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Monday, November 24th, 2003

Time:6:46 pm.
Mood: sleepy.
i just woke up from falling asleep around 3:15.... im so tired for no reason... but thats not the point
mmm im not going to write in this little man for a while.......maybe forever. the end
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Wednesday, November 19th, 2003

Subject:wellll... yes! i deleted some to shorten it...
Time:5:07 pm.
Mood: geeky.
Music:watching the grim adventures of billy & mandy.
swim was cancelled today.... but of course band concert wasnt... grrr
wanna do one of these because im bored and stuck in the house cuz its raining. i deleted the beginning part because... well u should know the basic crap.
Current mood:blah, my eyeballs hurt
Current music: im singing disney songs hehe
Current taste: mmm diet coke
Current hair: ..? the same as always? down and ugly. pretty dry and strawish
Current clothes: hughes sweat pants my grey long sleeve shirt underneath my dc shoes shirt... and my socks are inside out because im dumb and cant dress myself.
Current annoyance: my madre
Current smell: mmm it kind of smells like pumpkin... im not sure where that is coming from
Current thing I ought to be doin: probably my homework... i think im suppost to walk zeh dog..but im not
Current windows open: none is cold and raining really really hard
Current desktop picture: mm i think its just blue cuz im downstairs... but upstairs its mmm i cant remember.
Current favorite band: maybeeee.. er im in a clash/ramones mood.
Current book: i just finished gilgamesh for school.. is that what its asking? what my mother doesnt know is a good book... and harry pots of course
Current cd in stereo: i dont think anything is in there i took them out to go to nyc... but its probably the clash or DC possibly yellowcard
Current crush: WELL. i love mr.fred and hoodie boy and etnies boy... but unfortunatly they are all out of reach and...... i dont know their real names.... ah oh well.
Current favorite celeb: dan radcliffe... and julia stiles.
Current hate: ooo mmm HILARY DUFF
=Do I=
all the stuff was about drugs/sex... no use in answering that.
Have a dream that keeps coming back?: i have the same dream at the same time once a year. which is kind of strange
Remember your first love?: mmmm D? i dont think that counts
still love him/her?: maybe i talk about it alot. just maybe.
Read the newspaper?: yeah actually i do
Have any gay or lesbian friends?: yes
Believe in miracles?: sure
Believe it's possible to remain faithful forever?: its possibly i suppose
Consider yourself tolerant of others?:sometimes
Consider love a mistake?: can be
Like the taste of alcohol?: some of it.
Have a favorite candy?: mmm SOUL FOOD... or junior mints. or reeses or all of it.
Believe in astrology?: sure
Believe in magic?: mm :) yeah
Believe in god?: some aspects i do... but for the most part i'd have to say not really. or i guess that would count as undecided
Have any pets: kitty, ginger... and of course..... sydney stupid rat dog liz found a picture in a magazine of him today ha ha ha.
Go to or plan to go to college: yeshum i kinda wanna go to nyu... or oxford... dunno
Have any piercings?: in my ears.. which i had to repierce yesterday and it hurt like the dickens
Have any tattoos?: no but i want one.. but at the same time i'd want it to go away when i reached the age of 30
Hate yourself: most of the time.. but i have my good days.
Have an obsession?: oh yes indeed i do. must i even state the subjects?
Have a secret crush?: OoO.. possibly
Do they know yet?: No.. then it wouldnt be a secret....
Have a best friend?: i have dos!
Wish on stars?: north star on christmas eve
Care about looks?: i'd like to say i dont... but im not gonna lie
=Love life=
First crush: i believe it was the green/white power ranger! i was so jealous of the pink one. damn her
Single or attached?: single i suppose...
Ever been in love?: i dunno if it counts exactly... im guessing no
Do you believe in love at first sight?: mhm
Do you believe in "the one?": i dont know
Describe your ideal significant other: mm tall and i like people with semi long hair thats kinda messy and its dark. and they arent an ass. or unfunny... is that a word?
=Juicy stuff=
Have you ever played a game that required removal of clothing?: eh probably
Favorite place to be kissed?: the rain though im not speaking from experience
Have you ever been caught "doing something?": hahahahahaha
Are you a tease?: OH YES! no sike.. not at all.. because i am a loser.
Shy to make the first move?: probably
=Word association=
Rubber: condom (i know that came to ur mind too)
Rock: pet
Green: tyler........ HA ha hahahhaha i crack myself up
Wet: hair
Cry: tear (that wasnt the first thing that came to my mind.. but im not telling u because its an extreme loser response... hannah may get)
Peanut: butter
Hay: grayton (horse's name aww i miss it)
Cold: hot
Steamy: noodles
Fast: car
Freaky: friday
Rain: storm
Bite: me
fuck: well....
Blow: pop
Religion: i think about how i dont know what religion i am
Bought: i bought food today at lunch
Read: gilgamesh.. well... the word "read" to be technical
Watched on tv: grim adventures
--EITHER / OR:--
club or houseparty: houseparty
beer or cider: Cider i suppose
drinks or shots: shots
cats or dogs: cats.. ive have bad luck with dogs.
single or taken: alrite i admit it... i'd go for taken right now... but that would last about 4 days cuz im dumb
pen or pencil: pen
gloves or mittens: the ones with fingers.. im stupid so i dont know which one is which
food or candy: ill take both
cassette or cd: cd
coke or pepsi: Pepsi ONE
this or that: that
kill: hilary duff? yeah sounds good.
get really wasted with: someone real hot
look like: someone really attractive
avoid: my mom who will make me walk sydney
eat: at the table... or in the basement
cry: err room i guess i dont cry all that much
wish you were: mmmm lots of places. overseas would be nice
Dated one of your best friends? No
Loved somebody so much it makes you cry? dont think so...
Drank alcohol? yeah
Broken the law? yup im sure many a times
Run away from home? when i was little i tried to but it was so cold i only made it to the park.. turns out my parents didnt notice. nice to know they care...
Broken a bone? yeah...that was terrible
Played Truth Or Dare? yesum
Kissed someone you didn't know? mmmm
Been in a fight? physical fight only with my brother... verbal with a million people.
Come close to dying? OH YES! things try to kill me all the time.
--WHAT IS:--
The most embarrassing CD in your collection?: i have like all of the NOW cds up till like #8...
Your bedroom like?: we are in the process of redoing it.. right now its white with pinkish reddish trim and there isnt really anything on the wall... theres 3 flags on my ceiling. thats bout it. and i have too many windows which i realized u can completely see into....
Your favorite thing for breakfast? frosted flakes! or strawberry pancakes. no belgien waffles
Your favorite restaurant?: CHIPOTLE.... actually i dont know... tavern on the green in NYC was pretty nice. no serindipity in nyc (scs)... that place is soooooo good. but mmm dunno.
What's on your bedside table?: my radio/alarm and a lamp and eeeeerrrrrm my glasses i think
What do you eat when you raid the fridge late at night?: everything
What is your secret guaranteed weeping movie?: i dont really cry during movies... but the lion king is sad....i dont know why
If you could have plastic surgery, what would you have done?: i dont think i'd get it.. i'd rather be ugly than fake
What is your biggest fear?: oh well i realized that now im afraid of ending up eating dinner alone night after night after night when im old. aw its so sad what if that happens to me! u just sit there and stare at ur plate and dont talk... its soooooo sad. and i know im going to end up like that. i think thats why it scares me so much.
What feature are you most insecure about?: oh dear. alot.
Do you ever have to beg?: yeah... well not like because i was homeless... cuz i wanted something that they wouldnt buy/give me i suppost
Are you a pyromaniac?: i have my days
Do you have too many love interests?: yes. its ok they because they are all unreasonably out of reach. yup
Crushes? i just said... i think
Do you know anyone famous?: probably.... my grandpa told me that i could be related to cleopatra (did i spell that right).... and my aunt/cousin w/e she is wrote the movie my girl. those dont really count.
Describe your bed: its messy...lots of pillows... its against the wall in the corner and the pad on it is eaten and mmm the sheets are all pushed to the bottom corner
Spontaneous or plain?: spontaneous
Do you know how to play poker?: well i thought i did but apparently they taught me wrong... thats why i always lost.... 2s arent good.. liers.......
What do you carry with you at all times?: mmmmm my arms
How do you drive?: well i got kicked outa disney world on GO KARTS... and my parents are scared of me. im guessing that means i drive badly. but its ok i cant legally drive...
What do you miss most about being little?: being happy all the time and getting tons and tons of presents on holidays and not going to school... or school being real easy
Are you happy with your given name?: its not as bad as it could be...its kinda long tho
How much money would it take to get you to give up the Internet for one year?: the walmart fortune! no i dont know. walmart is so sexy.
What color is your bedroom?: white w/ pinkish
What was the last song you were listening to?: ive been singing "you'll bring honor to us all" from mulan all day
Have you ever been in a play?: no:( i can act for beans..
Who are your best friends?: liz and becs
Do you talk a lot?: yes indeed i do
Do you like yourself and believe in yourself?: i have good days and bad days... thought good is rare
Do you think you're cute?: no i never have been... not even when i was little
Do poor, homeless, or starving people sometimes annoy you? only when they attack your car
Do you consider yourself to be a nice person?: sometimes. ive been being nicer lately.
Do you spend more time with your girlfriend, boyfriend, or your friends?: well lets see... does courtney have a boyfriend? NO! so friends.
........dear god that was long....
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Sunday, November 16th, 2003

Subject:something wicked this way comes.
Time:9:02 pm.
Mood: tired.
Music:cause this is my united states of whatever..
.:double, double, toil and trouble:. .:fire, burn, and cauldron bubble:. .:something wicked this way comes:.
lets see... mm well i made the swim team yaaaaaaaaay. and er mm we didnt have practice on friday so i went home and packed for the gs thing that was later that night... my family went to new york to see my padre. the trailor came out that day of course so me and hannah and val went to see it. we dressed up all crazy like. val wore a cape and her gryffindor scarf, and me and hannah wore these shirts that look like the uniform ones, and i stole becca's dad's tie cuz it kind of looked like all harry potterish and then i got the hogwarts crest and duct taped it to my shirt. hahahhaha im the biggest loser. yeah so anyway we went to see it and we freaked out and screamed then watched it and felt all happy.. we really didnt wanna see the movie so when it came on i said really loudly "oh my gosh! you guys... we are in the wrong movie!!!!" so we ran out really quickly mumbling about our stupidity. oh yes.. we are great actors. we started seeing people we knew and it was kind of embarassing because we dressed up to look like we went to hogwarts for a 1 minute and 26 second event. i had to get home because i had to go to girl scouts thing.. fun. we hosted this lodge thing for another troop and we had to make fondu dinner for everyone. it was really annoying. so me and loey and liz and becca and ashley isolated ourselves from everyone and went into a little room with scary windows so we and loey stole tape off of signs around the lodge and taped our shower towels and ripped up paper bags over them. then on saturday they all left and we went to this fabric store that wasa convently located in hicksville... which was by ultrazone! ah.. crazy time there...anyway we spent a really long time looking at fleece.. we saw a really hot dad there... no not like DAD ..he was like 20... and he had a lip errrr then we went to big lots! i was super excited about big lots cuz i thought it was some kind of walmart but it was like a grocery store with toys randomly mixed in with the yeah then we went back to the lodge and i attempted to learn to hula hoop which wasnt sucessful:( my back really hurts from sleeping on a really hard floor twice in a row. now im doing homework. yes the end. back to writing my mitosis story about Cellsburg.
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Monday, November 10th, 2003

Subject:oooooo dear i drink to much soda eat to much junk food and dont exercise enough
Time:7:26 pm.
Mood: tired.
Music:sex pistolys ow ow.
WELL swim try outs started today.... oh deary am i out of shape or what? it wasnt a hard workout it was like 25s 50s and 100s and i was like dying. my heart was really fast and i was all like lightheaded and i felt like i was gonna throw up. i just need to get used to actually... moving around again other than walking to the frigde.. because that is not exercise as much as i like to think it is. yes so anyway... hmmmm i wasnt as extremely slow as i thought i would be on account i havent swam since last feb. but i wasnt a little speedy mexican mouse either.. mr.brown was like you swim on york?? ( i was wearing the cap thing) and i was like yeah i used too.. it was just dissapointing but whoopydoooo in about a month ill be used to it again.. if i make it that is which im doubting as of now but HEY! we're cool. i was thinking... what was i thinking about? MY BIRTHDAY OF COURSE! TUESDAY, DECEMBER 2!! so many people are born on the same day as me... lets name a few... well ME of course which is very important indeed... and then alyse, and mm britney spears... and alfie enoch (i think thats how u spell it... u know the boy who plays dean thomas in HP...i know that becase i am an incredible loser.) and mmmmm yaya (becca and liz's cousin) andddddd nelly furtado or w/e her name is... the im like a bird singer girl.. and kevin clark (drummer boy from school of rock) is on Dec. 3 ONE DAY YOUNGER THAN ME! so i'd say that semi-counts yes well thats the list for now ill think of more later.. mm i need to do homework cuz EVERWOOD is on tonight! yaaaaaaaay its like the highlight of my week... i watch to much tv.... but not this week! this week the highlight is FRIDAY! 4 days! SEXAY ow ow! i need a more productive life.
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Sunday, November 9th, 2003

Subject:lets not
Time:2:59 pm.
Mood: thoughtful.
Music:watching telly.
mm friday was zeh last game for marching yaaaay...mmm saturday i watched SS and COS and then me and liz rented finding nemo... aw that movie is soooo cute mm then we went upstairs and liz got out a phone book and we ran around throwing pens at this giant hoppy bug... crawling on the floor watching his every move and then BOOM liz got him good in one hit. thats what he gets for trying to jump on me with his nasty liittle legs. er.. today im painting. yeah. wellll im just really angry that my parents failed to bless me with any talent. that is just i cant go anywhere in life. grrragggrr. kyle got some wheres my share? grrrrr. mmm i keep having really really strange dreams..yeah i feel like doing a survey thing val sent me.. bear with it.
B - Best Quality: lets see here..i dont know
C - Choice Of Meat: i like chicken alot.
D - Dream Date: haha u know.. anything with mista dan is prefect with me! even stalking him from a reasonable distance counts i suppost.
E - Ex (most recent): well im just not even gonna answer that one.
F - Favorite Food: i like burritos alot. infact i just at a fijita burrito from chipotle... but i like it alot. sushi is nice... and steak.. and wonder bread... and mmm cookies... and greasy stuff. french fries are quite tasty.
G- Greatest Accomplishment: mm i dunno i've contracted more will power! i made that sound like a disease.
H - Happiest Day of Your Life: ooo i dunno... theres something i know it but i cant think of it.
I - Internal conflicts: welll the fact that i just really dont like the way i look/act/am i guess.. but im getting over that cuz looks arent everything! oh yeah
J - Jam: jammy dogers. err strawberry i guess
K - Kool-Aid: makes good hair dye
L - Love: Hp!! yay! i think sleep makes that list too.
M - Most Valued Thing: errr my friends... as sappy as that is...
N - Name: Courtney
O - Outfit You Love: i just really like sweatpants and becca's sweatshirt even though it kinda smells like butt
P - Pizza: i like pinneapples on it.
Q - Question you want to ask: "what time is it courtney?" haha val... ITS SCARIFICE TIME! that never gets old
R - Radio Station: HFS or 101 i guess
S - Sport to Watch: football and hockey... x-games and such too... sports on tv isnt really my thing.
T - Television Show: everwood! and smallville and...i like the grim adventures of billy and mandy... and teen titans.. because im a loser. oh! and i love the 80s! and clone high was great but i think im going to have to let that go because he is never coming back......and theres all these shows i love but im drawing a blank
U - Unique habit: i chew my fingers and make them really gross
V - Vacation Spot: Eer..u know anywhere with mista R
W - Winter: i like the cold more than hot... u can put all the clothes on u want. but u can only take so much off.
X - Xanthippe: yeah what?
Y - Yankies or Mets: mets. because yankies suck... and i go see the mets play like 5 times over the summer.... so i've been forced into liking them. buts its ok because i do. and that made sense
Z - Zodiac Sign: sagittarus... didnt spell that right.
what happened to A? well that one was pretty boring... swim starts on monday hmmmm ahh i wanna do friends only stuff and feel special but i dont have any friends! i need a livejournal! ahhh make me one ok im going to starbucks
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Wednesday, November 5th, 2003

Subject:9 days! NINE
Time:10:01 pm.
Mood: ecstatic.
Music: the tv is blank because the OC isnt working. grr.
OMG IM SO EXCITED ITS NOT EVEN FUNNY! how can something so... not real? make me so fucking happy!!!!!!!! ITS SO POINTLESS! BUT I LOVE IT SO MUCH!... its like 5 minutes long? BUT IM SO EXCITED IM GOING TO WET MYSELF! ahhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhh!! just wait until the real things comes out... no telling what ill do weeeee
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Tuesday, November 4th, 2003

Subject:journal time. ow ow finding nemo is out today!
Time:4:08 pm.
Mood: hot.
Music:attempting to make a playing tape.
wellll mm halloween... lets see.. well during the school day i had to go to the doctors and it was just not fun, they poked at me and weight me and gave me shots and made me run around in circles and then they put this thing on my arm for like 20 years.. yeah. then my mom forced me to go back to school for the remaining 45 mins because math is just o so important. then liz and i sat around my house i think.. i cant really remember to tell the truth, and then about 6:00 we called nikki and made trick or treating plans because nothing beats free candy. mm me and liz went to her house and went through her sister's closet and found costums.. i was sort of minnie mouse... but the demented version...kind of. we went to nikki's and we were suppost to meet up with cassanda and heather and alyse and emily but apparently alyse and heather hate me so.. they didnt come... me and liz and nikki ran around outside screaming like crazy squirrels because we walked down this street and she said there was a dead farmer burried there... anyway eventually we found cassanda and emily and then we sat around her table being stupid and i kept choking like a manic.. yeah. then we watched ALLADIN! ( i know scary movie...but i dont do well with scary movies and we wanted to sing) and we all attempted to fit into nikki's clothes! yup but shes really tiny so it was difficult. then mmm i went shopping on saturday w/ liz and becca... nothing too special. sunday i went to new york to see my padre... well new york is so awesome.. except when your with my mom. she acts like she has never been there before... which is so dumb because we go to new york like every day... well maybe not..but alot. we were standing trying to get a taxi and she runs up to this guy and starts banging on the window and he drives away... and shes like WHY DIDNT HE STOP??? WE NEED A TAXI!!... agh so i had to get all the taxis.. i almost died though i got a little reckless crossing the street... yes, i didnt look both ways. so i was standing out in the middle of the street screaming at my mom and this taxi came flying outa no where and he was honking and screeching to stop and i was standing there in shock... and these people were like get out of the street! and what did i do? i watched it come at me....then i ran and i was safe by about 7 seconds.we went out to eat about 50 times... yeah my family likes to make me fat. i think i ate an entire cheesecake by myself.. but it was good. but i had a weekend free of sydney...ahh so quite:) mmmm on the way home i saw this guy's truck catch on fire.. it was really scary... why do i keep wittnessing accidents? ITS A SIGN! i dont know what for...BUT ITS A SIGN! in our appartment there is this channel where u can watch people come in and out of the building and so me and kyle spent alot of time watching people who could open the door... this one lady had a ton of bags and kept dropping them and then she would try to open the door and then she would drop the bags and pick them up but then the door was closed... it went on like that for like 20 minutes.. if that made sense... at first i didnt know people watched u so i was standing there waiting for my dad and i leaned up against the door and like pulled my shirt up and poked my stomach because the lighting made me look really tan... and then i examined some ear wax like the gross child that i am.. and my dad was like .. mm u know people might be watching you?.. good story good story. well ok i need to get back to this stinko playing tape...i dont know any scales arghhhhrrrgrrrrrrrrr (angry noise)
p.s I stole this from hannah a few minuts ago!! i love teen girl squad. :
You're "The Ugly One". You don't look so
good. You might want to look into some
medication for your psoriasis. You have a
crush on every boy, but you'll never get any of

Which Member of Teen Girl Squad are you?
brought to you by Quizilla
aww its so depressing IM THE UGLY ONE! :( what if its really TRUE? what if its my destiny? oh dear. its ok i dont need boys to be happy. maybe. yeah. I MISS TOM! (no comments about that one miss hannah! hehe)
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Tuesday, October 28th, 2003

Time:6:19 pm.
Mood: confused.
Music:watching telly.
People are such hypocrypts its not even funny. its making me so mad i cant stand it. i try to cater to the way you want it, and it makes you mad. i back off, u feel unloved and isolated. god and dont go around talking about how peoples opinions make you mad, if your intitled to yours everyone else is intitled to theres. oh and you know what? dont get made when people make assumptions into your life cuz ur sitting there making them into ours.. by saying that we are after certain things judging our actions and words ur doing that same damn thing u dont want us to do. how would u know what its like for me? are you me? no your not. did i tell u anything to give u that clue? no i didnt. u probably think im talking about u... but im not. thats all. my brothers friend is here and hes making me so fucking mad. he GAVE my shoe to sydney and now there is no back padding on it because syd ate it. how incredibly rude. tell me why people keep taking over the things that we liked first... seriously everything. but ok whatever. ok and everyone is asking me whats wrong.. well basically i dont know. i dont want to share and open up because i'd rather things to myself then having everyone on my telling me what to do and what to fix and that im faking. but to tell u the truth im alot happier than i used to be so..yes. because i have nothing to be unhappy about...especially compared to everyone else. anyway on a better note yesterday i got a 97.5 on my math test. and im just really happy about that. emily and i started candy week! the ultimate way to be fat! bring in mass amount of candy for each other everyday yessss! BUT im definatly failing spanish. kyle and his friend keep screaming "DID U SEE THAT SPORTS FANS?..... PENIS!" "the P the E the N I AND S!" how annoying. im annoying. lemme think.. OH what time is it? ITS SACRIFICE TIME! god here they go with the penis again. jut kill me now. my life is quite boring right now nothing funny is happening really... ill write when it is.
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Saturday, October 25th, 2003

Subject:i have no life
Time:11:36 pm.
Mood: bored.
Music:desolate ways - morbid angel.
i think i got this from jimmy vamp
You are Form 9, Vampire: The Undying.

"And The Vampire was all that remained on
the blood drowned creation. She attempted to
regrow life from the dead. But as she was
about to give the breath of life, she was
consumed in the flame of The Phoenix and the
cycle began again."

Some examples of the Vampire Form are Hades (Greek)
and Isis (Egyptian).
The Vampire is associated with the concept of
death, the number 9, and the element of fire.
Her sign is the eclipsed moon.

As a member of Form 9, you are a very realistic
individual. You may be a little idealistic,
but you are very grounded and down to earth.
You realize that not everything lasts, but you
savor every minute of the good times. While
you may sometimes find yourself lonely, you
have strong ties with people that will never be
broken. Vampires are the best friends to have
because they are sensible.

Which Mythological Form Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

i dont have a life so i take tests. does it sound like me or not? what do YOOUUUU think? mm im undecided. The Phoenix!! hannah WHATS THAT REMIND YOU OF? anyway today was states and it sucked alot. we got excellent when everyone got superior... kind of sad. we had to get on those horrible buses at like 7:00 in the morning and me and liz were the last to get on the bus so we had to sit in the very front near the speakers and everyone was like LETS BLAST RAP MUSIC AT THE WEE HOURS OF THE MORN and i was just really unhappy. the bus driver asked me if i was hurt nad if i was gonna cry... i was like no... do i look that bitter? i feel asleep twice which was good i guess. mm later becca and i finally got our liz's surprise party to work!yay! me and ya took liz out to distract her and get her away from her house while becca set everything up. we got back and liz got in her bum clothes and glasses and bath robe and was like naked hahahaha and then we went downstairs and everyone was like SURPRISE! and she screamed and ran upstairs to change. she came back down and she was still shaking it was great. i love liz. the little partay was quite fun if i do say so myself except the fact that i hurt my foooot..again! me and becca were sitting around for like an hour calling all these random people to come and it she would call people i never ever talk to.. like tommy and dj and be like "OH whats his name? oh yeah.. is tommy there? this is..............courtney" and well maybe u had to be there but it was funny. we had a big water fight and made a big mess.. and we sat there and everyone was like LETS PLAY HOT POTATO! like 1st graders... but our idea of hot potato was like chuck the bonky ball at the person across from you's head. like little boys... i love aacting violent and messy like little boys. i hate sundays they make me anxious... well this one is.. i know i have a ton of homework but im not sure.. and the quater is almost up so i cant let my grades slip more all of a sudden. rar i hate not being extra smart. well that is all i have to say.. im so extremely tired and i have some random rap song stuck in my head that was blasting on my bus. ok im for serious now. im not gonna write in this little dude anymore its just to..pointless. and i feel really very concieded and stuck up and like im all like oh feel bad for me..but really... im not... to tell the truth it bothers me 90% of the time when people say otherwise.. and it has not affect on me so its pointless.. just random thoughts. what would u do for a klondike bar? i would possibly shave off my ear brows for that savorly ice cream inclosed in a chocolate covering! me: nikki that guy over there keeps glancing over and staring at you" her ten minutes later "which one again was staring at me" as she fixes her hair.... me: "nikki.. i completely made that up" hahahha maybe u had to be there but i almost peed on myself..well. maybe a little. oh today there was a dead bat near the generator thing.. it was just really very cool. i wanted to poke at it but i was good and restrained myself.hahaah stupid bat
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Wednesday, October 22nd, 2003

Subject:i have to write an outline for history
Time:10:08 pm.
Mood: blank.
well lets see here... monday nothing happened except at lunch i was standing outside with val and eric and eric handed me his phone so naturally i decided to play with it. mrs. rodregus or w/e her name is came up behind me and was like NO PHONE NO PHONE and grabbed it outa my hands. eric ran away and she was like WHAT IS YOUR NAME? i told her and she was like OH? CASSY KIDD! and she got on her intercom and was like "i have casy's cell phone" and i was like thats not my name... and she was like YOU LIE YOU LIE YOU BETTER TELL TRUTH! and then everyone knew about 5 seconds later... it was like the highlight of the staff's day. after school i had to call my mom to come get it and so me and my mom and eric and eric's sister were all standing around for a really long time cuz that crazy woman gave the phone to our subschool's principal w/e her name is and she left. she wasnt there tuesday either she like went on a trip with his phone... but he got it back today which was good cuz i felt kinda bad. yesterday = psats mmm well i guessed most of them and then i realized ur not suppost to guess ur suppost to leave it blank.. well u know what it doesnt count for anything so i dont care. i bet i wont break 700... im calling it here. anyway today..... oh we had a gs meeting and it was just really dumb we had to make these stupid little sock dolls for our silver project and we have to give them to like cancer children...we made "samples" today and they were all deformed with stubby little legs and hunch backs and huge heads and no arms.... personally i think i would be a little disturbed if i was dying and they handed me one of those... later me liz and becca were waiting for my mom to come after everyone had left and my mom was lost and we were standing outside in the freezing old while completely dark and becca pulled down her 80's sunglasses and started running around like a chicken with no head and screaming I CANT SEE I CANT SEE and she kinda went and stood by the woods and then liz was like someone is gonna pop outa the woods and kill us cuz there was an a helicoptor flying around above us and then 2 seconds later a police car went by so we freaked out and ran inside mrs. dury's house and she was all crazy like she always is and was like you want me to call the police? ok i will... a few seconds later "oh they are talking in spanish" then her husband was like trying to do SOS with the blinds.. and i called my mom to see where the hell she was and she told us to go jump around outside to find us and mrs.dury was like OH! OK WE WILL GET FLASHLIGHTS! ORANGE LIGHTS! OOO DO WE HAVE COLORS?? and all freaking out... but my mom pulled up so we ran away and they were flashing there lights so my mom would see and it was just really crazy... i dont think anything i just typed made any sense. today i taught sydney how to stay! im so proud he did well. yesterday at band we had to stay all extra late cuz the seniors were like oh ok well we are gonna go sit on the ground cuz of a tradition where they get to watch the last run-through which is understand able but mr.4 wouldnt let them so we stood on the field for like 10 minutes while they fought and they they decided we had to do TWO run-throughs at like 9:30 though practice was out at 9:00 eh it was just really annoying. me and liz were like the last people in that stupid band room. i was SO tired and i accidently overslept today...anyway i think i have decided that i am not gonna write in this anymore cuz 1) its really pointless im really boring 2) no one reads it so i dont know why im even stating this idea 3) i had a third reason that was really good but i forgot it.... yeah ok that is all TATA!
p.s im so tricky beyond belief... u have no idea!
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Sunday, October 19th, 2003

Subject:this one isnt very interesting
Time:9:55 pm.
Mood: sick.
Music:football updates on espn.
mm yesterday i went to the movies with becca and danny and jackie again. mmm then me and becca watched orange county.. thats really all i did. today becca and i walked up the shopping center to buy stuff to decorate liz's house. our plan was to go and decorate it and then leave all the presents and stuff and be out of there before she got hom from UVA but we took to long so we were standing in her kitchen and i heard a car pull up and we looked out the window and her dad pulled up. so we started running around frantically and decided to hide in the basement. then we were like OH NO we left the door open aggg. anyway she walked in and we scared the poo outa her so i guess it all worked out. today i just had about 7 coughing fits. i was lying on the flooring dying and then i realized how incredibly retarded i looked so i started laughing which triggered more cough attacks... well it was just incredibly pathetic. but on the plus side my voice is doing better... its still kinda weird sounding up it doesnt jump pitches anymore.... i dont understand why people always say sorry. i mean sometimes it makes sense but if ur like "oh well im really tired" and then go Oh, sorry... or Oh i feel sick "im sorry" ...i dont get it? its not like ur stepped on my foot and now im bleeding. it just kind of bothers me i dont know why. but w.e its better than "ok" or "I DONT GIVE A DAMN" atleast they care enough to pretend to care... if that makes sense. mm i think everyone is drifting away... today my brothers "british" friend came over... let tell u... it was very disappointing. well i have a list of all the people im in love with (in order)
1. dan radcliffe 2. gregory smith 3. kevin clark 4. bam margera. mm thats all i have to say.
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Friday, October 17th, 2003

Subject:ehh if me disapearing forever would make you feel better, i would be gone.
Time:11:18 pm.
Your element is Water. You are a deep person and a
good communicator. Incredibably loving and
loyal when your trust is gained and you are
fairly mature.Myterious to the utmost water is
in everything. One can be an Ocean or a river
but nobody truly knows you.

What's your element
brought to you by Quizilla
(took that from jimmy) mmm quiz's are interesting... it sounds like me... but then...... it doesnt cuz im definatly a bad so extremely complex
talking about crap upsets not just talking one person... i would rather suck it up and keep it to myself to have you be happier. im not gonna lay my irrelevent problems down on other people while they are dealing with their own...
im letting everyone down. i feel like my friends are all upset with me (which is the worst because i dont mean to im sorry) or changing/ and drifting away from me.... because i am me and thats not good enough.
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Subject:yes i definatly sound healthy
Time:10:41 pm.
Mood: sick.
Music:Under my umbrella - incubus.
mm just got back from tc w/ becca, jackie + danny. first we went to target and i got lost so i sat on the floor for a long time and played with little kid toys that sang... then i heard becca screaming "WHEEZY! WHEEZY? WHERE ARE YOU?" and i was found. we took the bus to tc and it was just we were suppost to see a movie but instead we went to about 6 food places and ate alot. which was amusing.. the waiter we had at ruby tuesdays was really scary and like stole this note jackie had and read it and then like put his hands all over danny's face and told us we were tacky for bringing food... so we left... and this guy at best buy was like setting gas on fire and he almost burnt my eyebrows off... twice... i was really very scared. i've gotten really sick. today was horrible... my thoart burns so badly and my voice is crazy retarded. i sound like a really exaggerated boy going through puberty and his voice is changing mixed with a smoker raspy type voice. the pitch is jumping around like... an elly phont on a trampoline... oo that was creative. i was made fun of all day at school. everyone had reason cuz i sounded really odd but.. it kinda sucked alot. my week.. my week wasnt very eventful other than band was rainout out on tuesday so we had to go everyday for the rest of the week (which was really sucky), and getting sick. "Liz's birthday is in 2 days-- Happy Birthday to you Happy birthday to you Happy birthday-- ahahah we should make courtney sing this so that way it will sound like a little boy going through puberty.... ahha" aww thats from nikki's profile:( anyway mmmm im feeling quite paranoid indeed. all of a sudden out of no where some random people decided i was hot ( i feel really weird saying that sry if i sound stuck up..maybe im just really sexyful when im sicking and coughing like a 70 year old smoker like in heartbreakers?) anyway its just really random.. me of all people... and some how everyone in the world knows and i think there is a plot against me. like how people u know vote for person X for.. oh say.. homecoming prince? 'cause that person is really ugly and it would be hilarious to make them look stupid... (wow thats extremely bitch mean..) i think that kinda thing is going on right now towards me. RIGHT NOW! they want to me feel really stupid:( eh oh well.. i can take it.. i think. PSATs are on tuesday..... im just not looking forward to waking up early to taking a big test that counts for nothing... agh im really really looking forward to sleeping tonight because my cough gets really bad at night and has kept me awake until 3 am the 2 nights... ah weekends i love you. i just really need to buy becca a birthday present... because her birthday was last week.. eh...well mmmmmm yeah that is all i have to share...yes
p.s HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIZ (in 2 days)
p.p.s omg im actually wheezing like crazy all of a sudden...oh no i really SHOULD BE NAMED WHEEZY!:(
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Sunday, October 12th, 2003

Subject:the 80's were just so much cooler. im jealous.
Time:1:55 pm.
Mood: okay.
Music:another one bites the dust song on i love the 80s BEST SHOW.
i stole this from hannah: HASH(0x8494f10)

The ULTIMATE personality test
brought to you by Quizilla

mmm interesting isnt it.... what do u think? anyway...... the 80's are just the best. the world was just so much more fun then... well homecoming was last night... it was absolutely horrid let me tell u. i just about killed myself multiple times in those heels. i just looked like crap... my hair.. i took a shower and let it dry, while everyone else got it all done... sexy i know.. and of course my makeup ran everywhere cuz there is something wrong with my eyes and it always does that.... dinner was quite amusing. miss liz knocked over her drink.. which she does everytime we go out. haha i love u liz. and when we went up the stairs this guy looked up our dresses WITH HIS DATE. ah stupid whore. there was so much food left cuz they just brought us huge platters of food.. so naturally me and liz each took home a huge thing of fried rice! i think becca had fun which is really good cuz that was the point of the night and the only reason i went.. because i love her. i hope she had a good 16th!! I LOVE U BECCA! mmm i basically spent the whole night with hannah and danny. apparently i ignored jimmy which i really feel bad about cuz i didnt realize i was doing it. wow im such a bitch. i danced... like none because i cant dance for beans. i look like a spastic... spastic thing. but they played the pimp song cuz we requested it which made my day. who doesnt love the pimp song? anyway i found out some really disappointing things... which r just really not good. i love all the wrong people!but hey that how it always seems to go doesnt it? eh no worries. my feet hurt so bad. [emo people.. er boys... are hot] i have BRUISES from those shoes... im just not a dressy person at all. i talked to the british guy.. well ok that just didnt go over to well i have talking to people problems yeah. i was extremely bitchy to my mom yesterday.. i mean when we were taking pictures (AGH) i had reason but before and afterwards i was so mean.... yeah thats about it. SOMEONE MAKE ME A LIVEJOURNAL! THIS WEBSITE SUCKS ASS! its so crazy slow... what is that? im like talking courtney 'hood ghetto.. yeah im cool. im getting really very paranoid... i hear people talking or i read something they say and i automatically assume its about me.. yeah so basically im like THE WHOLE WORLD IS AGAINST ME! eh.. thats alrite we can kill them all eventually. talk about me all u want! CUZ I CANT HEAR U! anyway im an extremely tricky beyond belief.. sometimes i just so slick that i surprise myself! omg u know who is my hero? the guy that trained the water skiing squirrel no i lied the guy who invented chocolate... NO dan radcliffes PARENTS. noooooo my ultimate hero is definatly the man who invented trollys cuz i just really want one really badly. yoda is like preday gollum...i am so random to an extreme ok well im being stupid cha cha whip it. and whip it good
p.s dead roses are really beautiful i like them alot.
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Friday, October 10th, 2003

Subject:im about to keel over and DIE
Time:11:04 pm.
Mood: tired.
Music:alkaline trio -we've had enough.
and she hates herself...
this week was... ok i suppose. today we had a pep ralley which was... well uneventful. then we had to march in the parade which was NOT FUN. ah those shoes have no arches... my feet ahhhhh! the flutes and the clarys were doing this weird little dancy thing. which was fun at first then i just got tired and lazy. im such a band dork... tisk tisk. omgoshness u know what i REALLY hate! REFRIED BEANS! everyone was eating them and i was... i was about to run outa there crying. really beans... beans are just so squishy. and gross i mean what IS THAT? the game was just.. mmm it was just. yeah i really like doing that little thrusty dance though. its the best. anyway well i just really dont want to go to homecoming let me tell u. ill make a list 1. i dont like getting dressed up 2) i dont like dancing 3) i dont like rap (except the pimp song of course) 4)i just dont want to go. the only thing im looking forward is extreme eating fest 2003! wooo. im so confused about a bunch of things. well im just really boring right now sooo im going to take a shower or something.yes. HAPPY 16TH BECCA! which is 2morrow but no worries.
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Sunday, October 5th, 2003

Subject:i want to scream my lungs out.
Time:9:23 pm.
Mood: cynical.
Music:yellowcard cd... i love it.
guess who got a dress? yes thats correct i did. but im not a dress person so i look stupid. and its ugly. its ok... mmm let me see here. the fact that u need talent to achieve things is really holding me back. rar. DOES ANYONE EVEN READ THIS? THIS IS POINTLESS WHY DO I DO THIS? no one comments anymore. oh well its ok. everything is ok. i dont care. i had a breakdown about math today. which is quite sad because geomerty is pretty easy. im guessing it wasnt about math? actually i know it wasnt. well ok. i hate myself i hate feelings I WANT NOVACAIN. numb numb numb numb. yes
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Saturday, October 4th, 2003

Subject:AH MY EYES they burn.
Time:10:37 pm.
Mood: lonely.
Music:tsunami bomb- simple truth.
well lets see i went to jackie's party on friday night. quite amusing really.. we hoged the picture machine all night and took about a billion and 2 pictures... some of them a really cute but most of them r dumb. i didnt remember how incredibly scary chuckie was ( u know the mouse...) he got all close to me and i was about to pee on myself. which brings me to another subject "whens the the last time u peed your pants: umm probably when i was little" OH U LIERS! well... everyone knows my little rat cabin '03 fall down the hill pee on myself story. if u dont... mm dont ask. anyway that was my randomness for the day. mm i got shoes for homecoming!...all i need is a dress.... god dresses agh. tonight i had to volunteer for gs.. but by volunteering i mean we sat at the towncenter for 4 hours and then we walked around for about 5 minutes and looked for trash particles, and carried a poster to some van. yeah. exciting i know. then we went to nikki's party but i didnt stay long cuz im sooooo tired. oh oh i dont feel well. and fairfax county has a ban on internation traveling so i can't be an exchange student unless im going to change counties first which would be very complicated. raarrar i hate fairfax county. once when i was little i dialed 911 because i thought it was someones begining of the phone number or something and they lady was like "is there an emergency?" and i got all nerves and hung up. then she called back and told my mom. it was tramatizing. that was really random but i was reading someones little survey/test thing and one of the questions was "dailed 911" so yeah. im dumb and boring i must go.
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Thursday, October 2nd, 2003

Subject:i have really bad hiccups
Time:8:11 pm.
Mood: distressed.
Music:im in the basement... no music just scary silence.
let me see. my brithday is exactly 2 months from today and DONT U FORGET IT! anyway my week has been really cold i think i have contracted hypothermia. anyway today becca came over to "use my toliet" but ended up staying for about 4 hours. we took the dogs on a walk in pod people suits, and looked scary people so we decided to be antisocial and climbed through the woods so we wouldnt have to pass the people in the park. we then stood in the tunnel for an hour and becca threw the ball with the claw thrower for lucy. i was bored so i was like "lets play DODGE BALL!" which ended up being me standing against the wall screaming and running around in a circle like pattern as becca tried to aim for my head. we are like little boys.. we get bored so we hurt each other for fun. correct: we get bored so becca hurts me for fun. though its usually my idea in the first place mm oh well. thats my day, oh wait and i ate a ton of food and im really fat. THATS my day. 2morrow im going to CHUCK E CHEESES! ahh yay.oh u know whats really bad. when u really really dont wanna hurt someone but u know u are... likeing wise crap? yes that is my random thought of the day. ok ok wait i have ADHD! well.. more like ADD. i had extreme problems paying attention to everything today. and i cant sit still... ever. u know what? me and sydney are so much alike. isnt that sad? he is adhd and bipolar and has big ears, we can also say all of the same for myself. yes that is all.
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Sunday, September 28th, 2003

Subject:Its always raining in my head.
Time:8:05 pm.
Mood: okay.
Yesterday= band competition. we got on a bus ( i sat next to liz) and went to stafford and then had like 5 minutes to get dressed and all that, then we did our little marching band party thing aka the show. then we rushed away and got on the bus to go to richmond. it was sooo hot and we were all wearing wool uniforms and what r the called? mmm something pants? i call them bloomer pants but whatever and the hat.. i was sweating so much yup. On the bus of course we watched drumline.. cuz u know its marching band, what else are u gonna watch? i had to pee so badly but im scared to death of those dumb little toliets in the back off the bus... me and liz were discussing how like u hit a bump and u'd hit the door and come flying outa the toliet and roll down the isle like.. naked? knowing me.. that would be me rolling down to the front of the bus with the bibber pants floppin everywhere. anyway we got to richmond and we entered the field but we had to walk around the track and it took about 10 years. when we were done with our little show we had to go take ugly pictures. i hate pictures! especially the "fun" picture... really thats so retarded. on the bus i took off my marchin stuff and my shirt was wet... how gross is that? its like a moist towelette. seriously. actually i just really like saying that word... but it was really wet. anypoo we didnt win anything... oh excuse me we got participation! yeah we rock. we went to this mall to eat and me and liz stood in the line for wendy's for about an hour. see what i go through to be fat? i got love for them nuggets. THEN we were rolling down the highway when the bus started freaking out. eventually we pulled over and found that our tire was retarded and was falling apart or something so we sat at this sketch little gas station for about an hour until they started taking people off the back of the bus and putting them on bus 1 (to take weight off the tire or something...i dont think they were planning on changing we are so poor) was walking around like "Oh are you fat? Yes you are, get off the bus." she said that to tobias.. ha ha ha. mmm then then they took siblings off the bus to be with their brother/sister/mom/dad cuz the other bus decided to mosey on home so like 20 people were left on bus 2. they made us remainders get off and walk across the street to mcdonalds where we made lots of noise, and becca kept calling random people on thomas's phone and saying "keep it ruuul" hahahha., mm we then were transfered to the mcdonalds parking lot and we sat there for a long time and disected crickets. until we were told that we could get back on our bus... it twas interesting. sucky but also extremely amusing at the same time. we got back like 4 hours later than we were suppost to but hey, thats a minor detail. the trip was... er... not my idea of fun. but eh..
mm today me and elise went to anne's house and did our little math projectile. her puppy is soo cute. anne gave me this dress and i might wear it to homecoming. but maybe? haha im i dont know i hate homecoming. ahh! sunday is the worst day of the week. its all homework day and then u have to go to school 2morrow raarr! my weekend went by so quickly. poo poo poo.
oh and the redskins suck. i hate them. BOOO HOMETEAM
WHY DO U build me up, build me up, buttercup baby, just to let me down and mess me around! sry i had to break into song. its playing on my some station and its truely one of the best songs ever!
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Thursday, September 25th, 2003

Subject:"and sometimes i call her miss poopy... because she has a problem." whats wrong with my teachers?
Time:9:31 pm.
Mood: shocked.
i just had a near death experience. let me recap for u:
i casually walked into the bathroom continplating on weither i should shower now and sleep with wet hair again or shower in the morning and have to get up earlier. i decided earlier= bad. so i turned to around to.. i dont know look at the shower or something and i turned to pull back the curtian, only to find a HUGE spider (no really it must have been ATLEAST the size of my arm... ok.. maybe my hand.) flying at me in all directions, legs sprawling at me to wrap around my face and suck the life outa me, so let me tell u, i bolted outa their like cat on fire screaming and jumping around like nobodys bussiness. kyle came upstairs to ask me to shut up. i took my chance and shoved that little child in their with a shoe to squash that little bugger and i went and hid behind my bedroom door incase that spider was comin back for more. Kyle jumped up on the toliet and attacked the spider (with the shoe) in a flying leap. appartently he killed it and it unlikely story.... i didnt trust it one bit. so i had to transfer my about-to-shower into my moms bathroom where its all retarded, a price i have to pay to stay alive, but no worries i came out of that battle with no injuries.
anyway... yesterday we had to march..while the football team played "the lancers" which brings me to my next topic of discussion: A lancer is a person who rides on the horse with the huge pole and they charge each other in an attempt to hurt each other as much as possible and win over their opponets castle! Correct? i know. yesterday no one believed me when i intelligently tried to explain what that crazy team was named after, as we passed them while walking to get on the field. THOSE SILLY FLUTES. ok well. im in a retarded mood. so...i dont know what im going to do.
P.s my "subject" is mr.worthington or w/e his name is talking to me and tracy (in estaban.. espanol.) about his cat's nickname.. after that comment he went on to a 20 minute discussion with the people behind us on what might be the cause of this cats crazy pooping disease. yes as u can imagine i was in tears. that is all.
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