Imperial Fuck Up   
03:27am 25/07/2003
mood: melancholy
music: Thursday ~ A Hole In The World
Played in the~Imperial~ in cavan tonight.I have some stuff to say but I'm to fucked up at the minute.I'm fucking crying for fuck sake.I'm so fucking angry with myself.I'm such a fucking idiot.FUCK FUCK FUCK.I'll write about the fucking shit fuck fuckk fuckkkkkkkk tomorrow or something.YOur all a bunch of Cunts.I hate you all with your fucking perfect lives.FUckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk YOUUUUUUUU
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12:34am 24/07/2003
mood: artistic
music: NIN DEEP
Sorry for not posting anything(thats more of an apology to myself)I'll get round to it soon.I've been fishing alot lately its cool it helps clear my head.My mate Terrence got back from his adventures with a 6 track cd he recorded by himself just him and guitar.Very good kinda Jeff Buckley/Radioheady.Wants me to play bass with him.
02:47am 22/07/2003
  You are, er, Marilyn.
You are Marilyn Manson.

Who are you?
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I thought this was fucking hilarious!!
08:37pm 19/07/2003
  Rayne made the picture thing with the arms and stuff.She kicks Ass.  
Lastnight she said oh baby don't feel so down.......   
08:33pm 19/07/2003
mood: aggravated
Lastnights gig isn't worth talking about we were bad very bad.I'll write more when I get home.Playing tonight in the Madass.I don't like playing there shit setup for the band.
07:26pm 18/07/2003
  Well its that time again.Playing tonight in Hughies in Ballyconnel.Last played there with Flee, that was my last gig with them.It was nasty.See I was gonna tell them after the gig that i was quiting but John the vocalist with the BarFly's told them the day before so I looked like I cunt.Everytime I looked around they were all looking at me with this fuck you expression on their faces.Ah well.  
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12:52am 18/07/2003
mood: contemplative
music: Muse - Fillip
I had weird fucking nightmares last night, waking up sweating about 4 times.I keep dreaming that my ex girlfriend was a vampire and she wanted to cause me pain.She kept chasing me, trying to get me.She looked evil.I just wanted her to leave me alone but she wouldn't.No-one would stop her.I kept running ,pleading with her.In a constant state of anxiousness I ran.I miss her.
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01:28am 17/07/2003
  Tonight was a waste of time.John and Sean may aswel have been at home.We got nothing done.Pissed of.Tired going to bed.I liked Rayne's other picture better.Cute nose.  
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06:25pm 16/07/2003
mood: exhausted
I'm fuckin exhausted my father came to my abode today and woke me up by throwing windows at my stones....hmm something not quite right but nah...So he wanted me to help him with shit today so i said I would because I'm cool!And I've just given my first bass lesson of the day.My other student is coming in five minutes so I should go get his shit ready.Have to go practice with the band at eight.I'm tired.Fuck this.
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03:33am 16/07/2003
mood: pissed of
Well today was kind of shit.It was really hot and summer so I walked around naked alot.I went to Rossa's at about 11pm and just got home we where jammin and talkin about the band and stuff.It was a really boring day.I'm sorry anyone who reads this....yawn.I'll try and be more interesting tomorrow.Giving 2 bass lessons I need the money.Good night Blurty and Rayne and little baby jesus I thank him most of all.Good night jesus loves me this I k.........hahaha I'm tired.

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01:03am 15/07/2003
  I don't mind the rayne anymore.I think its cool.  
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12:20am 14/07/2003
mood: mellow
Well the gig was called of...sigh....because of the old reliable Irish rain.It was supposed to be in a beer garden in Ballyjamesduff in a pub called Cheers...(Cool)...Everything was looking good...nonchalant even until the heavens open up and it starts vomiting a profusion of rain.No Gig.Ahh well another week is starting which is always nice.I think I'll see what my old mate Tommy is up to maybe bring him to The Bedrock for some great food and eye candy...they have art work...and cool girls.

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05:20pm 13/07/2003
mood: Infactuated
Last nights Gig in Gurns-Manorhamilton was great.We got Paul to play drums with us.He's not even a drummer but he played great and knew all the songs.We put on a good show.Two blonde girls of about 17 kept looking at me all night and smiling when i made eye contact with them.The other guys told me after the gig that they hadn't takin there eyes of me all night and were talking about me.Cool.These girls were the most beautiful girls I've ever seen in my life.I'm not just saying that because they were interested in me.They really were amazing.They were the kind of girls you see in magazine's and wonder if they actually exist!They looked kinda of swedish.They took my breath away.I ache for them.I think I'll marry them.Both of them.I swear they were amazing absolutely beautiful.The bodies of Goddesses and the faces of angels.FUCK, THEY WERE SPECIAL!

May or may not be playing tonite,its an outside show so weather permitting we will!
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The Old Abbey   
04:22pm 12/07/2003
mood: grumpy
music: The Thrills-Big Sur
What a shit gig.Shaggy did ok he held the beat well.The crowd was non-existent and what little crowd was there were more interested in getting wasted.They were all really old alcoholic bikers like in there 50's.I swear there was even sawdust on the ground no messin fucking sawdust.

We arrived at like 10:25 due to play at 10:30.We were late because we couldn't find the key to the trailer.We realised Sean must have it so at 9:30 we had to go to Sean's to get it because he was away and his sisters didn't have transport so we got back to Belturbet at 9:50 to pick up shaggy and his drums.It was a cunt of a drive I needed to take a leak badly.

So there you go thats what happened last night.I wish to forget it.

Playing tonite in Gurns in Manorhamiltoon.Don't know what drummer we're gettin.I hope its a better gig than last night anyway.

Oh yeah a girl called Tracy works in the Old Abbey she's friends with Fidelma.She didn't speak to me all night.
Bedrock Girls   
07:10pm 11/07/2003
mood: mellow
music: Grandaddy-The Crystal Lake
Last night was a good gig with a good crowd.Some of the girls from the Bedrock Cafe were there.The Bedrock is where Rossa,John and I go to eat when we are jammin or hanging out.One of them is beautiful.I don't know her name but she has a fantastic figure,red hair and an amazing smile.She seems real nice.But I'm to shy and she's outta my league anyway.
Playing tonight in the Old Abbey in Clonnes.Supposed to be a good Rock and Roll spot.Our drummer is unavailable because he decided he wanted to go to Witnness so a guy called Shaggy is filling in.Lets hope he does a good job.
Oh yeah used a Hartke Head with a pre-amp valve it sounded sweet but was a bit beat up.

(Hair is still pissing me off its about a cm to long)...(fuck)
Fucking Hair Dumb Stupid Fuckin Shit   
08:22pm 10/07/2003
  My hair is seriously pissing me off!I think I will shave it all off and I'm not joking.Its driving me insane.I've spent about an hour on it and washed it twice and used a profusion of gel but it still just won't sit right or be cool.I have to go and play a gig in the Whiskey Barrel in town and my confidence in at zero.All because of my dumb hair.Now I will probably play crap because of it.Fuck You all with your kickass hair I hate you hahahahahahahah arghhhh  
The Other Night   
01:45am 10/07/2003
  Yeah the other night was pretty cool we played out of our skins.And that girl was kinda nice she had this cool vibe about her.She looked like a little russian/european hybrid from a William Gerhardie novel,probably because of the way she wrinkled up her nose.  
Good Gig   
03:48am 08/07/2003
  Played bass at the St Pats Debs.Alright kind of show.PLayed well-Gave it plenty-Very Energetic.Got off with a girl after the show to she was pretty and had a nice body but she was to small for me.And my back was killing me.Ah well it was worth it.Good night all round.Got paid 175!For playig the bass that is not the girl!Anyway.I'm off to bed its nearly four in the morning!

Goodnight Blurty!
Maudlin Me   
06:03pm 06/07/2003
mood: sad
music: NIN-The Fragile
They don't last as long as they used to.At least the initial reactions of hurt don't.That tightness of which i spoke, it goes after a half hour.But I can't stop remembering.I'd blame my maudlin behaviour on drink if I was drunk.But drunk I am not...for if i was I would stop.
04:41pm 06/07/2003
mood: depressed
music: Miles Davis-Sketches Of Spain
I really hurt.My heart is aching.My chest is so tight.I don't think I can hate this.I want it to stop.I want a break from my emotions.I've had enough.I've had enough.I HAVE HAD ENOUGH.