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new journal cuz im cooler than you [07 Jun 2003|10:55pm]
[ mood | in love ]
[ music | Faith Evans ft. Carl Thomas~ I Love You ]

i have a new journal..
add me?!

byeeee children..

i love you<333
Auto response from Dont Talk Jerk: im in love wit you, and only you

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fuck this journal and fuck u!!!!!!! [06 Jun 2003|08:37pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

im deleting this faggot piece of shit journal..
its gay and i dont like it ne more..
and to all the people that post "Anonymous" in my journal..i could seriously care less about what u say or think of me. u think ur comments r innsulting to me..haha thats a laugh. get a life. cuz the only one u have right now is posting mean, gay, faggot, fucked up comments..with NO NAME! yeah so whos the loser now? huh?

kristen<3 & marissa

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AsHiE BaShIe 143: heyyyyyyyyyy =) [05 Jun 2003|04:20pm]
[ mood | restless ]
[ music | Mariah Carey~ Hero ]

dude, taylor 7 more days...
im counting down yo'...

finals start tomorrow..ehh..im stressed out about them. well all i can do is try my best and hopefully the results will turn out good =)..cross ur fingers for me =/.

tO a VeRy sPeCiaL pErSoN<3~ u have always been there for me no matter what the situation is. u always put a smile on my face =D. u ALWAYS make me laugh. ur too cute. i noe we have had r bad times but we have always managed to make it through them. ur such a special person. and u have such a great heart. i didnt realize how much of a friend u r to me until recently. i love u ashley. <3bFf.aE

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Virginwbuttrflyz: whats up my pickle dick :D [04 Jun 2003|09:04pm]
[ mood | worried ]
[ music | 50 Cent ft. Snoop Dogg~ P.I.M.P ]

i am dying.
finals r litterally killing me.

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Virginwbuttrflyz: whats up pickle dick :D [04 Jun 2003|08:47pm]
[ mood | worried ]
[ music | 50 Cent ft. Snoop Dogg~ P.I.M.P ]

i am dying.
finals r litterally killing me.

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i love the feeling of being in love for the first time =) [03 Jun 2003|07:15pm]
[ mood | beautiful ]
[ music | Christina Agularia~ Come on over (hahahahahahaha mike<3) ]

i love him..
i love him so much..
what i feel for u, words could never speak..
i love u baby..

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Dont Talk Jerk: if there was a bigger way to say i love u id say it [03 Jun 2003|04:01pm]
[ mood | loved ]
[ music | Amanda Perez~ God sent me an angel<3 ]

im in love.
and this feeling is so good.
i always get these buttrflyz in my tummy whenever i think about him.
im in love with him.
and this feeling is so unforgetable.

i love u.

Dont Talk Jerk: i love u kristen

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Auto response from urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: fuck finals Stabe678: in the butt [02 Jun 2003|10:25pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]
[ music | who cares ]

by the end of finals someone will be dead.
due to the fact that im going madly insane over them.
as ive said before..and im saying again..finals can suck my dick[if i had one?]..finals should die then go to hell, where they belong..damn finals.

today=pretty good..except for the part were katie and i got into a fight over mentally retarded children. and said i was "fuckin gay!!!" whatever. it isnt worth fighting ne more. its the end of the year get over urself man..and maybe i should too? ehh whatever.>=|


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Auto response from urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: fuck finals [02 Jun 2003|10:19pm]
by the end of finals someone will be dead.
due to the fact that im going madly insane over them.
as ive said before..and im saying again..finals can suck my dick[if i had one?]..finals should die then go to hell, where they belong..damn finals.

today=pretty good..except for the part were katie and i got into a fight over mentally retarded children. and said i was "fuckin gay!!!" whatever. it isnt worth fighting ne more. its the end of the year get over urself man..and maybe i should too? ehh whatever.>=|

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ima kill u.. [01 Jun 2003|07:35pm]
[ mood | smart ]
[ music | the sound of paper going back and forth ]

my weekend=gay

i hate finals.
they can suck my dick. [if i had one?]
for the past 24 hours all i have been doing is STUDYING STUDYING STUDYING. pretty sad, ehh?!
whatever. im done updating. im gonna go back to my exciting life of studying. eww.

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XurHoTT: blazin w u + fukin elco people was fukin awsome. SHIZAM! hahaha. [30 May 2003|10:31pm]
[ mood | fuckin high ]
[ music | Marissa Singin~ Opps i did it again ]

TONIGHT= off the fuckin hiz-ook!

blazed with marissa + some elco people. i dont remember nethin else..

..i thought about it..


im cool..

ur not..

end of story..

ok bye.


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im really excited!!! [29 May 2003|07:15pm]
[ mood | naughty ]
[ music | 2 Pac---->>> Still Ballin' ]

yay. im really excited for 2 reasons!
Reason #1- marissa is comin over after school tomorrow and we r gonna have a girls night! omg we have so much fun when we r together. *watch movies*go night swimming*call some cool kids*talk about r lives*and...take bubble baths with yoni?!* interesting huh? tomorrow is gonna be dopin'! haha i love u kid.<3
Reason #2- ok. so i have wanted my cartlidge pierced for the LONGEST time, right. so im talkin to my mom yesterday about it. and i was like mom i really what to get my cartlidge pierced this weekend..and she was like uhm maybe(at first). but then like an hour later she said ok on saturday i will take u to go get it done. omg i was freakin out!!! im so happy!!! i love my mommy=). its gonna look so haWt! hehehe.

ok well im gonna go talk to some cool children online now, cuz what can i say im just cool like that. u noe how that is.. oh and FYI i love my mommy even more cuz yesterday she suprised me with the best present ever! a terry cloth baby pink juicy sweat outfit! i mean its not like i need ne more juicy but i have been wanting that color since last year. hehe its my fav. color ever. omg it is soo haWt! daaammnn i just wanna fuck it. but after i fuck katie that is. cuz everyone noes she wants me..huh well what can i say? haha.
pEaCe mE oUt daWg!


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Virginwbuttrflyz: lets fuck! [28 May 2003|09:36pm]
[ mood | EXTREMELY horny 4 mike<3 ]
[ music | 50 Cent---->>> Magic Stick ]

katie wants me. i noe it.

peace it out niggas!


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ehh i dont noe.. [27 May 2003|11:56am]
[ mood | horny ]
[ music | Craig David---->>> Rise and Fall ]

its Tuesday and i havent been to school since last Wednesday.
whoa that is so fucked up but at the same time it is fuckin awsome. im really tired still. i had a late night and really early morning today. i went to sleep at 1:30 and woke up at 7 due to my lack of..oh god so many things. uhm but i really had a fun weekend. i went to my grandparents house down in Palm Desert. and i spent the whole weekend with my grandma. it was alot of fun. we went shopping and got a nice tan and went swimming. yeah my grandma is so cool. hehe i love her. ok well i miss everyone and im so happy i get to see all of my friends tomorrow at school. its gonna be doppin(as taylor would say). later kids.


Baybey T: hey hotti
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: hey sexi
Baybey T: y werent u at skool?
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: i was really tired
Baybey T: aww silly
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: aww i noe
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: hehe*
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: i have to go peaaaaa soo bad but im too lazy to get up and go
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: haha
Baybey T: silly silly girl
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: i noe i noe i noe
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: shhhhh
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: haha
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: so how was skool today bebe?
Baybey T: boringgg
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: i dont doubt that one bot
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: bit*
Baybey T: haha
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: haha
Baybey T: it was really hot
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: omg i noe
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: i went swimming and got a hot tan today
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: hehe
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: u like mi icon? haha
Baybey T: bob marley
Baybey T: hehe
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: haha
Baybey T: ya mon
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: yaaaaaaaa moooooooon
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: best word
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: haha
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: and and and WEENER
Baybey T: wwweeeennneeerrrr
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: haha
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: silly silly
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: brrrrrrrrrrb i need to go pee pee haha i thot u should noe
Baybey T: ok go fast
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: always
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: that was the quickest pee ever!
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: haha
Baybey T: have u ever peed a minute long?
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: duuuuuuh
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: haha
Baybey T: seriously?
Baybey T: i have never
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: really? seriously?
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: hahaha
Baybey T: yesss
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: ur day will come soon my darling
Baybey T: did u know ur suppose to crap 3 times a day?
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: hahahaha
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: omg that is going on my pro.
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: hahahaha
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: that was greeeeeeeat
Baybey T: hahaha
Baybey T: im serious though
Baybey T: my cheer coaches said so
Baybey T: did u know your skin clears up the more u crap
Baybey T: ??
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: now i do
Baybey T: ya hahah
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: hahah
Baybey T: but really, how can u shit 3 times a day?
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: shit i have no clue
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: must be hard
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: i go about...
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: ehh..
Baybey T: and omg were performing on tuesday
Baybey T: eeek
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: i dont count
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: omg what!
Baybey T: once a day
Baybey T: yaaa
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: hahahah
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: sucks to be u
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: haha
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: not really tho
Baybey T: u know the battle of the ages game?
Baybey T: wait how much do u??
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: crap a day?
Baybey T: yesss
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: once i think?!
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: u??????
Baybey T: haha ya told u
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: haha
Baybey T: yaaa
Baybey T: so ya the battle of the ages game
Baybey T: its a bball game for the students against the teachers
Baybey T: and were doing halftime
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: hahahaha
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: im gonna watch u
Baybey T: omg and we have to wear our unis to skool
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: omg no way
Baybey T: and the WHOLE skool watches this
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: oh lordyyy
Baybey T: yes oh lordy is right
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: yes yes yes
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: oh lordy
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: i<3u
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: hehe
Baybey T: o man
Baybey T: were gonna look sooo bad
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: noooooooooo
Baybey T: yesss
Baybey T: were learning the dance on monday
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: u wont but everyone else..ehh well they can speak for themselves
Baybey T: and the thing is tuesday
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: ooo man
Baybey T: yaaa
Baybey T: o crapola
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: holy crapola
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: haha nice word
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: omg michelle branches new song is doppin'
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: d/l it right this second!
Baybey T: really
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: yesssssss
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: totally
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: for sure
Baybey T: dopin u like my word?
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: love it
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: la la la la la la
Baybey T: hehe
Baybey T: i hate u but i love u
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: hehe
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: i hate u period
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: haha
Baybey T: haha
Baybey T: baby come on ova tonight
Baybey T: we can make it alright
Baybey T: take a piece of my heart
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: haha
Baybey T: and go fromt the start
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: u say that u want me
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: again and again
Baybey T: kids only radio
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: haha
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: best song eva
Baybey T: o yes
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: yes yes yes
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: ur hott
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: way hott
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: damn
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: haha
Baybey T: oo ooo ohhh like woahhhh
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: that took awhile
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: haha
Baybey T: haha
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: haha
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: silly billy
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: omg remember billy timmy and willy!!!!!!
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: hahaha
Baybey T: yesss
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: that was fuuuuuuuuun
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: the name willy really cracks me up tho
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: haha
Baybey T: i know
Baybey T: u know willem in my grade?
Baybey T: he calls himself willy
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: yesss
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: hahahhhahahaha
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: hahhahaha
Baybey T: yaa hahah
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: that kid rocks
Baybey T: r u going to skool tomorrow?
Baybey T: hes dirty though
Baybey T: like trashcan dirty
Baybey T: looks like he woke up in a box
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: haha
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: yesss i noe
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: he doesnt take showers
Baybey T: r u going to skool?
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: or brush his teeth
Baybey T: tomorrow
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: yessssss
Baybey T: yayyy
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: for u
Baybey T: yayaayaya
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: yayayayayay
Baybey T: get over get over yourself
Baybey T: edens crush
Baybey T: remember them!
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: yes!
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: haha
Baybey T: k i have to go do hw, ill ttyl
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: kkkk
Baybey T: bye bye bye
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: <333333333
Baybey T: bye bye
urBUTTRFLYkiSsES: come back soon!
Baybey T: i willll

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yay! [21 May 2003|06:16pm]
[ mood | excited ]
[ music | Kelly Clarkson~ Miss Independent ]

things have been so great with everything in my life lately =).

Today=pretty good day. i was with katie all day as usual. i was supose to do something with jill after school today, but my bitchy mom said no cuz she was too buisy to take us to get r eye brows done. grrr.

Thursday=NO SCHOOL FOR ME! woo hoo. going to get my nails and toes done with my mommy. then we r gonna go to the TS(tanning salon) to get a hott tan for r vacation=). juuuust chill the rest of the day.

Friday=NO SCHOOL AGAIN FOR ME! im leaving early that morning to go to r house in Palm Desert. its gonna be so much fun! oh yeah. *get tan*go shopping*go swimming*chill.*

-im gonna miss all my friends tho=(. katie, ash, jill, tay, nikki, lauren, FESTER(haha NOT!)..i will miss u all while i am gone. im hoping to get a few calls from each of u while im down there, so i can here all ur hott sexi voices ;).-

alright well im out. peace nigga(s).

<3kristen nicole goshgarian

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things r looking up for me. yay. [19 May 2003|03:43pm]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | Celine Dion~ Naked(really good song NO JOKE!) ]

we made up=). yay. im really happy cuz lately things have been looking up with everything that has been going on. i hope things keep getting better and better with my life.
my school was invaded by hellocoppters surrounding the whole entire school. hahaha. "R SCHOOL IS BEING INVADED!!! CLASSROOM LOCK OUT!!! THERE IS A MAD MAN ON THE LOOSE!!!" says mrs. silverman to katie and i while we were sitting in the locker room. hahaha it was really funny. but it wasnt that funny when we went back to r class and we got locked out while everyone was in their classrooms. yeah, not funny. but to some it was. ok well im out.

..krissy goshy gosh<3..

REMINDER TO SELF: i love all my friends and i should NEVER be a bitch to ne of them, cuz none of them deserve it. i love u guys.

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ka-ka-ka-KRISSYYYYYY hott ass nigga fool [17 May 2003|12:02pm]
[ mood | naughty ]
[ music | *Movie* Rugrats Movie ]

Hello Children-


<3marissa -bFfaE-

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who cares? [16 May 2003|05:28pm]
Today= fucked up>=(.
i wish i could say something positive in one of my journal entries, but nothing in my life has been positive lately. ugh i dont want ne more of this god damn drama! it is so ridiculous(spelling?). i wish things could be normal for once in my life. whatever. if "she" wants to fuck up everything with me&her then im not stopping her. she has tried it before on me, and she is doing it again. its like im happy we're not that close ne more cuz im alot happier(cuz no more fucking fights everyday), but then on the other hand i misssss her so much. and everyone keeps telling me what i should do. but im scared of making the wrong decision. i dont wanna fuck everything up with us, for good. if "ur" reading this i NEED to talk to u about things. i NEED to talk to u about what going on, and where we r in this friendship at the moment.

Tonight- brother's birthday. going out with the family to celebrate. then off to a movie with marissa and her b/f. should be fun.

Saturday- hopefully gym with my mother? getting my eye brows done at 12:30. then going to get my nails and toes done with marissa. THE REST OF MY DAY/NIGHT HAS NOT BEEN DETERMINED YET.

-X/o | x/O-

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..heart broken territory.. [15 May 2003|03:59pm]
[ mood | heart broken ]
[ music | Christina Aguilara~ Im Okay ]

my heart is breaking day by day.
my tears r building up hour by hour.
my fear is taking control of me minute by minute.
my love for u is being destroyed second by second.

u chose not to share ur love with me.
u chose not to be a father to me.
u chose to abandon me when i am in need of u.

im done waiting for something good to happen between us.
im done crying all those sad, cold, lonely nights over u.

ur heart is nothing but cold and sorrowful.

so leave father, leave.
u mean nothing to me ne more.
ur just a bruse that never went away.

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yeah im cool. [12 May 2003|07:48pm]
[ mood | chill ]
[ music | Jewel- Foolish Games (she is my idol) ]

today was a pretty good day. *school*came home for alittle*then off to Josh's house for tutoring..yeah that was fun..haha only cuz Brian was there*mom picked me up and we went to the TS* -and now im just chillin at home, about to go in the pool with my brothers cuz im cool.
:xo: <3 :xo:

tay---the new hand shake we got is hott.

oh and i had THE MOST emberassing moment today during P.E. but im not gonna get into that. haha.

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