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5th September 2012

1:43pm: I'm really excited..
I can't believe I remember this journal name and password. I'm super excited about it. I do post on L.J and haven't really left that place, maybe missed a year or so, but it really knows what is going on. :)
1:34pm: Wow How long has it been since I updated??
7yrs?! You ask what has changed in the last 7yrs. Am I still married to Keith? How many babies do I have? How has my life changed?

Well I'm happily.............. DIVORCED from Keith! Yes that is a surprise huh? Seem like things was going oh so well in my life? Yeah well not so well. I've need divorced for 9mo and I haven't seen him in almost 2yrs. I can say he was a good person. Just not good for me. I had moved on with my life. I'm currently engaged to a wonderful man named Hector. We have been together 3yrs.

We have moved several times and we are going well.
My mom is doing very good. Still the same ol same ol. That is she is. I love her though.
I don't have any children. Unless you count my doggies as my kids. Which I do. So in that case I have 3 kids. Hunter, Burger, and Ju Ju. My true angels.

I'm also getting treatment for PCOS so maybe one day soon we will have non-furbabies. Only time will tell.

This is my life, and that is what is going.

18th October 2005

7:26am: Update Time..
So I haven't updated this journal in almost a year. I don't even have time to update my livejournal let alone two journals at once.
Well let me start off by saying Keith and I got married on May 13, 2005 It was a nice quick wedding. Well I decided I didn't want to have a big wedding. So we did the whole court house wedding. For awhile I didn't even think we was going to get married. Keith was getting cold feet, and wasn't sure. So We cancelled it once, and then he ask me to marry him again. That time I didn't give him to time to think about it. Because about 2 mo later we was married. We had a nice reception a couple weeks later. It all was really nice

Keith and I both are working now. I work about 60+hrs a week. Keith works about 50+hrs a week. Thank god we work for the same person or we would never see each other. We got us a new truck last year. Around OCT a s10 its a nice truck altho its been a few wrecks now. In a couple of months I'm going to get my own car. So Keith can have his truck and I can have my own car. A s10 is not a good family car. So we are going to need something else. No I'm not saying I'm going to have a baby. Not yet anyways just for the future I want to be ready.

Well I guess that is all for now. Not much really else to update on. I'll try not to wait a whole year to update again. :(

17th September 2004

3:23pm: As soon as I get my olc entry's into my livejournal I will be deleting this..

29th August 2004

7:35am: Alter Bridge
When I heard Creed split up I cried. Yeah thats crazy, but creed helped me threw some depressing times in my life and you know it bothered me, but when I heard there was going to be a new group Alter Bridge. I didn't know if I was going to like them. Then I heard them and I loved them. So everyone should check them out..
Alter Bridge
7:35am: Alter Bridge
When I heard Creed split up I cried. Yeah thats crazy, but creed helped me threw some depressing times in my life and you know it bothered me, but when I heard there was going to be a new group Alter Bridge. I didn't know if I was going to like them. Then I heard them and I loved them. So everyone should check them out..
Alter Bridge

10th August 2004

3:33pm: Still Alive..
Yeah I'm still alive. I don't hardly get online anymore and to update this journal its not existent, but I keep it around because this was my first journal. I do use livejournal which is much better, and I know I sait it befor...
So the people decided not to buy my house which feel threw like 5 days befor closing damn people. I don't know what the deal what. They didn't want it for the price we offered. They did everything to get it for half the price. I wouldn't budge on the price. Oh well life goes on.

Keith and I start school in Sept. I'm going to college in Jan. For what you ask? I have no idea.. I just can't make up my mind yet. I want to go for computers I guess. I'm not really sure, and hell since I enjoy them so much I might as well make money doing it..

Keith and I are doing very well. We are getting along great. No surprise really? Naw.. We bicker but its nothing big. He did come home for lunch today and it was nice surprise seeing him. I really miss him when he goes to work and sometimes its weird I just watch him leave and its horrible I feel like crying. Anyways...
Enough said.. I'm outie
3:33pm: Still Alive..
Yeah I'm still alive. I don't hardly get online anymore and to update this journal its not existent, but I keep it around because this was my first journal. I do use livejournal which is much better, and I know I sait it befor...
So the people decided not to buy my house which feel threw like 5 days befor closing damn people. I don't know what the deal what. They didn't want it for the price we offered. They did everything to get it for half the price. I wouldn't budge on the price. Oh well life goes on.

Keith and I start school in Sept. I'm going to college in Jan. For what you ask? I have no idea.. I just can't make up my mind yet. I want to go for computers I guess. I'm not really sure, and hell since I enjoy them so much I might as well make money doing it..

Keith and I are doing very well. We are getting along great. No surprise really? Naw.. We bicker but its nothing big. He did come home for lunch today and it was nice surprise seeing him. I really miss him when he goes to work and sometimes its weird I just watch him leave and its horrible I feel like crying. Anyways...
Enough said.. I'm outie

8th June 2004

6:06pm: Date Set..
Our Wedding Date is finally set. After a few months of planning we are going to get married June 11, 05. The ideas for the wedding are coming along after changing my mind a million and one times. The theme color is going to be Red and Pink I do believe because its going to match my dress..

Which you can see there.. I wanted and outside wedding but I'm leaning more towards a Church which would be great. So I think Im going to have it at a church. The reception I still don't know about yet. I'm still making plans. The Theme is Hearts and Roses.. I've wonderful looking center pieces picked out. They are heart lolipops in a plant. They look cute I wish I would have a picture of them but I don't right now..
I've got the invintations all picked out.
The cake Keith's mother is getting for us. So I don't even know if I get to pick it out.
His Aunt Becky is doing the flowers and all that good stuff.. I need to call her and tell her I changed my colors again, because i don't want her to be buying stuff for colors I'm not going to have... If she has already started buying stuff I guess I will just get the Ivory Dress. Which I really don't want..
Well the wedding Party is as follow
Bride - Me (of cource)
Maid of Honnor = Ammey Bode (Cousin)
Brides Maid = Sherry Bode (Cousin)
Brides Maid = Alisha Morgan (Keith's lil sister)
Flower Girl = Heleigh (Keith's lil sister)

Groom = Keith (Who Else)
Best Man = Michael Morgan (Keith's father)
GroomsMen = Chris Voss (My Cousin)
GroomsMen = Undecided
Ring = Brendan (My Lil Cousin)

Music - Unknown
Church - Unknown
Reception - Unknown
Cater - Unknown

Still alot to plan as you can see!

On to other news. I'm in the process of selling my house. We already found another house and its wonderful. Its nice and roomy.. Not roomy like this house because this house has alot of room. This one is just built a little better. I like it alot. Its got an up stairs, and a floor Garage... Its nice! I just can't wait till we get this house inspected which is what we are waiting on now and then after that we will be closing on it! WOOHOO.... So I'm going to be moving back to Granite as well.. Yeah I don't really like Granite but this house has one hell of a deal and I can't pass it up. Which reminds me I need to call my Realtor up today make sure the house is still on the Market.. So I have alot of plans for this new house.. Since I will make enough money from my house that I have alot of extra money to put into it. Hardwood Floors a MUST! So that is first thing. New Washer and Dryer, Stove, Refridgerate (Spell wrong Yes I know), Bed room Set, Mattress, Living room set. Kitchen Cabinets.. So on
Will update more later need to call the ppl buying this house and see when the inspector is coming..

23rd March 2004

10:26am: I'm engaged woohoo
Current Mood: cheerful

27th February 2004

8:03pm: Chingy..
Damn Chingy is so hot.. YUM YUM YUM

Ooh, yea yea
DTP, how we do
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I'm wit my son cashin the check
So I asked outta respect (uh)
Would she like to explore the world up high
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Her reply was "Yes, can I ask you somethin'?"
I seen it in her eye, mama lookin like all I wanted was sex
Then moved to the next (that ain't true) but it was something
about this girl's style that make me feel no regrets
We started off casual; walks through the park
Candle light dinners by dark, I'm thinkin smart (smart)
Afraid she might think I'm in a rush
To touch, clutch and be up, but baby I ain't on that stuff
Dropped her off and told her call me up, we can talk
Conversate about political subjects whatever's sparks
So I zoomed off, lookin by and my phone rang
It was her in the shower, (she said) she said "I couldn't do without ya"
Then I said. . .

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I'm only one call away

The next day I'm with the fellas at the cage playing ball
Here she comes wit her friends they posted up on the wall
Now I'm showing out, trynta dunk trynta dribble break fast
Through the middle just to see her smile and giggle
Game over I approched her wit a kiss on the cheek
The homeboys lookin at me sayin "Lil Howard you weak"
But you know how that go, what I got they want
What I got I flaunt, never mess wit it, please don't
Told her "I'm going home" she asked can she go too
I'm like "Yeah boo, I can't see me without you"
Got thurr, I took a shower jumped out she in the bed
With a see-through thong said I looked at her and said. . .

[Chorus - J/Weav & (Chingy) x4:]
(You, could, roll, wit, me)
Gimme a call if you wanna come roll with me
(If you was my baby)
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(You, could, roll, wit, me)
Gimme a call if you wanna come roll with me
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I'm only one call away

Girl recognize game, before game recognize you
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It's up to you, I'm the man but baby just let me know
Cuz if you got an attitude I could treat you just like a hoe
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Some women like to play it foul (foul)
But them the kind I put in the place of a child (child)
Don't worry be happy and smile and. . .

[Chorus - J/Weav & (Chingy) x4:]
(You, could, roll, wit, me)
Gimme a call if you wanna come roll with me
(If you was my baby)
I'm only one call away
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29th January 2004

2:57am: Bug Chasers and Gift Givers..
I don't update this journal alot but I posted in my other journal this about Bug Chasers and Gift Givers.. Its really shocking to me that people actually do this kinda of stuff....
My Other Journal

I was watching tv, and they was talking about Bug Chasers and Gift Givers. As I started watching it I had no idea what the documatary they was talking about was about. "The Gift" So I sat down and watch more of the show. I watched a young gay man, talk about how he looked for people with the HIV Virus so that he could get infected with it. He wanted HIV! He was only about 23yrs old or so and he went out and had unprotected sex (barebacking) Just so he could get HIV. He became popular in his city (San Fra CA). He had alot of friends because he was the young good looking guy that had unprotected sex. He got the wrong idea about HIV, and thought he was alot different. The posters for aids would show musculer guys saying "Yes, I'm happy I'm living with aids." He figured you could just wake one pill and that you would be fine and live forever. I'm not sure how long he went having unprotected sex, but he found out he had HIV threw a home test.... Once he got the test he was upset and couldn't tell anyone.. He went on for 4mo without doing anything about it.. Is this how our world is? You have a deadly virus and since you wanted it you are going to spread it around?? Its horrible! He end up telling his mother, and now he is heartbroken that he put his self threw this. He is worried everyday about catching a common cold and it killing him. He can't get medicance because he is like at the bottem of a waiting list. He already has full blown AIDS, and pretty much dug his own grave. Sound stupid don't it ALOT Of people actually do this! Its surprising!

Now we have the Gift Givers. These are people that have the HIV Virus that go around and get PAID MONEY!!! To give the HIV Virus to bug chases... Now came people sit and make money off giving someone aids.. On Guy on the show said he had a woman that wanted to pay him $2500 to have infect her with the HIV Virus because he had a cheating husband and wanted to "Get back at him" Its mind blowing. The man that was saying the story did not have sex with the woman and he has never gave the HIV Virus to anyone.. He said it was just a surprise how many people just actually come to him wanting to get the HIV Virus.. He said he has a personal add online on some Possitive HIV/AIDS Site and he says he finds alot of negative people just wanting to come into this deadly virus..

As I watched the show on. One Gay man said he went out to find a "Gift Giver" because his partner he was with found out he had HIV. The relationship changed he said. His lover wasn't happy. They didn't have sex. So he figured if he would out and got the virus that it would make the relationship all better again.. (What a delusion people live in.) He end up getting HIV. Telling his lover which was VERY Angry with him for doing that.. The Lover said "I have to live with something I did. Why would you wanna do it to yourself." Needless to say the relationship only lasted 4 months after that..

One man on the show said he had sex with 7 HIV possitive people and even injected himself with HIV and he is still negative and still looking for more people with the HIV virus just to infect him..

Doing more research into the Subject. I found this lil paragraph...

"Year 2000. In Gay nightclubs across the U.S. men wear sleeveless shirts in hopes that someone will notice the tattoo "HIV-" blazoned across their deltoid. What is not so obvious is that the intention of such a tattoo is to attract someone who is HIV+. It is an invitation to infect through a practice known as "barebacking," having unprotected anal sex. In other words, the tattooed man is intentionally seeking an HIV+ partner to infect him with the virus. All that is left is a trip back to the tattoo artist to have that tattoo adjusted from negative to positive. Simple."

This is all horrible to me. I think its the worst for I guess you can call it thrill seeking. I've seen its always going to turn out the same in the end DEATH

I found this website it was a lil chilling.. http://www.gazeguide.com/~pozthink/pt020815.htm I did try to find the yahoo group they was talking about, and No luck.. This all seems unreal to me. I just can't believe people actually wanna do this to them self.. Its just really SCARY!! Just watch what you do and always wear a condom no matter what!
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9th January 2004

6:52am: yep I'm alive Still!

14th December 2003

5:27am: Been Awhile..
Pretty much updating this so they don't close this... So here whats going on..

The Snow is falling. I haven't desided if I enjoy it or not. Its not enough to play in just enough to get on your nerves, because it make it impossible to go any where, and since Keith's car is rear wheel drive. Its impossible to drive in it. I hope its gone by Monday. He has to go to work and I don't want him driving in it.. It makes me worried. I feel like my mother did when I left to go some where when I was a child. I understand how she feels now, because I feel the same way when Keith leaves for work.. Considering he don't leave for work till 1pm and don't get home till 11pm.. Ick I don't like him driving at night. So Im looking for a job. Which will be more then impossible this time of the year. All the stores have all the people they need and in a few more weeks they will be laying off. So I think I'm pretty stuck. It kinda sucks. I need to look in the paper.. Which hell I don't even know if we get one..

So it sucks I don't have cable anymore, and I'm stuck on AOL. ICK. Its horrible.. I mean AOL does so much to make it cool, and sure it would be kinda cool, if it wasn't so damn slow. I hate it!!

I've been wanting to go to Chruch on Christmas. I really want to go to midnight mass, but I have nothing to wear, and I don't think anyone here will go with me. ICK So I don't think I'm going to be able to actually go.. Man I haven't been to church in so long and would love to actually get involved back into my old church, but Keith refusses to go with me. I don't want to go alone. So I'm stuck.. It sucks.. I wonder if Brandy would like to go with me? She might go she don't mind going to church and if she will go with me then that would be nice. I'm going to ask her. She might think its silly but I want to go so bad..

So I'm suppost to start today? Hmm I hate not being on the pill, but I hate being on the pill at the same time. I hate the fact I never know when I'm going to start. IT SUCKS!! So I never know if I'm pregnant or not. I have to end up buying a test and then wasting money.. If I don't start today then I don't know.. *cries*

Well 2004 is almost here. Yikes! I can't believe 2003 went by so fast. Man It really did.. I just wish I had a job this year. I worked 1 week in 2003 damn I suck I'm a bum.. :(( That makes me so sad that I only worked 1 week. What is that like 20 in income tax? Woo for me.. I have to get a job soon tho. I want to start saving money for the wedding. Which I have no idea when it will be, but I've desided that I'm going to have a wedding and have a dress and go threw all that. I wanted in May or June but I don't think that will happen.. Who knows it might?!?! I know I want it to be sometime next year...

Well I guess that is pretty much all for now.. its like 5:30am and I need to go to sleep, but since I slept really late in the after noon and then took a nap. I'm not tired. God I've just been really tired all week. It sucks so much I could sleep like 20hrs out of a day.. Blah...

I'm really worried about that whole flu that is going around. I didn't get a flu shot and neither did Keith. ICK. I dont need it. I don't want it!

Well I'm done..
Enough Said.........
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9th November 2003

10:55pm: Hmm
I'm probablly not going to type in this journal anymore.. I'm going to use my other one.. Hey if u want my other journal just leave a post. I doubt anyone reads this damn thing anyways.. Oh well..
Peace Out!

7th November 2003

9:48pm: Shame on me 8-(
Last night I got pretty drunk off my ass. Just Keith and I. We was just chilling talking online.. I desided to be a bright bunny and start drinking some vodka. Well by 2 am I'm sick throwing up. It was horrible. It was the same today. I was sick all day. I felt ok when I got up so I figured I would eat to get something in my stomach.. Knowing I still felt really drunk when i got up... Ohh horrible horrible.. It sucks I still don't feel right. I didn't have a headache. Just suck stomach all day. Almost like the flu.. Man that sucks I don't wanna drink for a long time. The Vodka was sitting there since Halloween when we actually got it to get drunk.. Yeah well I paid for it today.. Oh Well Happy early birthday for me...

I talk to Bryan's I don't know what you call her.. GF.. Some girl he is dating. I don't know.. She is a sweet girl. I just don't want her hurt by HIM of all people. If she only knew that he wasn't worth it at all. I just wanted to tell her that he was a sleez ball.. He is such a man whore.. I really don't care for him after he turned psycho on me.. He thought he was going to play me when he broke up with me, and try to get me to hang on to him.. WHICH Didn't work LOSER!! I done and moved on to my baby Keith that I was talking to the whole time I was with Bryan and knew I loved Keith more then I even liked Bryan.. So when he broke up with me. It was a like YAY!! I went and see Keith like 2 days later and been together since.. Ok well I'm getting offf subject, but psycho bryan would call me everyday when we broke up wanting me back telling me he loved me.. I didn't have no such feelings for him. Now the sound and site of him make me wanna puke. I hope that one day Gina will see what kinda nasty whore of a guy he really is. He will never grow up and be the man he is suppost to be. I think the whole reason he dates all these girls is because deep down inside he is gay.. I'm not saying this to be mean or anything because I dislike him. I just think he is really really girlish and kinda gay.. I don't know.. Anyways

Keith talk to Kandace last night he lil dog had puppys. I want one so bad, but I know my mom is going to be like Theresa we have enough damn animals around here. So I think I'm better off not asking. We was suppost to go over there today but I was just way to fucking sick to get out of bed...

I'm so thank for that I have keith. I was way sick last night and he took such great care of me. He treated me like a Princess and he didn't leave my side the whole time I was throwing up.. I love him to death!! 8-)

I'm going to go lay down for a few.. Still not fulling better, and having cramps on top of it all YUCK! 8-( I suck today I'm pretty worthless.. damn it..
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5th November 2003

7:41pm: My oh My
I thought I would update this thing. I really don't have much to say. Its been kinda boring here.. Keith has been off work for about 2 weeks now. Its really nice to have him home but its time to go back to work. I think I'm going to miss him so much when he goes back to work its going to suck..

I'm going to go find me a job tomorrow. I've been a lil sick. I just don't feel very well. I've had a sore throat for about a week now I just can't seem to ditch it.
My Birthday is in 8 Days. YUCK!! I'm going to be 24yrs old. Damn I'm getting old this is horrible. I still feel like I'm 18. I don't wanna get any old.. It sucks next year I will be 25 mid twentys and befor you know it I'm going to be 30 freaking years old. Oh my I can't even think about that I'm going to get all depressed. I want so much befor I turn 30 but I just don't know if its going to happen.. I'm sure the hell going to try it.. Keith just had a birthday on Saturday. He turned the big 20! damn I wish I just turned 20.. Well we got money from Keith's side of the family and my mom got us both new shoes. They are pretty tight.. I don't expect nothing from the people I know or my family.. Except my mother.. Everyone else don't really give a fuck if its my birthday or not.. They are like that all the time, but you know what I don't care when they have a birthday either.. They can freak off.
Hell I think last year for Christmas I got more from Keiths family then I did my family except my mom. My mom went crazy last year for Christmas. I got a new computer and a PS2 that was both for me and Keith.. So she was the only one who actually got me anything..

Well anyways off that subject. I'm actually in a good mood. Except I have heart burn from hell.. Oh my It sucks. I don't know if I should eat or not. I haven't been waiting to eat which isnt going ot hurt me any because lord knows I could loss a few pounds. Its really Kinda boring here tonight. I just woke up for a nap and Keith must of went to sleep while I was napping.. So he won't wake up for awhile if at all tonight.. Which kinda sucks..

I think last night we had the best sex in my whole life.. Keith is the ONLY person that I've had sex with that he can actually do the things he does to me and omg he makes it feel so good.. It was awesome.. Its always good, but last night it was the best.. No guy has EVER made me had multiply orgasims. Its great I didn't think I could have any.. But man oh man.. I was sure wrong!! Ok Well enough info about that..
I'm outie!
12:17pm: rooney california dreamin'

WHAT BAND WOULD BE??? (these are cool good bands indie)
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12:23am: My inner child is sixteen years old today

My inner child is sixteen years old!

Life's not fair! It's never been fair, but while
adults might just accept that, I know
something's gotta change. And it's gonna
change, just as soon as I become an adult and
get some power of my own.

How Old is Your Inner Child?
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28th October 2003

6:52pm: Something Interesting For St. Louis People..
The Worst U.S. City For Women Is...

...St. Louis, Missouri. That's the word from Self magazine, which asked health experts to rank America's 200 largest cities from the best to worst places for women's health. And St. Louis came up dead last. Why? It has the distinction of being the nation's capital for syphilis. It also has poor air quality, high levels of stress, and lots of smokers.
6:49pm: Drift Away
Well I don't nearly update as much as I should. I guess alot of shit has been going on.. I really don't like to write in this journal. I can't just lets see how do I put this.. I can't stay what I want to say because I don't know who is reading this.. I kinda like my feelings to be pushed back and not worried about.. I guess the other thing is I have another journal only a FEW people know about.. I think I'm just going to write in that one from now on..

Well what is going on? Went to the dr friday. I guess everything is ok.. I'm still worried about somethings... Which scares me.. Keith has a swollen lymph node which they did some blood work and it should be coming back soon. They think he has some kind of infection.. Worrys me about him.. I don't know Enough about that..

He got laid off work Thrusday. I hope they call him back soon, but the time he is off has given us time to spend together. We go to the park the lake.. We spend time with each other. I don't nearly bitch as much. I mean I got mad yesterday because he was smoking some weed and lie to me about it..

I did get really really high last night and I flipped out. That is why I dont smoke weed. It just felt like my heart was going to beat out my chest. All I could think about was just having like a heart attack. I don't know I flipped Keith out and I made him go walk with me. It was so cold outside last night.. He was only in his boxers and refused to go outside with me. He kinda took my mind off my pluse racing. He was great..

I guess I'm going to go the Dog is driving me crazy..!!!
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18th October 2003

3:41am: Court Sucked
Well Keith and I went to court on Wednesday. It sucked. Well first we went to St. Clair Co IL. Which was like hell because I sat and waited and waited and waited and I was kinda getting worried because he wasn't cloming out. It took over an hour in there. Last time it took 30mins so I was really worried thinking what the hell did they put him in jail or what. I sat and talk to some lady most of the time, about her daughter that was in there. She was nice. It kept me company till she left then I didnt have anything at all to do but sit and wait.
Well we didn't have no fine to pay there.. It was dropped.. (the no insurance) it took so long because that was his 2nd no insurance ticket and they had to call and see if he actually had insurance on the car when he got the tickets. He didn't but oh well.. It was nice not to actually have to pay these money hungry people.

Well off to Missouri we go. It seems like the longest ride ever... By this point I've been up since 1am the following morning so I'm kinda tired. We stop have lunch together. It was really nice we don't do it much, but when we do it feels great. To actually get to spend some alone time with him, and do stuff. I mean we do stuff but its always with other people.. Well and on we get to the court house it feels like its 100 degree's outside at this point. I'm about to die go sit in a hot court house that can bearly handle 25 people let alone about 75 that showed up.. Well you either pled guilty or not guilty no getting around it no explain nothing.. Well the judge slapped us with a $250 by nov 1.. Ok NO Keith was like can't pay it by then. So we have to pay by $250 by Nov 10.. Ohhhhh extra 9 days.. I thought they would at least give you 6 weeks? hardly 3 weeks. Well there goes Birthdays for me and him both, thats ok I rather miss my birthday. I will be 24 this year and I don't wanna see it!! Sometimes I really forget how old I'm going to be. Sometimes I'm like 23?? Noo 25?? noo Anyways yeah it sucks I'm almost mid 20's next year...

Had a great plan.. I think Keith and I will get married next year. We desided not to have a wedding just have a repetion which is fine with me I don't want no big wedding..

I saw my friend Bruce thrusday. His baby is a doll Aww I want him. He got his own place and he is getting married in April which is nice!! I'm proud of him..

I a weirdo I've been reading my ex boyfreinds I guess kinda gf's journal. Man he is putting her threw hell I just wanna talk to her so bad and tell her to ditch the fag and move on.. I'm sure she is in love and won't listen to anything I have to say.. Its just sad she seems like a sweet girl and he is doing this shit to her.. He is such a user.. I can't stand him... UGH I don't even know if he was cool when I was with him?? THANK GOD!! it only lasted 3 weeks. Shwwwwwwwwwww

Anyways other then that I've done nothing I'm not sure why I'm up at 3am I wish keith would get up with me and have some breakfast with me I'm hungry.. I've been mean to him since he got home from work at 3. I havn't even talk to him since dinner. I think I will go suck up I was kinda mean..

Oh well I'm outie!
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13th October 2003

11:44pm: Only Happy When Its Rains..
I love the sound of rain hitting the ground. I love to feel the cool breese across my face. The smell of the fresh rain coming down.. Its really nice.. I like it alot..
Well I'm just sitting here and I heard the rain falling. So I desided I would write a lil in here. Keith and I have to go to court Wednesday JoY! Well we get to go to missouri for a lil. Go down and see his mom and them.. I'm sure she probably mad because Keith didn't go down there and get the family picture taken with them. He hasn't even called her since he said he would go down there.. Hmm I would kick his ass If I was him. Oh well..
Anyways Just thought I would write to say WUZ up.. man I hate that saying I'm glad its gone..
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Current Music: Chicago - Hard To Say I'm Sorry

8th October 2003

11:02pm: Its All About The Money!!
Man I'm so tired. Blah I just don't think I got enough sleep..
Anyways I'm actually in a good mood.. Finally actually got money in the bank after paying bills and buying food for the week. Wow its feels great.. Now its Birthdays Coming up... My Mom's is the 18th and Keith is the 1st and Mine is the 13 of Nov... WOW Everything is coming up Befor you know it Christmas will be here.. YUCK!! I don't even want to think about all that drama. I don't dig Christmas. Its not my thing. I know I have to go to Keiths for Christmas I didn't do it last year I have to do it this year, but the good thing about it is.. We won't have to stay the night we can come home that night. Which is good. I can't sleep at other peoples house...
Court Again next week.. I'm nervouse but hell Why should i be nervouse? I'm not the one that has to go in. I just have to sit outside and wait.
We have two court days in one day.. YUCK!! Man... I'm going to have to find someone to go with me.. So I don't have to go alone!
What else is going on? Nothing really everyone is in bed. I'm chillin listening to some music. For some reason I'm in the mood for Nelly? Hmm I'm a weirdo tonight.. I don't even like rap that much but I'm in the mood for nelly.. Yummy Nelly.. Damn he is fucking sexy!!
I so don't know what to get Keith for his birthday he wanted shoes. Then I was going to get him a CD player for his car.. I still THINK I'm going to get that for him.. I think it would be nice... Then he wanted some headlight covers for his car.. I think I will stick with the CD Player.. Really need to get new tires and new battery for the car. I guess since we got some money in the bank we will go get a new battery for it this Weekend..
What I want for my birthday! hmm I really don't like Birthdays just reminds me I'm a year older. Bleck! I really want tho umm ENGAGMENT RING!! I think that would be nice.. I've hint and hinted around, but we really cant afford what I want.. So I have to wait :(
I'm ready to get married.. We been together a little over a year but I already know I love him so much that I want to marry him and spend my life with him. We argu but who don't? Nothing is perfect. I'm far from perfect, but I know I'm ready to spend my life with him and grow old together.. I can see myself being with him for the rest of my life.. I God I love him so much... More then any other person I've EVER been with.. I can say I've NEVER been in love with anyone befor him.. It was all pretty much lust befor, but its totally different now but I really do love this boy!
I really want to find a job sometime soon.. Just something part time. I don't know what tho.. I hope my mom gets her car fixed this weekend so I can have transportation to work... Because Keith will have the car all day.. So that don't help any...

Well what else? I haven't really talk to anyone. I actually wanna talk to Kandace I kinda miss her.. I need to go hang out with her soon. She is awesome... I did talk to my friend Bruce the other day.. Man he has the cutest lil baby that I've seen in a really long time.. He is pretty much being homeless. I need to go up to his work and talk to him and hang out with him too... other then that I don't talk to anyone else.. Don't really want to talk to anyone.. Everyone has way to much drama. I don't wanna deal with it.. Man They have drama and want your advice but if you have issues all they can come up with is.. "I don't know what to tell you." So For them people with there stupid drama.. "I don't know what to tell you." Seems like thats the only time they wanna talk to you.. Oh well I don't know what to tell anyone.. My advice is no longer free.. I'm going to start charging.. For every damn time I have to hear someone talk about stupid shit or about stupid drama in their life!!
Anyways since I don't get on yahoo that much I don't have to hear it!!!

I think that my life is alot better since I don't have drama in it. I don't have to worry about anyone else. I think everyone's life should be drama free. Hmm Lets see what else.. I guess I'm out of shit to talk about I'm outie!!
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1:04am: Rubber Ducking You're My Friend..
Ahh I just got out of the shower I feel so nice and clean.. Feels great...
Nothing much going on here.. Just waiting for Keith to get out of the tub..
Well I dyed my hair and I got it.. I wish I could put new pictures on here, but my webcam won't take pictures because I lost the installation disk for it.. Someone stole all my computer cd's.. Yeah It sucks...
Anyways I dyed my hair black... Cut it short.. I like black hair I think I look well in black hair..
Other then that nothing going on..
So I guess I'm going..
I'm in a pretty good mood..
Lets see how long that last..
I really don't talk to anyone online I really don't do anything online.. Except listen to music and play games. Actually I don't care if I Ever talk to anyone on my buddy list.. They all seem to be fair weather friends... Why bother? why have them??
Anyways I'm happy not going to crab I'm going!!
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Current Music: Primus - Detachable Penis
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