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    Friday, March 18th, 2005
    12:18 pm
    jessi's house
    ok first entry.... kinda weird. lol ok well it's like friday right now and i wanna talk all about my vacation to my cousin jessi's house. i got there on saturday morning and i woke her up at her sleepover. she didnt know that i was coming so it was really cool. she started screaming and everything it was awesome. ok well her friends seemed kinda annoyed that i was there especially kalie. she doesnt like me. she thinks that i was "taking jessica away from her real friends". HELLO?! i live in austin! i only get to see her like twice a year! sheesh! well on saturday we went to the mall and she got an independent shirt and i got a bam shirt. then we went swimming. it was so fun. on sunday we didnt really do anything cuz the night before we stayed up untill 4 30 in the morning watching i know what you did last summer and i still know what you did last summer. so we woke up late and the we had really yummy pancakes. most of the day we just played cards. it was cool. on monday i went to schoolio with her. THAT WAS AWESOME. i went tuesday and wednesday with her too. i met all of her friends and josh and camlin and zach and bobino. all of them are sooooooo cool. camlin was really nice. i'm gonna miss EVERYONE at her school! even that hot guy without a name! lol. well it's gettin kinda long so i better stop boring u people. why the hell are you reading my online journal anyways? o well. enjoy. G UNIT. btw I LOVE SUM41.