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qettin ready to babii sit...fun [09 Jan 2003|11:25am]
[ mood | awake ]

Yeah i have to babii sit today...i'm not sure f0` how lonq. I alked to John on da tele last niqht f0` a couple of hours. We qot into a small fiqht cuz he to0k meh all serious sumthinq...but we worked it out and everythinq is fine. He told meh that he loves meh! I was lyke AWWWW!! I'm talkin to mah qerl roth cuz shes da shit! Shes been throuqh alot lately and i have been helpin as best i can. I love ya qerlii! Well imma hafta diip f0` now cuz i have to leave. Leave meh 0ne and i will h0lla bacc at chu.

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hey hey hey!! [29 Dec 2002|04:56am]
[ mood | indescribable ]
[ music | Sean Paul Can You do the work? ]

wo0t wo0t!(^* I have been madddd busy chillin with ppl and beinq out haha. Lemme see...yesterday was da shyt! I went to the Grafton hockey qame and Men's Leauqe. Mah sister, justin, and nikki went to0 hehe. It was madd fun. We met sumone there haha. His name is Ricky Laferia. Hes really co0l hehe. Nikki and him hit it off pretty qo0d. Lots `0` flirtin and smiles and all that! He has her number and e-mail addy so they can qet to talkin wo0t wo0t*!&$# I qot hit in da head with a puck! I still have a really bad miqraine from it. Shawn was all worried bout meh hehe. It was s0o0o0o0 kyo0t!! He really i aweome hehe. I love him with all mah heart :)

Today meh shawn abd mah sister went to strawberris and qot sum CDs. I qot Sean Paul, All-4-One, and Save the Last Dance. Meh and shawn qot into a fiqht today...and well we almost ended it. BUT we talked about it...and moved on and were better hehe. When we do end up qoinq out its qon be hard to have a relationship cuz he has dirt bikinq in the summer, scho0l, work and hockey...but were willinq to qive it a try cuz we love eachother and want to be toqether. I have been so happy since meh and him have been datin...and i am still happy. I love him with all mah heart and soul!! I am so deep in love! wo0t wo0t!*^%

Well imma qo f0` now cuz i need to work on mah journal sum m0`...and check mah e-mail. I'm also makin mah journal friend onlii so if yew want to be added then leave meh a comment in dis entrii or e-mail meh and i will add chu.


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lo0x a lil better.. [27 Dec 2002|01:16am]
[ mood | annoyed ]
[ music | biggy juicy ]

well i qot mah journal lo0kin a lil better...so its all qo0d hehe. I qot all mah new iconz up to0 and they lo0k h0tt!! Mah qerl cara made meh 3. The ja rule wun, the D+S wun, and the mesmerize wun. The other wuns i qot out of a community and off a site. So i hope yew all lyke dem. I will be workin on qettin mah journal totally done. I also qot mah new subbii and it lo0x fly haha. I <33 it!! I've been up since 8:30 this morninq...i am wicked tired and buqqed out lol. Mah muscles hurt! Its all from yesterday haha. But i dun care cuz i had so much fun. Shawn didn't call meh last niqht...its aiiqht cuz imma be with him tomorrow and sunday. Mah becky miqht qo the hockey qame!! wo0t wo0t!*&^%@# We could finally meet and chill. Dis kid justin dat mah sister likes is qon be qoinq to0 and they qon chill and shit. She used to work him...and he told her last niqht that he likes her...and that she always smelled qo0d haha!! It was wicked kyo0t. She was all smiles f0` the rest of the niqht...and shes still smilin now haha.

Mah qerl Cara is makin a community. Go Cara!! Imma join it and all that happy jazz. I haven't talked to Melz in awhile. I miss her lots...i hope shes aiiqht to0. Cuz last tyme we talked she had a lot qoinq on...and it wasn't ne thinq qo0d. Melz if yew read dis qerl h0lla at meh biitch!! We need to chill and catch up aiiqht? Nikki slept over last niqht. We were lauqhin s0o0o0o hard...and den we qot in trouble haha. Itz all qo0d hehe. Shes buyin pizza and french fries f0` lunch hehe. I am really hunqry now that i think about it. Well imma jet cuz i have to fix mah journal sum m0`. Leave meh sum <33 and i will qet back to yew all.

0ne <33--*Shawnz babii qerl<--wo0t wo0t!&%#*

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