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    Wednesday, August 1st, 2007
    10:34 pm
    still no house photos this time
    not quite to the point of having house photos to put on here... backlogged with the wedding we shot in seattle and the diamond jaxx game that the one used-to-be-good pitcher pitched at that Scott wants pictures of. soon though.

    on the topic of photography, i really really want to take another step in... like deeper... like i'm pricing imacs right now to make a full switch to a setup that is built ground-up to support serious photography.. so yeah, it's exciting but a little unnerving at the same time since it'd be hobby + job... a photography jobby. we'll see where it takes me 8-)

    my XL shirts are too big for me now and my 36 belt just got stored away in the closet for my new 34 ... also my work pants are starting to look like parachute pants on me... happy stuff, but at the same time it stinks that i can't just sew up the loose parts and make my big clothes fit a littler me. my work pants are even the cool kind that have elastic in the waist so they fit just right.. which is awesome, but not when they're already too big.

    it's really neat that Amanda teaches 7th-grade reading, because that's the age-range where i was really the most into books, so i remember a lot of them and recognize the writing styles and themes and stuff that that age group reads.. thus i can grab almost anything on their reading list and enjoy it... of course, i'm pulling a little more meaning out of it than i probably did back then... i don't know what it is though, but i really do enjoy them. not to say a good Grisham or Crichton won't consume me until the last page, but stuff like The Giver? oh, gimme gimme ... i just found a whole box of old books i used to read, there was a candian author, Gordon Korman, who i absolutely loved.. his stuff was hilarious... if it had been coined back then, i would have said i LOL'd. I'll have to read them again and hope they still carry the same funny.

    i guess all that led up to the trilogy of books i've been reading now, by Scott Westerfeld. The first book is called Uglies, then the next one Pretties and the last one Specials. It basically is about a future society where our generation got wiped out by a bacteria that exploded all the oil, and the survivors created their Utopian society where almost everyone and everything is controlled and designed to be perfect... which of course can't survive, so we see the progression of the main character as she discovers the flaws in her known way of life. anyway, it's good enough that it (along with Randy's question about how the last one turned out) has me thinking about the next National Novel Writing Month, and how i really am excited about it and ready to get started.. November, here i come!

    In the series, they have magnetic grids under the surface of the cities, which are there to propel the hovercars and hoverboards... and they make fun of when people used to drive on *snicker* rubber tires.. i bet hovercars never get 4 flats in a week, Randy.

    It's August, which means my first NFL game is coming up in 17 days... Cincy v Saints, Aug. 18th, preseason, Paul Brown Stadium.... giddy-up!

    Thursday, July 26th, 2007
    9:36 pm
    lil ol' thought snips
    ? Smashing Pumpkins aren't as good as they used to be, but Zeitgeist still is a pretty darn good album, and much better than Adore. I could have a baseball intro of Doomsday Clock, and would probably hit home runs every time.

    ? Is the Harry Potter really saga over? No, she's making an encyclopedia eventually.. and it'll have a lot of backstories and such that were in her notes but never made it to the books. Not to mention, the movies.. OK, crisis averted for now.

    ? What the heck is "A Bay Bay" and why is some guy named "Hurricane" trying to make it a part of our vocabulary harder than Posh Spice is trying to push "major?"

    ? UBC is over, lost 22 pounds and 8% body fat, official results and photos to follow sometime.

    ? Bought a house, living in it now and having to mow the yard stinks. Actually, it really doesn't stink that much once you're out there doing it, it's getting to the "doing it" part that stinks.

    ? August 18th, Cincinnati, Bengals v Saints, pre-season, 2 tickets, Amanda + Me, Happy 1-Year-Anniversary-Kyser-Love-Amanda.

    ? The furthest west in the continental U.S. that i have been now is Seattle, WA. Also, Amanda's family from Seattle is really cool, and so was the wedding that we went up there to shoot.

    ? Spending 24 hours in Denver waiting on planes that may or may not have room for you is the opposite of Seattle... you may also call it "A Boo Boo" or "minor"
    Saturday, May 26th, 2007
    2:31 pm
    5 Week update
    Well, so much for keeping up with blurty like i was wanting.. but at least i'm keeping up with the UBC. 5-week evals were today, so here i am at the halfway point:

    (stuff in parenthesis is where i started)
    Weight: 195.5 (208)
    Body fat %: 25 (30)
    Situps in 1 minute: 41 (25)
    Pushups in 1 minute: 23 (19)
    .9 Mile Run: 6:15 (7:12)

    so overall i'm pretty pleased, my six-pack is developing nicely underneath the belly.. so maybe one day it will make itself seen to the world, lol. unfortunately the gun show still is lacking, but maybe by the end of the 10 weeks i'll have a pretty good bicep spectacle.

    The thing i'm most excited about is the body fat percentage drop.. it's been a steady decline since i started, and a good thing too... second-most exciting is the major improvement in the almost-mile run.. it's neat to see such an increase in stamina to be able to shave that much time off.. so now the goal is to break under 6 by the end of the 10 weeks.. hope i can keep it up.

    anyway, this is just another accountability post ... wanting to keep myself motivated so putting it up on the all-accessible internets should do the trick.
    Friday, May 11th, 2007
    6:16 am
    weight: 199
    body fat: 28%

    yeah that's right, i'm below 200!! nice. I think my goal (for my body size and stuff) is 160-165 .. that's where i was around in the earlier days of me being in shape.. mainly, i just want to lose the guy i've been gaining and get into decent shape. 199 isn't where i wanted to be today, but it's below 200 and that's pretty cool. not to mention, i dropped that pesky 1% body fat that i picked back up last week.

    and if that's not cause enough for celebration, Troy and Ally are getting married today and that's really awesome ... i hope everything goes well for them out in CA!!
    5:19 am
    quick update before i head over for Friday morning kickboxing:

    Monday, April 30th: weight 204, body fat 30%
    Friday, May 4th: weight 200.5, body fat 28%
    Monday, May 7th: weight 200, body fat 29%

    we'll see how the scales go today.. it's been a kick-me-in-the-butt week, and i've really tried to push it further, so hopefully there'll be results (besides me actually starting to look skinnier, which i am and which is really cool)
    Tuesday, May 1st, 2007
    6:49 am
    So the recent musical flavors of my ear's week:

    Incubus - Dig .... who knew they had a new album? cause i heard "Dig" on the radio last night and dang it's good. Looked it up on youtube this morning and found a fan-submitted video that i really liked too.. and then finally got the message of the song, and how we have people who dig us out of the weaknesses that bury us.. so it has a great message too.. not to mention the unique Incubus voice.

    Linkin Park - What I've Done ... well, not as much a fan of their new image, but the song still holds true to what i like about them.. and, according to Scott, it's more like what they sounded like before the record deals and stuff.. and i'm always for bands going back to their roots (cough cough, Black Eyed Peas) so if that's the way they really are, then good for them.

    Mark Ronson - Stop Me ... Great redo of The Smith's song from like the 80s, and there's a guy called Daniel Merriweather who does the vocals and it's just great.. the music reminds me a lot of Rob Dougan, but i like his stuff too, so yeah. The video is also really good for this one, i can relate to the miserable-looking overweight guy and hope to be like him at the end of the song.. exhausted and totally skinny.

    Ronald Jenkees - Rocky Theme (Remix) .. this guy is crazy, and crazy-good on the keyboard. It's just a good all-around pump-up song.

    well, i can't think of anything else at the moment, except for a video that Scott showed me that helps me appreciate Imogen Heap a lot more now (since the weird vocal things used to always just annoy me) ... a live video where she "assembles" it all together at once.. good stuff.
    Friday, April 27th, 2007
    8:21 am
    UBC update
    Friday weigh-in update from week 1 (weighed in early since i won't be there Saturday):

    Weight: 203
    Body fat: 30%

    so no change in body fat, but that's 5 pounds lost so far! of course, weight fluctuates so i probably just caught it at a good time, but it at least shows that i am making some progress. if i can continue this trend and even punch it up a little next week, i can realistically set a goal of getting under 200 by the next weigh-in.

    As far as class attendance:
    Mon- Kickboxing @ 530 am, Resistance @ 615 pm
    Tue- Kickboxing @ 530 am, then flew to Charlotte so no night class (but i made sure to walk EVERYwhere and not take elevators or airport shuttles to get a little cardio activity)
    Wed- Nothing, in Charlotte
    Thur- Resistance @ 615 pm, Kickboxing @ 7 pm
    Fri- Kickboxing (and a little Resistance) @ 530 am

    Overall, this program is really neat.. the classes are very intense so there's no slowing down, and the variation keeps me interested and not bored.. especially when there's something new that i don't know how to do and end up doing wrong. like everyone leaning to the left while i'm leaning to the right so they're all staring at me doing it the wrong way.. it's comical and i'd be embarrassed if i wasn't already concerned with the 10 gallons of sweat that i'm trying to mop off my face, lol.

    yeah, this journal is turning into a UBC-progress-log, i'll try and put some normal stuff in there as well to spice things up... for every UBC post i do i'll try and match it with a normal one. Go!
    Saturday, April 21st, 2007
    6:23 pm
    UBC- The beginning
    Well, so the last 7-8 months of getting up and working out at the wellness center haven't so much given me any results that i'm too proud of other than the occasional grumpy wife after i've been hard to get out of bed. This is mainly in cause due to the fact that i'm completely on my own once i get there (WHEN i get there), so there are days where the workout isn't as intense as it should be...

    So finally, in the name of "something needs to be done," i have joined up with the Ultimate Body Challenge program over at Mr. Dinh's ... it's a 10-week get-your-butt-healthy course that combines better eating, kickboxing and resistance training .. and yeah luckily there's a 5:30 a.m. class so i can still be getting up all early and stuff.

    ANYway, now i'm part of a group and have instructors and people that'll be like "so where were you?" and "no, you can't quit after one push-up" and that'll hopefully help things along.

    So today was the first day of the thing and so there was a fitness evaluation.. and so in the name of accountability, i'm gonna post my stats for the beginning. Now that it's posted and out there, i have a lot more encouragement to try and improve the numbers.

    Weight: 208
    Body fat %: 30
    Situps in 1 minute: 25
    Pushups in 1 minute: 19 (barely, ouch)
    Mile Run: 7:12

    I can't remember my measurements, but i'll try and get them up at some point too.

    There's also a competition involved, that could end up in anything from a corvette to a cruise, so that's neat to shoot for.

    So that's where i'm at so far... i still want to do some biking, so i might ride there and back in the mornings.. i'm really excited about this, i've put on like 48 pounds since high school, but mainly i got a nasty ol' gut that needs losing. My cholesterol is back to a healthy level, but that's still not enough, especially as i'm getting older and closer to the day where a gut will mean a lot more when it comes to my health... anyway yeah there it is.

    yup. (i forgot i used to end with that ... oh, it's back!)
    Thursday, April 19th, 2007
    6:20 am
    35 min 40 sec (again according to track listings on iPod)
    start/end point: MSU stadium parking lot, far north side

    Mainly rode through campus today, but also hit Central Park ... it was a really nice ride because i didn't have a set path and would change my temporary path pretty frequently... i'd be headed over in one direction thinking i'd be going over there, but then see a path go off the the left and would jump right on.

    it might be that i'm not riding hard enough, but maybe the last 7-8 months of off-and-on cardio work on the wellness center's stationary bike helped get me ready for real riding, cause it's not as difficult as i thought it'd be... that also may be due to the fact that the changing scenery and path is enough to distract me from the effort it takes ... either way, i'm really liking it so far.
    Tuesday, April 17th, 2007
    6:04 am
    In an attempt to keep myself motivated to work out and be a bit more healthy than my current state, i finally got my bike all fixed and took it out this morning instead of going to the wellness center and riding the stationary one there... and man was it cool ... i actually came up on about 7 deer in a field, and got to watch them for just a second before they saw me and bounded away.

    total workout time: 22 min 19 sec (according to the amount of music listened to on the iPod)

    (today's riding playlist)

    Audioslave - Revelations
    Red Hot Chili Peppers - Especially In Michigan
    Mark Ronson - Stop Me (feat. Daniel Merriweather)
    Red Hot Chili Peppers - Storm In A Teacup
    Nikkfurie - Th? ? la menthe
    Moby - James Bond Theme [Moby's Re-Version]

    good times, good times. hopefully this is the start of a whole lot more ... a lot more biking, a lot more time on the bike at one time and a lot more weighing less eventually, ideally, hopefully 8-)
    Monday, April 2nd, 2007
    6:04 pm
    Youth Arts Retreat
    The Youth Arts Retreat was this past weekend at Lakeshore, and i got to teach photography again, this time with Amanda! It was a great weekend, we had 9 students who really surprised me with their photography skills... i could definitely do this for a living 8-)

    Another big difference from the Adult Arts Retreat is that i didn't shoot as much at this one ... i spent more time watching them shoot and helping with ideas and stuff .. which was good, but meant i didn't come back with as many good shots as i would have liked to. Oh well, i still got some good ones, i hope ... see below 8-)

    Sunday, March 25th, 2007
    10:36 am
    not a triumphant return
    a first post in a long time should be more than what this will be, but oh well.

    i have a real problem anytime we run out of toilet paper. besides the obvious, you then have to go out and purchase more TP and that's where it gets me... did you know that wal mart has an entire ROW dedicated to toilet paper? it's ridiculously hard to pick out new TP because there's way too much variety. With anything else, it's fairly straightforward but the TP companies have really taken it too far.

    you pretty much have to go in there with a specific product in mind or else you'll wind up just grabbing something off the shelf and end up with stupid 1-ply for a few weeks.

    1- Brand
    2- Ply
    3- Actual quantity of rolls per package
    4- Size of roll (regular, super, big, double-stuf)
    5- Quantity of rolls per package compared to another brand/ply/size

    It's the size of the roll that gets me. Why not just one size roll? I can't help but worry that the "4 rolls in one!" won't fit in our TP holders, but then they advertise it as such a bargain so how can i afford to not take that chance!?

    There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to the aisle, how are they all organized? In my opinion it needs to be by ply, since that's generally the main thing i think people would care about. Who cares if it has the wiping capacity of 5 rolls and bears use it? The fact that they don't even pull the packages out of the cardboard boxes they came in also gets me ... makes it a lot harder to stand back and compare.. not to mention i don't feel like spending a whole lot of time in the TP aisle, might start to get stared at or run into the person i met earlier and have to make awkward small talk again (

    my one dream is to find a brand/ply/size/quantity that fits my needs, and for it to never be discontinued, so that alls i need to do is zip through the aisle like i own the place and snatch a new pack of TP off the shelves without even stopping.

    I should take a survey to see if anyone has found such a brand/ply/size/quantity that they stand by....

    Current Mood: thoughtful
    Current Music: Red Hot Chili Peppers- Stadium Arcardium (the whole albums)
    Monday, February 26th, 2007
    10:52 pm
    Bald Eagle at Lakeshore
    A Bald Eagle outside the rainy sunroom windows during the 30-hour famine... amazing.. .it was amazing.

    (click for larger image)
    Tuesday, October 24th, 2006
    6:24 am
    i got photos!
    well i caved and got in on the Flickr craze.. and must say i like it! There are some shots from the adult arts retreat at Lakeshore last weekend when i taught photography... half are nature and half are for Matt cause it's all* the stuff he hasn't seen yet.

    checkum out
    Sunday, October 8th, 2006
    5:41 pm
    my new book
    The Essential Wisdom of Kyser T. Lough

    Chapter 1:
    "Anything can take longer than 30 minutes if you do it slow enough."
    end chapter.
    4:25 pm
    what a nice day!
    we just went on a picnic to the park and it was great... fell asleep on the blanket under the sun talking about our dream jobs. life is pretty darn nice today 8-)
    Sunday, August 20th, 2006
    8:57 pm
    It's tricky
    One thing that's always awkward... when you go to Wal*Mart / Kroger / some large store and see someone you know right as you walk in. Sure, it's nice to catch up and say a quick "hi!" ... but you don't realize what's about to go down. 5 minutes and two aisles later, whoops! you bump into them again.. you laugh and say hello... and then run into them on aisle 6. There's always a "you must be following me, hahaha" joke that's in there somewhere, but by the time you hit the dairy section at the end, it's just plain awkward.

    So what do you do? How do you address them for the 5 times you see them in the aisles? There's only so much you can say, especially when they're just casual acquaintances.. like the subject line: it's tricky.

    Maybe a pre-set list of lines to deliver if you happen to run into this situation...

    1st run-in: casual hellos and conversation
    2 - Well hello again!
    3- We must have the same list, haha
    4- I should have stayed home and just had you buy two of everything!
    ******* after the 4th instance, we'll transition into the non-speech communications********
    5- smile and raised eyebrows
    6- a bit of a laugh and quick push past
    7- no-teeth smile

    i sure hope it never hits past 8 ... hmm i should write these down on my shopping lists for next time...
    Monday, July 24th, 2006
    8:18 am
    well it's been a month of marriage, and how great it has been! 8-) it really has been cool being married and settling in and stuff.. and it's nice to finally feel like we're settled in to the apartment and all.. but it's sad that Amanda has to go to school here in a week, cause i'll have to go back to lunches by myself

    a little curious about the Bengals and their growing roster of troublemakers.. just when they've started to make a name for themselves as a football team and get past those crappy seasons, they get to troublemaking off the field.. now somebody resists arrest and gets tasered? honestly. then again, any player getting in trouble now is going to be instantly sensationalized by the media a little bit more than usual, given the current track record.. cause that's just how the media works. point is, hope they stop getting in trouble so they can focus on football.. and boy am i ready for football.

    this weekend, Amanda's parents came down to Paducah and we met them.. it was a real fun time, eating at Hananoki, running around Paducah, trynig wasabi peas and then remembering i hate horseradish... but anyway also nice to see her parents since we don't get to see them that often

    speaking of Bengals and Paducah, got a new Bengals hat in Paducah.. at the hat store in the mall they had SIX bengals hat styles... SIX!!! there's never been more than one or two... and might i add there were only two pittsburgh styles.. haha eat that. anyway, i love this hat because it is very very comfortable and soft, already broken in and stuff.. i was a little worried about the mesh at first, cause i don't wanna be one of those guys, but it turns out to be a very soft mesh, so i don't look like a wanna-be trucker or whatever the style is they go for... anyway:

    i love it.. got the dirty on it and everything.. my new everyday-hat that i can wear even if we're playing flag football in my teaching team sports class and it's muddy and i get clocked while going for a pass and the hat get's muddy ... which happened like 3 days after Amanda got me a nice Bengals hat for our one-year anniversary, and i got sad.

    whoops, breakfast is ready, gotta run! 8-) yum for breakfast
    Monday, July 17th, 2006
    10:25 pm
    Married Life, part I
    Hello from 21 Harvard, where the Lough's live 8-) It's been great being married, and i though i'd share a piece or two of that:

    - The first meal. Delicious ... it's nice having a place to cook and then taking advantage of that. Amanda's really outdone herself, and it started with meal #1:

    - And it hasn't stopped there:

    - Not to metion, hanging stuff up on the walls is pretty neat too. No more duct-taped wall hangings! We use hammers, nails, screwdrivers and screws around here:

    And so that's life right now. We've been having a good ol' time getting the apartment together, and working on Amanda's classroom. Work's been good too, but who cares about that right now? I'm married!! 8-)
    Tuesday, May 2nd, 2006
    11:47 pm
    a 5-2 set
    "Having more time isn't going to let you get more things done.. It's going to let you enjoy the things you have to do!"

    it's true.

    Amanda had her hair in a ponytail today, and it looked really cute. i like ponytails on her, but i also like that point just as she takes the ponytail out and her hair is kinda fluffed up and back still.. even after a few tosses.
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