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Saturday, February 7th, 2004
2:26 pm

Without me... nothing would get done. That is good enough for me. By the way, do you think we should found something? I mean: we almost have the completion of the founding fathers in our group of friends. Let's go for it!

current mood: stressed
current music: Groove Armada: At The River

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Wednesday, February 4th, 2004
11:24 am
Josh from this day forward you
will also be known as Shrieking Enchanter

brought to you by: House of Ninja

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Monday, February 2nd, 2004
11:32 am - poohead
i am ashamed to know David Duterte. He is a vile creature. I am sorry to all of the other poor souls who have had the punishment of making his acquaintance...

current mood: crappy

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Friday, January 30th, 2004
11:20 am - Azns: ECU Styl3
How can u tell an ECU asian? they are the ones who dont have mp3 players. We need more. I liked Enloe. Meh.

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Monday, January 26th, 2004
4:51 pm

create your own visited states map
or write about it on the open travel guide

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Friday, January 23rd, 2004
5:42 pm

Which Family Guy character are you?

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11:09 am
I feel horrid. Icky!!! Today will be a good day though. I already had history and it wasnt rough at all. Soon I will be off to lunch and then english. Then I think a nap is in order for the afternoon and maybe a double date 2nite w. my lovely girl Kelly & Matt/Kari. We'll see.

I almost forgot: I get Axis & Allies 2morrow!!! My mom is driving to G-Vegas to bring it and a few other things. Awesome!!! Wahooze. So ngcool!

Well, I think I am off to shave now... if i feel like it... which i wont... maybe. Meh

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Tuesday, January 20th, 2004
10:29 am
Playlist: Top 20: Jan. 20, 2004

1) 2001: Phish
2) U.S. Blues: Grateful Dead
3) Silver: Nirvana
4) Typical Situation: DMB
5) Swallowed: Bush
6) 1-2-8: Mighty Mighty Bosstones
7) #41: DMB
8) S.R.: Reel Big Fish
9) Stella by Starlight: Miles Davis
10) Happy Coffee Song: Trey Anastasio
11) Catapult: Phish
12) As Covers Go: Dashboard Confessional
13) Blue Train: John Coletrane
14) Two Coins: Dispatch
15) Redemption Song: Bob Marley
16) Cathedrals: JLC
17) Smoke: Ben Folds Five
18) Money: Pink Floyd
19) Cavern: Phish
20) Bark Graffitti: Clevinger Four

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Saturday, January 17th, 2004
11:00 am - Phish Lyrics for the Day

Your time is near, the mission's clear
It's later than we think
Before you slip into the night
You'll want something to drink
Steal away before the dawn, and
Bring us back good news
But if you've tread in primal soup
Please wipe it from your shoes

Just then a porthole pirate
Scourged the evening with his cry
And sanctuary bugs deprived
The monkey of its thigh
A dust arose and clogged my nose
Before I could blink twice
Despite the stuff that bubbled up
I gave some last advice:

The flesh from Satan's dogs
Will make the rudiments of gruel

Deduct the carrots from your pay
You worthless swampy fool

Exploding then through fields and fen
And swimming in the mire
The septic maiden's gargoyle tooth
Demented me with fire
I drifted where the current chose
Afloat upon my back
And if perchance a newt slimed by
I'd stuff it in my sack

Soon I felt a bubble form, Somewhere below my skin
But with handy spine of hedgehog
I removed the force within
Suzie then removed her mask
And caused a mighty stir
The angry mob responded
Taking turns at grabbing her

The foggy cavern's musty grime
Appeared within my palm
I snatched Rick's fork to scrape it off
With deadly icy calm

[(original lyrics - from 4.22.90)
The brothel wife then grabbed a knife
And slashed me on the tongue
I turned the blade back on the bitch
And dropped her in the dung]

The crowd meanwhile had taken Sue
And used her like a rag
To mop the slime from where the slug
Had slithered with the bag

In summing up, the moral seems
A little bit obscure...

Give the director a serpent deflector
a mudrat detector, a ribbon reflector
a cushion convector, a pitcher of nectar *
a virile dissector,a hormone collector

Whatever you do take care of your shoes

* or "a penile erector" (4.22.90, 10.31.90), or "a picture of Nectar"

current music: Vida Blue: 12/31/01: Roseland Ballroom: NYC

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2:04 am
What Makes You Sexy? by eva71
Sexy Body Part IsEverything
Special Talents AreGiving The Rub Down
Created with quill18's MemeGen!

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Friday, January 16th, 2004
8:59 am - Shave and a Haircut
I need them. O, and yes, I do have a quarter in my pocket.

Moving on, this is a super-fast update since the shower calls my name. Well, hisses intolerably but I pretend it is for me. Let’s see… what to update on. Ah yes, my wretched classes.

My week starts off mild enough with my first MWF class @ 10.00 AM (to 10.50AM) and I have American History pre- 1877. It isn’t too bad but the teacher has yet to get to the actual curriculum. Never the less, it may be enjoyable. I then have a two hour break in the rigor of breaking from breaking. It is during this time that I like to “sketch and doodle” as well as eat @ Chickfila. The place never gets boring. It is then off to English 1200 @ 1PM (to 2PM) w. Mr. Maton (it is French, ya know?) I am not too big on letting people tell me who and what to write so we will see how this class progresses. This ends my Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Tuesdays and Thursdays are a little less relaxed. Out of bed @ 7.

WHOA! GONNA BE LATE. I will pick up on this later.

Ok… where was I? Ah yes: I was in Tues/Thurs-land Out of bed @ 7. Two hours of Chem. with Bill. Not too bad except that the class is a) two hours long, b) Chemistry, c) 8 in the morning, and d) taught by somebody who speaks as much English as I do Japanese. Meh. Then, a small break from 10-11. Eat lunch w. my love Jelly @ 11 and then off to a 12.30 Comparative Government class w. Dr. Conradt. All is well here except that this dude yells at inanimate objects. Podiums, his pen, paint on the wall… on and on. Awesome guy- knows his stuff. Problem is, he knows EVERYTHING. So, he tells you EVERYTHING. So there should NEVER be any questions on the lessons. We will see how this class turns out. Then, right after PoliSci, I have Anthropology. Not too bad- seems ok enough.

I gotta split- time 4 Chickfila

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Monday, January 12th, 2004
5:48 pm
You are spoon guy. You should have planned ahead
buddy, or packed a bigger lunch.

which rejected character are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

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Wednesday, January 7th, 2004
4:41 am
Rough night. It is 4.15AM... not my favorite time to be sitting @ my computer. I am watching... well "watching"... anyway, I am watching Adaptation for the 3rd time. I now know most of it by heart- I’ve seen it enough that I HEAR the movie but I can also SEE it. Anyway, not lots going on @ the moment- I just cant sleep. I am just stressed… Well, the deal is: Things with Kelly and I have been going SO well in the last few weeks and I cant even recall many problems at all. But I’ve left her out of my Blurty/ LJ/ Xanga for such a long time. Re-reading all of them for the last dozen entries, I’m just upset with myself for not writing about ANYTHING at all especially her- I have spent so many wonderful days with her over break and these journals have lacked mention of… well… it all.

Here goes: this entry will begin as a rough catch-up of sorts and kickoff a habit of writing more in these.

I spent most of the pre-Christmas days of break at the mall. And when I say most- I mean all except one. I visited the mall 9 out of 10of my first days back at home. It may seem quite silly but… aw, whom am I kidding, it was. Hung out with Kelly a lot at the mall- she is a great person to shop WITH but very difficult to shop FOR. Haha. BUT, she was able to see what I wanted for Xmas and DAMN!, She did a good picking out stuff for Xmas presents. Haha. After the shopping came Xmas and I do believe there is a short entry about that.

New Years was also an astounding event. Well… there was the invention of strip fuck, the coming of the closet of a Ms. Elena Albrecht, her sis’ becoming a… a um…there was the… the sultry defloweri--- just NM on that one. Moving on: There was my first viewing of Camp Nowhere, the events leading up to the discovery that Wendys DOES close b4 “late night” sometimes… AND, on top of it all- I got to spend the whole eve and morning w. my Boo.  It was beautiful and it meant a lot. Just a year ago on New Years, Kelly and I got together- it is just amazing that we have gotten where we are in just a year. It hits me everyday and I just… can’t say it any better than: I love you Kelly.

My Aunt, Uncle, and cousin Nathan came by on the 1st. It was nice to get to see them even if it was for only a very short time. Although they did stand in the driveway for close to 30 minutes…

The next two days brought a MARVELOUS trip to the beach. Mom, Annie, Kelly, and I went to North Myrtle for the 2nd and 3rd and we had so much fun. Well, I can vouch for myself and say that I had a lot of fun  We drove by Krispy Kreme no less than 4 times and the hot light was NEVER on! We played Scrabble and the collabortation of Mr. Josh and Ms. Kelly obliterated the Mommy Hoss Scrabble Squad (MHSS). Walking on the beach was nice even though the temp was crazy- all over the place. BTW: Fazoli’s let me down.

Got back on the 3rd ~6.30 and Kelly and I went to dinner @ Casa Carbone. Funny story actually: I am a moron. I thought for a few weeks that the 4th was on Saturday so I thought we would go out Saturday… and I was corrected on that one. Haha. Anyways, the meal was wonderful. I just fall in love with her over every meal… at every movie… every time I see her smile… it all comes rushing back. I just cant put it into words. Wonderful night.

The next day, Todd came over to make dinner ~12.30 so we could go shopping. [dinner @ 6.30] And, DID WE EVER!! Wow- he is an ASTOUNDING talent in the kitchen. I want to eat his Italian food all the time. Kelly gave me the sweetest gift in the entire world. [Yes, SWEETER than Todd’s chocolate cheesecake!] She is just so thoughtful and kind and caring and and and I am such a lucky guy. Just blessed everyday... and sometimes I dont let her know it. Sorry for that Kelly.

I feel sleepy now. I will try to write later/2morrow.

Sorry this entry sucks- it is 4.40 in the frickin’ morning. Nothing I can do about it. I have a lot more to say but I want to sleep before the sun comes up.

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Tuesday, January 6th, 2004
11:01 pm
ALSO POSTED on Xanga and LJ

The Basics:
Full Name: Joshua Adam Hostetter
Nickname: Hoss

Birthday: September 7
Height: 5’5"
Weight (optional): 155-160
Eye Color: brown
Natural Hair Color: brown
Actual Hair Color: an exquisite and handsome shade of deep chestnut
School: ECU
Grade: first-year
Nationality: American (DUH Alyssa : haha JK)
Zodiac sign: Virgo
Shoe size: 10.5-11.5
Pets: Luke and Annie… o yeh, and Cat
Location: Raleigh, NC/ Greenville, NC
Transportation: plane, trane, & automobile… also my feet
Lefty/righty: mostly lefty
Scars: yes
Birth marks: another yes
Glasses: when I am not wearing my contacts
Braces: in a few months… sadly

In Women:
First thing you look at: face
Best Quality: sense of humor and openness
Hair long or short: either
Tall or Short: not too much taller than me- short is A-ok

Dark or Light Hair: no preference
Piercings: sure

Either Or:

Coke or Pepsi: Coke
Mars bar or Milky Way: Milky Way.
Tootsie roll pop or Blow pop: Tootsie Pop

Rainy or Shiny Day: A day can be shiny?
Ice-cream or layer cake: Ice-Cream even though I am a lactard… unless it is Todd’s layer cake: he wins.
Movie Theater or Rent: haha… now I rent [DVD Burner]
Wake up early or Go to bed late: Both
Red or Green apples: Candy bars

Devils or Rangers: Rangers

BSB or NSYNC: I cant say.
Pants or Shorts: Pants
Bath or Shower: Shower
Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate
Black and White or Color: B/W
Hot or Cold: hot
Winter or summer: I used to say winter… I still say winter
Sing or Dance: Sing
Ocean or pool: Ocean
Pool or Hot Tub: Hot Tub
Sunrise or Sunset: Sunset
Dressed or Undressed: *winks*
Go out or Stay in: go out
Ski or Board: Board
Regular wrestle or w/ Mud: KY Jelly or Jello?

Love or Lust: love
Hard or Soft: whoa whoa… TOO personal
Cats or Dogs: I have a cat… I want 2 dogs
High or Low: um… tarded?
Read or Write: Both
Kiss or Hug: Kisses
Night or Day: Night
Roller Coaster fun or scary: Fun
One or Two Pillows: 2- two or three
Male or Female: yes, those are two genders… what’s the point?
Dog or Cat: didn’t we cover this?
Rich and Unhappy or Poor and Happy: Rich and happy. Influentual and interesting. Perfect.
Finger or Toe: I have 10 of each, thanks.
CD or Tape: CD
Pen or Pencil: Pen
Money or fame: Both
Mustang or limo: Limosine
Winter or Summer: ok, I KNOW I covered this one.
Snow or ice: Snow
Billy Madison, Waterboy, or Little Niki: Billy Madison
7up or Sprite: 7up

Blue toilet paper or white: White
Looks or personality: I have both

Will Smith or Kobe Bryant: I think I am sexier.

Have you ever (feel free to share stories)....
Been in love: Yes
Gotten arrested: No
Cried in a movie: Yes.
Skipped School: Not a full day… I had Dr. Peck though. So that is a DEFINITE "YES" haha
Peed your bed: Prob. so
Done something and not remembered it the next day: Yes.
Told a secret you swore you wouldn't tell: Yes (HA)
Stolen something: yes! … Your soul!
Intentionally hurt another person: I would say so… but that was wrong of me.
Walked barefoot in the snow: Yes!

Made up a word without realizing it: Tried not to.
Pissed behind a bush: Yes
Done something so outrageously stupid: Yes
Stayed online for more than 3 hours: Yes
Kissed more than one person at the same time: nope. i have not.
kissed someone of the same sex: ewww… Leigh
Egged a house/ mailbox.. or person?: No.
Prank called someone: Yes, Dominos Headquarters.

Do You Ever:

Watch the Home Shopping Network: Yes
Stand in front of the mirror and look at yourself for a prolonged period of time: Not too often
Dream: Yes
Wish you were someone else: Yes
Feel like you're lost: Yes
Complain: Yes

When was the last time you...
Cried: Sometime last week
Been sarcastic: during this survey
Fought w/ your parents: Last night

Random Questions:
Were you named after anyone: Joshua.
Do you like your handwriting: Sometimes.
What is the 1st priority in your life: I wanna insert Lil’ Duterte’s shit in this space: "Marching band is life and life is life and I am senseless and life is living and if I live then I am alive and life is marching band so marching band is how I know if I am alive and marching band makes me cool while it is still an indicator of if I am alive or not and I sprew stupid logic and I love being a brainless, half-witted, lousy, no-good, moronic, idiotic, dimwitted, pathetic excuse for a human." Suck on on it.
Any bad habits: Shopping too much, I am very judgemental, and… you tell me.
If you were another person, would you be friends with you: Depends on the other person
What do you do to vent anger: Get angry
Who is your idol: Ruben! O what a joy it would be to meet the mammoth! I want to be just like him. Ah… I want to be 300 pounds overweight and talentless. O yeh, and I want people to like me because of race! O yeh, and I also respect rappers- I like the uneducated that are given every oppurtunity and still cant get it right!
Do you trust others easily: Some people- at some times
What was your favorite toy as a child: Slimer Big Wheels
Do you have a journal: Yes
What is your name spelled backwards: Hsoj
Do spoons make you smile: No.
If you could change any one thing about yourself what would it be: Lose 20 pounds
Who is the hottest person you know: Satan
Do you watch a lot of TV: YES

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Monday, January 5th, 2004
11:13 am
Your Life: The Movie by mintyduck
Who will play you:Kevin Spacey
Who will play your love interest:Toni Collette
Weeks you will stay in the box office:23
Song that will play during your love scene:Massive Attack - Teardrop
Song that will play during your death:Lynyrd Skynyrd - Freebird
Your name:
Created with quill18's MemeGen!

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Thursday, December 25th, 2003
3:35 pm - Xmas
Kelly came over last night and we had a wonderful time. She is so sweet: she got me a guitar stand that ROCKS and is... well... is better than yours! [Anyone who reads this: trust me: it is] Continuing: she got me a "Pro-Winder: with built in string cutter" winding tool for my guitar, an AwEsOmE pair of shoes, a DVD case, and the softest Grateful Dead Bear (Casey) EVER. I am a lucky guy. *Smiles and beams*

I don’t want to make a list. It is shameful. I will “comment” on my faves from the Xmas Day looting fest:

1) Michael Moore’s: "Dude, Where's My Country?" [Along with 8 over novels]
2) 3 Phish CDs [along with 4 other CDs]
3) Enough sweaters to last for 3 weeks: I kid you not
4) Indiana Jones Box Set... South Park Box Set... West Wing Box Set...
5) Top 2 DVDs of all time: Newsies and Goodfellas [along with other DVDs]
6) Socks... SOCKS... LOTS OF SOCKS
7) New Balances [pimp, I know]
8) Undershirts: practical and necessary

current music: Phish... as usual

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Tuesday, December 23rd, 2003
12:16 am - Last Grade Update for Fall Semester 2003
My Psych professor thought it would be a good idea to post final grades: over 36 hours too late (he had 48 hours allotted) but at least he did it at some point. The expected "B" was posted and my GPA plummets to 3.63. Not too rough, considering it puts me in the 8% of both my class and school/college. Plus, I made the Dean's List. And so, I am glad to say this ends the grade updates for Fall Semester 2003.

Now... on to more important business: The New Years Party... I mean, the Xmas party… I mean… What the heck is going on?!?! On, off, canceled, rescheduled, change of date, change of date is off, on, rescheduled, ugh! Look at how frazzled this situation has gotten me- my punctuation is a mess! My grammar: horrible. O well, someone update me on the issue.

I’m out 4 the night.

current mood: worried
current music: X-mas stuff

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Friday, December 19th, 2003
2:22 pm

5) A

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Thursday, December 18th, 2003
10:11 pm - And so it ends...
*bites fingernails*

1) No exam in marching band
2) A faux exam in music appreciation (i mean... *yawn*... it is music & i appreciate it... isnt that enough?)
3) A common final for math... *meeeah BORING*
4) A joke of an exam (@ least for me) in polisci
5) Dr. Reid can eat my ass w. a spoon
6) *waits on psych final grade* scary...

1) A
2) A
3) B
4) A
5) *pending*
6) *pending*

The semester is less than 24 hours away from being officially over for me. Wahooze

current mood: In stage of recovery
current music: Phish- [acoustic set] Farmhouse

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Sunday, December 7th, 2003
3:08 am - I Want to Be a Pirate
Yes Yes. I understand- I am an ECU Pirate and all that jazz. That is NOT what I am talking about. I just saw "Pirates of the Caribbean" for the FIRST time and I looooooooooved it. I want to be a pirate. Enough said.

current mood: apathetic
current music: Hum of my cooling fan

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