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16th February 2004

11:42am: Heartstats
Draconid and Rat
  • Are rumoured to have had a valuable child.
  • Schedule times to play all kinds of games sweetly.
  • Celebrate good times.
Orchestrated by ianiceboy

Umm, I obviously need to put more effort into these.

12th February 2004

12:50pm: If You Were A Quiz Result What Quiz Result Aspect Would You Be? (with pics)

If You Were A Quiz Result What Quiz Result Aspect Would You Be? (with pics)
Brought to you by Ianiceboy.

2nd January 2004

9:02pm: Movie Synopsis Meme
Ianiceboy in Shot or Not
In this thrill-per-minute masterpiece, ianiceboy (Michael Richards) is a complicated prisoner with a passion for justice. He must silence rat (Matt LeBlanc) before the seemingly innocent xavier (Billy Zane) kidnaps him. Imagining that this plight is reversible, he attempts a break-in at the haunted warehouse, just as the opening credits finish. The killing doesn't stop until you turn it off in disgust.
Produced by ianiceboy
Current Mood: creative

14th September 2003

2:10am: In Five Years
Blurty userinfo for ianiceboyianiceboy in five years
Occupation: Singing Designer
Prized possession: A magnetic wit.
Favourite film: Harry Potter and the Bureaux of Large Print Books
Age difference: Five years older.
LiveJournal Blurty Neither
Fully coded by He made this!ianiceboy

I'd appreciate this meme thing being done by others. :D
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11th September 2003

1:52pm: Perl before Nine
I'm teaching myself enough Perl to make a basic webform. My goal is to have a link on the Meme tracker for a little while at LiveJournal. I'm probably going to make links back to the username you enters journal, so I'll make a LiveJournal/Blurty switch. Stuff the other journal places, I'm not adding them unless there's phenomenal demand or something. (And I can't imagine that.)

At the time of writing, I've only gotten the 'Occupation' answer to work. Why not see at this link. 'ianiceboy' seems to be coming up as a Singing Librarian, but I'll probably shuffle and add values, which will offset everything.
(This seems to be taking all of my time, so I'm not doing much Blurty support for a little while.)
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31st August 2003

3:12am: Ianiceboy's Support Rap
The Blurty Support Rap

Yo, I'm loggin' in, clickin' never log out.
Exaggeration? Well I know it's not now.

The support area, what could be scarier?
Users ask questions, the answers can vary there.
Astute realisation sees customisation,
Equate consternation, and exasperation.
The filter - transfer me, FAQ - refer three.
Go 'til both of your eyes, have logged into Blurry
The peace is nocturnal, some comments internal.
Requests are eternal, plz help wit' my journal!!!11

We are helpin' the green,
'Cause they're twelve or thirteen.
Every day there's fifty million answers unscreened.
Doin' thirty in all,
Never dirty at all.
With all the help advertisin' Blurty to all.
For every two composed,
Seems one request is closed.
The other half could have their age issues exposed.

Far from giddy wrecks, we do kiddy checks;
Suspension a poetic tragedy, yes?
For tracking purposes.

Add ianiceboy to your friends list?

29th August 2003

10:03pm: CSS
My CSS learning continues. I plan to learn how to make styles, but that may be a while. First I need to work out how the current styles work. At least, after nearly a year, I know how the %% variables get populated.

I'll let you know how it turns out.

Current Mood: bored

25th August 2003

10:01am: Yt newt.
I'll turn the world upside-down. And by the way, now I have an increased right to ridicule teenagers. Who knew that being a teenager would last for umpteen years?
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23rd August 2003

8:57pm: Supporting
I have 53 support points!

I went from zero to fifty-three! Oh the pride!
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22nd August 2003

1:24am: Keywords
Today I learnt something interesting about userpics. If you delimit keywords with commas, they become separate entries for your dropdown box. Then, if you delete them, you can name different pictures with the same keywords, where you picked those words previously will be replaced with the picture that matches keyword, instead of your default.

Yes, interesting fact for the day. I might make my keywords emotion based now, instead of a set of captions.
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19th August 2003

2:14pm: Set
I kind of wish I had room for ten user pictures in this account. I was up all hours last night making thirteen, and now I can only use three. Since I'm also a paid LiveJournal user, I'm considering using ten of them there, and kicking out my six-to-ten-month-old ones there. I believe I might put it to a vote.

Well, I'm still trying to earn my first point as a Support Volunteer. I've written about a dozen now, and I have to say, some of them are quite helpful. Well, I think so, at least.
Gosh, I love these pictures I've made. (I took the photos, so I'm allowed to love them.) Three of them are of sunsets though. I went a little overboard?
Current Mood: pleased

18th August 2003

10:15am: Entry One
Yes, yes, it is I, ianiceboy!
I just thought it would be highly sporting of me to actually have an entry here, while I try my hand at trying to gain Support Points.
I also have a LiveJournal, with the same username, so if you were actually interested, you could check there for more consistent inconsistency.
Current Mood: accomplished
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