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15 things to do at 15. :-) [21 Apr 2005|11:23am]
[ mood | awake ]

15 things to do at 15.

1. Start putting up a small business [my items would be sold to my friends, classmates, relatives.]
2. Start working too so that I can have moolah. [would be applying as an intern for my fave mag]
3. Take up violin lessons
4. Continue my piano lessons [I stopped when I was about to start playing with my left hand. :-P]
5. Start learning how to swim [of course, I know how to langoy aso]
6. Join an environmental organization
7. Make the world a beautiful place for people [yeah, whatever, it’s more like, make the world a beautiful place, for me :-P hahaha]
8. Learn to commute all by myself [I know how, but I’m just scared]
9. Start saving up for my very own digital camera or Polaroid cam or a new PDA or a laptop [seems impossible though]
10. Make sure that it’s not my allowance [given to me by my mother] that I save up
11. Make sure that it would be my paycheck that I save in my bank.
12. Start working out [even if I’m super skinny, I still need to exercise]
13. Should start cooking delish food [recipes from allrecipes.com]
14. Start eating rice during lunchtime next school year
15. Learn a new language

finally, I finished this list already, I still wanna do two more things, study hard and write write write. :-P and I guess, I don’t need to list it down.

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