03:36am 16/02/2004
mood: sleepy
Had a good Valentines Day... today sucked... I'm bored and lost almost all my np for my neopets and am about to go to sleep.
08:08pm 07/02/2004
mood: annoyed
Gees I wish life would stop being stupid
12:18am 06/02/2004
mood: bored
Today was a pretty good day. I went to the mall and got 3 dresses for the price of one. I was so happy about that. Then Greg decided to spend our food money on a cd and when he realized we didn't have enough to eat he wanted to take the cd back but I wouldn't let him. We scrapped change together and got a little bit from chick fil a. Then we walked back to my house and he stayed till 9. Don't know exactly when we got home but he was here for a few hours. Doesn't seem like much but it's kinda been a long day. I'm trying to download some videos but Bearshare keeps losing its connection or something and being really gay. And any other download thingy I try to get messes up my computer. Oh well. I'll try to find something.
11:03pm 02/02/2004
mood: crappy
music: From Autumn To Ashes - Chloroform Perfume
I don't want to fix things I just want them to stop being so spiteful.
05:04pm 02/02/2004
mood: frustrated
Amber is an idiot and Cody is a hardheaded asshole who only sees the worse in everything and everyone and never listens to reason. So you know what, go fuck yourselves.
02:28pm 01/02/2004
mood: pissed off
This is fucking bullshit! I got in trouble for going out with Scott and Greg. My dad is uber pissed off cause I didn't tell him I was going and cause he doesn't like Scott and doesn't ever want me riding with him again. And that's my punishment. Never again can I be in Scott's car. Of course my dad has told me that before. Maybe that's why instead of being angry he's uber pissed. Oh well like I give a flying fuck. I've gotten to that point where I don't care. Oh wait look... ::caring less:: ... aww.
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12:14am 30/01/2004
mood: insecure
OMG what the shit?!? I look so fat today. All my clothes look horrible on me. Horrible like you know horrible. Just eww.
12:50am 28/01/2004
mood: cold
Nothing to say!
09:31pm 22/01/2004
mood: exhausted
It's ok. Everything is fine now. I'm good. I had a great night too. Yep yep.
12:35am 20/01/2004
mood: FUCK YOU
music: Brand New - the no seatbelt song
Fuck everything! I'm sick of it!
03:49pm 15/01/2004
mood: thirsty
::points to above comment:: I need to lose weight.
On a whole other subject, I pissed Greg off so bad this week. I've been super pissy and didn't wanna go over to his house. Put the two together and its obvious why. I do not like doing stuff with my boyfriends when I'm on my period. I never have. I always come up with some excuse. I've only seen Greg twice when on it and I've known him for like a year. It's not really because we can't do anything either. That's the first thing he said, but that's not really it. It's just weird but then again so am I. So really you shouldn't question anything I do cause my reason for everything are usually ones other people won't understand. Not that this is even totally irrational. But anyways the reason he got so pissed off is cause I went to Heather's last night. Ok that might seem a little wrong but if you understood my reasoning like I do... well then you'd understand. Anyways I have to go over to his house tonight. Even if I don't want to I owe it to him, or something like that.
03:53pm 14/01/2004
mood: accomplished
music: taking back sunday - go on
OMG my LJ is soooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! look look look
you can't see it cause my colors are silly but just click above this. hehehehehe
GO ME   
04:12am 14/01/2004
mood: drained
Greg convinced me to get a live journal so I did. It's ok. It's being a little gay with the whole changing background pictures and stuff but I'll get over it. I was getting super frustrated with it earlier and it almost threw me into a temper tantrum and I think I really upset Greg cause I was talking to him when it was going on and I kinda yelled at him for about an hour then whined and had a fit for a little bit then called him a liar cause he wouldn't admit I had upset him even though I could tell by his voice he was not happy. That was a long ass sentence! Anywho I feel really bad for letting Greg go to sleep upset. I wanted to make it better before he left but I couldn't get myself set into super adorable apology mode, so I ended up making it worse. He knows I love him and I really don't mean to be such a bitch. ::pouts::
02:26pm 13/01/2004
mood: angry
OMG I hate this computer! I thought I fixed it but nooooo! It acts all fixed and stuff then suddenly it freezes! I HATE YOU COMPUTER! I HATE YOU!
12:54pm 13/01/2004
mood: annoyed
I think I just uninstalled that thing that has been messing up my computer. I'm not sure yet. If it doesn't freeze within 10 minutes I'll know it worked.
03:08pm 08/01/2004
mood: nauseated
Ok so I know I said I would update more but my computer is being uber gay lately. It freezes like every few minutes so i have to turn it off and takes like 30 minutes to turn back on right. Hopefully I'll be getting a new one soon. ::shrugs:: Well I'm going to Heather's in a little bit so I should go get ready for that.
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02:20am 06/01/2004
mood: horny
I hope Greg can come over tomorrow. Amber and Micah went through the neighborhood looking for Christmas trees that people threw away so we can burn them and I was gonna invite Greg, Heather and Cody. The only thing that would make this better is if my mom went to work tomorrow night... oh wait she does. That means Greg and I can have some alone time while everyone is outside. I mean duh! This whole thing was my idea just for that purpose! When we're at his house we have to be all quiet and stuff cause his mom is always home, but my mom won't be! I swear if anything gets in the way of my plan I will throw myself in that fire! Hehehe
UH OH   
02:00pm 05/01/2004
mood: bored
Ever since I created this journal, after my other one was suspended, I've kinda lost the will to write in it. Kinda sucks huh? Oh well. School started back for everyone else so being that I'll have nothing to do all day I might start updating more. ::shrugs::
02:05am 03/01/2004
mood: calm
02:04am 03/01/2004
mood: aggravated
This thing is being so uber gay! I just want to change the damn icon. What the hell is so hard about that?!?