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Shopping,Birthdays,Starbucks,Babies,Boyfriends & Icons [15 Mar 2007|03:21am]
[ mood | blah ]
[ music | Muse-Hysteria ]

Today was my day off from college so I went to stockport town center with my mum. I got Madonna's Immaculate album and a nice dress for my Friend Rachel's 18th her mum and dad are making their barn into a disco thing it's on Saturday haha we're gonna get well pissed I got Rachel A handbag and a few bits like a purse,brush hair accessories to put in the bag.

I went work at three where Liz my boss was being rather nice for a change. O_o Treated me to a coffe from starbucks after work me, Lucy,Trisha,Dan,Steve and Adam we were all wondering what she was being nice for then she blurts it out, she's pregnant so this time next year there will be a sprog annoying us all.

I went to David's lastnight he was in a right mood dunno what's up with him he asked me to stay over but I said no cos of him being all moody.

I got a couple of new icons I like finding new Icons.


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how boring? [13 Mar 2007|04:04pm]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | snow patrol ♥ run ]

I've just got in from college, five hours of Bill my tutor talking about william Shakespeare and where he lived god it was boring. I've not seen David since Saturday so I'm gonna go round for a bit tonight see if he fancies watching,or not watching employee of the month. My friend Lisa from college lent me the dvd of it she said it's hillerious. Mum's making me take Serena swimming on saturday I like swimming don't get me wrong but god I hate going places with her!, shes such a whiney kid. So embarrassing. oh well if its gonna shut mum up I suppose I'll have to go wont I?


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oh cripes! [09 Mar 2007|03:24am]
[ mood | awake ]
[ music | hole-he hit me ]

Hey I'm Eve I've just got a computer so I'm new to all this cos I never liked em really but I got one cos my best friend Nena moved to America recently and it's the only way to keep intouch really. I live on a farm just outside Wilmslow, Cheshire, England I live there with my mum, her bloke and my sister Serena and my step brother Wayne. I don't get on with any of them and have fights like all the time. I am currently in a relationship with my wonderful boyfriend David who I've been seeing since I was 16. I have a puppy called Rufus whom I named after Rufus Wainwright. I can tell Rufus anything he's my best friend.

I attend college three times a week taking computer lessons cos I know I bloody well need it. I also take english lit. I always read books the recent one I'm reading is is The Bell Jar which I'm finding enjoyable.

I'd love to stay and chat longer about stuff but it's 3:46am so I'd best go to bed.

Night and Take Care


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