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this is what i do on a day off [03 Mar 2003|10:09am]
[ mood | chipper ]

Getting my Jane in the mail is like a small gift from the magazine gods. Partly because mail came way early and that's always fun. But mostly because I haven't been paying for it in the past 3 years but I keep getting them. Naomi Watts is unimaginably sexy. Can I steal her away from Heath like yesterday?

So I have a day off today and it feels like a hefty slice of heaven. I stayed in the shower until I ran out of hot water and I smell like vanilla all over. I briefly considered getting dressed and enjoying this beautiful day but instead I threw on a tank top and Oliver's boxers which is starting to feel incestuous so I might change now.

I need to see A Mighty Wind because I've decided that I want to be Parker Posey's very biggest fan.

Drew I made like 593 icons for you so get ahold of me okay?

And where is Josh Jackson? Someone go track him down.

This should totally be in ramble, but I neglect my journal. *pets journal*

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[02 Mar 2003|03:36am]
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long, so justin won't read it [28 Feb 2003|01:53am]
[ mood | pathetic ]
[ music | Pulp Fiction ]

So I've been acting like a complete psycho about this whole Colin thing that wasn't even a thing until I woke up one morning and it was magically a thing. I don't know when it got all out of hand and I don't know when my feelings for him darted over the Like You As Just A Friend Line.

Normally I would be embarrassed by the fact that I've just admitted this to so many people at one time but; a) apparently, I'm transparent and you all already knew anyway and b) hi only like 5 of you read this anyhow :-*

Anyway, Aly, Drew, Ashley, Justin and anyone else: I'm sorry for sucking you all into my third rate drama.

And Colin... )

Anyway, have I ever mentioned just how attracted I am to Bruce Willis? He's like the really hot dad of the girl that no one liked but we slept at her house anyway because he walked around in boxers.


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[26 Feb 2003|02:04am]
[ mood | confused ]

So I told myself that I wasn't going to update anymore tonight. But I just want to say that if you ever intend on telling a girl that things are complicated because they "just are," then it would probably be beneficial to both parties if you gee, I don't know, came up with an actual explanation.

But that's all hypothetical. Of course.

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[25 Feb 2003|03:58am]
[ mood | lonely ]
[ music | Jimi Hendrix | Angel ]

I've decided that I can't sleep alone anymore. Lying awake alone in my bed feels like a sickness. I think that I'd really rather be anywhere but here when the sun goes down. :/ This is borderline ridiculous. A woman my age can't sleep alone and I know that it's sad and maybe laughable but I can't help it.

But since I know that Goldie is reading this hi ma and I know that she will worry, I'll add for the 33rd time this week: I love Mr. Maintainer Man and I might start stalking him.

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[24 Feb 2003|05:04pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]
[ music | drew carey ]

Eep all of this journal housekeeping satisfies the obsessive compulsive side of me. Even though removing some of the dead journals was traumatizing for me.
And all of these new people make me happy.

My parents are moving to Canada for a few years. Kind of strange for me. I'm used to my mom always kind of being around, you know? But my little brother and his blossoming hockey career needs to be there. I guess. So I'm going over to their place tonight to help them start packing. What a way to spend my night, huh? My social life is dwindling. How sad. :/

Justin, you stayed.

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[22 Feb 2003|03:29am]
Well shit...Joey and Chrissy beat me to it...

But Happy Birthday Drew. Once I'm sober and completely awake I'll buy something for you and maybe say something meaningful. *kisses*
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[21 Feb 2003|03:02am]
[ mood | drained ]

Yes, I'm updating again. I'm making up for the rest of you slackers, though I'm sure that this will pale in comparison to anything that some of you would say.

I'm watching the making of Daredevil for lord knows what reason. And I am almost ashamed to admit that it's making me want to sex Colin something fierce. :-[ I can see how the accent would swoon someone. I guess it's a lot more charming when he's not swearing and just being a pig in general. Colin, this is not your cue to jump in here and be mean to me. I'm complimenting you. I'm saying that you're sexy. Just smile and nod.

My little sister is obsessed with Justin. It's actually a sick obsession. Justin, she's young but I recommend a restraining order.

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[20 Feb 2003|06:42pm]
[ mood | rushed ]

I really had to talk to Sarah but I haven't been able to get ahold of her all day long. There's the hazard of having an actual show with regular, grueling hours. :/ Anyway, I forgot what I had to say already. No dumb blonde jokes please. I've heard them all. And I'm really a brunette.

Um, Jessica Alba has some nerve leaving when she knew that I am madly in lust with her and I had grandiose plans to stalk her and trick her into marrying me so we could live happily ever after the end. I'm crying on the inside.

And now I'm going to shower because I've honestly been sitting here in my own filth all day and I already told Oliver that we'd go out and do something, anything at all tonight. Shut up, my filth is pretty and not even all that filthy. Buffykins, where are you?

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[20 Feb 2003|01:16am]
[ mood | hyper ]
[ music | Norah Jones | Come Away With Me ]

Hmm awful hard for you to know who is online if you don't actually log in to AIM. >:o Just a thought.
I don't even have anything to say. Do you pronounce the 'e' in Noah Wyle? I've never known and I've heard people do it. And it sounds kinda dumb. So I'm going to deliberately continue to say it wrong even if you are supposed to pronounce the 'e'. So pfft Noah Wyle-ee.

Who is the girl on the cover of the Sports Illust. swimsuit issue? I would go gay for her. She has no right to be that hot.

And because I promised to mention his name... don't say I never did anything for you )

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[19 Feb 2003|12:41am]
[ mood | tipsy ]

Gotta love when you have a thing for someone who will always think of you as just a friend.

I went out for margaritas with my mom and her tolerance has completely died. Two drinks and she was wrecked. It was funny. Then she started flirting with a waiter who was young enough to be like...my brother or something. He was tickled by the whole thing. But once she pinched his butt, we were out of there. How mortifying. You haven't lived until you've seen your mother pinch a stranger's butt. :-[ So I missed my opportunity to join in on a pseudo-chat if there even was one.

I've volunteered to be JC's personal Band Aide. I <3 him long time. And Kelly is now officially the cutest thing to come from Fox television. :-*
Oh and hello where is Ashley Angel anyway?

And oh man, p_posey is here. I adore her. :-[

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[17 Feb 2003|05:45pm]
[ music | She's All That ]

I had a day off from shooting today. The director was in Boston for the weekend and through bad luck and ill timing, is now stuck on the snow ridden east coast. Oh well. This just means that I get to give into my inherent laziness and my urges to prank call Colin every hour on the hour until he just stops answering the phone. :-*

So now I'm sucking up the President's Day movie marathon goodness on USA and falling in love with Freddie Prinze Jr. just a little bit. I'm also eagerly awaiting Sarah's cameo so I can store it away in my memory for when I touch myself in naughty places later oops did I say that? I think I did. :-x Yes, I'm watching She's All That. No shame in a romantic comdey binge on a day off.

And gee thanks Mr. Timberlake for randomly calling off the chat. Now I'll miss my big chance to have hot asterisk sex with Sarah in front of everyone. >:o I say this in jest, but it really is kind of a pain.

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[16 Feb 2003|10:43pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]
[ music | Stephen Kellogg | Such A Way ]

Okay ew. Why are so many of you people trying to take a leave of absence? >:o
I think I like it lots better when you just sort of poof for awhile without saying anything. But when you announce the poofage, I realize ahead of time that there will be nothing to look forward to. At least I can count on Le Whore to continue making half-drunken rambly posts about how Penny Lane wants to do him something fierce and dirty.

EDIT: Why haven't you people added joey_a_fatone to your various friends pages, yet? Don't you know that he's Superman?

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[15 Feb 2003|03:21am]
[ mood | drunk ]

I'm not sure how Britney does the 5 am thing with Colin but my god I am tuckered out. And pretty well drank under the table by him. If that sentence even makes sense. I'm not sure why I even bothered with trying to update when I can barely think straight. Oh man, expect a coherent post tomorrow when I get home.
Sarah, when are we going to make out?

Holy crap I'm drunk. Happy Saturday everyone. Happy Birthday Brandon. I love you, you beautiful man, you. Let me get you drunk so I can take advantage of you before Mandy stakes a claim. :-* This is taking far too long and far to many backspaces. mwa good night

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[14 Feb 2003|07:19pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

I can't believe that I'm about to spend my Valentine's Day with Dial-a-Slut Mr. Farrell. Sigh. What is this world coming to? Colin, if I trip over Demi or Britney on my way in, I am turning around and coming right back home.

I shouldn't be so catty. I think that if Freud got a chance to analyze me from the grave he'd say that I was repressing some serious sexual feelings toward Colin and possibly my father and it's coming out in waves of animosity. Which is probably true. The father part. I could never be sexually atrracted to Col. Ew times 9. These are jokes people. You are required to laugh. We all know that Colin is naughty, irish sex on two legs.

Katie is cuter than all of you, by the way.

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[12 Feb 2003|07:47pm]
[ music | Dixie Chicks | Without You ]

Sometimes I hate being a woman.

I get hormonal and I cry over silly things like missing Joey's Creek.

And I get upset when I get past my pretention and realize that I'm married in the technical sense and I somehow don't have someone to spend an evening with on Valentine's Day. This is not me begging for a date. I'm just stating facts.

Colin dear, you look downright delicious on the cover of US. You and Britney both. I actually wanted to get in your pants for a brief moment while I was in the middle of the grocery store aisle. Then I remembered that you're a whore. :-*
Did anyone else see it? Oh wait- I forgot that all of you people disappear during the week.

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[12 Feb 2003|02:57am]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | Tracy Chapman | You're the One ]

I've decided that I'm allowed to post a billion times a day...just as long as they're short, sweet and maybe endearingly psychotic.

I saw Luke Wilson on Craig Kilbourn and he's pretty damned great looking. This is no surprise to anyone, I'm sure. But he pulled off horizontal stripes with a pinstriped suit and it was recklessly cute. And if you missed the show, then shame on you all. Not a new crush. I'm merely gushing overzealously.

oooh pikachurs )

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[11 Feb 2003|07:27pm]
[ mood | hating these mood icons ]

I've always wondered how a bikini waxer could do their job. What if..."it" smelled really bad? I don't think I'd be able to deal with that for an extended period of time. Blech.

short enough, mr. timberlake?

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[10 Feb 2003|05:59pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]
[ music | Bon Jovi | You Give Love a Bad Name ]

So I made it here in one piece. And of course it's snowing now. It's pretty and all that jazz but I don't have the proper foot wear or something. Oliver actually called me with an emphatic 'I told you so' because he said something about needing a good pair of boots. Whatever show-off.

Of course my flight was awful. It left late and the man next to me smelled like dirty feet or old cheese or something. He made it difficult to sleep, which was my plan. It's easier to ignore turbulence when you're dead to the world. And he kept insisting that I was Julia Stiles. Do I look remotely like her? She's a cute girl and all, but we do not look alike. But when he asked for my autograph, I went ahead and signed it 'Julia' anyway. :-x

Todd just woke up because I think I wore him out last night. With the endless chatter, you sickos. I think he was expecting me to be all jet lagged and junk, but insomniacs don't have to deal with that. Anyway, we should be heading out soon, so I'd better go. I'm all about rocking out to Jovi, reliving the days when Living on a Prayer was a hit. :D I know I'm a loser, shut up.

Justin isn't going to read this because it's too long. :/ How rude.

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I have something against subject lines [09 Feb 2003|06:28pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

So I really should be going over my checklist for the third time to make sure that I packed the essentials for my trip, but nah. I'll just sit here and ramble for awhile. I really don't dig flying much and the longer that I can delay my panic, the better off I'll be. At least I managed to get a direct flight. So I can pop a valium, have a shot or two in the airport bar - excuse me, lounge - and sleep all the way to the east coast. Shoot, how cold is it? I never checked and I can see myself now, freezing my patootie off.

So um yeah, Chris decided not to come home last night. And I guess that calling me to tell me that he wouldn't be home was just out of the question. How great that men can be such pigs. :-* Makes me want to have a brothel of them so they can all take turns being mean to me. Wouldn't that be grand? Who wants to be a part of my man harem? Anyone? No? Okay.

So I did what any woman scorned does in my position. No, I didn't call Colin Farrell for a wild, drunken night on the town. I called my brother and made him come over to watch An Affair to Remember and Breakfast at Tiffany's with me. And how sweet that I have a sore throat from hell and he refuses to go out and get me something for it because he's at a crucial point in Zelda. >:o Too bad he has to get up eventually to drive me to the airport, anyway.

Okay sigh. I need to get going or I'll miss my flight.

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