh shit)
-one stupid excercise
-finish my fiction peice (by tomorrow, oh shit again)
-put final portfolio together
-one meeting

Comp 201 (yes again)
-two papers (i think they are supposed to be 4 pages?)
-Research for papers
-journal entriess from entire semester
-two activity write ups
-visuals for portfolio
-put final portfolio together

Composition Theory
-book project (i don't even know)
-1 paper (due tomorrow, did I mention oh shit?)
-read one book
-re-do a stupid paper
-one meeting

Alcohol Studies
-study for final
-one presentation

so once I get all that done....I can work on the other three credits which means writing the annual reports for this year and last year (writing center), updating the writing center web page, compliling a portfolio of all handouts,flyers, presentations, workshops, and and contests done. As well I also have to figure out a schedule for next semester and evaluate the busiest times at the center to figure out what our hours should be. Oh and the cost -benefit analysis report, and a bunch of photocopying for next year and reformatting all forms for the new school year.


Guess I should get going......

Talk to everyone in like 10 years......

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Current music: the wind blowing my crap all over.

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