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i hate it!! . [16 Oct 2003|03:27pm]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | footloose songs yey yey!! ]

today would have been a good day if i didnt have my period lol that all imma say bout gym we had to run a mile HA! i wasnt planing on running so me n kate "power walked" n jogged 14 minutes thats pretty good for just power walking cuz mario n ben got 20min and they walked umm...we got new sits in math =[ i have to fucking sit next to andrew gonalzz...eww his gross all cuz manda n me talk...ALOT lol ummm lunch was kinda funny samm shoke gilberts soda n left it we well rannnnnnn lol and me n samm tried to figure whos sal gf (werent sucessful) was funni "firsted gained""momen" lma0 boyle manda nicole and wilbert lol haha n then in 9th jamie was askin me n heather questions bout having your period haha that was funni jamie- if you tell anyone what we told you, you will die! haha n then end of tha day chacho gave me a hug =D and i honestly was n still am getting over him bout guys, first time ever this kid gave me a hug!!! if i get one tomrro i`ll be happy cuz maybee he isnt sal but i thought he had a gf?? guessing not...but idk hug doesnt mean anything only it was tha first time n outta no where...that was tha highlite of my day tomrro should be a good day heath mite come over and then we going to tha mall whoop whoop! lol mark is guna be there =] ummmmmmmm..well i`ll prolly write later peace out mofo hehe samm...

xOxOx RiSsA xOxOx

good dayzz always go bad!! alwyas [16 Oct 2003|07:47pm]
[ mood | cranky ]
[ music | LESS THAN JAKE ]

argh if you read my entry from before my day sounded good rite? haha it turned bad!! ummm mark isnt coming to tha mall to see me...he`s goin with sum girl n its gotten me upset it suckz..he`s hot and i cant get him off my mind but i have others that i like n i really fukin want a boyfriend!!! soo bad...sooo sooo bad... urgh n then tha police came to our house and said that sumone heard us fighting n cursing and then mymom expected me to go to tha mall n pick out johns present for him and i`m not feelin well and i already asked john if he wasnted me to n he said no! I`M NOT CUZ MOTHER I DONT HAVTO HELP HIM!!!!!!!!!! URGH I HATE YOU ALL

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