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    Monday, December 29th, 2003
    10:46 pm
    This weekend... its been ok.

    Friday was the chilifest, aka mucho sucking. it was terrible, as usual, so i left and called steve, who i said i would call earlier but couldnt when i found out about the stupid chili thing. and he was at sarah's i think, so that took one option of my night away. and all other options happened to be out of the picture as well so friday night was spent online, doing nothing, but it wasnt that bad.

    Saturday was better. I woke up and was gonna go to sarahs farm, but ended up not going, because drew was sick, so i thought we could wait till he could be more possible of a go. except that sentence makes nnnoooooo sense. anyway, that night i went to kaylas house. not to hang out with kayla, but to hang out with her mom/sister/neighbor. her neighbor is making me fall in love with her. its ridiculous. shes gorgeous... oh well, i just met her recently, so i dont want to judge to early. we just played the sims and watched half of boondock saints. then home.

    Sunday was eventful. Church, then bagels and donuts, then church again, then eating bagels and donuts, then lunch with grant, dave and andrew madden. mmmmmmmm chilis. then sarahs farm, watched part of zoolander, then went to see LOTR: Return of the King. it was really good, but the book was still just a little better. but i give credit, they did the books justice in all three movies. Then home, working on shit, then sleep.

    Today was fun in the middle. the beginning was work like whoa. thats right i said like whoa. it was gay, and i took mike mullin, drew, and jake samuels to the mall. Then i went over to steves and we played two player LOTR (yea figuring it out!) and NHL 2004, which is about 30 times better than 2003, but also harder, and thus more frustrating. then home, and the rusks came over after dinner to steal me from my work, and then we ate mollys birthday cake. im so glad company came. perfect excuse not to do anything. sweeeeeet. and now its me, bored, online.


    Current Mood: indescribable
    Current Music: brand new- sic transit gloria...glory fades
    Friday, December 26th, 2003
    9:55 pm
    i guess i need to update... its been a while, i just have no motivation anymore... no one cares... oh well

    Christmas was yesterday! it was really cool. i mean its true that it is jesus' birthday and not mine, but hey i like getting presents, im not going to lie.

    I got some birks, that steve and jess say i would be gay in... but fuck you, clogs are comfy! haha

    i got a new columbia jacket, that i needed desperately...

    looks like we arent going to make it to see hidden in plain view, the prize fight, and tsl the 28th... seems too late, we got a late start on asking, and my parents are nazis as you probably know. so that sucks, a lot, because hipv and the prize fight are aaaaaaammmmmmaaaaaaaazzzzzzziiiiiiiinnnnnnggggggggg

    well other than that im not really doing much recently, just hanging with aqcuaintences... im glad i can spell...

    where is steve?! steve?! i miss hanging out with steve like its my job! its been like a week! jeez, thats forever in my book.

    well i have nothing else to say... but this post is weak, so ill take up space... like this

    man im funny! i kill myself.

    Current Mood: bored
    Current Music: the prize fight-more or less
    Friday, December 19th, 2003
    1:08 pm
    this weekend
    weeeellll, its been a while since i have really updated minus the show so i guess ill just throw some shit out there...

    Today was ok, it was a half day and casual dress so that was cool. and i got a 93 on my math test. and i suck at math...

    this week has been so gay
    i have been waiting to the undoubted "climax" of my week, on saturday night for a week and then some... im not going to say it here but if you know me you probably know what i mean anyway, so apparently my parents arent feeling good about it, and dont want me to go. which blows, but this time im not having it, i have worked too hard not to have a little fun. So im just going to tell them that this is a decision i think I can make and that they can straighten out whatever parts of it they dont like and suck it up for the rest. hopefully that works... maybe it will maybe it wont. and ill be pissed if it doesnt.
    i have sats tomorrow, i hate sats with the fiery passion of 12 burning suns. fuck this
    im out

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    Current Music: senses fail- free fall without a parachute
    Sunday, December 14th, 2003
    12:39 am
    Three letter, one word, W-O-W
    Tonight was the show at the Trocadero, if you know anything about the show, or if ive told you about it, you already know it was AMAZING.
    first band was finding westerly. i wasnt really excited for them because i had never heard of them, but it always turns out that those types of bands are awesome, and they definately were.
    next was Hidden in plain view. wow, that was an awesome set, even tho they played two songs from the new cd i didnt fully know and one random increda new one that i didnt know... but they played the changer (i think thats the name), belly full of kerosene, some song..., an american classic, milligrams for migranes, shamans witches magic, and 20 below. all in all they fuckign rocked, and apparently i was 5 feet away from steve and vinny the WHOLE time, and i didnt see them till right before the early november. joe reo pointed at me like 3 times, i dont even remember when. and rob pointed at me once too... so i felt special, tho not as special as steve who went to the middletown show and got to sing with him, fucking lucky steve! oh well.
    next was copeland, surprisingly i knew some of the songs they played, and i dont listen to them all that much... they rocked tho, and everyone was really into them...
    then i called steve, and finally met up with him, and we went over to vinny and his other two friends, whos names escape me. and we had a blast there. becaaaaaaauuuuuuuussssssseeeeeeeeee
    finally, the early november. they started by cutting all the lights and playing this tape of a cheesy old song, which was kinda funny... then they come out, look i was so blown away by the set that i dont even remember the song order... but they played a lot. and they were fucking awesome. and they finished with every night's another story. god i was going nuts, and vinny was right behind me. half way through steve went back bc of his shoulder i assume... or something, but i didnt really take that much notice, i was too pumped. wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, oh god.

    moving back in time now, i went to kaylas at like 12... that was cool because her neighbors were there. so caroline and lindsay, caroline i knew, lindsay i met. lindsay. was. awesome. this girl was so cool... i mean we didnt really do all that much for her to be that cool at, but she was definately a super cute girl. and i was really attracted to her. too bad i didnt know she was gonna be there, or who she was, i would have showered again this morning, instead of just last night.... oh well. i was blown away i think, and thats a huge sign, because i hate first impressions of people, and she made a good one, when most of the entire day was boring. so thats all i have... post something if you love me! haha i can see this being a total failure already.

    Current Mood: blown away
    Current Music: the early november-the mountain range in my living room
    Saturday, December 13th, 2003
    5:36 pm
    SHOW TONIGHT BAH! cant wait... at all
    Wednesday, December 10th, 2003
    9:43 pm
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOLLY MCGLAUGHLIN! except i spelled your last name wrong... sorry buddy!

    well i dont have anything to say. except 3 DAYS! until one kickass show. and i cant wait. i just hope that i come across steve bc he is going in a seperate car and i dont think we have planned a meeting. and JESS! that would be cool too. but shell be with steve, and i dont know if ill see them... i probably will.. oh well.

    im out.

    comment and ill do you, unless you are a man

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    Current Music: the goodwill-through the door
    Saturday, December 6th, 2003
    12:19 pm
    this is late... but there is SNOW OUTSIDE!! and i know a lot of people hate snow, because they cant really drive anywhere or anything, but for me, who is usually home anyway, snow rocks! so yay! and the sats got postponed! so thats good too, i was really not ready to take them today, so the 20th is better. wellll... thats all i have to say, except oh, steve broke his collarbone! which sucks balls, and what makes it suck even more is that he didnt like fall hard, he twisted it or something when it hit, and it cracked and shizzit, and that really blows. so hell be in a sling for all of the upcoming shows! which also sucks... well im out, time to set up for christmas.

    Current Mood: cheerful
    Current Music: none
    Wednesday, December 3rd, 2003
    11:56 am
    look, i dont know how to use blurty, or do anything cool, so if anyone could teach me cool stuff, let me know...

    such as moving words, and changing the style of the page to be cool, and changing the "post reply" words to something cool... anything cooler than the basic setup.

    any help would be much appreciated, thanks

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    Current Music: the goodwill-let it go
    Tuesday, December 2nd, 2003
    5:11 pm
    "come out now with your hands up, and submit yourself to me"
    so the show saturday was AWESOME! i had a great time, and i saw a lot of people there from my school, but most of them were just poser freshman who are preppy on dress down days and punk on the weekends, i bet they listen to new found glory and good charlotte, HA! aaanyway... first was almost tomorrow, who i actually expected to be MUCH worse than they were, dont get me wrong they were still pretty bad, but they have potential. then jeff raum played an acoustic set. the only thing i knew about jeff raum was that tj schuck hates his guts, and that he is 22 and lives in his parents basement, and that tj tried to stab him with a knife... well he played pretty poorly i think, and from what tj says im not a huge fan either... so then dawn undercover played, they were good, kyle drake is incredibly talented... next was paulson, who i loved, and i got a free poster, and then madison, who was good, then spitalfield. spitalfield was really good, although i didnt really pay much attention because we were talking to people and i dont know any of their stuff. then came Valencia, formerly the Capgun Heroes. who played two new songs at the beginning that i didnt know, but they were awesome. then they played a new song that steve said he had heard, and was AMAZING. then they played act your age, and the art of submission, which i know, and are also both awesome. then after much begging and screaming, they played waiting, which is my favorite of their old songs. they didnt play it too well because ryan hadnt sang it in like a year. but its cool because it was good enough, and we knew all the words anyway. so, somewhere in the middle there george gave me a t-shirt, which is the cgh one that steve has, but it was FREE. so that was cool. Finally they played a brand new song, so ill be checking that out when they record it. so the show was basically awesome. and i loved it, and im highly anticipating 11 days from now, which is TEN, HiPV, CTS, and Copeland at the Troc. CANT WAIT!

    well other than all that mess, i have felt sick all day, and i had to watch this presentation on mouth/oral/facial diseases today, and i almost puked all over the place, but i managed to hold it in. i have no idea how. oh well at least i didnt puke. i guess thats all i have to say, except 23 days till christmas!


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    Current Music: copeland-take care
    Monday, November 24th, 2003
    10:47 pm
    listen to the new song i wrote:

    i have nothing else to say... except... i dont really hate it, im just getting bored
    10:47 pm
    listen to the new song i wrote:

    i have nothing else to say... except... i dont really hate it, im just getting bored
    Thursday, November 20th, 2003
    8:19 pm
    yea thats about all i have to say about today is wow...

    half day today rocked, and i ended up with shitloads of homework, which didnt rock, but now im done so that does rock.

    anyway, the eventful part of today did not happen at school, it happened in the last say, 30 minutes.

    steve told me about yet another show coming up, well he told drew who told me... but december 28th is the starting line and hidden in plain view, also at the trocadero. so i really want to go to that one too, just to make up for the lack of hidden in plain view shows i have had... ive missed the last 4 or something ungodly like that. so two in a row should help me back into the swing of things. its going to be an eventful month... this saturday is kynipshen, jaundis, and blindset at the ground floor in newark, next saturday is the capgun heroes and paulson and madison and i forget the rest... and then we have the two hidden in plain view shows that are being headlined by the early november and the starting line in that order. there is an LTJ show the 25th of november, but im probably missing that, seeing as i have school the next day, wont get tickets, and my parents will dyko out. (i made up dyko as a mix between psycho and dyke to describe a girl at school... i like it) and so i wont be there... but other than that im pumped, and christmas season is coming, so that will be rockin, i dont even like it for presents, just off school, and the atmosphere around christmas time is killer.

    ok well thats about it, except i highly recommend that anyone deciding whether or not to go to the dec 13th show... coughmollycough, should definately go, and have a killer time. but its up to that person... so im out.
    reply on my blurty! i need friends

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    Current Music: the early november-take time to find
    Wednesday, November 19th, 2003
    1:14 pm
    mmmm ice cream...
    BAH! the last few days have been ok... not much really going on, except for my growing excitement for the upcoming shows.

    Last night i talked to matt halter, which was cool because i havent talked to him in ages really. but anyway, it turns out he might be coming down thanksgiving weekend, and i offered to let him stay at my house, but i dont know how that will go over with th parents... oh well they can deal with it, thats right, im not taking their stupid reasons and stupid answers anymore, it never turns out to really be of use. meh, so that will be awesome, and he'll come to see the capgun heroes with me and steve, and whoever wants to go...

    umm, i havent talked to tiff in like 6 days, which is odd, because she is always online, so like every time i get on i usually talk to her, but its cool, shell be around. she is the coolest, if you didnt know.

    this past weekend i went backpacking, which rocked hardcore. i loved it, welllll, saturday was really tough, and i woke up feeling shitty on sunday at 6 a.m. but then we hit the trail and it was so easy and much more fun. we sang kick ass songs the whole way, well the ones that everyone that was their knew, like taking back sunday, and brand new.

    speaking of... i missed yet another show, the taking back sunday/saves the day show, which steve ended up getting last minute tickets too, so that was cool for him, but i was backpacking, all i have to say is im not going backpacking thanksgiving weekend, even tho there is a trip.

    oooh shit let me tell you about my escapade at ruby teusdays, if anyone besides steve reads this and really cares...
    So i talked to my friend online sunday afternoon and we decided to get lunch after she got out of school monday, because i was off. i was really excited because she is really hot, and i like her a lot... so we decided ruby teusdays was a good choice, i get there and wait for her and whatnot, bc she lives in pa. so everyone knows about how tables are nailed to the ground (i already hear you guessing what happened) well all of them at RT are except for this one apparently. so we go to sit down, and i put my hand on the table to sit down, you know to brace myself, and go figure the table is wobbly, it almost flips sideways, i grab it but the menus, the salt and pepper shakers, and the sugar holder go flying off the table, and i shatter the salt shaker. not only bad luck, but a beautiful maneuver in front of a girl. one that is good looking, that i like. her name is suzanne... there is no use disclosing it now, because if for some random reason she reads this she would knw that my name is ian... as described in my blurty name, and that we went to RT and i knocked the table over so....... whatever...

    well that all that happened this week so far, except i have the greatest school schedule ever... off monday, half day teusday, off today, half day thursday, casual day friday... sweet ass... ok well thats about all that i have...

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    Current Music: hidden in plain view-shamans witches magic
    Thursday, November 13th, 2003
    6:32 pm
    Today was a pretty good day made better at the end... School was school, except i got a 94 on my AP Gov test and a 20/20 on my late quiz, which rocked, finally getting good grades in that class, too bad its too late to save the first quarter. basically thats everything interesting that happened... anyway, i got home and me and drew went to get food for the backpacking trip this weekend which is gonna be awesome... then i got home and molly got home and sarah and laura called, then they came over for maybe 45 minutes to an hour, which was fun, they are some of the most fun girls ever. haha. well thats my day up till like now wheni have to write a journalism article... =-\

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    Current Music: the blood brothers-march on electric children!
    Wednesday, November 12th, 2003
    9:58 pm
    new stuff...
    the capgun heroes
    The Art of Submission:
    Forget the warrants, I'm coming in. I'm searching this abandoned house to find you. All I want right now is to see your beautiful face, lit by this dim beam. The light has become so faint and the batteries are running dry, as you remain hidden by the shadows and this copper fills my hands as the batteries drain and you are nowhere to be found… so in this room, lets open the shades, that have faded as our ties together have. come out with your hands up and submit yourself to me, step into the light and make yourself at home. If it matters to you at all, you'll put aside your fears, step into the light and take me inside your mind.

    thats a new cgh song... i have another called act your age which i think i might turn on now... but they dont have lyrics up on their page for it yet... so we will see about that.


    today was pretty typical from the start. i got up at 6:40, showered and got dressed, i ate breakfast, brushed my teeth and was out the door at 7:10 for school. dropped drew off and got to school by 725 or so. schooled... got back bad grades... came home... ran 2 miles with drew then went to L.L. Bean outlet to get boots for backpacking, and smartwool socks. soo comfortable. then i found my kayak there, the exact one i want. im getting it. thats it. then i dropped molly off at ballet, got dad from work. came home and did homework, and now im here. i feel pretty good about myself having ran today, im gonna be in really good shape soon hopefully... well im out

    Current Mood: optimistic
    Current Music: the capgun heroes- act your age
    Tuesday, November 11th, 2003
    4:12 pm
    this weekend!
    so i dont really remember the exact last time i updated so ill just start on friday...


    school was gay as usual but i made it through on the thought of going to the university of delaware to see tiff and leah for movie night. we watched memento. memento is one of the greatest movies i have ever seen. i highly recommend it. i loved it. anyway, i forgot to tell you about tiffs gift... i made her this cd with some songs on it that i no longer enjoy, but i knew she would, so i put them on there, thats what gifts are about... so then i got her a bobblehead puppy and some bouncing sumowrestler dashboard things... and i got her a mini m&m dispensor... so she liked that and that was cool. then i came home and went to sleep


    Um saturday was pretty uneventful... just hung out and did stuff, then at night i went to see the charter/sallies soccer game, which was murder, 8-0 sallies... go charter... haha. then ai lost to tatnall 1-0, but in the middle me and sarah lester and ethan timmens schiffman and this girl katie went to krispy kreme to meet up with laura and suzanne, that was cool we ate some donuts... then sarah ethan and katie came over after we picked up drew and we watched a little bit of memento again and goofed around...


    sunday sucked majorly... i got up at 5 in the morning, got to maddens house at 539, got to the schuylkill at 625 and waited around until 730 when we went and rowed the 8... race started at 755... waited around till 1030 after that race, ended up realizing that the girls 4 showed at 830, i was there at 625, come on now... thats not fair, so then i race again at 11 in the four and get 3rd by 2 seats, damn close to the winning four from head of the schuylkill that beat us by 45 seconds, so thats good. get back and who is leaving? the girls four, at 12 oclock... come on now! last year we left to walk up the river before we were supposed to and 2 people got suspended, that is ridiculous! we were still at the race! and they just left! i had to stay for the final for the 8! i didnt leave until 500 at night! basically i spent 12 hours there, and they spent 3 and a half that makes a whole lot of sense. and their boat wasnt tied onto the racks tightly enough, so basically i had to redo that for them, tayloe and i anyway. jesus christ, i hate people... i wouldnt care if we were all just allowed to leave all of the time, but their theories seem to be wavy from boys crew to girls crew... oh well... im done with it...




    off and work... two awesome days at the beginning of the week huh? awesome stuff...

    im done.

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    Current Music: senses fail- free fall without a parachute
    Saturday, November 8th, 2003
    3:38 pm
    new hipv song! woo
    "Shamans Witches Magic"

    And there's villians in their closets
    and theives beneath their beds
    And business men in mirrors
    with guns against their heads
    Stepstools beneath their ankles
    nooses tied around their throats
    Sharpening their switchblades
    and citing in their skulls
    singing no one sleeps tonight
    till everything is burned
    and everyone is sacrificed
    No one sleeps tonight
    till everything is burned
    and everyone is
    Maxing out their credit cards on ammuntion
    They're polishing their rifles and they're polishing their guns
    cause the church is drenched in fire
    the hall's under attack
    They put the hostages with numbers of councilmen
    they got knives against their backs

    No one sleeps tonight
    till everything is burned
    and everyone is sacrificed
    No one sleeps tonight
    till everything is burned
    and everyone is sacrificed
    And to saves our souls
    or what's left of them

    Desperate hearts
    and so they sing
    and they sing it loud
    and they sing it clearly
    for their faith

    Whats left of the dreams we have? Whats left of the hope we have?
    Nothing, nothing at all

    thats the new hidden in plain view song... it fucking rocks, i like it anyway.

    well recently i have been... at school... and shit. and um, there are a lot of shows coming up that im excited about!

    nov 25
    philly somewhere
    LTJ!! aka less than jake

    apparently nov 27
    capgun heroes at the grange? drew randomly blurted that one at me so i dont know whats going on with it...

    dec 13
    the early november
    hidden in plain view
    count the stars
    Sick lineup!

    well thats the shows going down soon... im excited.

    Charter vs Sallies in the soccer tournament tonight! be there! i dont know what time but its at AI...
    ill see you there? if you read this soon and decide to go... ha wow. im done

    ok well thats all i got, drop me a reply or a picture or something... im going picture crazy now that i found out all this cool shit i can do on my usually homogay computer.



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    Current Music: senses fail-bloody romance
    Sunday, November 2nd, 2003
    2:47 pm
    My name is Denver Mac, I eat heart attacks.
    I dont even know how long its been since i have updated... but i guess here goes, someone help me get back into this it was a good thing...

    Well not much has been really happening, crew is crew, school is school, the hood friends still rock, girls are still hot, in case you didnt know.

    I finally got the chance to hang out with all the cool kids steve has been hanging out with and i had a blast, i think i liked all of them. met most of them at the sallies football game, there was luke, ryan, mike, lucky, sarah (one of the 3 i dont know which), um i think joe stopped by, i think thats his name. oh well. so basically we sat against my car and mikes and talked about stuff and then sarah had to leave so she left, then we made fun of some little kid, then we went over and sat in a parking spot. luke and mike kept acting like lovers, which was hilarious, because im mostly sure neither of them are gay. i know ryan from a previous life i think... dont know why. then we decided to go meet sarah m. at golden castle. our waitress was hilarious, i think she knew most of the others. but sarahs cop boyfriend was there... he was cool... so then i had to go home and jess left her jacket in my car, which she later got. so basically it was great to get to know those kids... i felt accepted, it was a warm feeling. maybe i will see them again sometime, steve has good friends there, so much better than other ones he and i have shared recently, thats an obvious hint. oh well,

    so other than that funness, not much funness is happening, just hanging out, nothing new... oh wait, so about girls being hot, right well basically i had this long convo with kayla about me, which was pretty one way... its like talking to a wall sometimes, oh well... basically its just me wishing one girl would try to get to know me and to like me for who i am. thats what annoyed me about jess, and kayla for that matter, and the few other girls that i know like me. no one wants to pass the surface, apparently a few think i look good or whatever, but i dont care about that, i want someone who will try to know me, and want to be with me, not with my face. well whatever, thats just stupid stuff.

    i think i like suzanne... a bunch, but it will never work out, because she is one of those who will keep hanging out with me, and upon knowing who i am for real, will be too friendly with me... oh well
    im out
    Friday, August 29th, 2003
    5:00 pm
    busy days? no...
    the last few days have been really uneventful... uuuum, yesterday i went to borders after picking drew up and got a cd visor for my car and a book on kayaking, which is really cool because this spring break i am making plans to kayak from the far east key in florida to key west. that would be the shit, man it would be sooooo fun, so maybe that will happen. i also plan on getting a kayak at the end of the school year maybe? anyway, after that i didnt do much until we called steve to go see a movie, he was with caitlin so we (me, drew, caitlin and steve) went to see my boss' daughter... it was good for one reason only, and by one i mean two. reason 1... tara reid, wow she was bonerific, as steve later pointed out she was a little hotter in van wilder, but still amazing. she is going to be my wife some day, she just doesnt know it yet. reason 2... carmen electra/carmen electras boobs through a wet t-shirt... wow. i mean i have seen them before but they were still great (previous reference is due to a poster on drew's wall) so other than that it sucked.

    today. nothingness. woke up at 12, watched some tv, went to best buy to check out dvd players, went to get drew, came home, played backyard soccer =D, and got in a fight...

    the fight: drew and i were wrestling and throwing punches for a while just goofing off, well one of his punches missed and hit me in the face.... soooo, instead of punching him back in the face bc i didnt want to hurt him and i would feel really bad considering it was an accident, i bitch slapped him. apparently this was a girly thing to do, so i turned him around and gave him two of the hardest kidney shots i have ever thrown... wow they were hard, he got pissed and ran upstairs and whatnot and we made up soon after with the handshake and whatnot... so its all good, but it was fun and funny afterwards so its all good.

    updating: well i just updated... it was fun, i had an excellent time... =P


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    Current Music: reel big fish- where have you been?
    Wednesday, August 27th, 2003
    1:32 pm
    dont really feel like updating right now so im not going to say much...

    last few days have been cool, i visited drexel and university of delaware... thats the cool part. there are uncool parts too but i dont even want to start talking about them right now... so thats about it for this post except i think that i want to go to drexel... or northeastern bc their co-op programs both kick total ass.


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    Current Music: brand new-70x7
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