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17th November 2003

pzeudonym2:11pm: man.. i haf dis perfect idea on how to refurnish my apartment. okay. wen i own one. it's gonna be so superb. my bed would be dis wooden platform type. den.. thre's dis tidy plank dat makes up the desk. wich is at teh corner of the platform. i can put my laptop and do my work der. wif a funky table light. sum file holders at the side of the desk. dat would be my bedroom. it looks kidna bachelor type doh. and the lightin would be the dimmer light. so has dis mood setting. i probably add sum other stuff.. maybe a walk-in wardrobe so the room looks clean and neat w/o the usual clothes hangin abt. a veri comfortable soft chair like sofa at the corner of the room. wif this tall lamp side.. gd place for readin.. den at the side would be a book shelf. the curvin type. and a small side table so i can put my drinks and books there. okay. i tin my creative juices are reali workin it. hehe.
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1st September 2003

blackestduckest2:21am: Ikea Rocks! :-)
Gmorning all.

I'm writing this entry sitting in a green traktor chair (it's a wheelie chair with a tractor seat, no back, i love it!). There are three Billy bookshelves in my room. My bed is Ikea (originally red, white, and blue, but it's been spray-painted black over that), and so is my desk lamp, a small table by my computer, and a few dozen other thins I've forgotten are there...

You know what I really want though? In the new catalog there is this bed canopy that looks like a lily pad or leaf. It's the coolest thing, i want two or three! actually, four would be cool, one from each corner of the bed...

I really have to clean my room. And get some sleep. Not in that order though, lol.

Gnite all.
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22nd June 2003

linterdit7:02pm: Ikea rocks! My friend and I used to just go there and hang out...heh, ah those were the days. So much of my room is Ikea...much love :D

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19th May 2003

underwear_whore3:52pm: Hah guys, hi Im new and i absolutely LOVE ikea. OMG. My WHOLE house is gonna be from ;x. Im redecorating my room and I got a computer desk, a bed, a little storage thing (its totally awesome, it spins around and has shelves, a mirror...IKEA ROCKS) two chairs and two magnetic bulletin boards. Im having like a "metal" theme. DSFKSDF. Ikea is GOD!

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18th May 2003

jackgei3:11pm: my room is ridiculous
okay my room is disgusting. it's so boring i could cry. but i don't have much to work with. ahhhh. all i have is 4 walls (one taken up completely by my closet and my door), a entertainment center, a comp desk, a bed, a fllor lamp, and this itzybitzy bed table. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH my room is sufocating. ~jackie
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9th May 2003

mm_montz12:18pm: Cheating on You
Can you cheat on a whore? Or do you just assume you're going to be cheated on?
I love/hate Ikea. I live right by an IKEA store and it's always so crowded. What a pain in the ass.
But my roomies (2 girls/women/ whores/well can you be celibate & a whore at the same time? I guess they were talking last night about sex; what is sex; whether oral sex counts as sex; etc...) How did I get here?

Back to Ikea. So these 2 roomies of mine buy all our furniture there and I never have to leave the comfort of my computer hole. The IKEA catalog also. Extended dreaming and scheming.

S/ collects Yard Sale antiques and has one of those discriminating eyes that can pick out a steal/deal and tell you what wood, what it's market value is.

T/ is more mid-Century. She came home with two plastic bean bags, they're kinda like tupperware chairs.
In bright red. S/ almost shot her in the head. But they're happily on our back porch...

We're on a cliff above the SF Bay. Nice view. Good smoking area.

We're poor, well abundantly poor! and like must-see tv, the Lauren Bacall/ Marilyn Monroe classic "How to Marry a Millionaire"

OK this I'm sure is blah-blah-blah but HI!!! and signing off now... Read Casadrea. much more punk rock than me. Cultivating some punk rock clothing now, hand-me-downs from two punk rock girlfriends. We're cleaning out closets today. Abundant poverty.
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19th May 2003

vintagewhore3:22am: I just love all the home office furniture and accessories at Ikea. I'm planning to create my own little office space in my bedroom so I'm trying to find inspiration from some of the pics below.

::drools:: )

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vintagewhore3:17am: Welcome to Ikea Whores. I'm sure everyone understands the concept of this community. If you don't, well you shouldn't be here :P

Basically anything goes, just don't post stupid quiz results and save the drama for your personal journal.

The layout still needs a little more work but I'll work on that later. In the meantime, feel free to join up now and post away! :)

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