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spring break! [21 Apr 2003|10:16am]
[ mood | blank ]
[ music | always be my baby-mariah Carey ]

sorry jeeze i havent updated im tryin to get back on track well mom's wake went ok..my aunt kinda went crazy and wouldnt let go of the caskette + my dad juss sat there like the cock that he is..with that lil smurk on his face!
i dont like havin no mother..i never even got to have my lil "talks" with her ya kno those motherly//daughterly talks well not me..i have a crush on this kid named greg..a BIG crush but im not sure if he likes me ya kno one of those mixed signals kinda relationship i mean were best buds + all but when my friends told him i liked him he didnt say anything + when we went to this party i wore a low cut white shirt + hes like wow your wearin a good shirt to pour something on..+ hes sucha sweethart but..he has a g/f and im not sure! Anyone got advice?! please tell me! ;D

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im back;D [07 Apr 2003|01:56pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]
[ music | x gon give it to ya-DMX ]

Hey! im back ;D Here the update..im living with my aunt my mom passed away ;[Life kinda sux right now but im gettin back into the groove of things ya kno? Well my dad is pissed cuz he didnt get me i went to court + they left it up to me + i chose my aunt over my own father..he made me feel horrible bout it..life sux here i dunt kno anyone! As for me + Tom were still together..;Di love him + miss him soo much! i needa go to the dr. bcuz they think i might be gettin stept but oh well--;D ttyL<33 xoxo!

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Bye.. [02 Mar 2003|04:12pm]
Hey everyone i know ive only been writing for not too long + i love blurty but it looks like i wont be writing for about 3 months..i cant be online were moving again..my moms operation didnt go to well and we need to move to seattle over the next 2 months or she could die..im sorry i wont be on at all or writing for the next 2-3 months..keep me on ur friends list and if you change ur username comment me and tell me when i do come back which i definetly will.. i promise i will comment and start my whole blurty up again..ill be back around june the latest..so comment + wish me luck..my last time being on will be tuesday..so ill check my Comments then;D until we meet again...thanks
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;D [01 Mar 2003|07:01pm]
haven`t written in a while ; i usually dont come on, school days sorry. Well this school week..went fast. Tom was out thurs + friday bcuz he`s got a bad cold;[ so those days went slow..uhm..got in a huge fist fight with some bitch named Merrideth. ugh..then that whole court thing is next week--my mom`s operation is tomorrow(sunday) + im all stressed! How was your Weeks? mine was ok. i love to draw if i never mentioned it before so i drew a picture of abe from clone high lol + my art teacher saw it + wants me to show it to the art of ed. + see if i can get a scholarship for it! How exciting! i <3 clone high lol it`s soo funny their all like lets make out then they do then its like on bye lol. im high! i ment me not for the show..omg i feel dumb..throw me one if you want <3 mWa
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;D [21 Feb 2003|05:49pm]
[ mood | confused ]
[ music | Emotionless-Gc ]

yay!i had a wonderful day...sorta--Jenn + D worked it out;Sam got her face bashed in but she`ll be ok;] i hooked up with this guy; i've been crushing on for a while<33i woke up feeln horrible round 12:30 + Jenn calls me saying she might`ve hurt Sam a lil..than an hour later i get a call from Tom i thought it was Jenn foolin' with me, but nah it was him<3 yippie! lol--My mom got fired for fighting with a customer Go Mom!;D + i got a call from my dad.owch;\ruined my day..He told me he's gonna start to fight for me-sighs-ugh!Not again 3 years ago he tried to do this + he lost + then things got worse--we needed a restraining order against him..bcuz he hits--HARD! Oh well,it`ll all work out it always does i suppose;]Gotta go call Tom<3

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!@#` [20 Feb 2003|07:58pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]
[ music | Hold on-good Charlotte ]

Hey`Well me + Jenn are in a huge fight..D[[her bfs nickname]] well D came onto Sam[[new girl at skewl invited her over]] + Sam didnt know Jenn + D have been goin out since forever + Sam kissed D or D kisses Sam who cares + Jenn walked in! im so sick of the drama-its like if we all aint getting into trouble were either fighting-some crazy shit like this--i just left i cant take the fighting + drama anymore--Today my mom hadda dr. appointment + they said she might have cancer so that adds to it. Jeff + me are..shakey--my world is crashing down ugh!i havent wrote in like 3 days cause im so caught up in drama--they say good girls dont cry well im crying--is that cause im not a good person--or am i just alone`i hate this time of the month too im not such a great writer when this time of the month rolls round;D but heh..who feels me?mWa [[comment]]

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happy;D [18 Feb 2003|09:44pm]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | 50 cent-in da club ]

hey im Emmy. + i guess you can say im not your average girl--everyones different in their own ways but im just me!so let me
tell you a little bit about me..ive been with my boy friend jeff for almost 5 months now! i luv him so much hes soo good to
me;D i adore my kitty Moomie;i try to be friends with everyone but sometimes things juss dont go my way! i love Good
Charlotte<3my parents are divorced i live with my mom<3i love my mom shes all i have*&! my high school is juss like any
one elses we have the preppy bitches//punks//goths//hot guys//shy guys//weird guys each divided into their own lil world--
well im in all those groups except the preppy bitches! i dunt have an offical style im very unpredictable;D i have three best
buds in this whole world..Jenn,Dan + chris--what would i do without you guys--me + dan were best buds till we dated + you
kno how breakups change the whole relationship hes a better friend than boy friend;\my life is complicated its very hard..being
a teenager is not at all what i expected it to be im juss tryin to survive..Dunt eat me..girls juss wanna have fun!

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