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[14 Jan 2004|06:20pm]
[ mood | thoughtful ]
[ music | `in too deep` - sum41 ]

im confused. ive been thinking. i really like jeremy but anna does too. but i dont wanna stop liken him and i dont want to do anything with him because of anna. but i know i prolly wont get him anyways. hard to explain. but thanks lauren for the advice. i need to do more thinking. comment please =)


[12 Jan 2004|04:35pm]
[ mood | cheesy ]

cox is ashamed to copy and paste my cheese quote to her profile =x


friends only! [03 Jan 2004|05:08pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

hey sorry im making this journal friends only now. because i may want to write down thoughts i dont think everyone should be reading ;) but if you wanna be added just add me first and comment. love you!


Yay... [13 Nov 2003|07:17am]
[ mood | happy ]

hey. lauren isnt mad at me. she was never mad at me. so im not even gonna ask what happened in reading i guess? but yeah anna STiLL is. im pretty sure im hangin out with lauren friday night. last night we went to sapporros lastnight the japaneese place yumm they cooked infront of us. yeah and then after we headed off to the beach and walked n stuff it was pretty i saw the bigg dipppppper! lol (anthony) but yeah it was great! sunday im goin to swim with dolphins ;) yay im happy. because i LOVE dolphins. well im out. love ya

!@#$%^&* lOve always Chelsea`xO


when will i have a good day ? [12 Nov 2003|04:10pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]
[ music | `bye bye bye bye my baby bye bye - jOdee messina ]

hey. me and anna arnt friends. lauren is mad at me AGAIN. because at lunch i wont sit with them because anna sits there and i dont want to be around people who dont even like me. but there again she & cherileigh were in a fight and she couldnt sit by me? grr my life is so sucking lately. but thats okay i guess? i mean its bothering me so damn much. i cant make anyone happpy it seems like lately. -URG- !! so my day wasnt great at all. and guess what else? interums come out tommarow. how worse can my day get? but oh well i dont know what to do anymore? i dont know what to do!! i am going crazy. i lost probably 2 best friends out of 2! but i still got my other friends atleast. i mean this is mine and laurens "2" fight in one week. weve only had 3 fights in 3 years. i mean -GR- lindsays tellin me to fuck them both so is dorothy. kirsten is tellin me to apolagize to anna but i didnt do anything to her. i STILL dont understand any of it. me and josh are friends again! aw i miss that kid !! lol its 4:20. and im listening to "shake it like a polaroid picture.." lol "hey ya" well im out. *pEaCe*

!@#$%^&* lOve always Chelsea` xO

kyle / ben / kyleB / mike / christian / my grandma / - called me fat


gRrR... [11 Nov 2003|07:31pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]
[ music | `bouncing off the walls again` - sugarcult ]

hey. wow things really suck in my life. annas mad at me STiLL. its horrible. i mean i lost my best friend over a guy i dont even like and he doesnt like me. but i dont know everyones telin me i dont need her n shit but i wish we were friends again but oh well..ill give it time. me and lauren got into this huge fight i was crying myself to sleep. i mean shes my best friend i already lost anna if i lost both i think id go completely crazy. my mom is pissin me off lately ya dont understand. i need to talk to anthony really badly. grr hes not online the time i need him most. ugh im so freakin stressed out i think my face is going to break out and get cold sores ;[ greeeeaaattt huh? how much can life screw me over. right now im talking to seirra and n seirra are gettin to be pretty good friends we talk bout all the shit in our lives. lol. well im out. peace

!@#$%^&* lOve always Chelsea`xO


tGiF [07 Nov 2003|11:11pm]
[ mood | loved ]
[ music | `my best friend` - tim mcgraw ]

hey babe! well tonight was fun!! okay i went to school gave mrs. snipes her birthday present finally its only been 1 week and half ago was her birthday lol. so i went to school and pretty good day me and anna are i guess no longer friends which sucks alot. cause shes one of my best friends i got. well anyways yeah i miss her already its been 3 days since we stopped talking. so went to school and then johnson's mommy picked us both up and went to her house it was so fun!! i love her mommy and her mommys car! lol. so we went to her house and jumped on the trampoline and kate came over lol oh geez i love that girl shes hullarious. so we all hung out n then went to the movies with kate johnson vincent jordan and then saw "Elf" and went to pizza hut and i got home and now im talking to anthony <33 so im out. peace i love you

!@#$%^&* lOve always Chelsea`xO


HaWks suCked majOr a$$ thiiS yeaR!! [03 Nov 2003|08:15am]
[ mood | disappointed ]
[ music | `Carryinq yOur lOve with me` - qeOrqe straiit ]

hey babe. urg okayy.. so saturday me and anna chilled we got out hair curled and went to ally monarchi's house for her hair curlin party & practice. after that we came home and then my dad drove us to annas moms house so we could get her uniform & we went back to her dads and then went to dorothys and everyone was all pissed off .. dorothy was pissed i think becasue barely no one wass there and no one was doing anything so all that drama and then lindsay & james where fighting becasue nicco came over and james & him were going to buy some "potatos" so she was all crying and pissed off at him. so everyone did nothing so me and anna just left. so we walked back home went to bed at 11:30. woke up at 4! got all dressed for competeition. went to 7/11 and got some bagels and hot chocolate and went to silversands for the bus at 5:44.. spent 19 hours in the TD waterhouse. we went out on the mats and didnt get placed at all. none of the hawks did. we completely sucked this year and i think we needed to try alot harder. came home dropped amanda off. took a shower & went to bed and woke up asked my mom if i can stay home and she said yes so ill be here all day i mite update more today. *pEaCe OuT*

!@#$%^&* lOve alWayS ChelSea



[01 Nov 2003|09:15am]
[ mood | horny ]
[ music | `fOOlhearted man` - jOdee messina ]

heya! welp yesterday was HALLOWEEN!! yeahhh it was cool i guess.. first of all went to school it was gay. nothing really happened...kinda BORiNg!! yeah so anyways after school my mom went and got me my hooters outfitt and then went off to annas house! so after that we went to lindsays house and Brooke Dorothy Shultz Lindsay Gunner Vincent Johnson Ty Lindays Lil Brother. and James!! lol it was sOoOo funny!! okay james wore this costum of lindsays clothes. he wore heer tight ass pants right? with her bra .. stuffed! and her blue shirt that says "KISS ME before my boyfriend comes!!" lol it was real funnny. anna was a cathloic school girl kinda like Brittany Spears "hit me baby one more time" yeah babay! lol lindsay was this girl with blue pants black shirtt & hat. brooke was mine and dorothys pimp! yeah she was a tru thug fosho. dorothy was a french maid. and johnson was a clown. shultz was a gators fan! vince was a thug i actually met him for the second time. and then ryan was this scaryy dude. and gunner was a girl. so after bout 8:30 my mom picked me and anna up and we went and got gusseppeses pizza and then we headed home. and took my sister home and then joe came over for like 3 minutes then my mom caught me sneeking out. but im not grounded thank god. welp im out *pEaCe*

!@#$%^&* lOve always Chels` xO


b O r i n q [29 Oct 2003|07:18am]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | `drinkin bone` - traCy byrd ]

hey babay. sorry i havnt been updating as much as i ussualy do. im trying to earn my parentals trust back. yeah sounds fun huh?? yeah.. welp anyways lately has been pretty good tho i guess? me and anna get to take those kids "odelle" to court and shit. its gunna be fun... anyways yeah just found that out in the mail. my cheer competeiton is this sunday im pretty embearissed to go cause we look pretty rough. and onnly one more practice... so yeahh. urg anyways i cant wait for cheer to be over. and i dont know if i even wanna be cheering next year? but i think i will bee. anyways my life has goton pretty borin lately. welp i need to go. love you

lOve alwaysz Chelsea` xO !*&$%#^@


i figured it out... [20 Oct 2003|07:36am]
[ mood | complacent ]
[ music | ` sOmethinq like that` - tim mcgraw ]

hey baby. well i found alot of things out this weekend, i do not like anthony like that at all. i guess i just like himas a friend. because he told me the grossest story me and anna, ewee. when he was little or something he watched his grandma change her monthly underwaer or some nasty shit i wanted to get sick...ewe! anyways yeah thats what made my mind up. and hes just fun to hang with. anyways i figured all that out. yesterday i went to my grandpas house spent the night before yesterday and went to church and then we ate at longhorn. then we saw this good movie called "runaway jury" at ocean walk. and i bought this really cute hat. its a brown trucker hat that says "billabong". and a shirt. ayways yeah that was my day then my dad picked me up and went grocery shopping and came home took a shower and went to bed. welp im out babe!i love you.

%$#@*! lOve always Chels`xO


im stayin single for life [18 Oct 2003|09:15am]
[ mood | stressed ]
[ music | `sO yesterday` - hillary duff ]

hey babay well lastnite wasnt the best nite of my life. anyways ill tell ya bout my day yesterday i was chillin wid amanda all day first we woke up and walked to circle K. and bought some coffee. yum it was SO good. anyways as we walked back i thought i saw bens van go by us and it was them! lol ben jon & shawnzie. lol after that we headed to amandas and planned on going to the mall so we did. i bought these real cute abercrombie shorts and this cute shirt to go wid dem at styles then i bought some MAC makeup. love that stuff. amanda biught an outfit from express it was cute. ah we saw kimmy lauren sara and tina at the mall. lol lauren is sucha dork she was going around litterally "beverly my purple camel!!!" lol whatta RETARD! geezeus. yeah anyways so we came home after that chilled around da house a liddle and went over to mine and grilled out steak =) yummm anyways after that amanda spent the nite and was talking to anthony he asked me "when we gunna fuck?" im like.."uh.." and amanda goes OMG that bitch he asked me that last weekend. you dont know how mad i was and then i asked him right and he addmitts it .. knowing i liked him alot. so screw his ass i dont need him anyways its his losse not mine. i mean we still friends i guess but fuck his ass ill never in my life do shit with someone that low. geezeus!! anyways yeah... so then we talked for a liddle and just bein crazzy and went ta bed. and this morning she left around 8:30 cause sara is taking her to the game early cause of her lil brother and sisters playing games earlier than midgets. tonight ill be at my grandmas house. i hope we win our game today! prolly not though.. its kinda sad how we loose all of our games. but anyways im out babay i love you.

%&*!# lOve always Chels` xO

thanks anna for the icon you made me i love it to death! *muah* bffaeae!


anywhoo.. [16 Oct 2003|04:53pm]
[ mood | crazy ]
[ music | `bOys Of the summer` ]

hey hunnay well anyways taday in school was okay i guess? lol i brought my project in it was hullarious everyone loved it all the pictures ;) i thought they were adorable! anyways yeah.. lol uh i had my bookbag on infront on my stomach right and told people it was my baby and sam is like humping my cookbag having about a million orgasams .. lol nicce huh? yeah we looked like complete fags. at lunch was funnay. laurens new name is fag fag fag. her first name is - fag. her middle name is - fag. her last name is - fag. muahah! thats great right? yeah i know. anyways.. me and darren are gettin tyter by da days hes hullarious!! and anna is well we havnt got one for her but yeah.. and aj was having sex fantasys in science. lol that class is hullarious. uh what else... i think thats about it for now. anyways lata babe!

&%$#*! lOve always Chels` xO


No More Room .. For Broken Hearts [16 Oct 2003|12:27am]
[ mood | curious ]
[ music | `she Only smOkes when she drinks` - jOe niChOlas ]

i have so much to say but lets make this short

* im trying to get over someone i like (i think)
* i got robbed by odele and some kids for a dixie shirts
* my mom is leaving tommarow for indiana (1 week)
* im going to my grandmas saturday nite
* im heartbroken (i think)
* im pissed off at ... ***** !! i hate him.
* thanks cara for cheering me up! alex is hott & drinks!

*!%#$ lOve always Chels` xO


[12 Oct 2003|03:33am]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | "my best friend" - tim mcgraw ]

hey babe! well anyways im really tired rite now and cant sleep i just got off the phone with anthony he seemed real tired and he anxidently hung up so i didnt call back i just let him sleep since he only got like 4 hours of it lastnight. yeah he said i shouldnt eat after 9 because it turns into fat! lol so im never eating after 9:oO again!! and found out some pretty interesting facfs ;) . anyways yeah thats what ive been doing and im so tired but yet so dont wanna sleep. and im going to church in the morning... funn!! lol oh yeah anthony ima nune! lOl. muahah! that was harrylarryous man. ya had ta be thurr. anyways saras comming over thursday so she can see steven and me and bobby be bored while they go off and do oh dear god i dont even wanna think about it. ;[ anyways ... yeah im tired. and im glad i dont got to go to my dads this weekend. woot woot ill try to update more often! alrite! well babe im out fosho! love you!

chels Ox`xO xO`xO


lOst da qame... Whats New ?! [11 Oct 2003|11:01pm]
[ mood | good ]
[ music | `have you forgotton?` - darryl worley ]

hey babe! anyways today i woke up around 9 this morning got up & dressed and picked anna up! fer the game it was fun lol. we had to take abby too so she spent the night and lastnite i chilled with muh homie jamie lol. uh what else. oh yeah we drove to orlando and went to the sanford mall and bought three really cute skirts! and two real cute tops! aw man theyre cute.and got this really really good smelling candle from ocean scene i love that store its my favorite. yeah lOl... anyays we went to mcdonalds then after the mall and got some food cause we were all starving. and then after that we got lost and were late for the game we missed stretching and voting for spirit leader. yeah but kolbi and karly won!! congratulations! last week was brooke and lindsay! lol and week before that was ME and alania!! lol. anyways yeah so that was great we lost our game 0-30 (apopka) darters. yeah they suck my ass. lol it was harrylarryous madison my four year old sister said in the stands today pointing at brooke "hey momma theirs my pickle girl !!" muahah! thats harrylarryous cause brooke and her were playing with my pickle card heidi got me! lol that was grrreat! just so funny. anyways after the game we slept kinda just relaxed and took abby home first and then we took anna i was gunna spend the nite but my mom wouldnt let me cause she has no trust in me. sOoO --> anyways yeah Oh Yeah! sara and steven started going out yesterday but im glad amanda & sara are friends again cause that whole thing was pissing me off real bad. but anyways im glad its all over. aww steven is so happy bout sara and him i feel so happy fer them but poor amanda she liked steven and her bff went out with him but nothing no one can do really. anyways enough bout that. i was gunna go walk to country side to see anthony but its too far for me so im waiting till next week ill spend the night at my grandmas and go see him. but its all good. but poor lauren is in pain still bout her jaw.. aww baby i love you !! i hope you and your jaw gets back to new ;) !! well babe im out! *peace!* lOve you!!

xO` Chels


kinda feeling sad [07 Oct 2003|04:48pm]
[ mood | sad ]
[ music | `forget everything` - new found glory ]

hey ; (

ya know what i really really really miss lauryn as a best friend alot. i mean i spent the whole year with her last year its so dull without her. especially since i moved and only talked ta her once and i was being a total ass ta her. well anyways i really really miss her. and if you are reaing this lauryn! i miss you alot we might have been through something aweful and i did some pretty fucked up things in the past. but.. im sorry and we used ta be best friends and now we arnt talking or laughing like the olden days. well.. love ya babe still and im so completely sorry. i just wanna forget bout everything and move on with life. and just be friends like back in the old days. cause i love ya babe i mean it will never be as good as it was cause i moved and all that shit but. still love you.


family days with cOx! [04 Oct 2003|03:14am]
[ mood | crazy ]
[ music | `These Days` - Rascal Flatts ]

hey babe! well today went ta school these are the events that took place - lauren bit my head! yes it hurt like a bitch. anyways thats about it then after school laurens momma was picking us up and taking us to my hizouse! so we had fun... then we went off to family days and met kate and our friend maggie also met up with mook (aka mark aka markie aka marcus) and anthony! then we saw steven! also dorothy & tina & sam & amanda & anna & richard & NO joel & joe & shawnzie & jon (gay boy) & anthony!! it was pretty cool.. i said hey to joe tonight and he just walked away i wanted to yell at him or something i was so pissed off... and shawnzie didnt say hey well he claims he did but didnt. uh what else? oh yes mook watches midget porn and is imbearissed of patty cake in public and hits girls (lauren) and amanda got pissed off at sam? and then we also saw our long lost friends from fourth of july!!! scott and derrek yeah they were drunk and scott liked me tina sam and derrek was the hott one. anyways yeah and then we met two new best friends brandon birch and tony cherry! ahah yeah anyways anthony called me a slut and then i called him one but we talked later on and he apolagizes cause he loves me. lol. yeah we talked on the phone for like two hours. but it was good stufff.. well i gota go! bye bye love you lots!


ps - lauren hates me cause im too mean to joel and she wants me to bee nice ?? dont ask.. shes crazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzyyy!! ; p


qOOd but bOrinq [01 Oct 2003|05:30pm]
hey baby welp today was good day but real boring. mhhh oh yes i dressed like a true playa today lol i had on this white/red american eagle shirt and red cheer shorts and big gray swaet pants on top how thugged out right? ohh yess i know. anyways nothing to do.

Next Thursday - My House
Birthday Party Come !!!!!!!
Sleep Over / Pool Party
5624 Touro Drive.

well im out. love you always

Chelsz` xO

Whoever Said Life Was Easy Were : Drunk [30 Sep 2003|10:35pm]
[ mood | curious ]
[ music | 'wrong way` - sublime ]

hey baby! well today was pretty cool but confusing geeze i have mixed feelings about "someone" if ya dont know ask! so much lecturing about it from all my friends. but dot care what they have to say i mean i cant make everyone happy i mean i do care what they have to say but its my life if i wanna screw up and do something i might regret lemmie do it! anyways --> went to cheer practice today was okay i guess carol pissing me off >; ( . im bout to go off on that women. ohh dear me and anna were so funny tonight lol our dancing and rolling instead running and dont forget "IVe got the POWER!" lol. well this weekend is family days! ima get to see everybody!! its gunna be so much fun! im support ta meet dino there. anyways im goin with lauren friday! well ima go love you.

Love Allways
Chelsea` xO


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