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Second Entry [17 Apr 2003|06:45pm]

Yea so Hogwarts has been interesting lately. From what I've heard the next dance is A Blast from the Past. I am oh so thrilled. But alas, I must make an appearance for Parvati. She deserves some dances with me. Besides I talked with AD and he said there would be a Malt Shoppe, so most likely, I'll spend my time there.

Today there was a muggle game going on down by the lake. "Truth or Dare" I think it was called. I was going to play, Padma convinced me. But Parvati wasn't there and I didn't want to do anything stupid that would ruin my relationship with her. Angie was there, but she left. After she left I decided to leave as well. Who knows what could have happened, right? I think it was for the best. Probably was...

Quidditch has been dandy. Angie said I was a great captain. Certainly makes me feel good. I do try, ya know. It's not all slack off. I love quidditch. Basically, it's my life besides pranks. Gawd, I'm starting to sound like Oliver Wood. He's our keeper for Gryffindor. Damn good one. He would probably die for quidditch in a heart beat....I'm not that overly obsessed with it. But I do love the game.

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'Bout time... [16 Apr 2003|05:43pm]
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Eh, I think it's about time I actually write in this. Parvati and Padma convinced be to do one of these things. Peer pressure these days. Blah. Anyways, yes I did ask Vati out, and she said yes. Great relief for me. I really do like her....Yea I do. Hmm....Easter dance, was boring. For the little time I was there. Dances aren't my style...

Suprisingly, haven't recieved any detentions. Mum's probably happy bout that. But, that won't last long. Been thinking bout going into Hogwarts soon. It's awesome when it's only George and I. Nobody knows that we go and we come back with a load of food. Note to self: Get more dungbombs and fireworks. Running on low on that stuff.

Quidditch has been....well...quidditch. Been trying to get everyone to the practices, but not everyone can make it. Besides from what I've heard, we've got a match soon...erk. Time to frolock round the school and find Forge.


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