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IMPORTANT!!!! [041203 _ 11:40 am]

ooc| Guys. We're sorta... dead. I want to start over in ANOTHER RPG. We make a whole new RPG. Different time period. Maybe Past --maybe future. Maybe during the time when Potter&Co. are out of school.

Who's with me?

Post suggestions and stuff.

- Jo
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New member! [040703 _ 03:09 am]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Hello I Would like to Join this rp as your wonderful Potions Master Severus Snape..Who is also Head of slytherin
house.If he is not snatched by someone already I Will play him As long as no one minds.

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[032603 _ 02:02 pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Wooties! Allo! ^_^ *Waves* I'm Allie, and i'll be playing my made up character, Jamie. I stole this from Tay[Nevielle] and Amanda[Remus], hee. Hope you don`t mind..?

Brief Character Description:
Name: Jamie Chestler
User name: jamie_ravenclaw
Hair: Light blonde, and the style tends to change
Eyes: Blue
Build: Thin
Complexion: Eh, in between
Height: 5'0''
Zodiac Sign: Aquarious
Birthdate: February 13
Age: 15
House: RAVENCLAW! w00ties
Notable Qualities: One of the top Ravenclaws at Hogwarts, one of the most poised students at Hogwarts, Part veela,Raised in a Slytherin family, racist against Mudbloods, duh.
Personality: Somewhat quiet, Somewhat bitchy, Very Smart
Pet: None

Contact Info
AIM-Ravenclaw xJamie

There ya have it. *Grins*

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[032203 _ 10:17 pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]
[ music | commercial on the radio ]

INTRODUCTION TIME! WoO! *does a jig*

HI! I'm Tay. *wavies* Going to be playing our beloved mishap-prone Neville Longbottom. This should be fun!

Okis, so I'm just going to *cough* STEAL the info sheet skeleton from Amanda (Lupin), edit it a bit, and put in Neville's own details. ^_~ Lurve you, Amanda, dear.

Brief Character Description:
Name: Neville Longbottom
User name: herbologyrocks
Hair: Dirty blonde-ish, a bit shaggy
Eyes: Brown
Build: Pudgy, slightly overweight
Complexion: Medium
Height: 5'4"
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Birthdate: August 27
Age: 17
House: Gryffindor
Notable Qualities: Forgetful
Personality: Somewhat shy, nervous, forgetful, brave (in his own special Neville way!)
Pet: Trevor the toad

And there you have it. Neville. ^_^ Feel free to add me up to your friends lists and all that.
Contact Info:
AIM: LavenderTay, Supah Tay
MSN: Lavender_tay@hotmail.com
Y!: TaythePenguin
ICQ: 168630664
E-mail: lavender_tay@hotmail.com

Hope to meet and chat with all of you soon.

Flower power!


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*jumps out of nowhere* [031803 _ 07:58 pm]

[ mood | excited ]
[ music | Commercial For Levi - Placebo ]

Hello! My name is Amanda and I will be playing everyone's favorite lycantrope, Remus Lupin. I am really looking forward to playing you with you all!

Brief Character Description:
Remus J. Lupin
User name: Wolf_on_campus
Hair: Light brown, prematurely gray, short
Eyes: Hazel
Build: Lean, fit
Complexion: Light tan
Height: 5'10
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Birthdate: 1960-12-12
Age: 39
House: Gryffindor
Profession: New School Counselor at Hogwarts, and fellow defender of good.
Special Quality: Werewolf
Nickname: Moony
Personality: Perceptive, kind, humorous, friendly, trusting, sensitive, cool-headed, intelligent, and loving.
Significance of his name: "Remus" is one of the legendary twin boys who founded the city of Rome; as children they were raised by a she-wolf. The literal meaning of Remus is "fast." "Lupin" is similar to the old French word "lupus," meaning "wolf."

Please add my to your friends list.

Your new Remus-shaped person,

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OOC [020803 _ 10:46 pm]

[ mood | chipper ]
[ music | Chobits - Ningyo Hime ]

Ohayo! I'm Amarice, and I'll be playing Cho Chang in this RPG. It sounds like a lot of fun, and I'm really looking forward to RPing with this community. ^_^

Um... I suppose that's all. Just wanted to drop by and say 'hello'.

- Cho Chang

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;) OOC UPDATE. [020803 _ 08:09 am]

[ mood | busy ]

I am so proud of our community. *sniffle* LOOK AT THE AMOUNT OF YOU LOT THAT UPDATED! Very good, very good. Anyway, I have a couple of things to say.

We have three new people. The old Draco Malfoy (drakemalfoy) has been deleted, so please add the new one (bad_faith) to your friends list. We also have Millicent Bulstrode - milli_bulstrode. Last, but certainly not least, is ravenclawbelle, playing the lovely Cho Chang. There's one question regarding Cho Chang - is she or is she not still at school? Well, the old roleplayer made her still in school, in Harry's year, but I'd prefer if the new one would set her a bit straight. If not, fine. This is the only case in which I'd let age changing.

Second thing is... chat session this weekend. I don't know exactly when yet, but I'm going to be on all weekend. The chat name will be 'Hogwartsish RP' no matter what, so if you want to just drop in, feel free. I'm guessing.. this afternoon? I'll be in it all day, under either 'chudleyfan' or 'i did ron', so yeah. IM me on either one of those for an invite if you want to be polite about it.

Third thing is that I have a stomach ache. No really, the third thing is that I find it silly when people say I didn't come up with the Valentine's Day ball. Why? Because I did on the thirteenth of January, and then the next community to do it did it the day RIGHT after. The next person who says 'a lot of communities have thought of it' will get a smack in the face because who thought of it FIRST? :) We did because we were unable to have a Yule Ball, due to lack of maintenence with the old maintainer. *cough* But that won't happen this time! I'd prefer if you'd all tell me RIGHT NOW (right here, in this post) if you'll be able to come on during Valentine's Day. If yes, tell me what time and what screenname you'll most likely be under. If too many people say no, we'll have to move the date. Kapish?

I'm out.

- Aimee
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OOC - New characters [020703 _ 10:34 pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Hey. Aimee said that she'd update about us, but she hasn't, so I figured since I was updating my journal I might as well do it myself. These are the new characters. bad_faith [Draco Malfoy] I play him. I'm Zack, and you and you can reach me either Zackariah77 or Draco xx Malfoy on Aim. milli_bulstrode [Millicent Bulstrode] Tiffy plays her, and you can IM her at Milli Bulstrode or Queen xx Malice. Please add us to your lists. Thanks.

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OOC, obviously. [020603 _ 12:35 pm]

I'm sick and tired of us 'coming back' and then dying again. I'm fed up with all of you saying, "I'll come back when it's more active." I don't make it active, YOU do. If you all really cared and wanted Hogwartsish as much as you say you do, then act like it. I've gone on a mission to get us some members and it's about time the members we had started being more active.

- potions_master
- colourful
- colin_creevey

These people were inactive for way too long. Therefore, their characters are up for grabs.

- parvati_p
- drakemalfoy
- chang_cho

If you don't either contact me OOC (i did ron - AIM // candii_starre@hotmail.com - MSN), comment to this entry or update their journals, I'm kicking. I'll give five days to contact me but if you don't reach me by then, your characters are up for grabs.

Hopefully, a new batch of people will come and we'll somehow manage to become active again. I hate like hell to see this RPG die.. and I know you all love it as much as I do. I don't mind if anyone wants to take upon more than one character - you have my permission. Just.. make sure that if you do, you'll maintain them both equally and not let either one of them die out. :)

Kat - Pick someone you'd want to be, and then IM me with the person. Okie?
Jo - ...where the hell have you been? Contact me ASAP.

I think that says enough for now. OH! We have a banner if you want to advertise:

banner here, folks. )

- Aimee
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*OOC* [020503 _ 01:19 pm]

RAWR! WHAT THE FUCK WE HAVE A COPIER. I'd like to just make note that yeah, hi, I'm the one who came up with the very idea of having a Valentine's Day ball. Hmph.

Anyway, does anyone actually WANT to roleplay? You've all lost so much enthusiasm. I don't know when all of you can RP and whatnot, so don't be shy -- just IM me or something (i did ron - hit me up) and we'll have a bit of fun.

- Aimee
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[012903 _ 01:27 pm]

[ mood | amused ]
[ music | MTV ]


Weee.. I'm bored of playing Lavvie, so she's up for grabs now. You can use this account (which I doubt anyone would wanna.)

But I'm not leaving.. no sirree.. So, who should I play that would be helpful plotwise? I was thinking of playing Katie, but she's taken. ==' So.. yes.. i have no clue who to play..


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Penny [012803 _ 12:09 pm]
[ mood | content ]

hey Guy's if its alright i"ll be Playing Penny ^_^ I know she's older than most.but i don't really
think many Rp Her often. yep so I Decided to take up the part.

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ANNOUNCEMENT! OOC, of course. [012603 _ 11:24 am]

[ mood | blah ]

Hi there, kiddies. I'm glad to announce that we have a new Fred and George RPer. :D The username is prof_prankster. So, please remove troubletimestwo if you haven't already. Thanks.

Another thing; we have a new Draco RPer! So keep drakemalfoy on your friends lists.

I know that a lot of you want to RP so.. could you all just maybe go on AIM today? I'll be on chudleyfan or i did ron today, so you can IM me on either one of those two (preferably i did ron because I might sign off of chudleyfan for a little while). ;) We don't HAVE to RP today -- I'd just like to talk to the lot of you. If we can get enough of you wanting to RP at the same time, we'll most likely be able to have a session in a chatroom. This okay with you, Jo? :D

What else do I want to address... k. Don't be shy! You can have your own roleplaying sessions without mods there; just talk to another member, do it out in an IM or in a chatroom and if you do, try to post it. Isn't that hard! So therefore, your characters will have something to write and we won't be inactive. Whee.

That's about it. Contact me with any questions.

- Aimee
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Bunch of OOC notice. [011303 _ 05:11 pm]

[ mood | good ]

Hi there, people. As you probably now know from Jo's post, she and I have taken over this community. We're trying to bring it back again, so please contact us if you want to leave. Must have openings. If you know you can't play a character, please don't join -- we need active-ness. Yup yup.

First announcement ! Please take seer from your friends lists and add parvati_p. ;) And say hello to our new Parvati, Sam. She can be contacted on AIM via skigirl31. Please also note that if you don't give us a comment or contact either one of us OOC (me; i did ron // jo; dome of spells) within a week, your character will automatically be deleted from the community. Thanks much.

Second announcement ! We need RP sessions, people! When are all of you available to roleplay? If there is a certain day or time which is either really good or really bad for you, let us know. Letting the mods know how you feel is the key to success, ay? And, feel free to have your own little roleplaying sessions with other members and to post them in the community. I mean, your characters need stuff to write about, right?

Third announcement ! WE'RE HAVING ANOTHER BALL. We know that many of you were dissapointed when we didn't have the Yule Ball, so we're making it up with a Valentine's Day Ball. ;)

Fourth announcement ! Contest time. Okay, the person who gets the most people to join the community will get a custom layout from yours truly. Sad I know but we need members. Get advertising, people.

That's all for now because Jo summed up the rest. ^^

___* Aimee // scarhead << OOC BLURTY

[edit] DON'T REMOVE drakemalfoy. KEEP IT ON. KTHNX. ;) [/edit]
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ooc// ATTENTION!!! [011303 _ 03:52 pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Hello, everybody! Jo here, your very own Seamus-mun. Heh. *cough* ANYWAYS. Me and Aimee, who is your beloved Ron-mun, have taken over the RP, as some of you may or may not know.

We are currently on AIM, under the SNs Dome of Spells and i did ron. Feel free to IM either of us about anything RP related or if you just want to say hi. *shrug* Me and her are currently discussing the plans for this RP.

We also need plot ideas. Not the whole plot (because what's the fun in that, eh?) but just something to help us all start off with.

Please comment if you have any ideas!

Lastly, everyone please check out the information page of the community, as it has been updated several weeks ago. *cough*



Library-------- [123102 _ 03:12 pm]

IVI i o n e: ::walks with her books clutched to her chest.. looks around and walks towards the library::
x Pparkinson x: :: Pansy walks down the hall with her friends laughing at the jokes. Not watching where she was going and accidently bumps into Hermione :: Ow!
x Pparkinson x: :: spins around and faces Hermione :: Watch it Granger!
IVI i o n e: ::looks up at Pansy and looks at her and her snobby friends:: Your the one who bumped into ME.
IVI i o n e: ::tries to walk to the side of them and not have any more to do with them::
x Pparkinson x: Whatever! :: walks quickly past Hermione bumping into her once more::
x Pparkinson x: :: Runs to a table and grabs a seat, waving at her friends to come over too ::
IVI i o n e: ::looks up and sees that Pansy is waving to HER:: ::thinks - whats going on.. walks over to the table that Pansy is sitting at::
x Pparkinson x: :: Pansy looks at Hermione weirdly .. squinting her eyebrows with a confused look on her face :: What do want now?
IVI i o n e: ::looks confused:: I think the question is what do YOU want. Your the one who waved at me to come over..
x Pparkinson x: :: Pansy has an even more confused look on her face :: What?!?
x Pparkinson x: :: pansy's mouth slowly forms into a smile .. and then a laugh ::
x Pparkinson x: :: Pansy's friends came to sit at the table with her :: You think I waved to you?
x Pparkinson x: :: laughs even more :: I was waving to my friends. And your obviously not one of them. So would you PLEASE leave me alone now, I have some homework to do before the break is over
x Pparkinson x: :: turns away from Hermione .. takes a peek at where Hermione is standing :: Still here?
x Pparkinson x: I asked you to go away, NOW
IVI i o n e: ::looks at Pansy and her friends sitting at the table:: Oh, well its not like I wanted to come sit with you guys anyway. I saw you wave towards me.. so I err.. came over. I got to go now. ::raises eyebrows.. totally humiliated::
x Pparkinson x: :: laughs with her friends :: She's turning red!
IVI i o n e: ::turns away from Pansy and walks to a far away table:: That Pansy...
*........... an hour later ............. *

IVI i o n e: ::Gets up from her seat and piles her books ontop of eachother::
IVI i o n e: ::sees Pansy is still there with her friends at the table::
x Pparkinson x: What time is it? :: looks at the clock on the wall with a great sigh :: Finally! Done with my homework and finished in an hour!
IVI i o n e: ::tries to sneak away without them seeing her, but Pansy catches her::
x Pparkinson x: :: glances at Hermione :: Look at her! Trying to sneak out, if I didn't know better, I say she's afraid of US
x Pparkinson x: :: gathers her books, quills, and parchments from the table packing them into her bag :: I'm going back to the common room, see you guys later!
IVI i o n e: ::Leaves the Library, feeling relieved that Pansy didn't walk up to her::
x Pparkinson x: :: swings her bag over her shoulder, casually walking out of the library bumping into Hermione again ::
IVI i o n e: ::thinks 'Oh no'::
IVI i o n e: ::turns and sees Pansy staring at her::
IVI i o n e: Umm..
x Pparkinson x: :: covers her mouth and uses a fake voice :: Oops, was that me? Of course not! Must have been you!
x Pparkinson x: I better be going! :: smirks at Hermione :: See ya later loser
IVI i o n e: You seem to have trouble with your walking Pansy, I'd say you bump into someone at least once a day
IVI i o n e: Yeah, I'd best be off also.
IVI i o n e: ::turns away from Pansy::
x Pparkinson x: :: walks quickly away from Hermione, pretending she didn't hear her ::
IVI i o n e: ::walks back to the Gryffindor Common Room::
x Pparkinson x: I can't believe she just said that. I DO NOT bump into someone everyday! :: gasps :: Am I getting fat?
IVI i o n e: ::turns head to make sure that Pansy isn't following her::
IVI i o n e: ::turns her head back foward and walks quickly to the Common Room::
x Pparkinson x: :: tries to calm herself down :: no no no .. of course not. To be on the safe side .. I better stop eating all that fattening food.
IVI i o n e: ::arrives at the Picture of the Fat Lady::
IVI i o n e: ::whispers password, just in case Pansy was around::
IVI i o n e: ::walks inside and sees Harry and Ron.. feels relieved::
x Pparkinson x: JUST to be safe! :: mutters the password and runs up to the girls dormitory throwing her bag on her bed. Pansy picks up the mirror on her bedstand starring at her face. ::
x Pparkinson x: I'm .. i'm not fat. Then how come none of the guys like me! They wouldn't go for a fat girl. :: checks the time again :: It's almost dinner. I'll just skip this meal, I'm not that hungry anyway
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__ooc!!! [122802 _ 10:08 am]

Dudes, this RP is dying. That is, if it's not already dead. And I don't want it to die! This was the first ever blurty RP I've ever been in, an I'm sentimental like that.

So... I'd like us all to take a vote on something or other.
_!) Should we start over in the same community?
_@) Should we just continue from where we are but become more active?
_#) Should we start fresh in a new community, but possibly with the same journals? (entries might have to be deleted).

I'm sorry if I'm starting to seem bossy, but this RP is dying, and since no else seems to be taking control or whatnot (who was the MOD again?!) I decided to post this. Yeah.

So input please.

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Lee and Pansy [122302 _ 05:38 pm]

LeeJorWizard: hey pansy
xPparkinsonx: Hey Lee
xPparkinsonx: Two more days..
LeeJorWizard: im so excitedx
Pparkinsonx: yeah.. *sighs*
xPparkinsonx: :: looks at Lee with a smile :: I hope you have a great time.
LeeJorWizard: *asks nicely* whats the matter?
xPparkinsonx: I'm going solo
LeeJorWizard: why dont you go with ernie
xPparkinsonx: :: gives Lee a look and sighs again :: Are you kidding me ..
xPparkinsonx: We've been over this
LeeJorWizard: i can tell you guys dont really hate each other
LeeJorWizard: and that if u guys just like talked for a while everything would b aight
xPparkinsonx: :: stares over Lee's right shoulder :: I ..
xPparkinsonx: :: pauses and looks back at Lee :: no, I'm not sure if that would work out
LeeJorWizard: why, are you on to someone else
xPparkinsonx: :: raises her left eyebrow :: no..
LeeJorWizard: well i have a game to announce now, wasps vs. cannons (highly exciting) bye
xPparkinsonx: :: raises her right hand and wiggles her fingers :: Bye

OOC! [122302 _ 11:59 am]

[[ Guys, I need a favor.


Vote for Morsmordre{dot}Net, please! ^^ Thank ya.
And yes, this is a cross post X.x;

<33 Jo ]]
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