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thinking.... [15 Jul 2004|08:45am]
[ mood | tired ]

today is miss brittany's birthday /....

must put in the positive cd and take out the negative one....*just something the shrink taught me*
anyways...i'm just gonna reflect on some things...

john left for iraq on tuesday. that is totally sad. he's gone till october. comes home for 4 days and then goes for two years. he gets one fucking phone call every christmas. what the fuck is wrong with that fucking picture. and my poor anrew by the time john comes home anrew will be 19. he wont even get to see him graduate...tear drop. i dont know i just think that its fucked up. let the iraq's kill one another dont bring us into it even tho we are envolved and have beeen for awhile. but shit i'd love it if they stuck george bush and his dadddy over there for a night i bet they wouldnt fuckin make it.

anywhore... i've started to go to a shrink. its not bad at all. kind of nice.

i want to go to north carolina so fuckin bad. i'm go glad that imma get to see my katie miller. that makes me very happy. teeeheee i havent seeen her in so long. as for the whole kevin thing. its all good imma get to seee him as plained and i could really care less if chris likes it or not.

tori is mad at me. booo fucking hooo. just cause i didnt wanna do acid the other night is no reason to get all mad. freshmans...

stuff with kate is okay i guess. i don't know how much i really care tho.

yaayyaa alex said he'd teach me h ow to play the guitar. im all excited. coz i really really wanna learn.

tear drop i miss nick. i was talking to anrew today and he was like nick called me last week from flordia. see the last i heard he was in fuckin woodstock but i guess not nomore. oh-well. i feel kind of shity about that. like we never really hung out after school got out. and i havent seen christy in a long ass time. :( i'm all sad now ahahah i miss them lots

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