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And now, we will block off your road ways so he may pass through safley, and piss off many civilians [09 Jul 2004|11:34pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]
[ music | still dashboard...... ]

So, yeah, Bush came into town today. He spoke at Kutztown University, which apperantly was a big deal. I personally don't like the guy, but, hey, what can I do? He traveled down route 73 too. Loser drove right by my work, saw the huge crowd of people, but just sped by.... didn't slow down at all. And that makes me want to vote for him how......
But coolness, a much needed girls night out followed. It was me, ash, cory and heidi. We went to that Norco Fair thing, which was really packed with people, oddly including Ryan Matacloa...is he following me? Then it was on to the mall, where we found Matt Shoup and Jeremy Bonetz...I miss the Bonetz laugh!!! There was a second of akward eye contact, but only that. There were like a million little 13 year old gorls crowded around the DDR, which I still don't understand...it was fun times. I was gonna buy the Dashboard cd, but I was broke after shopping at American Eagle....which never happens, and I expecteds t burst into flame at any moment....

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