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Friday, August 20th, 2004
9:01a - long
+ Name. katelyn
+ Birthday. 5/12/89
+ Nicknames. lots
+ Location. a house
+ what are you doing right now? fllling this out
+ what are you wearing? pjs
+ Do you like your neighbours? some of them
+ Do you smoke drink or do drugs? none
What comes to mind when you hear these names?
+ Blair. dont like that name
+ Shannon. my friend
+ Thomas. my uncle
+ Aaron. Sapp, he's hot lol
+ Heather. one of my old friends
+ Chris. down, the one that ashley loves lol
+ Mallory. dont like the name
+ colour. black, hot pink pink, red
+ Friend. dont have a fav.
+ Food. Chinese, pizza, fries
+ Drink. dr pepper, water
+ Store. where ever
+ Song. theres lots
+ Singer. dunno
+ Movie. Too many
+ Pair of socks. i dont like wearing socks but i like looking at them lol. but i like my black and gray striped ones
+ Saying. "im confused" "i shove sticks up my...nose" "i love you"
+ Animal. dragons
When was the last time you.
+ Showered. yesterday
+ Kissed some one. 2 days ago
+ Went to a movie. dont remember but hopefully going to one tonight
+ Cried. Last night
+ Talked on the phone. yesterday
+ Lied. yesterday prolly
+ Cheated on someone. never
+ Drank welchs grape juice. when i was like 4 lol
+ do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend. yeah
+ what’s their name. nikki
+ How long have you been going out. 3 weeks, 3 days :p
+ Have you ever been in love. no
+ who was the best kisser. adam
+ Have you ever cheated on them. never
+ What’s the best present you’ve gotten from someone. i like everything that everyone gives me
+ What qualities do you like in a guy. funny, has a tounge fetish like me lol, just an all around good personality
+ whose your best friend. dont got a best friend
+ what makes your best friend. ^^^^^...but i have to be able to trust my friends
+ what do you guys do for fun. lots of stuff, especially hanging out at starbucks. =)
+ who is your funniest friend. all of 'em are funny but natalie liam and greg are funniest i think
+ who is your happiest friend. hmm...erin i guess?? or tasha??
+ Who is your most annoying friend. kristen can get annoying. so can tasha.
+ who is always there for you. my step-brother and matt and sam and liam
+ Best guy friend. liam, sam, matt
+ Friend who could be more. nikki <3 or liam, which is weird.
+ was this survey fun. not really
+ Do you think we need to get a life. yes
+ Are you a virgin. mm hmm
+ who wants to be a millionaire. I really could care less
+ Ever been to te Salisbury Zoo. i love the zoo! but ive never been to that one
+ what did you do on Halloween. hung out with tina, natalie, gren, sean, ashley, erin, shannon, and gabe at natalie and greg's house. it was fun we went trick-or-treating and watched 13 ghosts.
+ what’s your favourite Scary movie. the 6th sense
+ Do you know what I did last summer? of course
+ Do you believe in magic. kinda
+ When was the last time you ate a jawbreaker? a big one? few weeks ago i shared it with liam and rob.
+ what’s your favourite magazine. rolling stone
+ Do you own a furby. yeah >.<
+ what does your boyfriend or girlfriend call you. baby
+ what’s your middle name. mary
+ what do you think of cheerleading. it's annoying
+ Favourite Disney character. bele or beauty lol whatever you wanna call her.. i <3 her. =)
+ Worst kiss. the first time i kissed joe was pretty bad, he was being all retarded lol but it was funny
+ Do you know anyone named LeRoy. no, but that is an AWESOME name dude! i love it.
+ Do you like Pickles. yeah
+ Do you have a website. yeah
+ Do you watch PORN. nope
+ Who you going to vote for. i would vote for kerry but i cant vote
+ Do you have your own phone line. Nope
+ your thoughts on abortion. depends
+ Do you like Brittney spears. i only like the song "everytime"
+ Do you want a Brittney doll. >.< no, i didnt even know there were britney dolls
+ If not do you want one for Christmas. ...no...
+ what do you want for Christmas. money
+ What do you want to do with your life. no idea
+ Last time you went to the bowling alley. it's been a while
+ Do you think foreign accents are sexy. Depends on the accent. but i love aussie boys!
+ Do you like jell-o if so what flavour. omg i hate jello it is so gross and i hate it with a passion lol ashley stuck yellow jello in my face once and i freaked out so bad. i was almost crying.
+ Brand of toothpaste. dont care
+ Last time you went to the doctor. >.< few weeks ago
+ Do you have a credit card. nope
+ Do you love your mom. yeah
+ Do you love your mom as much as Norman bates did in PSYCHO. no, that was really freaky.
+ Ever taken ballet… yeah, when i was 3
+ Favourite juice. apple
+ Most attractive person. johnny depp
+ Have any diseases, if so what are they…mayyyyybe ;)
+ Last book you read. cirque du freak
+ White, dark, or milk chocolate. dark
+ Ever died your hair. yeah
+ what brand shampoo. doave
+ Favourite holiday. halloween
+you hate most about your body. nothing really
+ Do you still play with Barbies. no, only if my 5 year old cousin is here, which doesnt happen often
+ Are men really from mars. no
+ Do you have to do chores if so what are they. only if my parents tell me to do something
+ Last time you smoked. been a while
+ Last thing you bought. food
More random.
+ Are you stressed out...if so from what. nope
+ Do you believe in angels. no
+ Would you ever join the army. maybe
+ Do you want a puppy. i have 2 dogs, but i wouldnt mind another one, my step-mom would though. grr
+ Ever had a kick me sign on you. lol yeah prolly
+ How about a lick me sign. i want one! lol
+ Favourite icing. vanilla with sprinkles
+ Are u a flirt. mp
+ Last time you were scared. this morning
+ by what? im scared for liam
+ Last party you went to. nikki's b-day
+ Do you do your own laundry. nope
+ what detergent do you use. I don’t know
+ what fabric softener do you use. I don’t know
+ Do u live at the wild Wild West. lol no
+ what do you wish you were named. skye
+ Favourite movie star. johnny depp
+ Are your parents divorced...if so for what reasons. well...my dad left my mom and remarried, but my mom and dad never got a divorce...so no, but they should be.
+ Would you ever wear a water bra. no my boobs are big enough thanks.
+ Are u muscular. ihave some muscles
+ Are you flabby. nope
+ Are you fat. no
+ Do you take a lot of pictures. Yeah..I LOVE taking pictures
+ Favourite TV show. dont watch too much
+ Last time you were sick. few days ago
+ Butter or margarine. neither
+ Your feelings on McDonald chicken nuggets. i like them , as long as they're all white meat.
+ Do you believe in Santa Claus. no, i knew there wasnt one when i was 3
+ Do you go to a tanning bed. no
+ Are you in love. no
+ Do you have a car. yeah, but i dont have my permit yet
+ Do you have your licence? i wish
+ How do you get around. step-mom, dad, or russell
+ Favourite rugrats character. spike
+ Do you sniff markers. only sharpie's
+ Are you dissatisfied with your hair colour? kinda, it's not my fav. but im getting lime green tips sooner or later, hopefully sooner
+ What do you think of *//\\//Sync?? ugh
+ ave you ever modelled. yeah
+ Do you shop in catalogs. no
+ What do you like the opposite sex to wear. boxers. lol kidding. liam's clothes. :p
+ Do you have a cell. yeah
+ What do you think of eminem. Some songs are good
+ Favourite kind of gum. orbit
+ Would you ever get a tattoo. yeah
+ Do you think lil bow is cute. no
Have you seen Charlie’s Angels. neither of them
+ What magazines do you get. i steal the ones my dad gets lol 'cause they're car mags and i like them
+ Do you believe your horoscope. no
+ What’s your sign. taurus
Even more random.
+ Do u like coffee...yes i love it, but it was to have sugar
+ do you write in pen or pencil. pen
+ Favourite lip-gloss. whatever
+ Do you wear a watch. i used to but i lost it in tina's camper lol
+ Ever use nair.... if so where? lol yeahw/ kayt on our legs
+ Ever been to the mall of America. yeah
+ What you think of bsb? They suck!
+ Do you read the chicken soup books. never read them
+ Have you seen the exorcist. yeah
+ Are you online a lot. yep
+ Do you have an old navy performance fleece. no
+ Are you getting tired of doing this.nah
+ Any siblings. yes
+ What are their names. matt and brian
+ What are their ages. 18 & 16
+ Ok we're done are you happy? why are you lieing to me?
+ Number of times I have been in love. nope
+ Number of times I have had my heart broken. A couple times
+ Number of hearts I have broken. none i hope
+ Number of boys I have kissed. Some
+ Number of continents lived on. 1
+ Number of drugs taken illegally. >.<
+ Number of people I would classify as true, could trust with my life type friends. 4-5
+ Number of people I consider my enemies. 0
+ Number of people from high school that I stayed in contact with. still in high school but hopefully all of them
+ Number of cd's that I own. A lot
+ Number of piercings. 5
+ Number of tattoos. none yet
+ Number of times my name has appeared in the newspaper. none that i know of
+ Number of scars on my body. Haven’t counted
+ Number of things in my past that I regret. none

current mood: hungry
current music: avril lavigne - my happy ending

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10:16a - nikkie's party

im writing fast 'cause im going to borders very soon and so im gonna describe everything in very little detail. lol sorry people!

so yeah. nikkie's party was awesome! tina, erin, ashley, brittney, robine, and i were all there. we opend gifts, (i got her hellboy), ate cake, talked a lot, played truth or dare, 20 questions, and a modifyed version of spin the bottle. russell hung out and talked with us for a while, but it was only 'cause brittney was there and he likes britt. so yeah. but russ is cool. john (tina's brother) scared the crap out of me lol he put his face up to the camper window and started screaming and i was like 2 feet away from his face and i jumped up and like...flipped over tina. and i was like lol it was great. we wentto bed around 2 30. lol that's why i was so tired.

in the morning we woke up around 7 00. yeah, verrrrry early! that wasn't cool. lol tina kicked ashley on accident and she woke up. heh it was pretty funny. her dad told us that we needed to clean out the camper so we did and that took us about 10 mins. heh we're fast. . then their mom was like "pancakes! come and get them while they're hot!" so then we all went inside except for ashley and tina who were helping tina's dad put down the camper. so we ate pancakes and they were really yummy! . when we went for a walk and it was really nice outside. =) i only changed my shirt so i had on duck pj pants and a shirt with grumpy on it from snow white and the seven dwarves. . it was funny.

then we found out that tina had to babysit. >.< she thought she was getting alex at 2 30, but she ended up getting him at like 10. so yeah. he's really cute. =). and funny. he likes to run around chasing the dog lol its verrrrrrry cute! . then we took him for a walk.

then nikkie called liam and told him to "get your butt over here" so he walked over. so then i was all like...yay! my liam is here!! lol it was good. then tina was telling alex scary stories while listening to ashley's scary music. i was scared lol kidding. it was funnnnnn! lol alex was making up all the names for the people in the story. it was kinda funny. liam was like "i have to leave at two" so then he started walking home and about 10 mins later he comes back and he was like "ooooh dudes! i just remembered it was three!!" haha it was great.

then everyone went home. and later that night tina, nikkie, liam, russell, brittney and i went to guess where people? starbucks!! hehe. i didnt get anything 'cause i didnt want anything. we were sitting in the starbucks parking lot and this old dude comes up to us and he was like "this is not a playground." so then we went back over to starbucks. then russell drove us around for a long time and he wouldn't tell us where he was going. he drove us to mc. donalds lol. that crazy kid always needs it. brittney got chicken nuggets so liam and i ate them all. well...we both had 1 nugget lol. then we drove liam then we went over to brittney's for well...i have no idea why. then russell drove me home.

today was boring. i went out to lunch at this place called olivers. it was yummy. i was doing the dishes and i cut myself with a knife on accident 'cause i couldn't see it under the soapy water. it stings now.

that's all.

current mood: lazy
current music: maroon 5 - harder to breathe

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