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Sup, old blurty?! [15 Mar 2006|11:47pm]
This is hilarious.
I need a hug.

[11 Aug 2003|02:45pm]

Dear Friends,

I'm writing to say that I've officially left Phantom Planet. I love the guys more than anything and I've had some of the most amazing memories with them, but it's just not right for me to be in the band anymore. It's time for me to pursue other things. I want to thank each and every one of you for your love, support, and devotion through the years. You've made so much possible and it's meant a lot to me. See you soon, hopefully at the next Phantom Planet show.

Jason Schwartzman

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Jason left Phantom Planet! This is so sad. SO sad. He didn't even stick around to finish the third album. He's leaving so he can further pursue his acting career, and I mean, it's exciting to know he'll be in more movies... but he always said he was a musician first and foremost. What happened, Jason?! ::cries::

I remember when I first got into them. It was last summer. I'd never heard of them, not so much as a note from one of their songs. I was watching MTV2, and the video for "California" came on. It was love at first site with the quirky, short, black-haired drummer. He threw xylophones. He wore women's clothes. He wrote "Phantom Planet was Here" on bathroom stalls. He played toms with his forehead. HE BRUSHED HIS TEETH WITH VODKA. He just had the greatest personality, and you could tell it rubbed off on the rest of the band.

Anyway, I bought The Guest not long after I saw that video and have been a fan ever since. I've always found it so amazing, admirable, and just generally cool that these guys have been friends since gradeschool, and now are just as close as adults, making teriffic music. That's one of the things that makes them such a great band to me -- the fact that you can tell they just really care about each other and are great, great friends. Taking Jason out of that mix is just so sad. It's like they're losing a brother.

There was a band note on phantomplanet.com from Jacques, Alex, Darren and Sam saying that they harbor no ill will toward Jason and wish him the best, and that the band is NOT breaking up, but they are using a studio musician for the rest of album 3. From JASON SCHWARTZMAN to a studio musician! It just won't be the same. I never really thought of Jason as an extraordinary drummer until I heard some of their live stuff, and was completely blown away. He's an absolute animal. He's got such a cool style. Their music won't be the same without him. Besides, he wrote Don't Get Down! Best Phantom Planet song ever.

::sigh:: Well, at least they're not pissed at each other, and at least the rest of the band is still together. Hopefully Jason's movies will be worthwhile. After Slackers and Simone, I kind of have my doubts. But I can't be mad at the guy. He's JASON! And we love Jason.

Adorable Jason
You are Adorable Jason. Your call-ins make us want
to hug our respective computer screens. WE LOVE

Which Jason Schwartzman Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

::sigh:: Yeah, Jason's call-ins WERE always the best. "So I'm just driving around in my car listening to Weezer and...HOLY CRAP I THINK A COP IS FOLLOWING ME!"

=( Well... I guess I wish him good luck in all of his endeavors and whatnot. And I hope the rest of the guys erm... "keep it real", so to speak.

Time to go dig out my Phantom Planet footage and albums and be mopey and nostalgic.
I need a hug.

- [27 Jun 2003|05:56pm]
Ewwwwwwwww! My mom bought bomb pops!
I need a hug.

SPECIAL EDITION MY ASS! [26 Jun 2003|09:19pm]

Last night I rented "They". Apparently it came out this week...I was under the impression it was coming out next week. So I was excited, naturally, and I pranced up to the checkout counter with stars in my eyes and hearts floating above my head because I was about to rent a movie in which Ethan Embry was in a scene in which he did not wear clothes.

Or so I thought.

I went home and watched the movie, giggling like a crazed lunatic everytime Sam (Ethan's character, and the only character whose name I bothered to remember) said something morbidly humorous, such as:

Some girl: I wonder what went through is mind when he shot himself?
Sam: A bullet.


Anyway, aside from the hilarious lines (which were few and far between), and the fact that there was like 5 seconds of a Thursday song in this movie, it was highly disappointing. It never even really let us know who "They" are! To me, "They" looked like sticks. And it never really clarified if "They" wanted to kill these people. My theory is that "They" just wanted Ethan Embry to come to "Their" ultra-cool party for cool people and stick-like beings.

Anyway, the movie sucked incredibly, and the only thing that kept me watching was the fact that I was promised a nude Ethan Embry before it was over. I am a perv. And Ethan Embry is sexy. So BAH! But anyway, when the movie was over, I obviously noticed that Ethan Embry was fully clothed the entire time. But, whenever the DVD went back to the main menu, I also noticed there was an alternate ending. I thought, "Oh, this must be where it is!" and I quickly selected it. No nude Ethan, however. Just a schizophrenic girl in a psych ward breaking a window, the pieces of which I can only hope she used to stab herself in the heart with.

In a mad rage, I went online today and searched high and low for an explanation as to why I have yet to see Ethan Embry -at least- shirtless. I finally found my answer on Amazon. Apparently, the scene that contained this exciting thing, was a deleted scene and only appears on the ***SPECIAL EDITION*** DVD. The video store here does not carry Special Edition. And it's not like I'm going to pay 20 bucks for that piece of crap just for one scene.

So, I'm screwed.

AND Ethan Embry is starting to piss me off. First Sweet Home Alabama, and now this? I think when I send him his cookies (if I ever do that, which isn't likely seeing as I hate to cook) I will also include a letter that says something like -

Dear Ethie,

(yes, we're close personal buddies. I can call him Ethie. XD)

Please start being in cool movies again. Otherwise I may be forced to kill myself.

Much love,


PS: Please come to my house and make out with me.


how effective will that be? Think it'll work? XD

Dude. I've babbled long enough.

I am obsessed.

Heh. Obsession is fun! ::eeeeeeeevil laugh::

But now, I must go, for "They" are coming for me.


76 hugs. | I need a hug.

sad days! [13 Jun 2003|01:32pm]
June 12 — Gregory Peck, the lanky, handsome movie star whose long career included such classics as “Roman Holiday,” “Spellbound” and his Academy Award winner, “To Kill a Mockingbird,” has died, a spokesman said Thursday. He was 87.

I need a hug.

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