Speed Kills   
01:01am 19/08/2003
mood: bored
music: Placebo- "Teenage Angst"
I guess I talked to Devon today. He was a Kool Kat. I thought he was my friend, and then that one day at 7-11 he ignored Lizzie and I. And he IMed me today..asking who I was, when he was the one to instant message me first. Oh he knew who i was alright. He knew I was "Dirty Robyn". Well he can bend over baby, cause here comes my foot. So anyway. We didn't talk very long, he had to go. He asked what was up with Tyler and me. Nothing is up. It probably wasn't even Devon. Gah..dumb kids. I want to talk to him again. I'm bored.

I really am not fond of this Tyler business. Why is he all of a sudden pooped back in my face? It was dying and done. Now it's alive and fucking up everything again. Why did he have to say I miss you? His words are hollow, because I know he doesn't mean anything, and it's all bull. But I think I want it to mean something. I want him to miss me, I want him to feel the way I've felt all this time. This situation is just stupid. I need to find myself a new man. But unfortunately my only options are dumb-dumbs.

I'm in need of some bump and grind. It's been over four months since any type of action has occured. I take that back..I did get to lay with gary. Teehee. No, that was no fun. We were just watching Next Friday with his brother and sisters. And my brothers. And I don't think he's even into getting any action..so it was lame. But I did get to take advantage of him when I was drunk. Teehee. And that's always fun. No, I'm exaggerating. Back to the point- I need myself some plaaay. And really, there's one special man who I want mackin action from, but I doubt it's gonna happen. I think we'd both be let down in one way or another. At least I would.

I don't like the kids on MSN. They never change their profiles. I change mine too much. It saddens me. But not a lot. Ashley always changes her name. Now it's..'I just want to be with you!!!' I hate that..people write damn poem for their friggin name. Ugh. Well who am I to talk? But at least I don't make mine forever long.

I'm bored.

This should be in the Deadjournal, but it's too late now. This is supposed to be for quizzes and nonsense. Most of everythin I say would be considered 'nonsense', but my more important nonsense is for the DJ. Oh well.

I want to talk to someone. And there is no one.

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