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Buffy Icons= Remember Me This Way. [09 Jul 2003|08:18pm]
[ mood | good. tired. ]

The following are 24 icons to the song "Remember Me This Way" by Jordan Hill. Spoilers from Chosen are few and the rest are from all the seasons except 2 I believe. I like, changed the way I was going to make the icons after the first two, so they look like they shouldn't be there.Anyways, take a peek :]

title or description title or description

Remember Me This Way )

All Screencaps were from Screencaps by Alanna, Just Imagine, and Romance on BtVS

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Hello. [09 Jul 2003|08:15pm]
[ mood | good. tired. ]
[ music | P.Diddy- I Need A Girl Pt 2. ]

Hi there :] Same rule as I posted on my User Info. This is my Icon Journal. I'll post anything related to graphics here. I mostly do Buffy Icons, so expect much of that. The only thing I ask is that you comment and ask me if you're going to take something that I've posted. And everything is shareable. I'll also take requests, but be kind when you make them and know that I won't always get it done instantly. That's about it. Thanks :D

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