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..-cough- [28 Mar 2004|05:50pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]
[ music | The wheels on the bus go round and round...XD; 'dun ask.. ]

Why, hello. 'Tis Sunday. Tomorrow's Monday. Which means..school. >>; I dread it.

Anyways..Not much happened this weekend. I went to Comp. USA and bought this game called Dogz 5. xD; I used to have Dogz 4, and I was obsessed. You play/raise these little puppies. There are like..10 different breeds, and I enjoy breeding them, and when I do, I use 2 totally different looking breeds just to see if I can make something weird. It's actually quite fun. =D -cough- ..Anywho, the Neomails are still down on neopets so I have nothing else to do than play childish games like Dogz 5. Me and Ally had an amusing confersation:

Ally: Once upon a time..

Ally: ..there was a dog.

Me: His name was Joe.

Ally: He liked to eat hotdogs.

Me: And cheese.

Ally: One day, he ate a hotdog.

Me: And some cheese.Ally: And he died because he was lactose intolerent. THE END. XD

Me: MY TURN. :o

Me: There was a cat.

Ally: Her name was Billy.

Me: Billy liked chili.

Ally: And pudding.

Me: One day, Billy ate too much chili.

Ally: And pudding.

Me: She ate so much, she passed gass..alot. o_o;

Ally: No one loved Billy.

Me: So Billy decided to go on a diet.

Ally: Billy met a skunk.

Me: His name was Moe.

Ally: They fell in love because Billy smelt like him.

Me: They decided to get married.

Ally: Billy died.

Me: Moe committed suicide.


-coughcough- Yep. We are unusual children. o_O;

1 Sink into my dreams/Cut though my day\\

o_o; [24 Mar 2004|10:24pm]
[ mood | blah ]
[ music | The beeping of IM's. o_o;; ]

Hurrlo there. x)

Ah, well I decided to make another journal because the one I -used- to have was awfully old. This entry is going to be very short, just ta' give you a warning. As you can tell, I don't have an icon at the moment, and that is because I made one, and it kept telling me it was too big. uu; So, I got frustrated and just..quit. --;;

I guess I should be getting off to bed..School tomorrow. >___>;

'night. (:

1 Sink into my dreams/Cut though my day\\

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