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Saturday, August 21st, 2004
10:22a - really short
1. your full name: katelyn mary hicks
2.hair color: dirty blonde
3. fav soft drink: dr pepper
4.fav color: black, red, hot pink
5. fav musicians: linkin park, and more
6.fav sport: football and baseball
7. would you rather have a boy/girl that is hot or nice: nice
8. funny or cool: funny
9. athletic or knows how to play an instrument: it's all about the music!
10. honest or not honest: honest
11. do you like anyone right now? yes
12. If so, who? liam, nikki, johnny depp
13.fav subject in school? english, gym
14. are you supersticious? no
15.fav holiday? halloween
16. what is your religion.(ex. catholic, buddist, etc): none
17.what do you look for in the opposite sex? an all around good personality, likes me for who i am, trust
18.do you plan on going to college, if so what college? yeah, but i dunno
19. do you plan on being married? yeah
20.fav thing to do with friends: anything
21.when is your b-day? may 12th
22.fav vacation spot? hawaii
23.fav song? I have too many
24.single or taken? taken
25.fav food? chinese, pizza, fries
26.fav fast food place? taco bell
27. who is your best friend? lots of people
28. do you have a best friend that is of the opposite sex? yeah
29.do you have a best friend that is of the same sex? yes
30. do you like filling out these things? not ones this short lol

current mood: pessimistic
current music: three days grace - just like you

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10:28a - meh.
`ello. how is everyone today?

last night i went out to dinner at pancho`s. it`s mexican. and it`s really good!!! =) i enjoyed.

then nikkie called and said that she wanted to go to a movie. we were going to see without a paddle but it started at 10:10 which was too late for everyone. especially russell `casue he has to work later tonight. so then we were like...well little black book is on at 9:15. so we decided to go to that one. so i got over to tina`s around 8:30 and russell got home around 8:40. so i thought we would leave then we didn`t leave until 9:00 and tina had to get dinner so we missed the movie.

so tina was like "well, we have the goonies at home" lol we went went home and watched that. :p. robine had never seen it and she was like "why is it called the goonies?" lol and nikkie, the dumb one in the family said "because they're goons, and they have knees." lol right nikkie. then russell drove me home and i got home around 11:40.

today i`m getting my hair cut! i`m so happy. i`m getting it layered. =) and on tuesday i think i might get red tips. robine has red tips and it looks really good. nikkie's hair has blonde highlights and that looks good. she is getting hot pink tips on tuesday. tina is getting her whole head purple on tuesday. that crazy monkey. lol.

that's all for now!

current mood: bored
current music: linkin park - papercut

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