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Wednesday, September 1st, 2004
4:32 pm - yay!
You're Nny! You're psychotic and kind of evil, but
somewhere in there is an emotion. Good luck
finding it.

What Johnny the Homicidal Maniac character are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

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1:14 pm - pretty
_##################_________**##*______ __##################_____*##########___ __##################___*#############__ ___#################*_###############*_ ____#################################*_ ______###############################__ _______#############################=__ ________=##########################____ __________########################_____

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Tuesday, August 31st, 2004
12:40 pm - >.
01. Do you stuff your bra? Nopes
02. Have you ever stuffed your bra? no
03. What make-up do you wear daily? none
04. What are your underwear like right now? boxers
05. How many pairs of shoes do you own? 3
06. Is that your real hair color? yeah
07. What do you most like about your body? eyes and hair
08. And least? chest
09. How many fillings do you have? none
10. Do you think you're good looking? kinda
11. Do other people often tell you that you're good-looking? some have
12. Do you look like any celebrities? nopes
13. Do you like a person with or without muscles? dont care
14. Tall or short? whatever
15. Does your dream guy have long or short hair? longish
16. What's the hair situation 'down there'? i wanna dye it green and get a tattoo above my belly botton that says "stay off my lawn"
17. How long is your leg hair? i just shaved today
18. Ever had sex? nope
19. With who?
20. Why?
21. Are your eyebrows a different color from your hair? ummm...yeah
22. Do you pluck your eyebrows? nope
23. When did you last have a hickey, and where? haha
24. Are you on birth control? no
25. Can you dance? not really
26. Can you lick your nipple? uhm...ive never tried
27. Do you struggle with self-esteem? nope
28. Do you or have you ever had an eating disorder? nah
30. If you unexpectedly got pregnant, what would you do? i wouldn't
31. Future daughters/sons names? skye, devon
32. Are you pro-choice? depends
33. Do your underwear and bras usually match? nope
01. Any good memories from this year? yup yup
02. Any bad memories from this year? yeah
03. Do you regret anything from this year? no
04. Do you regret anything you've ever done? nah
05. Who was your first best-friend? nealie
06. Did you ever have braces? yeah
07. What is your best childhood memory? lots
08. Do you have the same friends you did when you were seven and under? yeah some
09. What was your favorite childhood toy? g.i. joe
10. What was your favorite cartoon when you were four? dunno? rugrats maybe?
11. What was your favorite movie as a child? Bambi after i stoped crying
12. Did you ever suck your thumb? yep
13. What color hair did you have as a kid? blonde
14. What was your first word? dada
15. How did your parents name you? they just liked the name
16. What does your name mean? pure
01. Current Music: freaky friday
02. Current CD in player: no doubt
03. Current conversations: none
04. Current time: 12 47 PM
05. Current clothes: pjs
06. Current hair: in a ponytail
07. Current taste: none
08. Current mood: okay
09. Current smell: the sweet smell of nothing
10. Current thing you should be doing: nothing
11. Current desktop picture: blueness
12. Current favorite group: linkin park
13. Current book: cirque du freak #4
14. Current refreshment: nothing
15. Current worry: school, and i dunno if i can go to liam's house >.<
16. Current crush: people

current mood: worried
current music: freaky friday

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Monday, August 30th, 2004
2:35 pm - la?
01. Name: katelyn
02. Nicknames: lots.
03. Screen name[s]: i dont wanna name them all
04. Age: 15
05. Grade: 10
06. GPA: i dunno
07. : ........................errrr, yes, the question ran away.
08. Birthday: may 12
09. Zodiac sign: taurus
10. Hospital where you were born: belvue
11. Location: a house
12. Nationality: german/irish/american
13. Height: 5'3
14. Hair Color: light brown
15. Eye Color: blue/green
16. Siblings: what about them?.
17. Parents names: mom and dad
18. Hobbies: Listening to music,friends,food,sleep,johnny depp
The "CRUSH" Side:
19. Crush: people
[Number 20 went missing too....guess it ran off with number 7]
21. If you could go out with anyone in the world, who would it be?: nikki
22. When and who was your 1st crush?: kindergarten lol
23. What do you first notice about the opposite [looks alone]?: hair,eyes
24. Your idea of a perfect date: doesnt matter to me
25. How romantic are you? [1-10]: 4
26. Biggest turn-on: sence of humour
27. Ideal guy: doesnt matter as long as hes clean
28. Most sweetest thing that happened to you today: i made myself ice cream lol
The PAST Side
29. Memory [thing] you miss most: lots
30. If you could go back in time, where would you go?: i'd have to think about that
31. Thing that you regretted doing after you had done it: 0
32. Memory you would like to forget: lots
37. TV show you wish they would re-air again: rockos modern life...great show
38. Occupation: hobo :D
39. Dream Car: anything that runs
40. Marriage: yeah
41. Kids: yes
42. Future son's name: devon, brent
43. Future daughters's name: skye
44. Honeymoon: dont care
45. Where will you live?: i dunno
47. Food: pizza/fries/chinese
48. Drink:dr pepper
49. TV show: the days
50. Movie: lots
51. CD: tons
52. Band/Group: loads
54. Color/s: Black,hot pink,red
55. Actor: johnny depp
56. Actress: Drew Barrymore
57. Weekend Activity: Sleeping, hanging out, music
58. Day of the week: Friday, Saturday.
59. Month: october,july
60. Book: cirque du freak
61. Holiday: halloween
62. Number: 3,7.16
63. Cookie: i dunno
64. Phrase you overuse: i love you
65. Toothpaste: dont care.
66. Ice Cream: votton candy
67. Candy Bar/Candy: bar = milky way. candy in general = skittles
68. Teacher: mr. flood and D
70. Restaurant: any place w/ good food.
71. Channel: dunno
72. Radio Station: 103.1
73. Type of music: all kinds really
74. Shampoo/Conditioner: dove.
75. Song: lots
76. Music Video: sim 41 - hell song. and bowling for soup - 1985
77. Sport: football, baseball, swimming.
78. Website: i dont know, i love the journal ones, im sucha journal whore.
79. Relative: uncle tom.
[wow, 81 and 80 ran away too]
82. Friends: -takes deep breath- tina, liam, nikki, russell, brittney, natalie, kristen, linda, erin, shannon, anna, ashley, kyle, greg, sean, colin, max, mitch, david, robine, tasha, melissa, and hmm i know threes more. cant think! lol...amanda, emme, ray, billy, reece, naynay, courtney, emma, omar, joe, dan, matt, dave, bri, kurt, danny, becca, jacki and yeah, im gonna stop.
83. Most admired person: liam.
84. Most loved person: all.
85. *N Sync OR BSB: lmao neither
86. Peanut butter OR Jelly: neither.
87. Coke OR Pepsi: cokei.
88. Boxers OR Briefs: boxers
89. Matt OR Ben: matt
90. MTV OR VH1: vh1
100. Apples OR Oranges: apples.
101. Vanilla OR Chocolate: depends
102. Flowers OR Candy: either.
103. Dawson's Creek OR Felicity: Neither.
104. Romantic Comedy OR Horror: horror.
106. TV OR Radio: radio
107. Is the glass half full OR half empty?: whatever
114. Angels? no
115. Aliens?: Yes.
116. Heaven & Hell?: nope.
117. God?: no.
118. Yourself?: sometimes.
The "HAVE YOU EVER" Side: [Answer YES or NO]
119. Been on a plane: Yes.
120. Cried in public: Yes.
121. Climbed a tree: yup.
122. Fell asleep in a Movie Theater: yeah.
123. Kissed a girl: mm hmm.
124. Met a celebrity: Nope.
125. Met the president: nah.
126. Been scared to get a shot: when i was younger, but not now.
127. Gotten a cavity: no.
128. Shopped at Abercrombie & Fitch: No.
129: Broken a bone: yeah.
131. Said, "I love you," and meant it: of course, everyday.
132. Made prank calls: lol yup.
133. Gone skinny dipping: mm hmm.
134. Skipped school: yeah.
135. Loved somebody so much it made you cry: yes.
135. Gone to a theme park and checked out all the cute guys/girls: No.
136. [a] sitting on a wet toilet seat OR [b] finding out there is no TP half way through: A.
137. [a] kissing someone who just threw up OR [b] kissing someone who just ate taco bell: A.
138. [a] you don't know how to ride a bike OR [b] you don't know how to roller blade: A.
139. [a] you lose a finger OR [b] you lose a toe: A.
140. [a] you are a rotten apple OR [b] you ate chunky milk: B
141. [a] watching reruns of Full House OR [b] watching reruns of Gilligans Island: B.
142. Bill Clinton: sucks.
143. Lollipops: suck. lmao
144. Dreams: are not cool.
145. Love: i love nikki
146. Whipped Cream: ice cream
148: boy bands: suck.
149. Guys: boys.
150. s: uck
151. : dot dot dot
152. Dog/Cat: doggie!
153. Blue/Purple: red
154. Chocolate/Vanilla: Vanilla.
155. Underwear/Bra: Bra.
156. Pen/Pencil: pen.
157. Plumber/Trashman: plumber.
158. Ear/Eye: Eye.
159. Rich and unhappy/Poor and happy: Poor and Happy.
160. Tall/Short: short.
161. Do you sleep with a stuff animal?: yeah.
162. Last time you showered: yesterday.
163. If you were a crayon, what color would you be?: red
164. How many buddies do you have on your list?: Don't count.
165. Do you like this survey?: kinda
166. What are the last 4 digits of your number?: home #? 3140. cell # = 5330
167. One pillow or two, cotton or feather?: 3, feather
168. First initial of the person you the most: eh? person i what the most?
169. How long are you in the shower?: 15-20 mins.
170. How do you eat a Reese's Peanut Buttercup?: ? i bite it of course
171. Feelings on abortion: depends
172. Is Tupac alive?: ...no?
173. Thoughts on Britney Spears: >.<.
174. What does your screen name mean?: it means i love you.
175. Who do you most admire?: liam
176. Right, Left, or Ambidextrous: both man! :P
177. What is on your mouse pad?: it says "the orman grubb company" interesting.
178. What is under your bed?: nothing
179. How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?: 1, i bite. :p

current mood: hot
current music: none

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Sunday, August 29th, 2004
11:26 am - kslaghndbaod;nhipoqae
The basics...
Name?: katelyn
Age?: 15
Hair Color?: light brown
Eyes?: blue/green
All about academics...
Grade?: 10
School?: NHS
Favorite year(s)?: 9th i guess
Least favorite year(s)?: 8th, well...most of them.
Good in school?: eh, average
Favorite subject?: englis and gym
Least favorite subject?: math, science
Do sports or in any clubs?: yeah
Favorite teacher?: D and mr. flood
Least favorite teacher?: all of the rest
Do you like school?: eh
All is fair in love and war...
Single or in a relationship?: taken
If dating, what's their name?: nikki
How long have you been dating?: 1 month and 1 day
Have you ever been in love?: nope
Have you had your first kiss?: mm hmm
If so, with who?: nikki...a read one but like matt in kindergarten
Are you crushing on someone?: yes
If so, do they know?: yeah
What's their name?: nikki, liam
Have you ever done anything in a relationship you regretted?: no
If so, what?: *see above*
Have you ever been dumped?: yes
Have you ever dumped someone?: nope
Have you had your heart broken?: yeah
How many boy/girlfriends have you had?: not many
You gotta have friends!!
Have any best friends?: yeah
If so, what are their names?: they know who they are
Craziest friend?: all
Oldest?: uhm...mr. flood lol
Youngest?: liam
Nicest?: all
Vainest?: dunno
Prettiest?: they're all pretty
Weirdest?: hehe all
Least popular?: all of us are! xp
Most popular?: hehe none
Smartest?: erin
Dumbest?: haha linda
Tell me your favorite...
Food?: pizza, fries, chinese
Drink?: dr pepper
Candy?: skittles
Dessert?: anything fruity, like pie
Book?: harry potter series, cirque du freak series
Movie?: lots
Song?: many
Band?: linkin park...but theres more
Singer?: dunno
Actor?: Johnny Depp and tom felton
Actress?: drew barrymore
Phrase?: i shove sticks up my nose xD
Color?: red, black, hot pink
Letter?: K, L, and X
Number?: 3, 7, 16
Animal?: dragons
Season?: summer and fall
TV channel?: fuse is cool
TV show?: The Days
When did you last...
Sing?: last night
Dance?: this morning
Cry?: last night
Laugh?: this morning
Eat?: this morning
Drink?: when? this morning
Do drugs?: it's been a while
Listen to music?: this morning
Talk on the phone?: yesterday
Talk on the internet?: been a while
Go into a chat room?: haven't gone in a while
Have a friend over?: not in a while
Play a game?: which kind of game?
Hug someone?: last night
Kiss someone?: last night
Have a dream?: last night
Take a shower?: this morning
Make someone laugh?: this morning
Make someone cry?: hopefully never
Tell me the last person who you...
Hugged?: nikki
Kissed?: ^^^^^^
Laughed at?: my dad
Laughed with?: my dad
Talked to on the phone?: nikki
Talked to on the internet?: nikki or tina
Cried over?: liam
Saw?: my dad
Made cry?: hopefully no one
Talk to?: mom
Missed?: friends
Tell me, have you ever...:
Left the state?: yes
Moved?: yes
Left the country?: nope
Flown?: yeah
Sailed?: mm hmm
Driven?: yeah
Done drugs?: yup
Gotten drunk?: mm hmm
Made a fool out of yourself in front of your crush?: nah
Skipped school?: mm hmm
Beaten someone up?: yeah
Gotten suspended?: no
Gotten expelled?: no
Hurt someone?: prolly
Lied to your parents?: yes
Stolen anything?: yeah
Cut yourself?: mm hmm
Been on stage?: yes
Pick one...
Rock or rap?: rock
Punk or hardcore?: both
R&B or techno?: techno
Soda or juice?: soda
Coke or Pepsi?: coke
Night or day?: night
Gold or silver?: silver
Diamond or gemstone?: diamond
MTV or VH1?: vh1
Hug or kiss?: both
Singing to someone or being sung to?: being sung to
Center of attention or wallflower?: middle
Avril: pop or punk?: pop
Jealousy or pain?: pain (but i love pain...so...yeah)
Like or love?: love
Cats or dogs?: dogs
What's your take on...
Abortion?: depends
Gay marriage?: totally for
Stem cell research?: what?
The death penalty?: whatever
Idolatry?: eh?
Legalization of marijuana?: nah
Teenage drinking?: not cool
Prostitution?: disgusting
Premarital sex?: go for it
George Bush?: ... shouldn't be in office
Cloning?: interesting
Evolution?: dunno
The war in Iraq?: eh
Pornography?: ew.
What word comes to mind when I say...
Night?: dark
Day?: bright
Sun?: pool
Moon?: star
Punk?: rock
Rock?: hard
Pop?: corn
Country?: south
Party?: parrrrrrrrrtayyyyyy! lol
Holiday?: halloween
Rap?: D12
Males?: dude
Females?: dudette
Good?: bad
Bad?: me
Anger?: pissed off
Happiness?: good
Jealousy?: normal
Frustration?: ugh
At this very moment, what are you...
Eating?: nothing
Drinking?: nothing
Looking at?: the computer screen
Doing?: typing this
Who are you talking to?: nobody
What website are you on?: this one and gaia
What are you thinking about?: mind is blank
You've done word association, now it's time for the colors...
Black?: dark
Blue?: sad
Red?: anger, love
Green?: grass
Yellow?: bright
Purple?: shannon, 'cause she's a purple crayon xp
White?: pure
Just a few more...
What is the date?: august 29, 2004
What are you wearing?: clothes
What time is it?: 11 26 am

current mood: pissed off
current music: the tv

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Friday, August 27th, 2004
3:20 pm - short
I LOVE: friends and music
I SING: kinda okay
I CRY: when im sad
I WRITE: when it hurts
I CONFUSE: myself
I NEED: friends
I WANT TO GET MARRIED: when i feel ready
NUMBER: 3, 7, 16
COLOR: black, hot pink, red
DAY: friday night/saturday
SONG(S): lots
SEASON: summer/fall
DRINK: dr pepper
CRIED? yeah
MISSED SOMEONE?: every second
HAD SEX?: nope
Would you ever:
1. Eat a bug?: sure
2. Bungee jump?: yeah
3. Lose it?: lose what?
4. Kill someone?: depends
5. Kiss someone of the same sex? yeah
6. Parachute from a plane?: mm hmm
7. Walk on hot coals?: maybe
8. Go out with someone for their looks?: not if they were mean and rude and stuck up
9 . Cheat on someone?: nope
10. Be a vegetarian?: my mom shoves turkey and chicken down my throat, but yeah, i would
11. Get drunk off your Ass?: sure
12. Dye your hair blue?: yeah
13. Be on Survivor?: maybe
15. Cheat on a test?: nah, i used to though
16. Make someone cry?: only tears of joy
17.Stay up all night? yeah, i usually do

current mood: gloomy
current music: tht tv

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9:02 am - just a survey
Y o u r C u r r e n t ::
Mood: bored/lonely
Music: school of rock <3
Hair: pony tail
Annoyance: not being able to see liam and nikki
Smell: pop tarts
Thing you ought to be doing: sleeping
Favorite song(s): lots
CD in Stereo: nirvana
DVD In Player: school of rock <3
Worry: that nikki is gonna break up w/ me
Crush: some people
L o v e ::
boyfriend/girlfriend: yeah
shortest relationship: very short
been in love w/ more than 1 person?: nope
sweetest thing a guy/girl has done for you?: some stuff
meanest thing a guy/girl has done for you?: meh...
ever broke someone's heart?: i hope not
someone break your heart?: yeah
L a s t P e r s o n ::
You Talked To: mom
You Hugged: nikki
You Kissed: liam
Instant messaged: nikki or tina
You Yelled At: dont remember
You Had A Crush On: people
Who Broke Your Heart: uhm....liam
F a v o r i t e ::
Food: chinese, fries, pizza
Drink: dr pepper
Color: Black, red, hot pink
Album: dunno
Shoes: converse
Candy: skittles
Animal: dragon
TV Show: *shrug*
Dance: dunno?
Veggie: corn
Fruit: watermelons, cherries, strawberries
A r e Y o u ::
Understanding: yeah
Open-minded: Yes
Arrogant: i can be
Insecure: not really
Hungry: nope
Friendly: mm hmm
Smart: when i want to be
Moody: not usually
Childish: yeah
Independent: no
Hard working: can be
Organized: no
Healthy: kinda
Emotionally Stable: sometimes
Shy: nope
Difficult: can be
Bored Easily: mm hmm
Messy: Yes
Thirsty: yup
Responsible: 'course
Obsessed: with some things
Angry: right now? yeah
Sad: yes
Trusting: mm hmm
Talkative: can be...when im hyper im really chatty
Different: yes
Unique: mm hmm
Ignored: sometimes
Reliable: yeah
Content: sometimes
Optimistic: sometimes
A deep-thinker: at times
Self-disciplined: not really
Sleepy: Yes
Lonely: yeah
W h o D o Y o u W a n t T o ::
Kill: no one
Get Really Drunk With: no one
Tickle: liam <3
Talk to: all my friends
V i t a l S t a t s ::
nicknames: lots
location: a house
sign: taurus
hair color: light brown
eye color: blue/green
height: 5'3''
shoe size: 8
nationality: german, irish, american.
skin color: pale
school: NHS
H a v e Y o u E v e r ::
lied: Yes
done drugs: yeah
drank alcohol: mm hmm
broke a bone: yup
failed a class: yeah
been in a fist fight: yup
dyed your hair: yep
gotten in a car accident: i wasnt driving, but yeah
been out of the country: No
met a famous person: No
driven illegally: mm hmm
thrown a temper tantrum: Yes
been suspended: nope. almost though
been expelled: nah
given the finger: Yes

current mood: lonely
current music: school of rock

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Thursday, August 26th, 2004
10:22 am - bored
slipper:: feet
hat:: visor
hard:: boner :p
free:: ship "what a boat is...is freedom" hehe
space:: open
taste:: food
red:: blood
deep:: cut
heart:: bleed
cord:: guitar
cheese:: food
rain:: wet
work:: sucks...i know" lol
pedal:: flower
head:: face
bed:: nightmare
fluff:: food
race:: bike
knife:: cut
jump:: skip
am:: katelyn
want:: to see nikki and liam
need:: nikki and liam
crave:: chinese food
love:: friends, music
hate:: no one
did:: everything
feel:: lonely
miss:: friends
am annoyed by:: some bands, some people
would rather:: not be here
am tired of:: my step-mom
will always:: love all of my friends, no matter what happens
What time is it now?:: 10 27
What day is it?:: thursday
Whens the last time you called someone?:: last night
How much money do you have right now?:: i've got $10 :p
Are u hungry?:: no
Whatcha doin?:: this thing, listening to music
d you like parades?:: sure
Do you like the moon?:: ya
What are you going to do when youre done with this:: -shrug-
Isnt cup a funny word when you repeat it over and over?:: lmao yeah
If you could have any magical power what would it be?:: be able to fly
Have you ever had a picnic?:: yea
Did you ever have one of those skip-its when you were young?:: nope
What about sock em boppers?:: nah
Are you wearing any socks right now?:: yeah
funny?:: yeah
pretty?:: kinda
sarcastic?:: mm hmm
lazy?:: yes
hyper?:: of course
friendly?:: yup
evil?:: sometimes
smart?:: sometimes
strong?:: my legs are, not my arms
talented?:: a little
dorky?:: yes
high:: rob lmao
skip:: liam
dance:: erin
lonely:: liam, me
pen:: joella
flower:: nikki
psycho:: my step-mom
brain freeze:: tina
orange:: me
sassy:: kristen
jelly:: dunno
suicide:: against
love:: for
drunk drivers:: against
airplanes:: for
war:: against
canada:: for
united states:: for
rock music:: for
gay marriage:: for!!!
school:: for
surveys:: for
parents:: for AND against :p
purpose:: for?
cars:: for
killing:: depends...if someone killed my friend, then i'd kill them
britney spears:: against
coffee:: for
pants:: for
Sky dive?:: yeah
Play strip poker?:: sure
Run away?:: i have
Curse at a teacher?:: maybe, i have before
Not take a shower for a week?:: only if i was sick
Ask someone out?:: not right now
Lie to someone to make them think better of you?:: no they have to like me for who i am
Visit a foreign country for more than a month?:: sure
Go scuba diving?:: yes
Write a book?:: im writing one at the moment
Become a rockstar?:: sure
Have casual sex?:: nope
What shampoo do you use?:: dove
Whens the last time you did something sexual with the opposite sex?:: i french kissed nikki a couple nights ago
What kind of computer do you have?:: my dad made it
What grade are you in?:: going into 10th
Do you like to throw popcorn at people in the movies?:: hehehe ya
How many posters do you have in your room?:: never counted
How many cds do you have?:: i dunno dont count em
What time is it now?:: 10 34

current mood: lonely
current music: maroon 5 - she will be loved

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9:21 am
-Full name: katelyn
-Birthday: may 12th
-Age: 15
-Sex: Female
-Six words to describe you: weird, crazy, random, funny, nice, dorky
-Weight at birth: 8 lbs and something ounces
-Weight now: -shrug-
-Height: 53"
-Eye color: blue/green
-Tan/pale/black/mixed: pale
-Hair color: light brown
-Natural hair color: red
-Kind of hair: kind? human? lol
-Hair length: a lil shorter than my shoulders
-Shoe size: 8
-Shirt size: medium/large
-Bra size: 36 C
-Piercings: maybe
-Tattoos: Nope
-School: NHS
-Grade school: 10
-Class of: 2007
-Sports played now: None
-Boyfriend or girlfriend: yeah
-Pets: mm hmm
-Parents names: mom and dad
-Color hair your mother has: brown w/ blonde highlights
-Color hair your father has: dark brown turning grey
-Parent's occupations: mom - purchasing dad - dunno lol he just got promoted
-Kind of car you have: none
-Sibling age/names: 16 - matt brian - 18
-Live with: dad, step-mom, step-brother
-How many rooms in your house: 3
-Color theme of your room: orange walls, light blue ceiling
-Color of carpet: off white
-Room size: eh
-Bed size: twim
-Sheet colors: yellow with a pretty quilt
-How many pillows: 3
-Furniture in your room: Bed/Desk/Dresser/Shelves
-Kind of computer: well...my dad made it.
-Money in bank account: $2000 give or take a little
-Posters in room: lost of different bands and stuff.
-Ask or answer questions? both
-Bathe in the morning or at night? either
-Converse or participate in awkward silence? Converse
-Talk or listen? both
-Dress up or dress down? Dress down
-Stay up late or get to bed early? Stay up late
-Get what you want or get what you deserve? Get what I deserve
-Get attention or give your attention? Give my attention to anyone =)
-Stand out or blend in? Stand out
-Give a hand or give hand outs? Give a hand
-Listen to music or watch TV? Listen to music
-Win or lose? win
-Plan or follow-through? follow thru
-Smile or cry? laugh so hard you cry =)
-Get up early enough to see the sunrise? i have
-Use books or Internet for research? Internet research
-Sing it or hum it? siiiing!
-Style your hair or just whatever? just whatever
-Call or get called? Get called
-Visit or have people over? either
-Eat or skip breakfast? whatever
-Make a meal or go out for one? Make a meal
-Drive or get driven? get driven 'cause i cant drive yet
-Do what you had planned? yeah
-Attend or skip class/work? attend, but id rather skip
-Act like yourself or act appropriately? act like yourself
-Laugh or get laughed at? both
-Indulge or abstain? dont care
-Help others or help yourself? Help others
-Eat what's good for you or eat what tastes good? I'll eat anything
-Turn it up or just get closer? Turn it up
-Start it or finish it? start it
-Stay bored or get things done? ugh, neither lol
-Apologize or be stubborn? Apologize
-Tell them you have a crush on them or hope they figure it out? Hope to figure it out
-Pay for yourself or get paid for? Pay for myself
-Lean in first or wait for them to make a move? Wait, but if it takes to long I just go for it
-Get rejected or never ask? get rejected
-Hope it happens or make it happen? Hope it happens
-Try your hardest or hard enough? hard enough
-Work it out or put up with what you got? put up w/ what ive got
-Talk it through or ignore it as much as you can? Talk it through
-Know or think? Think
-Trust or suspect? Trust
-Pluck your eyebrows?: nope
-Ever cut or hurt yourself on purpose?: yeah
-Use icq, aol buddy list, etc.?: nope
-Drink enough water?: mm hmm
-Wear shoes in the house or take them off?: Take them off
-Eat wheat bread or white?: whatever
-Kiss on the first date?: Depends
-Dream in color or black and white?: both
-Have any dimples?: nope
-Remember being born?: No
-Drink alcohol? i have
-Like high school? eh
-Like sunrises or sunsets the most?: Sunsets
-Want to live to be 100?: maybe
-Think women should be expected to shave their body hair? no, no one is expected to do anything
-Like salty food or sugary food the most?: spicy
-Think a flat is stomach important?: kinda
-Think you are tolerant of other peoples beliefs?: Yes
-Believe in magic?: dunno
-Have nightmares frequently?: yeah
-Like your nose?: Sure
-Like abstract art?: yes
-Think you can draw well?: nope
-Listen to music daily?: Yes
-Like to wear the same shoes everyday or do you like a variety?: i dont have many
-Write poetry?: yeah
-Snore when you sleep?: not that i know of
-Sleep more on your back, front, or sides?: Side
-Think balding men should shave their heads: i don't care
-Know anyone who is clinically depressed?: >.< yes
-Know someone who has cancer?: no
-Like fast food joints, or expensive restaurants?: either
-Do you have a middle name? Yes
-Are You Straight or Gay? bisexual
-Ever been kissed? Yes
-Kissed someone of the same sex? yeah
-French kissed? mm hmm
-Held hands? of course <3
-Hugged someone? Yes, everyday <33333
-Had sexual fantasies? maybe
-Had gay/lesbian fantasies? No
-Have you ever fingered someone? No
-Has anyone ever fingered you? nope
-Have you ever given oral sex? haha
-Have you ever received oral sex? who wants to know?
-Would you give oral sex in a random hook-up? nope
-Spit or swallow? Spit
-What would be ultimate fantasy place to have sex? in the dryer lmao right tina?
-Have you screwed someone of the opposite sex? No
-Have you screwed someone of the same sex? No
-Screwed something not of the human race? No
-Screwed something not alive? No
-Paid someone for sex? No
-Been paid for sex? No
-Girls, have you ever been pregnant? No
-Guys, your girl ever been pregnant?
-Have you ever had sex with a stranger? No
-If not, do you want to? No
-Which one are you more afraid of getting, AIDS or pregnant? AIDS
-Do you believe in waiting until marriage to have sex? Not really
-Have you ever had a crush on a friend's boy/girlfriend? yeah
-Have you ever done anything with a friend's bf/gf? No
-Do you joke about sex a lot? negative
-Can you relate anything to sex? Yea
-Is there someone you're longing to be with right now? mm hmm
-What about masturbating, do you do it? nah
-Ever been caught masturbating? No
-Ever been caught doing something sexual with someone? No
-Ever walked in on your parents having sex? nope
-Does someone's reputation have an effect on your answer if they asked you out? no
-Smoked a cigarette: Yes
-Smoked a cigar: Nope
-Snorted coke: No
-Smoked weed: Yes
-Been high: Yes
-Had sex: nope
-Said "I hope you die" to someone: Yes
-Tried to kill yourself: mm hmm
-Gotten in a fist fight: yeah
-Lied to your parents: Yes
-Broken a bone: mm hmm
-Lied to your friends: >.< yeah
-Bit someone: you know it :p
-Bungee jumped: i wish
-Been skydiving: ^^^
-Gotten drunk: yeah
-Gotten totally wasted: kinda
-Given someone a bruise: haha, yeah
-Skinny-dipped: mm hmm
-Driven illegally: yeah
-Ditched someone: no
-Lap danced: No
-Shoplifted: Yes
-Cut yourself: yeah
-Cut a class: of course
-Hung up on someone: nah
-Gone commando: lmao "im going commando!" - joella
-Thrown up at school: mm hmm
-Made yourself throw up: yeah
-Flashed someone: yup
-Done anything sexual with/for opposite sex for beads: no
-Had a burping contest: nope
-Snuck out: yep
-Been to a school dance: Yes
-Thought your teacher was hot: no
-Had an eating disorder: No
-Masturbated: maybe
-Had an online relationship: nope
-Had cyber sex: never
-Taken nude pictures of yourself: nope
-Had surgery: kinda
-Seen a therapist: yeah
-Farted loud and people heard: ...no
-Burped louder than a guy: 'cousre
-Done a split: mm hmm
-Been on a cheerleading team: No
-Played spin the bottle: Yes
-Grinded: nope
-Best friend(s): they know who they are
-Last friend you talked to: nikki
-Funniest: natalie, greg, liam
-Silliest: all of 'em
-Loudest: all of us have our moments, but tasha gets the prize lol
-Stupidest: linda
-Sweetest: all of us
-Weirdest: haha, all
-Best at keeping secrets: dont know. natalie i guess
-Most hyper: linda, tasha, me
-Most annoying: kristen, linda, tasha
-Friend you miss most: liam, nikki, ashley
-Friend you've known the longest: michelle
-Friend you haven't known long: tasha, ashley, liam, nikki
-Any good memories from this year? Yes
-Any bad memories from this year? Yes
-Do you regret anything from this year? nope
-Do you regret anything you've ever done? nah
-Who was your first boyfriend/girlfriend? kris
-Did you ever have braces? Yes
-What is your best childhood memory? Don't know
-Do you have the same friends you did when you were young? nope
-What was your favorite childhood toy? G.I. Joe
-What was your favorite cartoon when you were four? when i was four? lol prolly rugrats.
-What was your favorite movie as a child? beauty and the beast
-Things you need to do before school starts: get my hair coloured lol
-What you wish you had: nikki and liam...right now bitch
-A friend that’s a girl who you consider to be a sister: ashley
-A friend that’s a guy who you cinsider to be a brother: greg
-What you don’t want to happen in the next school year: nikki break up w/ me
-Who you wish you could make alive again who died: grandparents, matt
-The first thing you think of when you wake up: liam
-The last think you think of when you go to sleep: liam
-Do you know what your going to college for?: Not yet
-Do you know what college your going to?: No
-Thing you wish you could change most about yourself: dunno...no braces would be nice
-Friend who you wish you could look like: ashley, but i like me
-Friend whos hair you wish you could have: nikki, tina, ashley, i like all of my friends hair
-Friend whos height you wish you could have: liam's!
-Friend whos weight you wish you could have: linda's, natalie's, or ashley's
-Favorite season: summer/fall
-Would you rather swim in a pool/ocean/bay/Jacuzzi/bath tub: for swimming? a pool. for relaxing? a hot tub.
-What kind of music do you listen to?: Rock/Emo/Punk/techno
-Most listened to bands: lots
-Favorite clothes brands: dont care
-Did you ever suck your thumb? yup, used to
-What color hair did you have as a kid? red, then it changed to blonde
-What was your first word? "dada"
-How did your parents name you? They just like the name
-What does your name mean? "pure" lmao.
-Current Music: finch - letters to you
-Current CD in player: blink - 182
-Current conversations: None
-Current time: 9 48
-Current clothes: pjs
-Current hair: ponytail
-Current taste: Nothing
-Current mood: okay
-Current smell: none
-Current crush: people
-Current thing you should be doing: getting dressed
-Current desktop picture: blueness
-Current favorite artist: linkin park
-Current book: cirque du freak
-Current refreshment: Nothing
-Current worry: not seeing friends today
-Current feeling: lonely
-Current fantasy: nothing
-Current hunger: dr pepper and chips
-Current distraction: Music
-Current thing you want to buy: CDs
-Current hate: nothing

current mood: lonely
current music: alicia keys - if i ain't got you

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Wednesday, August 25th, 2004
9:08 am - bah.
Survey #1: The Perfect Guy
1.hair color : dark
2. eye color: blue
3. Height: dont care
4. six pack: <3
5. long or short hair: depends, but i usually like longish
6. glasses: sure
7. Piercings: Yes.
8. scars : <333333 totally
9. Eyebrows: What about them? Hopefully they're there? Lol.
10. big butt or little: I'm not an ass woman. dont care
11. chest hair: Couldn't care.
12. buff or skinny: in the middle? lol
13. straight teeth or gap: srtaight or braces
14. funny or serious: funny.
15. party or stay at home: both
16. should he cook or bake: dont care
17. should he have a best friend: of course
18. should he have a lotta girlfriends: dont care
19. outgoing or shy: Outgoing.
20. sarcastic or sincere: Funny sarcasm is.. funny.
21. should he love his mother: Yup.
22. should he watch chick flicks: nah
23. would he be a smoker: Don't care.
24. would he drink: Don't care.
25. would he swear: Who doesn't?
26. would he play with your hair: Awwwe yes!
27. one or more girls at a time: no
28. would he pay for dates: of course :p
29. does he kiss on the first date: depends on if the date went well.
30. where would you go to dinner: where ever. pizza is good.
31. would he bring you flowers: sure.
32. would he lay under the stars with you : Awwwe yesss.
33. would he write poetry about you: yeah, but i like songs better.
34. would he call you hunny, sweetie, or baby: i wouldnt mind.
35. would he hang out with you and YOUR friends: Yeap.
36. would you hang out with him and HIS friends: Yeap.
37. will he walk you to the door at the end: Yes.
38. holding hands: Yup.
39. soccer : no
40. Baseball: sure
41. Basketball: nope
42. Football: sure
43. water polo: no.
44. Surf: <333
45. Skateboard: <33 -nods-.
46. Snowboard: dont care
47. Sing: totally
48. play guitar: hell yes
49. play piano: dont care
50. play drums: mm hmm.
51. clean his room: dont care
52. paint, draw, sculpt : draw.
53. writes his own music: Yeah.
54. use the word dude: of course.
55. use the word tight: dont care.
56. would he watch the sun rise with you: of course.
57. what kind of car does he drive: Don't care
58. how old is he: 15
59. what would his name be: liam

current mood: sad
current music: finch - letters to you

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Tuesday, August 24th, 2004
6:53 am - gah.
The Boyfriend Survey:

*Your mood before seeing them*: hmm...actually, i think i was in a pretty good mood
*Who introduced you*: no one
*What you noticed first*: his eyes are really pretty
*Your first impression of them*: good personality, really cute
*Their first impression of you*: cant remember. prolly that i was funny and had a good personality and i was cute
*First thing you said in their presence*: general conversation i guess. something like hi im katelyn how are you
*Kind of person you thought they were*: i thought he was really cool and nice
*How you got together*: ugm...we talked for a while and then he asked me out
*Your first "moment"*: hmm...when i was dancing w/ nikki, i never wanted it to end
*First Hand-holding [where it took place / who initiated it / rating 1-10]*: with nikkie? uhm, prolly at tasha's party. no one cared, i hold hands w/ everyone. a rating? i guess an 8?
*First kiss [where took place / who initiated it / rating 1-10]*: actually it was 2 nights ago. it was a french kiss...kinda. i mean it wasn't to bad, tina liam and russell saw it 'cause we were playing truth or dare lmao. and ill give it a 7
*First time you had sex*: never have
*First time I love you was said*: everyday. but the first time was a while ago
*Romantic*: uhm, french kissed i guess
*Kinky*: haha, running with her! right liam?
*Worst fight*: never
*Life-altering*: well, dating a girl is lofe-altering, but i never said it was a bad thing
*Immature*: hehe =)
*Mature*: dont know?
*Horny*: we're both pretty horny
*Romantic*: nikki
*Sensitive*: me
*Shy*: neither of us
*Attractive*: id' have to say me :p
*Intelligent*: not sure, me?
*Spiritual*: dunno
*Humorous*: equal
*Messy*: both
*Confused*: Me
*Loud*: equal
*Angry*: me
*Eyes*: 7. i love them =)
*Nose*: hmm, 7
*Lips*: 9
*Ears*: 10
*Jawline*: 9
*Hair*: 10
*Hands*: 8
*Arms/elbows*: 7
*Tummy*: 6
*Bewbies / pecs*: no pecs for nikki! lol
*Legs*: never seen them she's always wearing pants :p
*butt*: 9
*Feet*: dunno. 10?
*Song: god, i dont know
*Movie: hellboy
*Food: popcorn
*Drink: root beer
*Household Appliance: fridge
*Book: cirque du freak
*Kind of Dance: slow dances
*Type of Tree: maple
*Animal: dragon.
*Article of Clothing: everything <3
*Jewelry Item: her rings
*Favorite Band: yellowcard
*Friend: liam
*Fart: nah
*Burp: yeah
*Masturbate: no
*Cry: yeah...occasionally
*Sleep: mm hmm
*Eat: yeah

current mood: sick
current music: none

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Monday, August 23rd, 2004
6:54 pm - sad, angry, depressed, crushed, my heart just shattered into 1 million pieces.
nikki just called. she said liam was at tasha's house. she said that tina and her were going over to tasha's house. she asked if i could go. i asked my mom. she said yes. tasha called nikki and said that she could only have a certain number of people come over so now i cant come over. >.< my spirits are now dampened. -sigh- well, im hanging out tomorrow, and i dont care if only a certain amount of people can go. -sigh- later people.

i`m crying. i`m so sad. i wish someone would kill me.
please? before i kill myself?

current mood: depressed
current music: none

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2:52 pm - im so bored.
How Much Do You Really Know About Yourself? alot i guess... i am me
What About YOU...? im confused
What shall i call you?: katelyn
What do you NOT want to be called?: stupid
How old are you?: 15
When were you born?: may 12
Where were you born?: a hospital
Do you still live there? If not do you wish you did?: no and no
What School do you go to?: NHS
Do you like it there?: yeah its ok
Music?!?!?! hell yes
What is your favorite genre?: rock, emo, metal, punk
Whats your favorite band(s)?: ive got lots
Favorite Song(s)?: ^^^^^
Do you like your music loud? ;): yea
Who is your best friend?: i dunno...i have alot i guess
Do they concider you their best friend?: i hope so
How long have you known this person?: lets see...liam = 9th grade. tina = 6th grade and nikki = 7 or 9th maybe
Do you trust this person with your life?: yeah
Do you trust them with your deepest secrets?: no
Do they know everything about you?: no
Have they met most of your family?: yeah
Does your family like them?: yeah
Has your friend ever wanted to "boing" one of your family members?: i really hope not
If they did want to, how would you feel?: ew
Out of your friends...who is...
the craziest?: all of them
the calmest?: ugh, none of us?
the most pessemistic?: liam and i
the most optimistic?: all the rest of 'em
the slowest?: linda haha
the wittiest?: erin
the most intelligent?: erin
the most religious?: dunno?
the hottest?: liam and nikki, totally.
the cutest?: liam is oh so cute. <333
the easiest to talk to?: most of 'em
the hardest to talk to?: kristen or linda
the best with talking to about your problems?: tina and nikkie and yeah, liam
the worst with talking to about your problems?: linda prolly
the one you want to "boing"? (i wont tell): there's only 3 peole who id "boing"
Deeper Shit...
Have you been in love?: no
Are you in love at the moment?: no
If so, does this person know you love them?:
If they dont, do you intend on telling them?:
Whats the one thing you wish for in life?: to be happy for 24 hours straight
Do you believe in miracles?: dunno
If you had 5 days to live...what would you do?: write my will and try to make every moment happy
which one person would you spend the last days with?: only one? cant i pick two?? i pick nikki and liam
How do you know when youre in love?: dunno
How do you feel about Death?: it's certain
Do you have a philosophy on life?: no
Do you believe in life after death?: kinda
What about Reincarnation?: maybe
...food: chinese, pizza, fries
...drink: dr pepper
...color: red, black, hot pink
...animal: dragons
...tv show: dunno
...movie: lots
...album: tons
...band: dunno
...song: too many
...decade: i dont know? the 70's or 80's i guess
...car: i like the 60's stuff
...city: new york
...country: dunno
...actor: johnny depp
...actress: drew barrymore
...starbucks beverage: all of the frapps
...time of day: night
...day of week: friday night/saturday
1. hair color
2. eye color
3. height
dont care
4. six pack?
5. long/short hair
shaggy or spiky
6. glasses?
dont care
7. piercings?
8. chest hair?
9. buff or skinny
depends on the guy, but usually skinny
10. straight teeth, gap, or braces
straight would be good, but i dont mind braces either, no gaps though!
11. punk/jock/emo/goth?
punk or goth, or emo
12. funny or serious
13. party or stay at home
both is good
14. should he cook or bake?
awe i dont care
15. should he have a best friend?
16. should he have a lot of girl friends?
i dont care
17. outgoing or shy
in the middle
18. sarcastic or sincere
19. would he watch chick flicks?
20. would he be a smoker?
dont care
21. would he drink?
22. would he swear?
23. would he pay for dates?
yes lol
24. does he kiss on the first date?
mm hmm
25. where would you go to dinner?
pizza is good
26. would he bring you flowers?
awe yes
27. would he lay under the stars with you?
28. would he write poetry about you?
yes but songs are better
29. would he call you hunny, sweetie, or baby?
eh, baby maybe
30. would he hang out with you and YOUR friends?
of course
31. would you hang out with him and HIS friends?
of course
32. would he play sports?
dont care
33. would he skateboard?
34. would he snowboard?
dont care
35. would he play guitar?
that would be nice
36. play piano?
eh, dont care
37. play drums?
yeah, tat would be nice
38. would he clean his room?
no, i dont care
39. would he paint, draw, sculpt?
41. would he sing for you?
42. use the word dude?
mm hmm 'cause i say dude
43. use the word tight?
44. what kind of car would he drive?
dont care
45. would he put his arm around you or hold your hand?
i like holding hands better
46. would he dance?
depends on what kind of dancing
47. how often would you see him?
id try to everyday
48. would you want him to get you jewelery?
dont care

highlight the things that apply to yourself.
--> [emo is a way of living.]
--> could live on junk food alone.
--> thinks deryck whibley is GOD!
--> enjoys long walks on the beach, candlelit suppers, and likes to get their "thang" wet ;]
--> [loves cinnamon sugar toast]
--> has a chow.
--> [licks around the ice cream cone so it wont drip.]
--> [is far past being single.]
--> has over 50$ in their wallet at all times.
--> [wears glasses or contacts.]
--> [loves shaggy hair.]
--> [thinks home-popped kettle corn is nasty.]
--> [highly dislikes porno.]
--> observes smoking as an artform
--> [is a virgin. ]
--> drinks on a regular schedule.
--> uses windows '98 or lower.
--> [lives on the east coast.]
--> [owns a video game system.]
--> can you say plastered to the television..?
--> could handle a homosexual best friend.
--> [enjoys disney motion pictures.]
--> trys to be the first person listening to the new genre of music.
--> [plays-ed an instrument.]
--> masturbates daily-hourly
--> [owns a microwave.]
--> [enjoys picture takingness.]
--> favorite phrase...douche bag.
--> has a younger sister.
--> has wall to wall carpeting
--> has the entire geico commercail memorized--which one
--> [hates second-hand smoke]
--> fart
--> [lesbians are cool.]
--> [most interesting subject.. marijuana.] <-- haha
--> [gets poison ivy.]
--> is part of a "clique"
--> has an offical name for your "clique"
--> [believes in happy endings]
--> enjoys john mayer
--> thinks the olsen twins are bent on world domination
--> [gets pissed when people use you as an example] <--especially teachers
--> [has gone through hard-core conditioning for a sport.]
--> dances naked in front of your mirror.
--> [sings in the shower.]
--> admits to at one point having lice.
--> [has made a mudpie.]
--> [remembers your first kiss. ]
--> [firmly believes in freedom of choice.]
--> thinks howard stern should have never been kicked off the air.
--> [parents are divorced-or never married]
--> is a bleeding heart liberal
--> [thinks protection of music is fucked up.]
--> [stores phone numbers in cellular and not own head.]
--> still fits in clothes from years before.
--> [loves dancing in the rain.]
--> gets mad when someone splashes you in the pool
--> [has had heart broken]
--> has a set religion that they are commited to.
--> [is open minded to new experiences and people.]
--> [can laugh at yourself.]
--> [has dyed your hair.]
--> has let your best friend cut your hair and fuck it over badly.
--> [is still set in the '8os.]
--> has moved and changed school districts.
--> cannot stomache cheerleaders.
--> has green eyes.
--> [likes laying in the grass..even when its hairy.]
--> [has at one point planned out a way of killing someone.]
--> jumps for joy for no apparent reason.
--> [talks to innatamit objects.]
--> thinks blondes really do have more fun.
--> drinks some type of caffinated beverage to wake up.
--> [has at one point planned out a way of killing someone.]
--> jumps for joy for no apparent reason
--> gets neck cramps from sittig on the computer for so long.
--> [spits constantly.]
--> has had ghonorrea of the throat.
--> [belives in protected sex.]
--> [has stuck feet in the ocean.]
--> [has sat in a car for over 11 hours.]
--> [went to hershey park or kennywood.]
--> [has ridden a water slide.]
--> thinks all kellys are sluts.
--> [thinks of impaling people with fire pokers.]
--> thinks the angus diet is a real diet.
--> [hates rap/hip-hop/r&b.]
--> [has fallen up the stairs.] <--haha, i thought only leah and i could do that
--> [can remember stories for every scar.] <-- -sigh- of course
--> born in the month of september-march.
--> [is deathly afraid of clowns.] <-- yeah >.<
--> [has been duct taped to something in a non-kinky manner] <-- haha

"I Want you So Bad right now.
So Bad. I wish things were different, I wish that we could be together all the time. I wish i could kiss you and hold you and Love you all of the time.
I want you, and I need you, and I miss you, and I don't think you have any idea."

"i love you and i'm in love with you. i want to tell you and i can't, and everyday it hurts a little more."

"I still love you. Now more than i could have ever expected. I want you I need you, I love you so much."

"Do you think people look at us and know we're happy? do they know what's going on? do they know i'm in love with you? do they know that i can't hold a conversation when you're with me? that no matter what anyone says, all i can think about is you? that all i see when i look is your face? when i close my eyes, it's you? i can't sleep, and when i do, i dream only of you. you haunt me. i love you."

"i am in love. there's no denying it, although i do all the time, and i'll do it to your face, should you see mine, or know me in a crowd. but that being the case, here i profess it. i am in love."

god, that's all i do. think of that special someone. all the time. non-stop i swear. and i get sadder and sadder everyday. ugh. ill never move on. ever. even if i wanted to i couldn't.

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current music: dashboard confessional - hands down

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11:21 am - >.> <.
What kind of Jones Soda are you? by neonblack
Name / Username:
Birth Month:
Bottle Cap Fortune:"There is someone reading over your shoulder."
Satisfaction Inflicted:: 88%
Special Thanks To:http://www.jonessoda.com
Quiz created with MemeGen!

i hate it when people read over my shoulder. >.

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current music: linkin park - crawling

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9:16 am - short
a p p e a r a n c e
Height: 5'3
Hair Color: light brown
Skin color: really white O_O
Eye color: blue/green
Piercings: mayyybe ;)
r i g h t__n o w
What color are the pants that you are wearing? blue with duckies them them =)
What song are you listening to right now? i like that
What taste is in your mouth? nothing
What's the weather like now? it looks sunny
How are you? sleepy
Get motion sickness? only when i read
Have a bad habit? yup.
Like to drive? yeah, but i cant drive legally yet
f a v o r i t e s
TV shows: the days
Conditioner: dove
Book: cirque du freak
Non-alcoholic drink: dr pepper
Thing to do on the weekend: hang out with friends
h a v e__ y o u
Broken the law: yeah
Ran away from home: mm hmm
Snuck out of the house: yeah
Ever gone skinny dipping: yeah
Ever tipped over a porta potty: lol nope
Used your parents' credit card before: nope
Fell asleep in shower/bath: nah
Been in a school play: yea
l o v e
Children: i want some when i get older
Current crush: people
Been in love: no
Been hurt: yeah
Your greatest regret: none
Gone out with someone you only knew for 3 days: kinda
r a n d o m
Do you have a job: no
Your cd player has in it right now: the mix cd that erin made me
What makes you happy: friends and music
What makes you happiest: ^^^^^^
What's the next CD you're gonna get: dunno
w h e n / w h a t__ w a s__ t h e__ l a s t
Time you cried: last night
Time you got a real letter: been a while
Time you got e-mail: today.
Thing you purchased: dont remember
Movie you saw in the theater: ^^^^
y o u r__ t h o u g h t s__ o n
Abortion: depends
Teenage smoking: not cool, unless it's pot, then i don't care
Spice Girls: i never liked them.

current mood: sleepy
current music: i like dat - chingy...and others lol

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Sunday, August 22nd, 2004
4:14 pm - long
1. Name: katelyn
2. Nicknames: lots
3. Feet size: 8
4. Do you have a crush? yeah
5. Girlfriend/Boyfriend? yeah
6. Age you act: like a kid
7. Where do you live: in a house
8. Where you want to live: anywhere but here
9. How many siblings: one
10. Favorite Salad Dressing: ranch
11. Ever gone skinny dipping? yup
12. What are you watching? the computer screen
13. Last person you talked to: mom
14. Favorite movie: lots
15. Favorite Book: cirque du freak
16. Favorite Type of music: rock...any kind...techno..
17. Favorite types of cars: lots
18. Favorite Saying: i love you
19. Favorite Fast Food: taco bell
20. Favorite Ice Cream: cotton candy
21. Favorite Alcoholic Drink: Don't drink
22. When Do You Go To Sleep: whenever
23. Most Embarrassing Moment: who cares?
24. Stupidest Person you know: linda i guess
25. Funniest Person you know: all of 'em are funny
26. Favorite holiday: halloween
27. Favorite Food: chinese, pizza, fries
28. Favorite Song: lots
29. Favorite Television Show: all are the same to me =P
30. Favorite Radio Station: eh, 103.1
31. Favorite junk food: skittles
32. Favorite happy love song: dont know?
33. Favorite Drink: dr pepper
34. Favorite article of clothing: my pants w/ 13 pockets
35. Favorite Animal: dragons
1. School: NHS
2. How Many Kids You Want: 3 or 4
3. What Kind Of Job You Want: dunno
4. Wedding song: no idea
5. Pets? i want 3 dogs wehn i get older
6. 5 years from now? no clue
7. 10 years from now? -shrug-
SECTION THREE: Have You Ever..
1. Done Drugs: i have
2. Run Away From Home: yeah
3. Hit A Girl: yeah
4. Lied: of course
5. Stolen Anything: mm hmm
6. Broken A Bone: yeah
7. Cheated On A Test: yup
8. Cheated On A girlfriend/boyfriend: nope
9. Gotten Drunk: mm hmm
10. Been With Two guys/girls At Once: no.
11. Been In The Hospital: yup
12. Let a friend cry on your shoulder: yup
13. Fell asleep in the shower/bath: never
14. Gone to Church: >.< yeah
16. Ever been on a motorcycle or motorbike: nope
17. Been to a camp: yes
18. Sat in a restaurant w/o ordering: yup
20. Gone a week w/out shaving: yeah
21. Didn't wash your hair for a week: yup, when im sick
22. Broken something valuable: yup
23. Thought you were in love: no
24. Streaked the streets: haha no
25. Screamed at someone for no reason: of course
26. Said I love you and meant it: everyday
27. Been hurt by a guy/girl you loved: yup
28. Stayed up till 4 am on the phone: nope
29. Pulled a prank? yup
30. Made fun of someone? yup
SECTION FOUR: Which Is Better..
1. Coke Or Pepsi: coke
2. Cats Or Dogs: dogs
3. DVDs or VHS: DVD.
4. Deaf Or Blind: better? neither
5. Pools Or Hot Tubs: hot tubs
6. Television Or Radio: it's all about the music!
7. CDs Or MP3's: either
8. Apples or oranges: apples
10. Gold or silver: silver
11. Vanilla or chocolate: depends
12. Movies or music: both are wonderful
13.Park or Beach: both
14. Hot or Cold weather: warm
15. Sunset or Sunrise: sunset
SECTION FIVE: When is the Last Time You..
1. Took a shower: this morning
2. Cried: last night
3. Watched a Disney movie: sometime last week
4. Given/gotten a hug: been a while
5. Been to the movies: hmm
6. had a boy/girlfriend: right now
7. kissed someone: been a while
8. Said I love you: today
9. Danced: today
10. Did a survey like this: right now
SECTION SIX: What is..
1. Your Fondest Memory Of This year: meeting liam <3
2. Your Most Prized Possession: my converse shoes i guess...and my CDs
3. The Thing That Makes You The Happiest: friends, music, sleep
4. Your Favorite Food For Breakfast: hmm...ill eat anything lol
5. Your Favorite Food For Dinner: something that my dad grills, or chinese
6. Your Favorite Slow Song: dunno?
7. Your Ideal BF/GF?: nikki :p
+||SECTION SEVEN: What do i feel about...
1. Bill Clinton: >.<
2. Love at First Sight: dont believe in it
3. Abortion: depends
4. Smoking: not cool
5. Death: it's gonna happen someday for everyone
7. Rap: eh
8. Marilyn Manson: i love him
9. Premarital sex: sure
10. Suicide: not the answer
1. full birth name: katelyn mary hicks
2. hair color: brownish
3. eye color: blue/green
4. current height: 5'3
5. glasses/contacts: glasses
6. birthdate: may 12
7. ethnicity: german, irish, american
8. religion: none
9. current age: 15
1. best guy friend: they know who they are
2. best girl friend: ^^^^^^^^^^
3. current crush: liam, nikki, johnny depp
4. boyfriend/girlfriend: nikki
5. are u center of attention or wallflower: the center wallflower =P <--haha i like that
6. what type automobile do u drive: don't drive
7. are u timely or always late:im usually on time or early
8. do u have a job: nope
9. do u like being around people: yes, i cant be by myself for very long
10. hobbies: computer, music, friends, sleep, food
1. have u ever loved someone u had no chance with? yeah
2. have u ever cried over something someone of the opposite sex did? mm hmm
3. do u have a "type" of person u always go after: nah
4. want someone u don't have right now? Don’t we all?
5. ever liked a close guy/girlfriend? mm hmm
6. are u lonely right now? nope
7. ever afraid u'll never get married? nah, i now i will
8. do u want to get married? not now
9. do u want kids? yes
10. would you rather love or be loved? both, i need both. i know it's selfish, but really, i need to be loved 'cause when i dont feel loved i get depressed. and when i dont love i get depressed. soooooo yeah
1. room in house: my room
2. type of music: already said
3. location for dates: where ever
4. memory: i have tons
5. day of the week: friday night/saturday
6. color: red, black, hot pink
7. perfume or cologne: axe
8. flower: rose
9. month: october, july
10. season: summer and fall
In the last 48 hours have you..
1. cried: yeah
2. bought something: prolly
3. gotten sick: nope
4. sang: yeah
5. said i love you: mm hmm
6. wanted to tell someone you loved them? yes
7. met someone new: yeah
8. moved on: no
9. talked to someone: mm hmm
10. had a serious talk: no
11. missed someone: every second of everyday
12. hugged someone: yes
13. kissed someone: mm hmm
14. fought with your parents: nope
15. dreamed about someone u can't be with: mm hmm.
i really have to pee lol

current mood: okay
current music: linkin park - numb

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1:53 pm - this or that
:: Orlando or Johnny ::: Johnny, always go with johnny!
:: Spice Girls or Dream ::: eh, spice girls
:: Pepsi or Coke ::: coke
:: Blonde or Brunette ::: blonde
:: Blue eyes or Brown eyes ::: blue
:: Vanilla or Chocolate ::: depends
:: Dogs or Cats ::: dogs.
:: Christina or Britney::: Christina’s voice is better
:: Lip-stick or Lip-gloss ::: lip-gloss
:: Rock or Rap ::: Rock
:: Ghetto or Gangsta ::: ghetto lol
:: Pink or Purple ::: hot pink
:: Gloria Jeans or Starbucks ::: Starbucks!!
:: TV or Computer ::: computer
:: CDs or Radio ::: CDs
:: Spanish or French ::: Spanish
:: Brad Pitt or Paul Walker ::: brad pitt
:: Basketball or Volleyball ::: volleyball
:: Apples or Oranges :: Apples…oranges make my throat hurt
::: 1/2 Full or 1/2 Empty ::: i dont care
:: Morning or Night ::: night
:: Chicken or Turkey ::: Chicken
:: Salmon or Tuna ::: either is good
:: Poser or Poseur ::: poseur
:: Freedom or Stability ::: freedom
:: Cheese It or Cheese Nips ::: cheese nips
:: Birds or Bees ::: birds
:: Roller coasters or Water rides ::: either, but i like rollercoasters better
:: AOL or MSN ::: eh, msn i guess
:: Drugs or Liquor ::: neither
:: Gold or Silver ::: silver
:: This or That ::: this
:: Nike or Adidas ::: neither
:: 80s or 90s ::: 80's
:: Preschool or Kindergarten ::: kindergarten
:: Cubed or Crushed ::: crushed
:: VH1 or MTV ::: vh1
:: Truth or Dare ::: dare....just no dancing lol
:: Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings ::: both
:: Pen or Pencil ::: pen
:: PC or Mac ::: whatever
:: Peppermint or Spearmint ::: peppermint
:: East Coast or West Coast ::: west is better
:: North or South ::: eh, either
:: Pedicure or Manicure ::: manicure i guess
:: Target or Kmart ::: target
:: Jewel or Dominicks ::: eh?
:: Top or Bottom ::: top
:: Hug or Kiss ::: hugs <33333 i am in love with hugs. ♥ i would marry them if i could lol
:: Forks or Spoons ::: sporks :p
:: Cubs or Sox ::: yankees
:: Cake or Pie ::: pie
:: Rain or Snow ::: rain.
:: Fall or Autumn ::: same thing?
:: Winter or Summer ::: summer
:: Swim or Float ::: swim...eh, both lol
:: Walk or Run ::: walk, i love taking walks
:: Beach or Mountains ::: beach
:: City or Suburbs ::: both is good
:: Love or Lust ::: love
:: Carmel or Car-a-mel ::: car-a-mel
:: Stars or Moons ::: i like stars
:: N*sync or BSB ::: neither
:: Car or Truck ::: truck
:: 7th Heaven or Everwood ::: 7th heaven
:: VHS or DVD ::: DVD
:: Skip-it or Hopscotch ::: Hopscotch
:: Fish or Birds ::: birds, but i like eating fish lol
:: Shoes or Sandals ::: shoes
:: Cough or Sneeze ::: neither.
:: Bath or Shower ::: shower
:: Stairs or Elevator ::: i got stuck in an elevator once, so staris, but i like escelators
:: Yes or No ::: depends
:: Jelly-filled or Cream-filled ::: cream
:: Loud or Soft ::: depends on what it is
:: Sister or Brother ::: brother
:: Michael Jordan or Dennis Rodman ::: dennis
:: Nick or Disney ::: Disney
:: Fun or Boring ::: fun. Who the hell would answer boring to that question?

current mood: tired
current music: the tv

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Saturday, August 21st, 2004
10:28 am - meh.
`ello. how is everyone today?

last night i went out to dinner at pancho`s. it`s mexican. and it`s really good!!! =) i enjoyed.

then nikkie called and said that she wanted to go to a movie. we were going to see without a paddle but it started at 10:10 which was too late for everyone. especially russell `casue he has to work later tonight. so then we were like...well little black book is on at 9:15. so we decided to go to that one. so i got over to tina`s around 8:30 and russell got home around 8:40. so i thought we would leave then we didn`t leave until 9:00 and tina had to get dinner so we missed the movie.

so tina was like "well, we have the goonies at home" lol we went went home and watched that. :p. robine had never seen it and she was like "why is it called the goonies?" lol and nikkie, the dumb one in the family said "because they're goons, and they have knees." lol right nikkie. then russell drove me home and i got home around 11:40.

today i`m getting my hair cut! i`m so happy. i`m getting it layered. =) and on tuesday i think i might get red tips. robine has red tips and it looks really good. nikkie's hair has blonde highlights and that looks good. she is getting hot pink tips on tuesday. tina is getting her whole head purple on tuesday. that crazy monkey. lol.

that's all for now!

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current music: linkin park - papercut

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10:22 am - really short
1. your full name: katelyn mary hicks
2.hair color: dirty blonde
3. fav soft drink: dr pepper
4.fav color: black, red, hot pink
5. fav musicians: linkin park, and more
6.fav sport: football and baseball
7. would you rather have a boy/girl that is hot or nice: nice
8. funny or cool: funny
9. athletic or knows how to play an instrument: it's all about the music!
10. honest or not honest: honest
11. do you like anyone right now? yes
12. If so, who? liam, nikki, johnny depp
13.fav subject in school? english, gym
14. are you supersticious? no
15.fav holiday? halloween
16. what is your religion.(ex. catholic, buddist, etc): none
17.what do you look for in the opposite sex? an all around good personality, likes me for who i am, trust
18.do you plan on going to college, if so what college? yeah, but i dunno
19. do you plan on being married? yeah
20.fav thing to do with friends: anything
21.when is your b-day? may 12th
22.fav vacation spot? hawaii
23.fav song? I have too many
24.single or taken? taken
25.fav food? chinese, pizza, fries
26.fav fast food place? taco bell
27. who is your best friend? lots of people
28. do you have a best friend that is of the opposite sex? yeah
29.do you have a best friend that is of the same sex? yes
30. do you like filling out these things? not ones this short lol

current mood: pessimistic
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Friday, August 20th, 2004
10:16 am - nikkie's party

im writing fast 'cause im going to borders very soon and so im gonna describe everything in very little detail. lol sorry people!

so yeah. nikkie's party was awesome! tina, erin, ashley, brittney, robine, and i were all there. we opend gifts, (i got her hellboy), ate cake, talked a lot, played truth or dare, 20 questions, and a modifyed version of spin the bottle. russell hung out and talked with us for a while, but it was only 'cause brittney was there and he likes britt. so yeah. but russ is cool. john (tina's brother) scared the crap out of me lol he put his face up to the camper window and started screaming and i was like 2 feet away from his face and i jumped up and like...flipped over tina. and i was like lol it was great. we wentto bed around 2 30. lol that's why i was so tired.

in the morning we woke up around 7 00. yeah, verrrrry early! that wasn't cool. lol tina kicked ashley on accident and she woke up. heh it was pretty funny. her dad told us that we needed to clean out the camper so we did and that took us about 10 mins. heh we're fast. . then their mom was like "pancakes! come and get them while they're hot!" so then we all went inside except for ashley and tina who were helping tina's dad put down the camper. so we ate pancakes and they were really yummy! . when we went for a walk and it was really nice outside. =) i only changed my shirt so i had on duck pj pants and a shirt with grumpy on it from snow white and the seven dwarves. . it was funny.

then we found out that tina had to babysit. >.< she thought she was getting alex at 2 30, but she ended up getting him at like 10. so yeah. he's really cute. =). and funny. he likes to run around chasing the dog lol its verrrrrrry cute! . then we took him for a walk.

then nikkie called liam and told him to "get your butt over here" so he walked over. so then i was all like...yay! my liam is here!! lol it was good. then tina was telling alex scary stories while listening to ashley's scary music. i was scared lol kidding. it was funnnnnn! lol alex was making up all the names for the people in the story. it was kinda funny. liam was like "i have to leave at two" so then he started walking home and about 10 mins later he comes back and he was like "ooooh dudes! i just remembered it was three!!" haha it was great.

then everyone went home. and later that night tina, nikkie, liam, russell, brittney and i went to guess where people? starbucks!! hehe. i didnt get anything 'cause i didnt want anything. we were sitting in the starbucks parking lot and this old dude comes up to us and he was like "this is not a playground." so then we went back over to starbucks. then russell drove us around for a long time and he wouldn't tell us where he was going. he drove us to mc. donalds lol. that crazy kid always needs it. brittney got chicken nuggets so liam and i ate them all. well...we both had 1 nugget lol. then we drove liam then we went over to brittney's for well...i have no idea why. then russell drove me home.

today was boring. i went out to lunch at this place called olivers. it was yummy. i was doing the dishes and i cut myself with a knife on accident 'cause i couldn't see it under the soapy water. it stings now.

that's all.

current mood: lazy
current music: maroon 5 - harder to breathe

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