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Wednesday, March 2nd, 2005
10:34a - 2 hours.......
ok so yesterday was really boring nd i had 2 hours left after the test nd there was nothing to do ....kady wasnt there nd the only person i talked to was lindsey nd yea it was pretty boring we only had an hour lol...but it was still really hungry cuz i dont have lunch...well no1 has lunch so yea its not hair is a mess sucks i got home at like 1245 nd i ate nd went to sleep nd then i herd rach im me nd then i woke up cuz of the sound nd then i went over there nd i think the date for pioneer night is the 18th cuz i cant do it on the 11 cuz im going to 1776 w/ erin cait nd elisha!!!!!! i cant wait to see erin...i havent seen her since grad last june!!! so yea its going to be good i dont think i hvae nething else to write about nd i know im boring but who cares ciao!

current mood: hungry

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