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Date:2003-05-12 22:18
Mood: tired
Music:Dj Sammy - Heaven

Well, another uneventful day has passed. Happy Belated Mother's Day to all the Mothers and Mother-figures out there!
I took my Mom out for dinner last night. That's all she ever really wants on Mother's Day - one day where she doesn't have to cook. Well, my Mom can get on my nerves and she's always on my case. But you know what, I wouldn't trade her for all the world. I don't know where I'd be without her.
Anyhow, i'm tired so I'm going to bed.

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Date:2003-05-09 18:16
Mood: complacent
Music:Coldplay - Yellow

Well, I still can't get over it. They could've won, should've won, but didn't. I guess I'll have to cheer on Ottawa and Anaheim now. It better not be New Jersey and the Wild - talk about the sleeping match of the century.
Anyhow, I finally got the call back from Shoppers - didn't get the job. Oh well, I guess I'll have to look for another daytime job. I'm working at my old gig for now - performing surveys over the telephone, but they just don't give us enough hours. And the fact that I work in the evenings means I get to miss all my favourite shows. Yeah, I know, it's a lame reason for not wanting to work in the evenings, but hey i'm a TV junkie. :) FYI, I missed the first 2 periods 'cuz I was working :P I must've jinxed them or something when I got home.
Oh, another thing. People at my workplace were actually cheering against the Canucks just so that people responding to the surveys wouldn't have a reason not to do it due to the game.
Marks for the Phar classes still haven't been posted up!!!!! What the heck's taking so long?!?!?! To my amazement, I did pretty well in MicroBi: A-!!! Yeah, baby. Yeah! lol. Didn't too bad in English either, B+. But I thought I had a real good chance at getting an A-; fell a little short of my goal, but at least I don't have to take english courses eeeever again.
um, i guess i'll watch Matrix on the tube tonight. Haven't seen it in a while.
Peace out.

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Date:2003-05-08 22:17
Subject:Noooooooo! :'(
Mood: sad
Music:Amanda Perez - Angel

I can't believe it! The canucks are out. They gave up a 2-0 lead! Man, oh man. A friend said the Wild didn't receive a single penalty the whole game and that they definitely deserved some. I didn't get to watch the first 2 periods, so I can't comment on that.
I'd write more, but i've just got to cry myself to sleep. i'll write more tomorrow - guaranteed.

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Date:2003-04-23 20:40
Subject:Ai ya!
Mood: mellow
Music:AC/DC - Thunder Struck

Go Canucks Go!

Seeing as there's no hockey tonight and I don't have an exam 'til next Monday, thought I'd write a little somethin' somethin'.
Well, it's been a while, but the Canucks did it! They won a series! Yeah! Woooooooooooo! Canucks simply dominated the game. Linden was clutch, yet again. Bertuzzi made a crushing check on Bryce Salvador behind the St. Louis net. That highlight's gotta make the next "Rock 'em Sock 'em" video (unless Cherry has something against Bertuzzi still. lol) There's still a chance for an all-Canadian final. Vancouver vs. Ottawa, baby. The avalanche were eliminated. Personally, I'd rather see Colorado vs. Vancouver from an entertainment perspective. But I guess the Canucks should have a theoretically easier time with the Wild. Toronto was eliminated, but they deserve to be. They were totally outplayed. If Belfour didn't show up, they would've been swept. They were lucky to get it to 7 games.
Anyhow, it was so funny to hear everyone honking their horns and everything last night. I mean, all the Canucks did was get through the first round. Not like we won the Stanley cup, but I guess that's what you get when we're so not used to winning, lol. That's about enough sports commentary for today.
Let's see now. I'm down to one exam - Microbi 202. Should be tough seeing as I haven't done any of the required readings, but I should be able to scathe out a decent mark. Got 25/30 on the midterm, which was worth 40% of the term, so I'm in pretty decent shape. I haven't checked out my Phar100 Lab assessment 'cuz I know I did so bad. And from the sounds of things, people didn't do too good. But anyhow, 7 more days 'til I head back to Vic. I wonder if I nailed the job from last week's interview. Apparently, not too much competition, which bodes well for me :)
In other news, the WHO have listed Toronto as a dangerous destination due to the high incidents of SARS cases there. That just seems too drastic of an action as it's going to affect their economy and their image.
That's ends today's ramblings. I'll babble more some other time. :D

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Date:2003-03-30 16:06

As with all my school work, I'm starting to slack off with my blurty. Go figure.
Let's see now. Chem labs are finished now. The so called chem lab exam was a joke. English report is STILL not finished 'cuz I'm working on the powerpoint presentation for it. It's going to be so trippy, with all the effort I put into it.
SARS seems to be starting to take a toll on people's mentality. Quite frankly, people are panicking too much over it. No doubt it's scary, but you have a better chance of being struck by lightning for heaven's sake. It's like how people reacted to flesh-eating disease a couple years back. Anyways, people reading this probably think I'm a wacko or something. so, l8r.

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Date:2003-03-21 16:35
Mood: drained
Music:REM - It's the End of the World

I'm out of PBL early, so I thought I'd write something. Went to the Canucks game yesterday. Nice 7-3 victory for the 'Nucks. The ice looks so much smaller in person compared to watching it on television. Although, we sat way at the back with our backs against the wall, the view was surprisingly great. Even, the mesh which safeguards the fans from flying pucks wasn't a problem, but I'd have to agree with Grapes that they should switch the netting to white.
In other news, the United States has made their first major aerial attack this morning. Yesterday, there was the first casulty and 12 others died in a freak accident due to their helicopter. Hopefully, this will be a short war. *cross your fingers*

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Date:2003-03-18 20:47
Mood: complacent

Nothing new nor exciting today. Canucks lost to the Blue, 6-4 in Cloutier's first game back. Got a chem lab tomorrow.......finally. In one aspect, I'm glad that the chem lab wasn't cancelled completely, but I really don't like chem labs :P *sigh*. Well, just 2 days away from my first Canucks game at GM Place. Should be exciting and they should be able to beat Nashville, which would be all good. Phar 211 midterms have been marked, but haven't gotten them back yeah. Class average is apparantly an insane 90%, so hopefully that's good news for me. But knowing me, I probably was one of those people who brought the average down. ta ta for now.

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Date:2003-03-17 21:16
Mood: blah
Music:Avril Lavigne - I'm With You

Well, looks like we're just 48 hours away from our first major war of the century. We all knew it was inevitable espicially with the States already sending all those troops over. And who put the States in charge of running the world. How can they forge into a war without the backing of the UN? I, for one, am glad that Canada's not going to have any part in this war. There's no justification for this war. Sure, Saddam is a threat, but why focus on Iraq? I'll bet anything that the middle east's rich oil resources play a factor, but anyhow Bush's reason for attack is based on the fact that Iraq possesses "weapons of mass destruction". But what about North Korea? If any country's a threat to the world, it's North Korea. They've withdrawn themselves from the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty and clearly make no effort in hiding the fact that they have "weapons of mass destruction". And how about the States? Clearly, the US has "weapons of mass destruction", so why doesn't the US start a war against the US? lol.
Anyways, Canucks beat the Stars, 4-2! Nice hat trick, Bert! Yay, we're in second place, just one point behind the Red Wings.
On another good note, UBC's legislated an injunction against the TAs from striking on campus. That means bus rides all the way into campus! Hip hip hooray!

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Date:2003-03-15 20:31
Subject:blah blah blah
Mood: bored
Music:Norah Jones - Don't Know Why

Well, I set out to do the majority of my english report today, but as usual I ended up doing practically nothing. Leafs beat the Canucks 1-0 :P

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Date:2003-03-14 21:18
Subject:No more Pharm Labs!..............for this school year at least
Mood: drained
Music:Swollen Members feat. Nelly - Breath

Well, the final assessment was easy AND brutal at the same time. They give us 40 minutes to do a thought process worksheet. Come on! I can do that peice of crap in 5 minutes. But then they give us 40 minutes to refill a Rx, dispense a Rx, discontinue a Rx, check 4 Rx's for errors and look up information in the CPS, Pharmacare/LCA, and B.C. College of Pharmacists Information Binder. They should've just given us 80 minutes for all that. Insane, I tell ya. Anyways, there was more illegal picketing today. There were 8 reported incidents of cars running over protestors. There's a part of me that says, "haha, suckers. you deserve it" and there's a part of me that says, "I hope they get better soon." Traffic was really bad on 16th, so the bus driver dropped us off right in front of Hampton, which is a 20:36 walk. How accurate of me :) I know I'm such a geek. Anyways, time to drown myself in misery on a Friday night. L8r.

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Date:2003-03-13 22:02
Subject:Canucks tie Blues 4-4
Mood: worried

As of yesterday, the TAs are legislated back to work. But now they're illegally picketing. Oh, whoops, they're forming a "protest" line. Well, I'm all for the right to protest and what not, but protests aren't supposed to impede the flow of traffic into campus. I had to walk for 20 minutes to get to class!!! And when I got there, the prof didn't want to cover any new material!!! What a waste of time! I wished the TAs were still on strike, so that we wouldn't have to do another chem experiment!! They've just screwed everything up. *sigh*. On a good note, yesterday's microbi midterm was so damn easy. I'm sure I got 30/30. Anything lower would be a disappointment. Well, I've got a final assessment tomorrow along with an English presentation. How exciting can I make nail scissors sound like? Well, we'll see.

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Date:2003-03-12 08:02
Subject:Microbi's a subject. A real boring one at that.
Mood: busy
Music:Eagle Eye Cherry - Save Tonight

Well, 11 hours to go until the midterm. I've got a lab assessment on Friday and an English presentation on Friday as well. I feel like I'm going to blow up any sec now. Anyhow, Microbi can't be that hard, now can it? Albeit, 30 MC questions in 1 hour accounting for 40% of our mark is pretty big. Well, the Canucks played pretty bad in the final 40 minutes, but pulled out a 4-3 victory with a little puck luck. It's just insane how the ref whistled down the play - just as the Islander player (can't recall his name) made his deke on the breakaway, the ref called the play dead 'cuz an Islander was injured on the ice. Maybe Skudra heard the whitsle and let up on the play, but I just think the Canucks were fortunate that it wasn't tied at 4 at that point. Anyways, back to the books. L8r, folks.

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Date:2003-03-11 15:26
Subject:Go Canucks Go!
Mood: calm
Music:Smashing Pumpkins - 1979

Well, surprise, surprise. The Canucks actually did something at the trade deadline. Brad May should be a good addition and at least we know what we're going to get out of him, seeing as this is his second stint in Vancouver. I would've liked to see Ray Whitney or a Stu Barnes in a Canucks uniform. Whitney would've helped our power play, but I guess the asking price was too high. Anyways, go Canucks go!

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Date:2003-03-10 15:01
Subject:Down with the TAs
Mood: aggravated
Music:Dragula - Rob Zombie

Well, it took a while, but they finally picketed a building that I actually went into. After realizing that all the entrances to Buchannan were blocked, I just walked through one with out any restraint. Quite frankly, the TAs don't deserve a tuition waiver. They're supposed to be there for an education; NOT to work. Get your priority straight, sheesh! gee, I feel so bad for them. they're only getting paid $22 an hour. Try working a real job, damn it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, enough of that rant.

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Date:2003-03-09 13:33
Subject:First post
Mood: happy
Music:Eminem - Superman

well, this is my first post. how exciting. i'll never be able to make that first post ever again, so I guess i better make this good. ok, here we go. this is my first post with hopefully many to follow. um, yeah. ok, so far so good. maybe, I shouldn't write down everything I'm thinking at this exact second. I can already see that my first post is going down the drain. ai ya! well, zai jian!!! :)

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