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    Wednesday, July 16th, 2003
    1:03 pm
    Wow, so i finnaly got one of these journal thingys! thank you very much Stephs really good friend Brain aka my young child man pimp :-) i dont know why but thesee things are just super cool too me, i spend so much time on this damn computer with nother to say like ever so now i can just randomly type into cyber space to let freaks, child molestors murders or just plain ol everyday joes look at my deepest darkest thoughts! ne ways! so today was cool... i guess... i got my math test back.. 89% :-\ ok i guess, i would have liked a 90 but o well, i have my 1st history test tomarrow eep! so i will prolly be spendin a majority of tonite studying... Josh is having his ANNOYING ass friend over tonite ::gag:: and i told him they have to be outside by 7 cause i have to study (i sound like such a momm!) so in my history class my prof was talkin about how samual adams (dude from way long ago who started the american rev.) was like a total convict kinda dude and he was sayin what if 100 yrs from now we think of someone like Timothy Mcvay (dude who bombed the building in OK city) as a historical hero who commited a crime to open the eyes of americans that dont realize how the gov. is totally screwin us rather than someone who killed 163 people including 19 children! crazy stuff huh... and to all u Dallasites... did you know that there are 40,000 people in Hate Crime malitias that are centered in and around the north/east tx area... the Skin heads are based out of Mesquite!!! so that was todays history lesson! :-) hahaha, im Talkin to this kid Brian.. who is like 12... no not really he is 16 (still way younger than me) hes a sweety, hes a theif... he stole my name from Stephy and we are gunna drive to Australlia and run away...but shhhhhh! thats our secret... oops i said too much! but i think im gunna go, im kinda cold, kinda naked, and kinda tired! ill write more lata!

    Current Mood: sleepy
    Current Music: the **blippity bloop** of AIM
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