07:59am 07/08/2003
mood: sad
music: send the pain below....cheviell
people buy shoes they like and stop trying to change that most companys dont care about whats good for skating the care about making money soo......yeah.....sry just not in the not proud to admit i am not over travis..uhhhhh
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03:01pm 06/08/2003
mood: annoyed
music: headstrong.....trapt
thanks for your advice brandon i will be sure to use it...haha...anyways im so bored there is nothing to do and i have to go to this gay picnic thing uhh o well i have to go and get ready cal me please and save me!!!

03:37am 03/08/2003
mood: annoyed
music: smile empty soul....bottom of a bottle
nohting to do im really bored i want to do something to do if you can squeez me into ur plans tell me!!!
09:51am 02/08/2003
mood: embarrassed
music: white nation army
now you know and it sucks but oh well....
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05:34am 01/08/2003
mood: sad
music: none
im so sad none loves me...or even likes me all i want is to be happy in a long relationship with a guy i feel great with and i wish a guy that i like would come and tell me even if he says okay i like you but i have to get to noe you better to be in a "relationship" with you that would be if you like me and want to take the effert to get to noe me or come foward wiht your feelings....then tell me!...if i mispelled a lot of words in here im sorry
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about me....   
04:44am 01/08/2003
mood: bored
music: none.
[Name:] rose poole
[Name Backwards]: poole rose
[Does your name mean anything?]:a flower
[Were you named after anyone?]: my grandmother
[Nick Name(s)]: rosey posey....blondie..
[Screen Name(s)]: roxygurle605..roxygurley07..hurleygurle07
[Hair colour]: blonde
[Eye colour]: Brown
[Innie or Outie?]: innie
[Righty, Lefty, or Ambidextrous?]: righty

Do You Have...
[Any sisters]: lws and step though
[Any brothers]: 2
[A Disease]:nope
[A Personal phone number]: cell phone
A Pool or hot tub]: hot tub
[A Car]: not yet

Describe Your...
[Personality]: carzy at
[Shoes]: rite now..old school rowleys
[School]: Larkspur
[Relationship with your parent(s)]: Mom's cool, dad's a dick.
[Believe in yourself]: yeah i guess
believe in love at first sight?]: No.
[Consider yourself a good listener]: Yes.
[Consider yourself a good friend]: Yeah.
[Get Along with your parents]: kinda
[Save your e-mail conversations]: No.
[Like to make fun of people]: not unless they deserve it....
like to talk on th phone....yeah

Do you...
[Get motion sickness]: No.
[Eat Chicken fingers with a fork]: No.
[Dream in color]: yeah
[Type with your fingers on home row]: nope
[Sleep with a stuffed animal]: No.

What Last Is/Are/Was...
[Right next to you]: my bed
[On your mouse pad]: comoflage
[Your bedtime]: dont have one
[Under your bed]: carpet
[Your bad time of the day]: I dunno.
[Your worst fear(s)]: spiders
[The time?]: 4:36am
[The date?]: august 1st
[Your scariest moment]: ?
[The best feeling in the world]: dunno

[Number]: 7
[Color]: pink
[Month]: june
[Movie]: old school
[Food]: dunno
[Season]: Summer and fall
[Class]: mATH
[Drink]: water
[Veggie]: carrot

[Store]: dunno
[Flower]: rose....duh

[Me/You]: Us.
[Coke/pepsi]: pepsi
[Day/night]: Both
[Aol/aim]: AIM
[Cd/casette]: MP3
[Dvd/vhs]: DVD
[Jeans/khakis]: Jeans
[Car/truck]: car
[Tall/short]: tall...doesnt realy matter
[Lunch/dinner]: dinner
[NSYNC/BSB]: neither
[Britney/Christina]: neither
[Gap/Old Navy]: neither
[Lipstick/Lip gloss]: Lip gloss
[Silver/Gold]: Silver

[What is the biggest mistake you've made in your life?]: dunno
[Last thing you said]: "dunno"
[Who is the last person you saw?]: mom
[Who is the last person you kissed?]: dunno
[Who is the last person you hugged?]: probly charlie at warped tour..hmmm..i need a hug
[Who is the last person you were on the phone with?]: travis
[What is the last TV show you saw?]: paridise hotel
[What are you wearing?]: roxy shirt and pj pants
[What are you doing?]: Typing.
[Who are you talking to?]: Myself.
[What song are you listening to?]: None.
[Where are you?]: my room
[Who are you with?]: Myself...
[How are you feeling?]: Bored.
[Are you in a chatroom?]: Nope.
[What day is it tomorrow?]: saturday
[What are you going to do after this?]: Continue being bored.
[Who are you going to talk to?]: emily
[Where are you going to go?]: matts house
[How old will you be when you graduate?]: I don't know.
[What do you wanna be?]: Me
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fun fun....   
10:29am 31/07/2003
mood: blah
music: three days grace....i hate everything about you
okay sorry i havent writen in a while....i got my aol account cancelled and it took a long time to get it back....long story dont you would...besides the point...i went to the warped tour and had a good time...except wen people were paying way to much attention to other names....okay we met charley and justin there and some other people..and went with kristen caitlin and brandon...sorry charley...since that girl kicked you in the ass....haha....okay i do like someone proud to say i am over travis!!!!....but you see that person i like i dunno if he happens to like if you like me pleeze tell me...infact that person was at the warped tour...with me or maybe not me persay but anyways pleeze tell me anyway you can.....rose....
guys are mean   
05:38am 28/07/2003
mood: curious
music: three days grace...i hate everything about you
just wondering....iwhy is it f you break up with a guy they automaticlly asume your going to come running back to them once you realized what you did....well thats not the way it works!!
it was fun hanging out with ya kristen caitlin...yesterday.....
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05:47am 27/07/2003
mood: sleepy
music: cold,stupid girl
i am very sleppy..i was on the phone from 3:oo till 6:oo...thanx was funny...running threw the lines..give me back my going to kristens...hopefully ill see u there...Rose
nuthing much   
10:14am 26/07/2003
mood: hyper
music: happy.....lmao!!
nothing much to single wonder if anyone reads these things...i noe kristen got to go...cant wait till the warped tour...kristen good luck on ur strike...i would join you but it would be way to to get!!!!
03:53am 26/07/2003
mood: uncomfortable
music: jerry springer theme song watching jerry springer and all these fat people are stripping....ewww..ok all done good nite and good bye
01:39am 26/07/2003
mood: angry
music: fuck music right now!!
travis was being a total dick he sed he loved danielle and that he wanted to have sex with me.....what in the hell is that...i dunno whats rong with him....well i couldnt take it anymore so i broke up with him...i am going to miss having sumone to kiss and feel close to...this sux ass i would tell you who i like but guess what im not going to cause i dont noe if they like me or not so its a secret...kristen i agree wiht you guys that do drugs and shit r gross as hell...i hate it as charley or brandon would say.....clean

travis is a dickhead
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Nothing to talk about....   
09:48am 25/07/2003
mood: blah
music: bottom of the bottle,smile empty soul
okay theres nothing really to talk about and im really bored. travis is in Ohio with Danielle....Oh great with Danielle that just has some kind of ring to it.I dunno oh well he gets back Sunday.....dammit no one is going to The Warped Tour (that i can go with.) i was supposed to go with kristen but i guess come everyone said that they were going and now no one is,if you ask me thats just gay,dont say it unless you mean it,okay this is a sucky ass thing to be talking about but theres nothing else so if im boring you than stop reading.

i wrote your name in the sand but he waves washed it away,i wrote your name on my hand but washed it the next day,i wrote your name on a peice of paper but accidently threw it away,i wrote you name in my heart and forever it will stay

its nice to have some one to kiss again and to hang out wiht just for the simple fact you like eachothers company...can you tell i have nothing better to do?

10:40am 15/07/2003
mood: bored
music: weve had enough,alkline trio
bored as hell......