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yooo ! [25 Mar 2005|07:00pm]
hey guys what's up ?! nothing much here, just chillen. last night i went to the mall with amber = FUN! amber got us both candy ;] and then we needed lighters and she didn't believe that you could buy them in eckerds, so we went in there and i bought them & a propel. then amber got hungry so she got wendy's, and then she wanted some candy and i got cold so i went into the arcade and then she came in and talked to this ian kid. umm then ambers dad picked us up and took us to cosmos. ej met us there so we played pool with him and then a bunch of people showed up, it was a lot of fun! then her dad came and picked us up and he took me home, i just talked on the phone with ej for a little and then went to bed. today i pretty much just slept the whole day, haha. i'm not doing anything tonight but tomorrow night me, amber, ej and wyatt are going to the movies, that should be fun =) i'm gonna go watch tv with my mommy !

love you <3

good morning!! [06 Mar 2005|09:18am]
good morning everybody!! lol, yeahh .. i get hyper in the morning ? anyway, last night my supergorgeous boyfriend that i'm completely and absolutely in love with, came over =) my mom wasn't home when he got here so we just chilled, and then she got home and we ordered chinese. i don't think the chinese was that great, it was just different from what i usually get .. but ej said he liked it. umm then after dinner we watched something on scifi but i fell asleep for the rest of the night, so he was the only one who watched it. i felt really bad, i hope he didn't mind. i think it was the 4 aleve i took earlier for my cramps that just knocked me right out. i'll make it up to you ej .. i promise <33 well i got a cinnamon poptart and a can of sprite an inch away, waiting for me .. so i'm gonna go.

i love you sooooo much ej ! <33333
* alyssa !
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wow .. long time. [05 Mar 2005|04:17pm]
goshes! i haven't updated in a longggg ass time. hmm, i've been doing lots of skiing lately and spending loads of time with my gorgeous boyfriend <3 muahs! i love him soooo much =) last night i went skiing with christen and marissa, and then met up with ej, derek, charles, chris, and john .. and skiied, you know. that sorta shiz! then just came home, talked to ej for a bit, and when to bed ;] today i woke up, finished my cig from last night (shhhh) and then just lounged around. i had really bad cramps all day too, so i felt like shit and didn't wanna do ANYTHING. but then i took a nice hott shower and that relieved all my cramps, so i got ready and now i have to straighten my hair, then ej's coming over ! oh yeah, we're getting chinese !!!!!!!!!!!

peace. love you all <3

yesterday's gone - now all i want is your smile [18 Dec 2004|07:25pm]
[ mood | sick ]
[ music | e.j.'s voice ]

hey everyone!

well last night i got sick =/ so i didn't go out and i had plans with e.j. ? i think haha. i pretty much just talked on the phone all night with e.j. and then seamus, and then i went to bed at like 11. this morning seamus called me at like 11:30 and i was still sleeping! damn you seamus! haha no i love him! he's my bestfriend =) so then i put my cell phone on silent and went back to bed until 1 because i was still sick. e.j. supposedly called me, but i guess i didn't hear it or something. so then he came online at like 3 or 4 and asked if i wanted to go to the movies tonight and i'm still sick so i just said noo =/ i also had plans with seamus but he's sick too, and maddie but i never heard from her, and then tom. but because i'm sick i can't do anythingg ! tom called me before on his new cell phone and was telling me how he gave his grandmothers social security number and the guy said it came up that she was deseased, so they had to call the federal borough or something, and then they went back to at&t. idk i thought it was really funny! christmas is like 7 days away! i'm so excited, because i know like all of my christmas gifts that i'm getting from my santa (mom)! well most, of them atleast, but i won't tell you about them now.. i'll update christmas day! ohh yeahh i've been going to o'hara, and it's awesome there lol! i gotta go talk to e.j. though so i'll cya later !



[25 Oct 2004|12:13am]

well i finally got my layout to work!! haha i'm so happy about that, now i just have to fix my comment bar and then find an icon =)
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