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HooRah! [20 Nov 2003|05:17am]
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[ music | Oi Comp. ]

First entry ever! Yes! Sam told me about this blurty shit so I thought I would try it out seeing as I have nothing better to do. My computer is slow as a mother fucker. Its so cold at my house too. I have a hoodie, a jacket, and a blanket but still. FREEZING! I think our heater is broken. I have not been to school in almost two weeks. This is no good. I hope I don't get dropped from all my classes. That would be really bad. Today was a pretty normal day. I went to sleep around 6:30am while watching Aladin, and woke up around 3. I called Jesse and him and his mom came and picked me up(Big surprise seeing how his mom hates me.) We drove around looking for houses and then went to go pick Matt up. After that we went to a few other places then back to Jesse's. I am surprised his mom let me go over there. I only stayed there for a few hours tho then they drove me home. When I got in, I found out that my sister had stolen almost 20 bucks from me. I owed Jesse five bucks for gas and beer and whatnot too. So I couldn't give it to him. I hope hes not mad about that. She said she fuckin bought ice cream with it. 18 dollars worth of ice cream?!? I was like, "Jesus Christ, Nicole. Did You buy ice cream for the whole fuckin neighborhood??" She then started crying and my mom started yelling at me. "Your outta here! You shouldn't leave your money laying around! Don't be so hard on her." Okay I guess its my fault she stole my money cuz i left it out. Whatever. Alls I know is I better get that fuckin money back. I hope something fun happens this weekend unlike the last. Going to a ghetto ass party that got busted after a half hour and driving all the way to Rockford to meet some guy, another guy named Fodge(??) and these two really weird gremlin-type girls. Whatever. Me and Sam were supposed to go to the doctor Tuesday. She never called. Shes prolly in big trouble for throwing that party while her parents were in Vegas. I haven't talked to Erin either. I think shes mad at me. Whatever. I dont really wanna talk to either of them right now anyways. Especially Sam. Hopefully Stefie can come out this weekend. I miss my girl. Then we can take pics for our website! HORRAY! Well, I'm away laughing on a fast camel. (got that from a book) Its time for bed. BYE.

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