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Date:2004-08-14 08:49

It starts again. Four years plus of missing Luke and remembering him as the most wonderful person in the world and he's been here for a little over a week and already is severely on my nerves.

I forgot how much Luke and I fight. We make me and Rob look like two chums who get along swimmingly. I mean, really. Since Luke got here, I haven't had the urge to fight with Rob once because I'm so exhausted from all the fighting with Luke. And it's not even as though we fight about new topics. We fight about the same stuff we fought about when we were THIRTEEN YEARS OLD. I, apparently, am a pathological liar and stuff that I lied about four years ago still makes him angry. I, apparently, cannot do anything right and I need Luke to make all my decisions for me because now that he's back in NY he can keep a close eye on me and tell me what to do and I won't make dumb decisions anymore.

Good thing I'm going away to school and he'll be at least an hour away from me. I don't know if I could stand him.

But it's still Luke, you know, and I adore him and he's going to read this probably and say, "I understand that you're venting but I look out for your best interests," and blah-blah-blah textbook junk, and while he IS reading this I think it's nice of me to mention that Luke is absolutely gorgeous. And four years ago he was the love of my life and he left and I didn't see him for four years so in my head he was just so godly looking and he comes back and he really is just as good looking as you'd think he'd be. And he's 6'3". He always said he'd be as tall as his daddy.

And you know what the best thing is? We had our first movie night in four years with Luke. And we've been having move night without Luke for what seems like forever and when we did it on Friday it just felt SO RIGHT. And then we did it last night and it's even better. And we only have one more left before I leave for college.

I hate to think it could be the last movie night of all time, but... well, it could be.

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Date:2004-08-04 13:47
Music:hot water music - trusty chords

I yanked this from Sean, who doesn't know I read his Blurty, which I think qualifies as stalking.

1)spell out your name with bands
Reel Big Fish
Armor For Sleep
Dillinger Escape Plan
It Dies Today
Every Time I Die

2) Have you ever had a song written about you? Ha, yes.
3) What song makes you cry? "It's Cool, We Can Still Be Friends" by Bright Eyes has amazing tear duct powers.
4) What song makes you happy? Lots of junk. "Bowl of Oranges" by Bright Eyes. I'm on a Bright Eyes kick, I guess?
5) What do you like to listen to before bed? Simon and Garfunkel.


a p p e a r a n c e
HEIGHT: 5'8"
SKIN COLOR: "Yu iz black!"- Calvin. Or half, at least.
TATTOOS: Yuck, no.

r i g h t n o w
WHAT SONG ARE YOU LISTENING TO?: Hot Water Music - "Trusty Chords"
WHAT TASTE IS IN YOUR MOUTH?: Tongue. And it's not mine. Just kidding.
WHAT'S THE WEATHER LIKE?: Very cool, breezy.
HOW ARE YOU? Itchy and annoyed at Jonathan.

d o y o u
HAVE A BAD HABIT?: Hmm yeah.
LIKE TO DRIVE?: No, I'm bad at it.

h a v e y o u
BROKEN THE LAW: Who hasn't?
RAN AWAY FROM HOME: Who do you think I am, Bailey? Or Calvin?
USED YOUR PARENTS' CREDIT CARD BEFORE: Don't think so. What's the point? It shows up on the bank statement, doesn't it?
SKIPPED SCHOOL BEFORE: Not the whole day, I don't think, except for Senior Cut Day.
LET A FRIEND CRY ON YOUR SHOULDER: No, on my bosom. Just kidding.

l o v e
HAD A HARD TIME GETTING OVER SOMEONE: I was about to say no, and then I thought of Luke. So, uh...
BEEN HURT?: Not really.

r a n d o m
WHAT'S THE NEXT CD YOU'RE GONNA GET?: Depends on my mood.

w h e n / w h a t w a s t h e l a s t
TIME YOU CRIED?: I don't remember.
YOU GOT A REAL LETTER?: Two weeks ago when I got the "I'm coming to NY!" letter from Luke.
YOU GOT E-MAIL: Right now, probably.
TV PROGRAM YOU WATCHED: Days of our Lives. Gag.

Dude, my stereo is awesome. The sub-woofer is sick. I love it.

Last night, me and Calvin and Jonathan went to see the village and it was really disappointing. Jacub said it was good, filthy liar.

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Date:2004-07-30 13:54
Subject:Hey boys and girls
Music:bright eyes - a scale, a mirror...

Yes Program is overrr. Werrrd.

Yesterday was really fun. I went over to Rob's and spent the day there. We watched some DVDs and took naps and read books and did fun things. I went over around one in the afternoon and stayed there until midnight. And we didn't leave the house once. Rob stayed in his pajamas (which are cute) and we didn't leave. It was the most relaxing day. I love it when he doesn't have to work. We're going to do the same thing tomorrow except I'll go over earlier and maybe sleep over if I can swing it. And I discovered I'm very content with where our relationship is now ("Oh, no," I hear you groan. "It's going to be one of those posts, is it?") and that if it changed at all I probably wouldn't be happy with it. So, yeah.

Me and Calvin play Star Wars: Galaxies now and as Jake said, "Oh, good. You two needed something else to reaffirm your geekiness." It's awesome. It's online and it's awesome and Calvin plays as Wookiee and I play as a Rodian and it's awesome.

Fable and The Sims 2 are both due out in September which is awesome.

Luke is going to arrive on Wednesday and I can't wait to see him.

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Date:2004-07-24 21:23

fuckin ace! we (me and calvin and jake) are seeing daphne rubin-vega and her band at joe's pub on aug 15th and its going to be awesome and i'm so excited and i'll get another autograph and fangirl all over her.

"yer the best, drv!"

i have not seen drv in any shape or form since cbgb's like two years ago where she was fucking brilliant and we were so happy and i said "yer the best, drv!" and she laughed and said "thanks!" and then when we got to talk to her she remembered me (she might have been lying but she said she remembered me from the 3 times i'd met her before that).


and jake said, well he said, "she's getting on in years now." and calvin got very upset in a "what do you mean by that?" sort of way and jake just said, "well, she's just getting older! how old is she now?" "35 and don't you ever say crap like that in front of me."

he adores her.


she hawt.

so we'll listen to souvenirs until we puke again and then we'll commiserate over old-skool rent and talk about Best Parts Of The Soundtrack Of All Time (#1 drv moment being "like your dead girlfriend?" and "is that a warning?" as #2 with "be nice, you two, or no gawd-awful champagne" as a very close #3) and be the drv dorks we are for all time.


Date:2004-07-23 08:00

it's weird, it really is, because everyone's been saying it for so long and i said no that's not really possible. ugh... and it's so! he's so arrogant! and annoying! and he always tells me what to do like he's in CHARGE of me for chrissake. and then occasionally ok he's very nice and he always goes out of his way to do things for me that i'll like and sure, i do like taking care of him when he's sick and that's only because he does the same for me. but he of all people. i don't because it's just really not possible.

i wish jacub was home. how am i going to do this how will we? when i go to school and he goes to school and we're hours away from each other and i need to call him and get a hug or complain and i can't because he's hours away. college is stupid.

i get paid today. i'm buying 100 dollars worth of comic books, locking myself in my room, and not leaving until i've grown a beard.

(not only is this impossible because i'm a girl, but it's impossible because not even the hair on my LEGS grows, so it'll probably be even harder for me to grow a beard. so that's when i'm coming out)

Date:2004-07-06 16:44
Subject:Last night was fun.

It was fun. We drank at Calvin's house and it was just me and Jacub and Calvin and Jess. I have not drunk with them in the longest time. We were talking about how gross it is to think of your parents having sex and then Calvin sort of shouted to Jacub, "Your parents have obviously had a great deal of sex!" and Jake's face was so red that you wouldn't believe it.

Rob and me made up which is good because he is such a cute, lovable boy who I hate/love fighting with and I didn't like it when we weren't hanging out because I missed going to his house and watching TV with him. We watched a lot of Bewitched on Sunday and I slept over because I fell asleep and he didn't wake me up.

On another note, I had a dream about so-and-so, who I love to the fullest extent of the law.

Date:2004-07-03 17:50

Oh, this is so wicked. Fantasy Quidditch is the best thing since... since, like, there was something cooler. But there never was!

Nutty Quidditch Rant )
I opened up a checking account today at Commerce Bank and I guess I'm a real grown-up now with a checking account and I can write checks or anything. So if you need to borrow, like, a dollar from me, I'll write you a check.

Date:2004-07-02 13:10
Music:Billie Holiday - Sailboat in the Moonlight

Yeah, so here's a really good idea. Start a fight with me about absolutely nothing, okay, and then hang up on me in a bitchy huff. Then when I make plans to hang out with someone else who isn't a whiny jerk, accuse me of being a bad friend who doesn't care what happens to you, ever.

Yeah. Great idea, asshole.

"Oh," you must be wondering, "whoever could you be talking about?" I don't know. Who else is as frustrating as Robert Laurence?

And now he's coming over and bringing me presents so I'm not allowed to be mad at him and of course I'll fall for it because I'm weak and I miss him and he's very handsome when he's apologetic.

All because of Montague. I love him. Honestly, I think there are very few comic book characters that are better than Montague because he wears an eye patch and carries a rifle and by default if you wear an eyepatch and carry a rifle you should be senator of the allied galaxy.

So-and-so is soooooooo hott.

Graduated. That was cool.

Seriously, so-and-so? Really hot. I don't use that word often, but it really describes so-and-so very well.

Ha, so I was talking to Shawn (Jake's brother) on IM last night and he said he was looking forward to us going to school together next year because he hasn't had sex in a year (which sort of destroyed certain misconceptions I had about Shawn, but whatever). So then later that night I told Jake what his brother said and his reaction was funny:

Jake: Well!
Jake: I had no idea my brother was so...
Jake: Hmm.
Me: 'So' what?
Me: Haha. I did.
Jake: You knew?
Jake: You knew that I had a lech for a brother?
Me: I wouldnt use the word 'lech,' of course.
Jake: Well!
Jake: I didn't know he was so randy.
Me: That's a funny choice of words.

Also funny that night was Calvin's initial message to me:

Calvin: hey bby
Calvin: wanna cyber??
Me: Creep.
Calvin: got pixxx???
Me: Heh.
Calvin: woohoo are u god-looking?
Me: 'God-looking?'
Me: Many people have told me I look like God, yes.
Calvin: lol
Calvin: u may thnk that wasa typo but it wasnt

He does a killer Celine Dion impression, Calvin does. You haven't lived until you've heard him singing: "You've set my heart on fire, filled me with love. Made me a woman on clouds above." He also knows all the words. Creep.


Date:2004-06-30 21:44

Fuck this. Seriously.

Date:2004-06-25 10:00
Subject:Gosh, folks. It's been rather long.

Yes, it has. Prom was fun. I got my groove on. (I've recently been informed that that phrase is no longer hip.)

Pirate Monkey's Harry Potter Personality Quiz
Harry Potter Personality Quiz
by Pirate Monkeys Inc.

Is it true? Perhaps. How come whenever I take these Harry Potter type tests, I always get Hermione? God bless her, but the girl is annoying.

Oh. That's why.

Oh, a comment: Jacub's attitude toward Michael misfortunes? DETESTABLE.

Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 18, find line 4. Write down what it says:
forenoons, when the fervent heat, that almost liquefied the rest of the human family,

Stretch your left arm out as far as you can. What do you touch first?

What is the last thing you watched on TV?
Carol Burnett and Friends... ?

WITHOUT LOOKING, guess what time it is:

Now look at the clock, what is the actual time?

With the exception of the computer, what can you hear?
Jacub talking. On the phone.

When did you last step outside? What were you doing?
Around... 4:30 this morning when Sean dropped me off at my house.

Before you came to this website, what did you look at?
Porn. No, um... imdb.com

What are you wearing?
A gray t-shirt and pajama pants.

Did you dream last night?
I don't recall.

When did you last laugh?
A little while ago when Jacub said he thought spleens cost more than kidneys. (Obviously they do)

What is on the walls of the room you are in?
Too many movie posters. Let's name them, okay? A Streetcar Named Desire, Notorious (it's in French: "L'amante perduta."), All About Eve ("Eva contro Eva"), Breakfast at Tiffany's, High Noon, a very sick, enlarged 8x10 of Bette Davis and Joan Crawford in "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?", The Maltese Falcon, Roman Holiday (or Vacanze Romane), a poster of Marvel Heroes, Dark Passage ("Les Passagers de la Nuit!"), The Cameraman (Buster Keaton! "Le Cameraman"), another Buster Keaton poster, Rent!, a sort of montage of 9 Gary Cooper 8x10s, uh... yeah.

Seen anything weird lately?
I wish.

What is the last film you saw?
In theaters, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. At the last foreign film festival, I saw "Las Lloronas" which was a huge disappointment.

If you became a multi-millionaire overnight, what would you buy first?
Um. DVDs.

Tell me something about you that I don't know:
You don't know ANYTHING about me.

If you could change one thing about the world, regardless of guilt or politics, what would you do?
It IS all politics. We'd all be Socialists. There would be stronger censorship laws.

Do you like to dance?

Imagine your first child is a girl, what do you call her?:

Imagine your first child is a boy, what do you call him?:
Eric or Jack.

Would you ever consider living abroad?:
Yes, of course.

Bye. I'm tired.

Date:2004-05-13 17:09

i changed the pic over there finally. weeks and weeks of people saying, "doy, get rid of the captain america, yo, captain america ain't kool," and cap is gone. it's breakfast at tiffany's. swoonage and stuff.

which reminds me:

top ten things people say to me in regards to my blurty
10. you never make any sense.
9. what's with the captain america picture? he sucks.
8. stop whining about rob and how much he sucks.
7. how come all you talk about is michael?
6. how come you don't want me to comment?
5. elia kazan?! WHAAAT?!
4. how come all you talk about is movies?
3. yo, how come you don't wanna be "friends" with me?
2. how come all you talk about is comics?
1. huh? who is sub-mariner?

it's a mystery i guess.

Date:2004-05-13 16:52
Subject:oh! would you look at that!

well! if american idol isn't the crappiest show ever!

i'm sorry, but jasmine SUCKS. her voice is grating. it makes me want to DIE. la toya was the absolute best. there is no discussion. she was the best and jasmine sucked. and i mean this literally. every time she opened her mouth to sing, i got the impression that she may very well suck cock for money.

so it's diana. i didn't used to like diana that much but she is leaps and bounds better than jasmine and not quite as annoying as fantasia.

um... the dick van dyke show reunion was all right. i've been through the ups and downs about it already with rob and his only response is, "i don't care. i hope you buy me the dvds for my birthday."

the new chorus teacher is a bitch. there really isn't any other word for it and i know that i'm notorious for not cursing and i've already cursed twice in one post but i really hate her. really. nikki calls her squeaky midge, which is mean, but every time squeaky midge annoys me, i have to call her that in my head.

i'm not going to the film workshop in boston this summer. yeah, i busted my behind just to get IN there and i had to write five essays and it was really rough, but... i'm doing the yes program this summer, and you know what? this is my last summer before college. i should stay home, not spend six weeks of it in boston.

i have the biggest crush on so-and-so and everytime i see so-and-so at skool i want to yell.

the capra-corn festival is "a-go" this summer and the silence is golden one is as well. i hope i see "cute silent film kid." i've seen him at every silence is golden film festival since i started going and at any silent film related festival in the tri-state area. he is SO cute. i have such a dork crush on him. in fact, i'm brushing up on my buster keaton just so that when i see him we can have a long, lengthy conversation about buster keaton and i can stare at his lips.

er... yeah. i was gonna delete that last sentence but i guess i'll leave it there.

skool is almost over! prom, graduation, no more high skool. yeah, it's depressing and uplifting all at the same time.

oh yes. this is for jake:
jean simmons <3<3<3
let's watch desiree
and the grass is greener
and maybe guys and dolls

Date:2004-04-28 15:50
Subject:"why are these bad things always happening to me?" "*cough*karma!*cough*"

the trouble with people like michael is that they just let people walk all over him. i don't understand it. WHY does he like cynthia? why is he so devoted to her? is he going to be in love with her for the rest of his life and if so, WHY?! she's such a terrible person and he just takes it. honestly. if she killed his family (and i wouldn't put it past her to do so, the jerk) he'd make excuses for her. "ah, well, she must have been having a bad day." why, when he is such a perfect, wonderful, nice boy does he fall in love with a WITCH?!

and he's so wonderful because he's so jealous of will but he's always so nice to him even though sometimes he tells me that he wishes will were out of the picture, he really feels rather bad about it all. ugh. he's just so perfect. blah. ugh.

darrin: "i went through a great deal of trouble to find a present that i thought expressed exactly how i feel about our marriage..."

hee. bewitched.

i'm sorry. i'm just so tired. i don't like the substitute chorus teacher. i mean, she seems like an all right person, i just don't happen to think she's a particularly good teacher and i don't like the way she does things and i wish she was the clapper. some kids are just giving her a hard time. but she's not clappy, and that's probably why i don't like her. i miss clappy.

six flags, friday. cool.

Date:2004-03-24 19:21
Subject:waiting for american idol.
Music:"on the town" soundtrack - lucky to be me

we've sort of hit a lull in film festivals, haven't we? the only ones going on in the nyc area presently is the british horror festival at the BAM, some children's film festival, and the independent film/video film festival. and of course, the tribeca film festival is coming up in may. sweet. probably purchase tickets in advance, no? maybe i can convince michael to go this year. (unlikely, i hear you say)

the li film festival isn't until june. it's hardly ever good anyway. i'll have to research to see what the film festivals are like in boston, since i'll be spending most of the summer there. well, obviously. if i'll be there for a FILM WORKSHOP, i'm bound to find some people there who know about some good summer film festivals. call me a snob, but i've always found that WINTER has the best film festivals - they're so dark and moody and nihilistic. you know, those losers who fancy themselves directors and say in those snobby tones: "yes, my biggest influences were truffaut and godard, and oooh, i just adore resnais. it's the height of cinema verite, darling." you meet the most pretentious people at film festivals - it's FASCINATING.

oh, speaking of french film (were we speaking of french film? yes, we were), watch claude chabrol's les bonnes femmes, from 1960. it is BRILLIANT. "darkly poetic." it's haunting, actually, it really stays with you. oh, the wonder of french film. i'm convinced that claude chabrol can do no wrong. only having seen a handful of his films, though, i'm sure he can. a double tour was good, l' oeil du malin was better (his best, i think, from what i've seen so far), but none of chabrol's films compare with the wonder that is marcel carne's le jour se leve (1939). THERE ARE NO WORDS. why don't they make films like this anymore? how come hollywood NEVER made films like this? i can't even begin to describe how wonderful this movie is, you would just have to see for yourself. art, pure art from start to finish. marcel carne is the vastly underrated wonder of all the nouvelle vague french filmmakers.

i should probably be working on that research paper for humanities. ah. w sucks. i hate her again.

oh yeah, frank sinatra in "on the town" is yay!hee!cute!

Date:2004-03-18 18:35
Subject:the vast spoils of comics
Music:my fair lady - i've grown accustomed to her face

i kinda just skimmed through the last new x-men, because i HATE this story arc so much. i mean, don't get me wrong. jean grey = hot. but that was actually the only interesting thing about the series, at the risk of sounding lesbianic. also, emma frost at the end with the HUGEST comic book boobs i have ever seen. but emma/scott = bleagh! and it was just so boring. i'm glad this arc is over.

I FORGOT HOW INDESCRIBABLY WONDERFUL ASM ANNUAL #21 IS. agh. i was re-organizing ("hey, randie. how come when ever i call you or hit up your screen name, you're ALWAYS organizing your comic book collection?"- will. "because it's fun."- me) and i came across it and said, "bugger, you haven't read this one in quite some time!" (i was british in this scene) so i read it. I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT. how come spider-man in the 80s was SO GOOD I MEAN WHY WAS IT SO GOOD? "i hate cleaning footprints off the ceiling."- mary-jane watson-parker (!) I ADORE HER. I ADORE THIS ISSUE. ANNUALS ARE ALWAYS GOOD. GIANT-SIZED ISSUES ARE ALWAYS GOOD. WEDDING ISSUES ARE EVEN BETTER.

me and henri (this is how we spell/pronounce his name now... the french way. it's not henry. it's ahn-ree) got into a good-natured argument over whether sub-mariner could survive in a post-modernization comic book world. henri said that sub-mariner probably couldn't. we had words. i won't divulge the entire conversation, but it did end with henri having a black eye.

(this is because he smacked his head against the coffee table. i didn't sock him or anything)

i like cheeseburger hot pockets.

AI is addictive again. i like john stevens. i dunno if i actually like his singing, or if it's just the fact that he's a dean martin fan. i suspect it's none of the above. i suspect that it's actually because he has red hair and wears suits and reminds me of adam.

jake says adam has "issues." when asked to elaborate on what these issues were, he said, "randie, you're too young. i would never burden your virgin ears with such vulgarities."

clappy said the cutest thing today in chorus about how the ding dong ding at the end of the announcements was actually, "sol mi sol." it made me laugh in a, "boy, is she the cutest chorus teacher in island trees" sort of way. as you know, the competition in that category is stiff.

okay, after my sixth time beating star wars: knights of the old republic, i've discovered something. your PC wants to bed bastila in the worst way. without giving away too much for those who have not beat the game, i'll just say: scene on the temple. lover/apprentice. sorely tempted. "her voice is sooo hot," calvin said. "ah," i said, "i suppose."

"why aren't you wearing any green?" someone asked me the other day. "it's st. patrick's day!" "yes," i agreed. "it is. but my family is scottish and english, so die, irish, die." she scurried away. i felt bad about it afterwards. besides, i WAS wearing green. i was wearing a ninja turtle t-shirt. they're GREEN. my sneakers are GREEN.

a certain macauley michael mikey said to me the other day: "you're turning 18. don't you think it's time you stopped wearing t-shirts with cartoon characters on them?" i replied with (and quite eloquently, i might add), "you're turning 19. don't you think it's time you stopped acting like you're 40?"

entirely random and hyper. bye kids.

p.s. anyone (jacub) who doesn't think professor higgins is in love with eliza by the end of my fair lady is NUTS. listen to "i've grown accustomed to her face":

her smiles, her frowns/her ups, her downs/are second nature to me now/like breathing out and breathing in

of course he's not going to say, "yes, i love eliza doolittle!" this is the guy who said he would never let a woman in his life. a-doy. and he's jealous of freddy:

"marry freddy."/what an infantile idea/what a heartless, wicked, brainless thing to do

just had to get that off my chest.

Date:2004-03-14 10:58
Subject:it's like trying to drink whiskey oh from a bottle of wine
Music:elton john - honky cat

obligatory comic rant

gah. star wars: republic #61 is sooo good. i just adore bail organa, ADORE HIM. it makes me giggle actually - those crazy jedi, off at war. blah blah blah. so sad. yet, the senators can still kick butt without the jedi. "jedi?" they seem to proclaim derisively, "we don't need no stinkin' jedi!" the proof is all in this issue.

and speaking of star wars. star wars: empire is very very cool right now. i suggest if you were put off with this last story arc and stopped reading, you should start reading again because the current story arc is absolutely amazing.

the last issue of amazing spider-man brought a tear to my eye for whatever reason. i dunno what it was. was it the simplicity of the issue, the sweet and innocent idea of spidey saving a young, confused boy from himself? was it MJ's still prevalent vulnerability and indisposition to let peter know that anything was wrong? was it the fact that i wanted to MURDER the casting guy who called MJ a "bimbo model with delusions of talent"? was it peter's cute scientific babbling? ah, maybe it was this exchange--

MJ: "Peter. I'm gonna be late. We need to say our goodbyes here since they won't let you in the gate with me."
Peter: "I was hoping I could just keep talking and if I kept on talking... I wouldn't have to SAY any good-byes."
MJ: "That sounds kinda crazy."
Peter: "Yeah, well, the last time we said good-bye, you know, it kinda hurt. And I'm a little worried that THIS time, if we say it--"
MJ: "Then we won't say good-bye."
Peter: "We won't?"
MJ: "No, we'll say 'see ya later,' instead. And I expect a goodnight call promptly at midnight - every night - don't forget."
Peter: "I won't forget. I'd have to be thrust into the fiery chasm of the abyss where there's bad cell phone servince before I wouldn't call you for goodnight. See ya later, then."
MJ: "See ya, Tiger."

whatever it was, i did cry a little at the end of this issue. i dunno why. i like MJ. i'm an MJ-junkie. i named my car "mary jane" because it's red and MJ has red hair. i own the (in)famous, "face it, tiger... you just hit the jackpot" issue #42 and it's in nm condition and it cost me $160. so anything involving MJ unhappy and i'm unhappy.

as for indie comix, killjoy has sucked so much lately that i didn't even bother to read march issue until last night, even though it came in the mail a week ago. it was much of the same - intergalactic battles, trey and smalls shooting a lot of people, black making empty threats. nothing of substance has happened in a long time. i understand that there's a war going on, so i'm expecting action-filled panels of the ACU and junk, but why is it all so boring? why is senator orudan not working on peace treaties? why has the entire alliance convoy union been relocated to another planet? does any of this make sense to anyone?

oh yeah. john romita jr. is leaving amazing spider-man for awhile and so you can expect to see mary jane looking less hot in issues to come. unless, somehow, the new penciler is just as good as jrjr, but i sincerely DOUBT it. so there you are. enjoy mary jane in this issue, because she's probably not gonna be hot again for a long time. ::shrug::

i won't talk about the incredible hulk. there's nothing to say. words can't express how disappointed i am in this title right now. i wish they would get their acts together. it doesn't take a genius to... i mean, give me a job, guys, because i obviously understand bruce banner better than you guys do. i mean, this is beneath them. this is ridiculous. ALL WE ASK FOR IS A LITTLE IN CHARACTER HULK ACTION AND THEY GIVE US THIS. FIRE BRUCE JONES. HE SUCKS.

captain america #24 was pretty good. call me crazy, but i think robert morales is a great writer. i think he understands cap better than anyone who's filled the job in the past 5 years. and i mean that.

i haven't read any new or uncanny x-men, not because i don't like them now, but because i haven't had the time.

that's it, i think.

Date:2004-02-25 17:05
Subject:Oh, yeah.

Macauley Michael Mikey is the best boy in the world. I love every bit of him. From the tip of his very blonde, perfectly combed head, to his glasses and his blue blue eyes to his sweater vests to the tips of his very shiny polished shoes. I love that he carries around books and will randomly start reading them when you're in the middle of a conversation. I love that he has a pocket protector for his pens and carries around a little notebook. I love the way he sings. I love the way he makes me smile. I love the way he blushes at the s-e-x word. I love that he lets me rant about the Unfairness of Boys and I love the way he pushes his glasses up his nose. I love his devotion to Cynthia, however crazy it seems. I love his voice when its hoarse, I love the way he reads poetry, I love the way he stands out in the rain with me and sings Rent and My Fair Lady. I love that he calls Ernest Hemingway "Papa" and expects everyone to understand him. I love how he'll arbitrarily quote Thomas Aquinas. I love his devotion to his mother and his family. I love the fact that he carries a comb around with him. I love the fact that he says "heck." I love that his idea of "dressing casual" is rolling up the sleeves of his starched white button down shirt, or loosening his tie. I love that he calls me Princess. I love that he'll go to the movies with me and read through the commercials and the previews, if he can. I love that he doesn't take sides when it comes to me and Luke. I love that he respects William and is always polite. I love the way he says "please" and "thank you" and holds doors open for people and always says "ladies first" and has the best manners I've seen since southern gentlemen in the 1800s.

Mostly, though, I just love sitting in school and suddenly getting a text message that says "I just wanted to say I was thinking of you."

And I just wanted Macauley to know that he is one of the best boys in the world and if Cynthia doesn't want him, she's crazy. And I love him. We all love you, Macauley.

Date:2004-02-25 16:13
Subject:Ah... What? Yes, mind you, it IS alive.
Music:elton john - border song

This is called an update. A non-sick update, in fact; isn't that something? Life is well. Granted, you probably know that. And the "wellness" of life is further expanded upon in my DeadJournal which you can see if you know my DeadJournal in which case you are probably very, very cool (or very, very geeky, depending on the circumstance). Also, a mini-rant about the Unfairness of Rob is there.

But let's not talk about me. Let's talk about you movies.

I am currently trying to get myself into the film workshop in Boston for this summer. Things are going quite well. My essay entitled "The Presence of Symbolism in Early Silent Film" is a winner. I mean, it's the best thing written since Hemingway put pen to paper and wrote A Farewell to Arms. It's that degree of greatness. Years from now, I'll probably be hailed as an amazing writer of essays. People will mention me in coffee shops; "What are you currently reading?" "Ah, essays by Randie." "She's wonderful." "Yes, a true literary genius."

Speaking of A Farewell to Arms, I say the 1932 version beats the 1957 version all the heck. This is for a few reasons: Frank Borzage directed the 1932 version. John Huston directed the 1957 version, but not very well. A brilliant director, yes, but he did make a few mistakes. Also, Rock Hudson is poorly cast in the 1957 version. He cannot personify Frederick Henry. He's very nice to look at, of course, but Gary Cooper in the 1932 version is also nice to look at and he owns the part. Yes, he is my favorite actor, and I'm biased, but that's what opinions are all about. (I wish someone would tell Amato that.)

I just prefer it.

Now, stop me if I start to rant, but am I the only one who doesn't like the pretentious kids at school? I'm very positive on ITHS, I think it's a great school and I happen to like the people and environment there just fine (for a school, at least), but why is it just filled to the brim with kids who are so pretentious it hurts? I'm talking about the kids who do everything for effect, these kids who have developed a misfit stigma just for attention. They're everywhere, actually, coming through the walls and spilling under doorways.

First they proclaim to the Heavens their love for a certain band, usually of the pop-punk variety that has songs about breaking up and high school never ending which these pretentious kids "can like, so relate to." Then, once they've established themselves as a lover of this band and therefore cooler than you, they decide to dress ridiculously. They wear ridiculous clothes and wear ridiculous hairstyles and at a glance, they may appear to be a bit dirty, but upon closer inspection one finds that no, this is just an element of their perfectly constructed image. This is so they can be looked upon as "different" and be known as a "misfit." Usually, these people suffer from a very strange affliction, which contradicts itself. They dress and act in ways that they know will draw attention to themselves and they secretly are thrilled with it, but their motto always seems to be "Don't judge me!" making people like me wonder why they've called so much attention to themselves in the first place. These people are usually haters of authority. Their badmouthing of authority makes them "cool" and "tough" and "funny." I think, realistically though, they are just sad examples of children in high school longing to fit in somewhere. The irony, of course, is that they try to make you believe that they don't want to fit in, that they want to be different, but we all see the lies in that since all of these kids are just carbon copies of other kids just like them. Also, about 95% of these people are girls.

None of these kids actually exist in my grade. Or if they do, I'm blind to it because I've known the kids in my grade for so long. But it is a bit sad, isn't it? There are a lot of people in school whom I admire from afar. Not in a creepy, stalking way, but in the way that I don't speak to them a lot, yet I've always admired them for their character. It's very interesting when you meet a person who is genuinely unique and original and not interested in flaunting it at all. It's very interesting when you meet people who do love to be the center of attention, but are not at all secretive about that fact, and that makes you respect them more.

This has been mentioned to me before and I've thought about it, and I thought I'd confirm it: I do see myself as an observer. I do interact, I do have friends, I talk and I hang out and I behave nearly like anyone else, but I do, first and foremost, see myself as an observer. Human nature and all that. It's interesting to watch. And this is why people tend to think I'm void of emotion. A situation will occur that people think should have me angry, or sad, or even happy, but my only reaction is that "This will be interesting to see pan out." It's another slightly sad situation. Have comics and movies desensitized me? Am I incapable of feeling emotion? Do I have trouble separating real life from the movies, or do I just see them as one in the same?

In other words, has my film-geekdom made it so that I see everything as just another film to watch?

I'll think about it for awhile.

Date:2003-11-17 19:41

What is the point?! I'm not kidding. It's like... UGH. College. I won't go. It's dumb. I don't want to... I mean, like, I don't want to have the responsibility and the... like, the WHATEVER. I mean, I know I'm not going to get in.

I mean, look at poor Robert. All he wants to do is go to film school, that's all he wants to do, but he's stuck going to dumb Nassau Community and it's all because of your dumb high school career and it FOLLOWS YOU EVERYWHERE and who CARES how high your stupid SATs are. I mean, Rob got a 1180 which is pretty good and it's NOT FAIR.

And I brought my SAT score up 30 points. My verbal remained the same, but my math went up 30 points which is what I wanted (to bring my math score up), so I got a 1250. But it's still not a 1280, so I have to try again.

We're having Quizno's. I hope that it's at least good because life is so terrible.

Date:2003-11-09 20:15
Subject:hello, lovely people.

heh, rob. is funny. we got back from the city and he dropped me off at my house around six and i said that i had to visit my grandma and go shopping with my mom and he said afterward, i ought to call him. so around 7:30 (which is how long it all took), i called him up and he was SO rob.
rob: "why didn't you call me?"
me: "well, i guess i just did."
rob: "how come you didn't call me? i told you to call me, didn't i?"
me: "rob, aren't we talking on the phone right now?"
rob: "sure."
me: "and aren't we talking because i CALLED YOU?"
rob: "well, sure."
me: "so, then... i DID call you."
rob: "don't split hairs."

the lost in space convention was fun and for the most part pretty uneventful. we watched some episodes on a screen projection thingy. um... "the anti-matter man," "the hungry sea," "the space creature," and my personal favorite, "the magic mirror." sweet. we geeked out and made fun of star trek fans. l.i.s fans are very very cool people.

rob has just informed me that i need to stay up til 12:30 to watch an episode of simon & simon with <3 dy <3 in it and the reason i can't just tape it and watch it tomorrow is because he wants to call me at 12:30 to watch it while we talk on the phone and maybe that's ok for him because he doesn't usually have classes until after noon but i have to wake up every morning at 6:00!

boy, you know what? i'll probably stay up. i've got humanities homework and it'll keep me up doing it and i'll drink a lot of caffeined stuff and then get some sleep during... 5th period, i guess. and then i'll take a nap after school instead of hanging out. all right, rob, you win.


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