Forgotten Little Soilder's Day

Wednesday, June 9, 2004

5:13AM - Hmm....... going to go to guitar lessons in an hour. so thats gonna be good. but other than that, im incredibly bored. i dont know what to do. usually i would be at amandas, or she would be here. but since her cousin is moving to Texas, shes gonna spend as much time with ehr as possible. well she needs to include me. i havnt seen her for like two weeks. but i guess when she gets bored she will ask me to come over. oh yeah yesterday i got mad at travis and i told him how i wanted him to talk to me more, and i guess he wanted to talk to me more....SIKE.....or so he said. well i dont care if he talks to me or not. doesnt matter to me one bit. well guys should i give Cameron the note i wrote him? or should i not? i dont know what to do. i dont think im going to. i dont even know him yet. i will get to know him better and then i will maybe give him the note. sound good to you? well it better because no one asked you! haha jp....i crack myself up sometimes, i really do. im having a hard time finding what to wear to guitar, well not just guitar.....its everywhere. i just dont know wut to wear anymore, bc all i have is pants, and two pairs of shorts. only two. i cant wait to go school shopping. i love getting all those little paper packs and pencils and binders, i love doing that. im just weird. i like drawing, doing stuff like that. but i think i love guitars more. last night i only practiced for an hour : ( its kinda hard to sit down and practice only one thing for four hours. oh hey i got a new quote, i got it out of Guitar One magazine....its from the darkness "There's no point in getting on the ladder, if your not going to go to the top" i think thats a really good quote. yeah we had to restore my comp today.....and if i would of taken the floppy [disk] out of the drive thing i wouldnt of had to, i forgot it was in there such a blonde sometimes. can u tell? lol thats what i thought. you guys need to start leaving me comments, i hate when i dont have those lol. yeah anyways....well yesterday i baby sat and got 10 dollars. so now i have....20....30....32! i have 32 dollars. now i need to get 8 more dollars so i can get the amp that i want. its only $39.99.......$40 dollars....and i also need a new cord for my amp bc mine isnt long enough and its screwed up, either that or my amp one. well im getting new of both, so that solves my problem now doesnt it. im tired. i havnt dont anything today except lay around and sharpen pencils for my desk and play guitar. well thats what ive been doing for the last two weeks....well not sharpen pencils lol...but everything else i did. i only got out of the house once, and that was to go to walmart. well if you count guitar then it wasnt once....i talk about the most boringist things dont i? just so amused right now. i dont know wuts going on. im just sitting here, a guy is mowing our lawn, and im just sitting here. being bored. its the usual for me. amanda better hurry up and get home from jessicas, i want my best friend back!!! she wont even ask me to come over when Jessica is there....i wonder why.....oh well....when she gets back shes gonna be my buddie again....hopefully....or will she move onto sam? i hope not. god im gonna fall on the floor and shrivel up im sooooooooooooo bored!!!! well anyways im gonna go so i can get my stuff together to go to guitar....even though i have 30 mins till i leave lol....later

Current mood: content
Current music: The silence of my room.

9:00AM - I DID IT!!!

I GAVE CAMERON THE NOTE!!!!!!!! well i gave it to Mark to give to such a wuss when it comes to guys that i like lol. well at least he knows my number and my email address now, so he can talk to me. i hope he does.....i wanna talk to him soo bad!!!!! yeah he can play guitar really really good..... : ) thats a bonus lol.....Mark said he would be really happy lol...i hope he is....*crosses fingers* omg i am so nervous, everytime the phone rings i freak out and turn off my music and breath and then pick it up slowly lol. god i want him to IM me or call me so bad!!!! GOD!!!! oh guess wut?? Mark gave me the tab for the intro of Wild Thang!!!! haha!! i LOVE that song man...its all good....good times good times lol....i swear im gonna live there, i LOVE that place so much!! yeah....i can see it they wont hire me. maybe they will. well when ig et old enough to work we'll see if they do, and if they dont then i guess thats ok....and if they do then im going to be happy for the rest of my life. lol. hey well i will update when Cameron calls me or IMs know i will.....later

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Current music: The Party Song by Blink 182

12:29PM - Omg.........Im so happy right now!!!!!!!!!!!!

hey guys......omg i like cameron alot.....he likes me too......i think......he said i was really pretty. and he also said i have beautiful eyes, it was either beautiful or pretty....i dont care....he still said it. hes so sweet. omg. im gonna die. ive never met anyone like him before. hes so incredibly sweet!! i feel like im gonna float away ( as corny as that might sound, its true ) i really hope he asks me out.....i like him alot.....and you know wut else he said? he said "your like me dream girl" how sweet is that??? im so happy right now. and when i told him my last bf cheated on me, hes like "is he nuts?? your really pretty why would he do that" omg.......hes so sweet!!!! and this is a bonus, hes not a perv all the time like all the other guys. i really like him. i hope he likes me the same way as i like him. well if he said all that stuff to me.....maybe he does like me....i hope he does....well i gotta call him tomorrow at 12 or 1.....thats when i wake up lol. but im gonna wake up early so i can call him! im gonna go to bed earlier than i already do.....i go to bed at 2:30 or 3 in the i think im gonna go to bed at 12 or 1....its 11:25 right now so im gonna go to bed in 30 mins so i can call him tomorrow......i wish you guys knew how happy i am right now.....i think im going to float im not high....well yes i high on being happy. im gonna go to bed now....later

Current mood: happy
Current music: Nothing but the sound of me being happy.
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