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Hilary Duff [02 Jul 2003|02:41am]
Me and Tiffany are starting the Hilary campaign.

"Hilary killed my little borther with a banjo. Don't let it happen to you!"
"Hilary rapes cheese pizzas. Hide your pizza!"

Sorry any Hilary fans. I just need to vent my creativity.
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:( [29 Jun 2003|11:33pm]
I have just been informed by two places my astrology chart that my first love will die. Excuse me while I wallow in pain.

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[24 Jun 2003|03:00pm]
I had a fun night last night. Five hours in the ER getting my toe stitched up.

The dogs were fighting and one of them bit ME. Yes, poor little me. They gave me so many numbing shots, and it hurt really bad. I'm going to kill those dogs. I was in the ER until five in the morning. It sucked.

My foot is so bruised and swollen I have to use crutches. Yucky.
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[23 Jun 2003|06:51pm]
I got pretty beady feathery earrings at the mall. They go down to my shoulders. You probably didn't want to know. Um...

LMAO, today I was acting like a ditzy preppy at the store. I was picking up Britney Spears CD's and screaming at my friend and saying "Oh my God, like so totally!". I picked up a CD and yelled, "Ohmigod, Mandy Moore! She's like, soooo my idol!"
...things I do for attention. I'm not normal, i think XD

Anyways. I'm bored out of my mind.
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MAD [23 Jun 2003|10:13am]
Happy People Get Lots Of Sleep. I am not a happy person today. I swear I'm going to slaughter the stupid dog that my mom and dad offered to take while their friends went on a honeymoon. He whined and barked ALL NIGHT LONG. Grrrrrrr!!!

oh yes, and I'm mad at CHRIS because somehow my Final Fantasy 8 magically disappeared after he used my Playstation yesterday.

and who else am i mad at? oh yeah, jessica. that girl is a FREEEAK. She sits and asks me stupid questions, like "What color is that?" and "Where's all your makeup? What happened to it all?" or "Why do you have a picture of this?" and so on.

On a happier note. We get to go to the movies. Looky!

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Been Grounded [13 Jun 2003|10:08am]
I won't br able to update for awhile, I'm being grounded. So yeah. bye.
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