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    Tuesday, November 11th, 2003
    8:00 pm
    quizs i tookkkk
    Check out all mii results dudde!

    Are you NASTY or NICE?

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    You're the smirk,a frown-smile hybrid that's a
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    Thug Bear
    Thug Bear

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    7:19 pm
    i havent wrote in a LONG TIME
    hello..i went to camp..i had so0o much funn yu dunt even kno.. hehe.. i jus hated tha tent.. errr.. Katiee! lol.. Brady ohh marrshaa marrshhaa marrsshha! hehe.. i love hobbiittt hollesssssss.. ohh yehh behbii! lol.. lol Saaarraahh.. *yur goin 2 wake up w/ yur hair chopped off nd jus a braid chillen thur!* lol!!! JackKKEerrsssstterrrsss LOvEERR! hehe.. nething for yu!Brr itssss colldd... memberrr Danielle hehe.. get em grll.. those stories were so sad... nd then we come bak into real life nd i am like omgg i wana go bakk.. i jus like how yu r excepted by whoever yu r thur..nd then i came home.. nd everything started.. er guys r jerks sumtimes.. yu dunt even have 2 do nething.. thas wha it all comes down 2..*everythin will be fine* if yu need nethin jus giveme a ring.. yu kno tha digets.. x0 ilyulass.. x-0.. pccee jenniiee

    Current Mood: depressed
    Current Music: sing love dance by jana stanfield..
    Tuesday, October 21st, 2003
    10:36 pm
    LOng weeeekkeenndd.... 5 dayss off hehe.... butt its def nicce 2 get bakk upstatee is deff not a placee forr mii! mii tripp was iitee....i got to see cows being milked nd chickens laying eggs.. nd mi dads friends own acres nd acres of land up thur.. it was nuts.. but tha onli thing i didnt like was tha yu have 2drive everywhere... nd i would rathherr wallkk.. :) so nu jerzzee is thaa placee forr mii :) hehe.. <3 jenniee
    Saturday, October 18th, 2003
    2:52 pm
    3* October 18
    Longg weekend againn..heyy... yest my family and lucciee went to six flags round 6 we met up with kae nd rrrjay thur.. ommgg it was so freakkyy theyy had guys walking round with chain saws nd then these people with freaken shovels but they were dragging them.. nd then they would follow yu.. it was nuts!...nd then the clowns.. err.. hehe..i think i am goen bak this fri tho! hehe.. we met up with rrrjayy nd kae nd then went on tha hayride! omg mi luc nd kae sat on the end nd rrrjay was in tha the end of tha ride we were all in tha middle or at least trying *lucciaa!* to get in tha middle! lol..mi nd lucciee flewww! with superman of coursee! *OMG LUCIA, OMG !* hehe .. nd then we cut tha line 2 go on medussaa! hehe.. nd thaa runnaway train... we got to go on twice lol.. *YO VIVO* lol!!! luciaa i triedd!! member jamie wen we went nd we got to go on medusa like 10 times in a row! tha wass nuttss.. newayy i hadd so0o muchhh funnn!.. nd tmrw i am goen upstate till tues.. so muchhh funn! lol.. *NOT*!.. ite ima out talk to yu laterrr.. mwaz.. x0 jenniee

    Current Mood: cheerful
    Current Music: millkkkkshakkeee behhhbii!
    Wednesday, October 15th, 2003
    4:19 am
    2* October 15
    i went to school today.. nd went on a trip to the culinary institute.. it was kinda boring but it made me realize tha its more then just cooking! lol.. nd we got to try food thaa they cooked which was good at least tha omlet was lol.. nd sade yu need to chill out hehe.. nd col yu should have got thaa guys number lol.. nd mi tring to pour tha water in tha other glass but it jus wasnt happening!! was worth a try i mean who wants to drink tea with sumthin in it.. not thaa lucciee drank it nehow!! lol.. nd us going up for crackers like 20 million times lol luc.. *turns out tha lites* xcuse mii i dunt want to have 2 pee in tha darrkk hehe!! thaa trip was funn.. nd then we returned bak to boring schooollll err.. MOREE WORKK! nd then after school i went with luccie to hw center to help tha liddle kiddies with their hw yey!! lol.. ite im out.. x0

    Current Mood: blah
    Current Music: get low
    Monday, October 13th, 2003
    3:48 pm
    1*October 11-13
    Long weekend-On saturday i went to tha football game with lucia amanda nd mikey.. On our way home kae called and asked if mi nd luc wanted to do sumthin so we said yeh we will call yu wen we get home.. we both arrived home.. i called kae nd we both went to her house.. we went to rent movies.. later on mi nd luc went for a walk by ourselves nd were followed by this bigg scarii truck! member grab twist nd pull lol luc.. then we retured bak 2 kaes nd she was madd cause we never told her we were leaving..then went went on tha computer nd had our own lil fun!! hehe! went to bed at like 230.. Sunday morning..we went to drop off luc so she could go to lawrence harbor.. mi nd kae went bak 2 her house..chilled for alil while..then went shoppen for her mom! hehe made dina *tacos* nd then i slept over again..Monday lisa nd doug went to tha hospital cause lisa has 2 get surgery.. * get well soon mwaz* nd kae nd ar jay went for training at kaes new job.. then i was thur alone :) nd cleaned up tha house since lisa was goen 2 be gone for 2 dais.. i left kaes round 12..came home nd slept.. went on tha computer did sum hw.. then went to bed.. sounds like funn hehe well it was.. cant wait till next weekend.. *six flags* oh yehh behbii! hehe x0..

    Current Mood: bored
    Current Music: summerrrtimee.. even tho its over lol..