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Sunday, October 26th, 2003

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    Lets start with Friday...Friday night I went to Fairens house and stayed there until she got home from work. Then on Saturday we got ready and waited for Joey(Fairens "thing" aka the guy Fairen likes) and Caleb(the guy that Fairen wants me to start talking to aka hes HOT!) to come get us so we could go to the mall! Well first we wnet to 17th street and then we went to the mall... we walked around and looked in different stores, we met Trevor(the guy that fell for britnie, but hes HOT too!!) there and we got a phone call from my "so called best friend" they all just started talking shit and all kinds of things got stirred up...then after that we went to Joeys house and ate some food, Me and Trevor played video games most of the time. Then Caleb started being a jerk again so i didnt really talk to him while we were there...Caleb and Trevor left early to go get ready for work, so Fairen and I waited for Joey to get dressed then we went to the Hunt Club...I got to be a ZOMBIE aka a "sexy beast" my role was to scream like i was being killed, then to jump out of my grave and go up to ppl and scare the SHIT outta them:) OH IT WAS FUN...but then I started losing my voice! Someones mom called me and started telling me that I cant hang out with her daughter anymore because I answered my phone and let someone else talk on it....Then I hung up on her cause I had a hay ride comming and I had to work...well I called her back to let her listen to me so I could explain and she would NOT listen, she started telling me things like, "obviously ur mom doesnt give a shit about u because u havent talked to her all week and she hasnt called to check up on u, she just drops u off and lets you do whatever you want your mom doesnt care leiah shes not a good mom" HAHA YOU DONT GO THERE ILL KILL SOMEONE FOR THAT SHIT! I was PISSED BEYOND PISSED! I told her straight up..."YOU KNOW WHAT I HOPE U GO TO HELL FOR THAT DONT TELL ME MY MOM ISNT A GOOD MOTHER AND DONT TELL ME SHE DONT CARE ABOUT ME SHE IS THE BEST MOM A KID COULD GET AND WHY DONT U TAKE A LOOK AT YOURSELF AND YOUR DAUGHTER SHE CAN DO WHATEVER SHE WANTS YOU DONT GIVE A FUCK AND HOW BOUT I TELL UR "HUSBAND" ABOUT THE PHONE CALL YOU HAD LAST NIGHT...BITCH I FUCKIN HATE YOU AND I HOPE MY MOM BEATS THE LIVIN SHIT OUT OF YOU!!!" I called my mom and told her word for word what happend and my mom called her (my friends mom) and told her to "COME THE FUCK TO OUR HOUSE CAUSE SHES GONNA GET HER ASS BEAT!" Then then our phone rang and guess what it was the SHERIFF for cryin out loud...he says mam we just got a call and your daughter is with a friend, my mom interupted him and was like umm its taken care of my daughter isnt near her or wont be riding with her, the sherriff says omg thank u that lady seemed a lil off her rocker!!! Well we just got harassed a LOT more but who gives a fuck...I can no longer hang out with MY BEST FRIEND! It sucks but i cant deal with all the drama! Im gonna find a way to hang out with her no matter what so HAH! I went and hung out with Trevor and Danny after that they kinda made me feel better:) then i got in trouble and had to go work again...but i snuck out of it and went an hung out with Caleb and Joey! Haha they got me WEAK! Caleb started to dance with me and they told me i looked like cinderella just a dead one! I started to fall asleep on Caleb but a hay ride came so I had to get up! Well I had to ride home with Joey, he bought me dinner!! I was STARVING!!! well that was my night! DRAMA FROM HELL!!!!!

    Today I woke up at about 11am and then I watched a movie and talked to Joey's mom:) haha I LOVE THAT LADY!!!! After that I went to sleep:) IM DEAD TIRED! I gots basketball tryouts tomorrow if im not on the dance team so WISH ME LOTS OF LUCK!
    PROPS TO MY GURL ASHA she whooped some ass!

    I miss you spidey...love yall leiah

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