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    Friday, July 25th, 2003
    12:02 am
    I am Liz. I am nineteen. Lots of shit has happened in my life which is why today isn't bad at all. I 'm at my friend's Heather's house, she set this up for me. She's been a friend for almost 5 years now. We were in a wiccan circle together. She's now semi- christian and I am a witchy buddhist. I use spells as meditation. I live with my boyfriend, Paco and he's been my bebe for almost 2 years now. I live with his wretchedly messy sister, Maria and her boyfried, Dusty... actually its more like they're living with me. They were only supposed to stay until they found a new place to live or till they could get the kids that were taken away from them back.
    I can't wait tilll Paco and I move... that's really all I've got on my mind. I like to take pictures and in a few more months of boardin will be as poor a skater as Alyssa Steamer, then I plan to take over her career and make lots more money than I have now, which is none.
    Anyway... thats my plan... I soon will have this cashier job at the casino... which will be a great change from the shitty theme park ride operator job that I had before, my parents are on vacation and they hate Paco and me. Anyway- this is all I have today. Thanx for reading! Enjoy a hampster!

    Current Mood: drained
    Current Music: n.a. but in me head- son of a preacher man
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