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mEeT mE iN tHe BaCk RoOM... [21 Nov 2004|06:05pm]
[ mood | determined ]

okaay so this weekend was great! first on friday it was LuCiA's SwEeT16. omg that party rocked my sox all night long! they played Uptown Girl for me! that was the cherry on top-lol! lucia looked beautiful! her dress was so pretty. i finally got to wear my black velvet and satine dress that ive been saving for the past 2years-lol yea, i'm a dork. and yes ofcourse me and amanda danced our lil butts off! julie did her "riding the pony" dance-haha. i danced with sarah a lot- omg sarah is so cool. we danced to 'ti amo' and we got light up roses! Patti licked my rose and then i licked it- it was gross-lol yeaaa, sadly i didnt make any new friends, but i did meet a new cousin, Anthony and he agrees with me that mikey should help lucia make canoli's for me cuz i deserve them- hehehe =) ohh and i took a picture with sarah!! that was a cool one. and then juliez daddy drove us home and i went home and watched the 8th season of friends cuz i got it for doing good on my report card-lol im such a lozer
and then last night i went to see the Stepinac play with Jess, palerom, jared and jon. "meet me in the back room-lol jess. that was great- a real hooter in a half! jared and palermo got in trouble with the ppl in bak of us cuz they wouldnt stop talking- haha, at least me and jess wisper! me nd jess r in love with the "server guy who does whatever hez told" a.k.a the butler-lol and then me and jess tried to get candy away from andrew ((andy pandy)) and we took his hat. i wrote on jared, palermo and jon and i got pen on jareds neck! ha ha sux 4him...so yea that was my loverly night

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1o.02.o4 [07 Oct 2004|04:38pm]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | WhItE hOuSeS:: ]

heyy peoples that actually read this!!!!!!!!! hi, so 2morrow paul has a baseball game ((what does he play:: #2:: no what does he play:: short stop::NO WHAT DOES HE PLAY, baseball?:: yes-> a funny made with katie, she was the one asking questions, i was the idiot answering)) so yea and i am ohh soooooo going to that game 2morrow at 4. so yea thats it hugs and baci- good night

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HoOtEr... [26 Sep 2004|04:05pm]
[ mood | crazy ]
[ music | FrAnZ FeRdInAnD:: cuz im just so punk!! ]

Hey peoples, omg I had the BEST weekend EvErRRrRr… so it started on Friday, when me, jenna, her friend Brian and his 2friends Paul and Rob went to the movies on central ave. to see "The Forgotten" oHhh WoW, SUCH a GOOD movie. It was scary and oh so very cool at the same time and Dr. Green from ER is in it!hehe. so after the movie we went walking around and ended up at Brain's house. It was fun, I now have 3new friends. So, we played truth or dare, and umm, yeaa that brought some fun, enjoyable good times.hehehe. Paul asked me for my number and I said yea and he was like "yesss!" no one has ever been that excited to get my number before. Ohh and I have to add that Paul has really big feet, like a size 13 and hez really tall too-lol, Then me, Jenna, Brian and Paul went back to the movies so me and jennaz parents can pick us up and I saw Igor the Sohpmore!! Aww I missed him so much. He got really tall and thinks hez all cool now cuz hez on football-lol. So yea then I went home and I hugged everyone cuz I im nice.
So then Saturday at 3 I had to go to The Manhattan Club for Mary's b-day ((6 months later)) and we all staid in oNe room, but it was big and really cool. So first we went to Jackal and Hyde for dinner. OMG that was like the best part!!!! I LOVE it there! Me, Katie, Steph, and Liz sat at one table and we flirted with the hot waiter. Omg he was sexy. I asked him how old he was cuz I thought he looked 24-25 and he said he wished he was only that old. So we think hez like 30. Me and Katie asked him if they had any drinks with ChErRiEs in them and we told him to give Katie a drink with the cherries in them-LmAo! And yes ofcourse, I fingered some cherries for Katie. Hahaha, I kno, I kno that sounds soooo wrong, but its not, its an inside joke with us and it’s a real hooter! Then we decided to call Billy and tell him we were at Hooters and she asked him if he wanted to talk to one of the hooters so she gives me the phone and I said ((in a sexy voice-lol)) "Heyy, whats your name?" and he sed Bob, and I said "ohh that’s so sexy, OhHh oHHh." And then this big voice on the loud speaker started singing Cumbiya and we all started hysterical laughing and then he was like, whats that noise, so I said, ohh that’s my theme song, I have to go now. And the I gave the phone to Katie. So yea then Paul called me but I had no service so I called him bak and he sed hed call me later but didn’t. so yea, then this guy in a bag popped out and started talking dirty and saying stuff like "whoz ur daddy, spank me hard and all that kinda great stuff. If only we called Billy while that was going on, that would have really been believable that we were in Hooters! Then we went exploring and this butler dude came up to us with his feather duster and said "I have to clean you dirty girls." We were like on the floor it was soo funny. After this we went to Webster Hall to a "Prom Night 1989" it was so much fun. The high school was called, Wanaget High. That was fun, we danced and all the people there were in character and one of them came up to me and was like, arent u in my bio class, so ofcourse I played a long cuz im fun like that. And then the "hot football player" came up to me and said "did u see me camero outside and I was like yeaa sure and then he says ill show u the back seat later, I was like umm sure yea all night long-haha it was soo much fun it was one of THEe best nights ever. So then we took the train back to the hotel and we stayed up all night, took pictures ((yes with my PiMp HaT)) and then BaMbInO called me at like 2am to talk to Katie and then like a half hour later we got off the phone with him and finally fell asleep. Jamie and Liz slept on the pull out bed on the couch, Patti got the floor, Mary got the cot to herself and Steph, Katie and Me spelt in one bed. Then today we got up, sum funny stuff happened and then just b4 we left, Me, Patti, Katie, Steph and Jamie went to HOOTERS across the street from Manhattan club and we got Hooter shirts and shorts. And that was my great weekened

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HeLLo aLL... [24 Sep 2004|05:15pm]
[ music | NaSTy GiRl ]

heyy wow i havent updated this journal is whhiiiile...so yea have u all missed me, of course you have! So tonight i am totally going to the movies w/jenna and baby daddy and JILL!!!!! weeeeeeee so ill tell about it 2morrow maybe, so yea good night

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FrIdAy NiGhTt... [04 Sep 2004|01:22pm]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | SwEeT16 Cd::april 2 ]

Yesterday, despite what bambino thought, I actually went out- so ha!lol
It was italian night at a beach club in new rochelle that my momz friend belongs to. So me and lucia went. First we went in the pool and were there for a while. BUT on the way to the pool me and luc were walking there and a guy came out of these doors and heard me say "i dont like stripping infront of people."-LmFaO!! cuz we had our bathing suits on under our cloths and i dont like people STARE at me when i take my cloths off w/the bikini on under it and thats what i ment. haha that was *classic*. Then we went back to the cabana and got changed when mIo BaMbInO called me. we talked for a while. Lucia thought I was ignoring her, so I got off the phone with him. Then this morning I got a voice mail from BaMbInO tell me that he was at new roc till 12 and he didn't think I was at the beach club that late ((and I was there till almost 12:30am-so ha))and he said he might not call me today and stuff. He deffinitly sounded drunk. I must have details-lol. SSso, anyway, after me and lucia got dressed we went back to the food area and I had my usual-> chicken fingers and fries<- and lucia went over to see nicole ((BrAnDoN's MoMmY-> brandon is so cute!)) and her brother larry. So I was about to eat my chicken fingers when I realized I didn’t have ketchup, so I went over to get some and this table full of guys were looking at me and I was wearing my Corona hoodie and one of the guys in a black ginnyT(or how ever u spell it) says "I love corona" and I keep on walking cuz I want my ketchup and then I walk back passed them again and the guy in the black ginnyT points to his friend wearing a black shirt and a black sweat band thingie and says "he thinks ur pretty" and I said "oHh thank you, you're pretty too." And then I walk to go back to my food and the guys were all "oHh oHhh"-> like the way guys are. So yea then me and lucia walk around the place a few times and then me meet up with the guy who I told was pretty. And he was all "hey whats ur name" so I told him and his name is now New Friend Anthony. I make new friends everywhere, im so cool-haha-> And hez 16 and was not a member of the club, he was just with people. He wasn’t that bad looking. And then he said if u see me later, we'll hang out. So I said okay. Then me and lucia walked around some more and we saw our new friend getting food, but didn’t stop or anything and that was the last time we saw new friend Anthony. I'm a little mad at him yet at the same time very proud of him cuz hez the first new friend that did not ask for my number. Weeee, so yea then after a while me and luc just sat at a table. OhhHh and I got to talk to new friend Tom on Larryz phone cuz larry was talking to Tom and he gave me the phone and I talked to new friend Tom. Next time I see new friend Tom he said he'd wear his Navy uniform. He has nice arms too, oHhH and I'm gonna wear the hat-hEheHe! Good times and then at maybe 12:20ish we left and I didn’t get to bed until after 1:00am. So that was my night.

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UhhHHHHHHhhHhHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... [02 Sep 2004|07:42pm]
[ mood | disappointed ]
[ music | .::. ]

UhHhhHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! i just got the pictures back from Joey's cousins wedding and i took at least 15 pictures with Joey and only ONE came out of my and joey, cuz altogether THREE picz came out cuz after that one my dad dropped my camera and cracked a piece of it thats important in taking a picture ((of course we didnt find that out until my dad like disected my camera to find that out after i wasted a roll of film))
so inconclusion, my amazing beyond amazing weekend and i have ONE picture of it. uHhHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! *curls up and dies*

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i LoVe JoEy!!!! [02 Sep 2004|10:14am]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | sLoW mOtIoN:: ]

okay, so last night Lucia and Julie came over and we watched "When Harry Met Sally" cuz Julie never saw it, and me and lucia think its a very cute and funny movie. and then people kept on calling for my mom during the movie and then the best thing happened!! Phyllis from peurto rico called!!!! ahHh, and then i talk to JoEy!!!!!!! omg i am sooooooooOoOOoooOOo happy now! i love joey soooooo much and i miss him like crazy!!! and he sed he misses me too!!!! we were on the phone a long time. we were talking about his band, what kind of music i like, what kind of music he likes, what movies we want to see, how he serf's now and im petrified of the ocean.... and he's FiNaLLy going to send me his modeling pictures! he sed hez gonna mail them today so I will deffinitly be able to get the mail b4 my mom b/c he sed that just about all of the pictures of him he doesn't have his shirt on. *yAy* and he sed some are "provocative" and "dirty" so i was like, ohh i dont care, send tHoSe!! i'll dEfFiNiTLy like those then! so we made a trade off, he sends me sexy pictures of him and ill try and find some "sexy" pictures of me and he sed that hez gonna have a picture of me blown up and put in his closet. yes, yes i kno what you're all thinking. why would he put a picture of me in his closet and how is that a good thing. well here is your answer...he has like a walk in closet thingie and he has a sterio and a chair in his closet on one end and his cloths on the other end. and he sed he goes there a lot to hang out cuz hez cool and he can. ahh so yes, omg i am so happy and i tihnk i deserve to be happy. now, like whenever he calls i always get sooo happy so when i told my mom he called and she saw how happy i was she sed she should try and get him to call me every week-lol. oHhH and i'm getting the pictures back from his cousins wedding today! i hope those came out cuz my dad dropped the camera when he took a picture of me and joey and my camera has been being retarted and to see what was wrong with it my dad like disected it and found out that he cracked a special part of the lense that u need for taking pictures so he doesnt think that the pictures after he dropped it will come out. and we only took about 2 pictures of me and joey b4 he dropped it and we altogether took 15 picz of me and joey. soo yea ibe been VERY mad about that. but then joey called last night and ive been happy. i can't wait to talk to him again!

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LoNeLy... [01 Sep 2004|07:36pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]
[ music | RaDiO::z100 ]

i need blurty friends! everyone has a lot of people as friends. im so alone

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ScUTTLe, SkiTTLeS aNd BaNgEr SiStEr... [01 Sep 2004|02:04pm]
[ mood | shocked ]

my favorite person in the world is leaving maria regina! i am in total shock, my banger sister, Jillian is not going to school with me anymore. i am going to miss her sooooooooooo much!! i remember our first funny moment together, we were on the lunch line and i was looking thru the glass doors and i said out loud, "was that wall always there?" and she sed "umm yeaa where have u been, why dont i bang u into the wall to see if its real." and from that day in freshmen year untill today she bangs me into walls, lockers, people and basically anything u can be pushed into. i'm going to miss that sooooo much. i kno that sounds stupid cuz how can u miss being knocked into things all the time, but it was like, our thing, we puched each other into things, thats how we showed we cared. Jill taught me what the word torso ment. During gym class freshmen year we had so many jokes, like Prince Eric from the little mermaid has spray on hair ((which i still refuse to believe)) and peter pan and prince eric are very sexy cartoons. and i'm a stupid carrot and shez a bag of skittles and scutle. omg i am going to miss Jill oh so very much! shez my favorite person in the world! and i was always able to talk to her about everything and she understood me. so yet again, in conclusion, anything good in my life always gets taken away from me. but we can always call each other and talk online. but school will deffinitly not be the same with out jill. i love this girl sooooooo much and will miss her greatly!!

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bLaAa... [30 Aug 2004|04:15pm]
[ mood | blah ]
[ music | Pirates Of The Carabean::soundtrack ]

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i hate everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [28 Aug 2004|11:35am]
[ mood | aggravated ]
[ music | the scarlet pimpernel::madam guilotine ]

OMFG!!!! i hate my life, i hate the world and the world obvously hates me, i must have some kind of hex on me b/c when ever i find something i like and am relitivly good at, it ALWAYS gets taken away from me. they made the last cuts on volleyball yesterday and i wasnt on it. yea they picked a bunch of stupid, no skilled miricle grow eating tall freshmen instead of some one who is short, has some skills and has played before. i'm NEVER gonna play volleyball EVER again. UHHHHHHHH i HATE my life. and its not just with the stupid volleyball thing, its everything. when ever i get attached to somethhing or someone, it always gets taken away from me!!!!!! why does the world HATE ME!!!!!! i will NEVER be happy, i sware its like im cursed for life! why cant i ever be happy for once in my life. but no i will forever be alone b/c i feel like no1 loves me!! I HATE LIFE!!!! and i wrote 3 poems last night and i only write when im mad, and i wrote 3, so u can imagine just how pissed off i was. and they're not happy poems either, anyone who has ever read a poem by Justine knows. i dont understand, why does everything hate me. its like last year too, when i was painting for the play, everyone was nice, i made a lot of new friends and then BAM when i really start to like doing stuff for the play, everyone turns on me and calls me a horse! and its the same with people, like my uncle was the only person in my family that i really liked the only one who really understood me and i felt that i can tell him anything and then BAM he died when i was 14. i HATE my life, i really want to hurt something!!!! i cannot take this anymore, why do all the bad things happen to ME!!! someone out there must really hate me and put a curse on me, so when ever things start going right in my life or when ever i like something i MuSt be taken away from me b/c godforbid justine should be happy for once in her horrible life!!

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oH sO NOT TrUe... [27 Aug 2004|12:46pm]
[ mood | energetic ]

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FiRsT cUt... [26 Aug 2004|08:53pm]
[ mood | dorky ]

i made the first cut in volleyball -> Go Me!! so 2morrow i have to go back for practice from 2:30-5:00. tomorrow is also to see if i stay on JV or make it to Varsity, but i HiGhLy doubt ill make varsity. then 2morrow after practice i have to ruch home and take a shower and look all pretty to go to a wedding rehersal dinner which starts at i think 6 or 7. ahh yes buisy buisy little Justine. then 2morrow i have Eleni's Sweet16 which should be a LoT of fun cuz i'm gonna get to dance greek! 2wEeeeeee, yea so anyway im very sore and dont feel like typing anymore, so ill end this now and tell u all how 2morrow's day is when it happens. soo thank u and good night hugs and baci

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VoLLeYBaLL...TiNkErBeLLa... [26 Aug 2004|12:44pm]
[ mood | sore ]
[ music | GeTTin LoW:: volleyball classic '03 ]

so volleyball started last night. i am soooo incredibly sore right now, my arms hurt my legs hurt...
i saw my loverly fernd kaTiE (sexarella) and buddy Amy, and EriCa and all my other volleyball peoples from last year. i did something so stupid yesterday during a practice bumping drill. this is now a clasic joke between me and katie now... so i was supposed to give the ball to the coach and she was gonna throw the ball at the bumper and i was gonna catch it. so i give the ball to the coach and she yells out "BaLL" to the bumper and i run to the next line and the coach is like, Justine u have to stay and get the ball and then give it to the bumper so she can do what u just did. so then i ran back to where i was and the coach throws the ball at the back of my legs and says "oops" and then we continued on with the drill. now when ever katie see's me shez gonna yell "BaLL, justine dont run!" haha ahh yes *classic*. But my serving did get MuCh better i actually served the ball OvERR the net like 5 and 6 times in a row. i am so proud of me! but omg my spiking got sooo bad. i dont kno what happened, i used to be THEE spiker and now i suck majorly. i gotta practice Much more of that 2day cuz i have to go back 2night and see who makes the first cut. and then therez practive 2morrow, so i shall update this 2morrow if my whole body isnt killing me. so thats all the exciting news, thank u and good night! hugs and baci

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GeEk... [24 Aug 2004|04:28pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

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i'M bakKk... [23 Aug 2004|10:44am]
[ mood | awake ]

okay so i just got back from Rhode Island yesterday. i was there from the 18-22nd & Laura came with me and my parent unit. it was fun, we went to the pool a lot and discovered that all the hot guys there only go there at night, so yes u guessed it we would try to go there at night but we would go tOo late cuz there would like be no1 there when we were there. and we also went to the beach and i got totally burned on my back, but other than that i got a nice tan. Laura did not burn at all, she also got a good tan. We all went out to eat everynight and we played mini-golf the first nihgt i think and Laura won. b4 that me and laura went on the go-karts and we totally rocked at them. ahh i cannot wait till i can drive! anyway, yea we went shopping just about everyday and i totally stocked up on Corona merchandice (or how ever u spell it). i got Corona shorts to match my Corona pants and i got thee coolest Corona hoodie sweat shirt thing. omg i love it! the last night we were in Rhode Island, me, my mommmy and laura went for a walk to a little surf store and like about 5minz or less into walking it starts raining really really hard on us and then when we were about to leave the store it starts to thunder and lightening. So, the girl working in the store offers us a ride bak to the hotel. which was nice cuz the people in rhode island are nice that way, but really, who offers a ride to people they dont kno. we could have been killers and took over her car and drove it into the ocean with her in it. but none of that crossed her mind i guess. not that we were gonna drive her car in the ocean with her in it, but still who does that to complete strangers, we must have looked sweet and innocent all wet from walking there. and ahh yes, the fun of being drenched and walking in the rain with cars going fast next to u and splashing you to no end! and the streets flood there oh so easily; we were walking in the streets with about 2 inches of water and my shoes are still wet from that and it like 2 days later! so yea other than that nothing really exciting happened. so ill end this now. thank u and good night! hugs & baci *Ju$*

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aWaY... [17 Aug 2004|07:20pm]
[ mood | good ]
[ music | uptown girl ]

hey all my loverly lovers...im going to rhode island for a few days so i will not be here to interest u with all the great excitement of my life. i shall miss you all, and if you are in that group of people who has my cellular devices number, please call me. so i guess that shall be all for now-> until i get back i lover u all especially those who read this, so thank u and good night

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JOEY JoEy jOey... [16 Aug 2004|12:57pm]
[ mood | regretful ]
[ music | stupid things::jesse mcarthy ]

oMg i had the best weekend EvErRrR!!! so, on August 14th i go to new jersey to FiNaLLy see JoEy! i havent seen him in 2 years since he moved to PR. omg he looks sOoOOo HoT! and he has a little mustache thingie goin on ahhh hez amazing! so i get out of the cr and his face is in shock and he says "wow you look soo beautiful" and ofcourse i giggle cuz thats what i do. me and joeys mommy went in a different limo tham Joey b/c at the last min. joey had to fill in for some1 in th wedding party. so the wedding was very long, deffinitly over an hour. so yeaa after the wedding we went back in the limo's and cars and went back to one of joey's aunts houses but since joey was in the wedding party i dont kno where he was for the 3 hours between the mass and the reception...cuz he wasnt with me... so yea me, joeys mom, joeys cousin Dan, hi grandma and the mother of the groom took a limo to the reception hall but ofcourse with my luck the limo driver didnt kno where he was going so we got lost and we were 30minz late for the reception. but we really didnt miss anything. so when we got there i met up with joey and we got lost for a little while. we went walking outside and we held hands and stuff and then we sat down and talked and then out of kno where he asks me if he can kiss me. and ofcourse me being stupid says "i dont kno can you" so he kisses me on the cheek. then we talked a little more and then he says that he deffinitly has to ask me out and i said okay so do it! but id have to wait like another 2 years cuz he lives in PR and i live in NY and that would never work out but he does want to go to new york for college so id deffinitly see him a lot when that happens. so yea then we went inside and sat around for a little i had some food ((like 20 olives, peperoni and bread)) and he got me a coke cuz hez nice that way and he basically didnt eat anything. Then we went into the actual party area and omg it was BeAuTiFuL!! the DJ sucked majorly ((he only played really bad 80's music then went back to the 50's and 70's like he totally skipped errors randomly and there was deffinitly going to be a fight with the DJ)), but the room was amazing. we sat down and had some food, we talked and a while later we got lost again and went upstairs and just sat alone and talked and he had his arms around me and held me a lot and then he told me i was hot, and "not just physically" whatever that means and then yes, yet again he asks me if he can kiss me. and i dont kno why but i said no, i shouldnt. wow what an uber lozer i am! wow, not kissing him is deffinitly my first ever regret. cuz for those of u who really kno me, u all kno that i do and say whatever is on my mind and i do stupid impulse things b/c when i die i want to die a happy person knoing i really lived and got all i can out of live. and that is why i am so random and will do anything. i never want to have any regrets but now i have one. uhhh ive been thinking about how i really wanted to kiss him but something made me not do it! Uhhhh i am so stupid. the first time i get a hot guy to wanna kiss me and i say no. wow i am the queen of lozerville! so after that we talked a little more and went down stairs. at the end of the night we danced a little then in the middle of the song we switched dacing partners. joey danced with his mom and i danced with his cousin Dan. dan is so funny, like out of kno where he goes "aNd spIn oUt....and SpIn bAk iN and spIn oUt aGaIn aNd baCk. and then again randomly he says AnD nOW DiP! wEeeeeeeeeeeeEEeee, that was great! and so the night was over and me and joey had to go to 2 different houses to sleep cuz no1 trusts us. oh please nothing would have happened, we would have staid up all night talking and then randomly fall asleep somewhere. So he went with dan to stay at his house and i went with joeys mom and staid with her sister gladys at her house.
The next day which was yesterday was roll on the flooor eat dirt and like it funny. yesterday was ohhHhh so much fun. they got some oictures back from the wedding and therez this one blackmail picture of me with the groom(chip), his brother(michael) and i 4got the other onez name but we can call him very drunk pollish dude. i love that picture! haha its the best!! so i was with joey most of the day and my mommy came at about5:00 and we stayed there till i think about 8. b4 my parents came joey gave me a Jack Daniel's drink think and omg i was soo light headed. i couldnt walk straight and everything was spinning. but i liked it. later on everyonr surrounded chip and like stripped him leaving just hus underwear on and threw him in the pool. lmao omg that was soo funny, u had to be there. then after that joey jumped in the pool with his cloths on and i followed a few minz after that. ah yes fun good times. but then sadly i had to leave and i gave joey a kiss and hugged him and i said i love you so much! then i hugged and kissed everyone else there and then i left and then i came home and ive been here all day. and thats all thats left of my amazing beyond amazing weekend with joey. i miss him soo much, and ill see him maybe next year i hope. hugs and baci *Ju$*

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LaSt NiTe... [13 Aug 2004|11:10am]
[ mood | bouncy ]

so i picked up lucia at 5:30ish and we went to new roc and then a few minz later lana called me cuz she was here too and then we met up with chris and joe. Walking out of the big enterence thingie i saw Joey, Laura's brother with Dasiey (and i dont care what anyone says Laura and Dasiey look exactly the same). So, Chris and Joe, and Lucia didnt really want to see The Princess Diaries2, but we all did anyway cuz i thought it looked cute. so we're online and Joe offers to pay for me and he did((aWwW)) and then we saw the movie and it was soo corny. omg it was such a little kids movie! but it looked cute on the commercials. dam commercials, they're so decieving!! so it was like 8:00 when the movie was over and then we just hung out the rest of the time. soo yeaa thats it. thank u and good night. hugs and baci

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$§ShOpPiNg [12 Aug 2004|12:19pm]
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