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23rd December 2004

1:52pm: holy crap

seeing as how its been a year or so since i have updated this, i think i will get off my lazy ass and talk to the internet. Alot has happened to me over the past year......
I got caught smoking pot, a hurricane hit our house, we rebuilt our house, and im in college now....
I wonder why i havent updated this thing in awhile? asides from the fact that i think posting your thoughts on the internet for everyone to read is incredibly homosexual, i have been insanely busy with what i mentioned above.....
Stress is a big factor in my life here lately, and im pretty sure that if i dont come up with a way to deal with it real soon, someone is going to end up with my fist through their skull. well, im out, ill update this peice of shit in another year.
Fuckin Chuck Norris

20th April 2003

6:44pm: OK, OK, OK...
So.... I am finally getting around to updating this damned thing, but i think i would do it more often if we had a damned decent connection in this house. I have been building a pool all week. Nothing incredibly interesting happening here. Got asked to be my brothers best man...DAMMIT, cant have top hat and cane...oh well, still get to attend the bachelors party...
I am going to make up some shit, to make it seem like my life is interesting...
The other day, i was walking down the road and the midget ninjas came running out of a bank with giant sacks of money. Soon after they had passed some Psychotic cyborg pirates came running after them with lasers and flyswatters and stuff... ALL OF THE SUDDEN, axle rose came out of now where with a giant guitar and started wailing on it, and the midget ninjas started fighting with the Cyborg pirates.... and then one of the Pirates grabbed me, but he wasnt really a pirate, but a hot chick.... and she came to me and told me i was the ninja master... IT WAS AWESOME.... After the giant battle we had a feast and i was nominated the Leader of the Clan of Midget Ninjas, which is totally respectable
Have fun people...and HAPPY EASTER
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9th March 2003

1:14pm: Yesterday I went to an indoor drumline competetion..... It was incredibly boring, but it was better that what I would have been doing. At the competetion, our school got second to last.... but that wasnt the most emarrasing part. In the middle of our show, the fourth bass drum player tripped and his drum landed on his face....knocking him unconscious immediately. It was pretty funny to watch...That kid is so full of crap though. He is already telling people he broke both of his legs and his nose.
That kid is so full of crap.... I bet when we go to school tomorrow, he is going to be like,"Man, I went to this drumline competetion and all of the sudden ninjas popped out of now where, and one hit me in the face and tripped me, and sliced my legs off, but they grew back." Or at least that is what I would say, if I were as stupid as him.
I am kind of rethinking that whole "not talking thing". I figure I would get in trouble for not answering the teacher when she asks me a question. I think I am going to give up something that I really don't have any reason to worry about, just to clear my no more skipping, or no more acid, or no more pot....wait....that would apply...hmm maybe I am onto something....oh well, maybe i will
12:48pm: Thanks for the help...
Yeah....I think it would be kind of cool to give up talking
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5th March 2003

6:47pm: I hate school....
I am sure you people really dont give half a crap about school and my tiny little problems, but i dont all. It isnt that i hate school more than usual, in fact i dont think i really hate the school itself, but the people who go there. I am by no means a dork or an outcast, and for "the new kid" i think i am pretty popular. I mean, i have my friends, and all that crap, but for the most part, i find it incredibly depressing how stupid every one is at this school. I guess i am trying to say in a modest way that "HAHA-I am way cooler than everyone at my modest to boot.
In other news...i asked some girl out the other day, and Justin, if you say anything to Mom and Dad yet, you will die....she said yes, of course, and we will probably be going to the movies sometime soon :-)
I dont know what i am going to give up for Lent....i probably should come up with something soon, seeing as how it has already started....i think i will give up school.....
I think i could get off on a technicality though....i could give up driving, since my truck is broke, and it isnt likely that i will be driving any time i guess taht would work

3rd March 2003

5:00pm: My Day
I really can't describe it.... all day my stomach has been giving me fits. I don't mean the kind of fits where you run to the crapper about to dook in your draws, but it feels like I have an ant colony in my ass. I think maybe i should see a professional, but, i dont think it is anything serious.
On a brighter note, i have been regularly attending school, sooooo, all of those pathetic bastards are soon to be cursed with whatever i have....that is if it's contagious. I think that i would be pretty disappointed if nobody caught it.
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26th February 2003

2:33pm: first post (by big bro poo)
here ya go little bro, figgured i'd jump on this login before someone else did :)

happy blogging
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