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let's set this city ablaze [30 Mar 2004|04:33pm]
[ mood | sore ]

josh and i just got back yesterday from virginia, we finally got to go and visit his family. it was a real good visit, i really love being around his family and getting to know them better. we got to go see the cherry blossoms in DC which were really cool, even though they weren't fully bloomed yet. i got to spend a lot of time with jenna, josh's sister, and we got to know one another a lot better. we actually had a pretty serious talk about some things. hopefully i said the right words and that they will somehow help her out along the way.

i really enjoyed the drive back to middleport. it turned out to be a beautiful day out and it was just a great day to drive with the windows down. had a really long and nice talk with my husband. everyday i become more attracted and in love with him. i am so blessed that God put him into my life. hard telling where i would be if that hadn't of happened. God is so good, and He has blessed me with so many great things these past couple of years. i am so glad that my eyes were finally opened and that i began to have a real relationship with Him. i believe that He has so much more planned for josh and i and i just can't wait to see what He does have in store for us.

anyways, things are going really swell. even though lately i just feel like i have a billion things to get done. i am repainting our porch, didn't like the green i was painting it, so i'm moving on to a different color. it's lookin real good, and josh and i are really enjoyin our new patio set. i can't wait to have people over to cookout and stuff, it will be good times for sure. i planted some flowers, i just hope that i did it right...i've never had a green thumb, so hopefully that has changed! i'm gettin real excited about fixin up the rest of the house, it's a lot of work but it's really fun to see the end result.

not too much has been going on though really. i start teaching a photography class in the next couple of weeks, so i'm really nervous about that. and then our first official small group meeting is coming up also. so these next couple of weeks are gonna be real hectic, i have 2 different lesson plans to get done. blah.

josh and i started working out yesterday. haha. we went running/walking and later that nite we did sit ups and push ups. i'm determined to lose this buldging fat on my stomach. josh said that he would do it with me, i always need someone there to help motivate this is a real good thing. so, i hope we really stick with it.
well, that's it for now.


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