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[19 Jan 2004|02:03am]

3 beautiful free-form crocheted hats for sale on ebay:

large purple/red skull cap for $30US

multi-colored flapper style hat for $35US

small/medium sized brown/gray/white skull cap for $35US

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:0 [25 Jun 2003|11:07am]

[ mood | creative ]

This may sound weird but when wearing it looks really cute:

Buy a type of easter hat. (See one here: Unlike the hats in the link there my hat is straw ¬ see through which I think is cuter and more multi-usuable (is that a word?)
Tilt the hat to the side a little and put some hair in front of your shoulder &some behind -on your back.

*Looks best with wavy or straight hair.

Just a tip, If anyone is interested.

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[22 May 2003|07:36pm]

I dunno if the pic will work, but this is me and josh at prom. with scally cap.

me and josh
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[04 May 2003|04:32pm]

I finally found my hat! I got it at Kmart. It looks like this one only black:

cute to the mizzax

I wish my camera was working cuz it looks a lot better on.
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[04 May 2003|12:41am]

ok, so just disregard that last redundant entry I just wrote. I realized after I wrote the same thing twice.

I lose.
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[04 May 2003|12:37am]

I've been looking everywhere for a skally cap lately but there are none to be found. I checked all the thrift stores and there are just none to be found. Do you know where I could find one?
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[02 May 2003|10:10pm]

[ music | the ataris - iou one galaxy ]

first post. woohoo. my mom got me this hat because she thought it was a trucker hat and she knows how badly I want one... it wasn't, but I still <3 it.

ignore my ugly faces in some of these. )

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