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Thursday, August 28th, 2003
9:54 am - My foot...
M'kay...I think I'm gonna go get X-Rays done today...Not sure yet though...

See, I tripped doown about...14-15 staris last week and my leg slid beneath me and i fell down the stairs nad my ankle has been bruised the whole time...And now, my foot is bruised...and it kills to walk...Supposedly, it should be better by now...But it isn't. Hence the fact that I might have to get X-Rays...

I'll let ya' know happens-

current mood: weird
current music: Green Day

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8:27 am - LOL...
just so ya' know, i didn't mean to click horny...LMAO

current mood: hopeful
current music: still A.F.I.

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8:21 am - YAY!!!
Today, I finally got the email to activate this journal!!!! And now, here you are...Looking at it!

last night, I watched Hard Rock Cafe Live with the Ataris, and Kris Roe got all...all...sweaty! (lol stacie) but they really did kick soooooo much ass!!! And tonight, the MTV VMA's are on...AFI is nominated and Good Charlotte is doing a performance!!!!!:-)
And all my friends are in school...So I have no one to talk to...And I think I might've broken my foot... :'-(


current mood: irritated
current music: A.F.I....I LOVE YOU DAVEY!!!!

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