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Wednesday, October 29th, 2003

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    a little something about me
    dont think im depressed or anything right now...because i dont believe that I am, but for a very long time I have known for a fact that nobody out there truly understands me, and it'll continue to be difficult to find someone who comes even close. I dont like telling people about things liek this cuz i dont want to look like im actually some sad person looking for attention...because Im not. I just want to let some people out there know the message b/c it will come to use. Sometimes it makes me feel kind of good knowing nobody understands, because I always know I am on my own and I dont have to depend on anyone and that I like the idea of people not knowing much about my past and whats really going on inside me. Only sometimes though. Other times I strongly do wish that one person out there really understood me, somebody i could really talk to. And believe me I have talked to a lot of people, but there is so much to comprehend. So much. The only person I can say is closer to relating to me than anyone else, is ami. But I'm still alone. And I will be for a long time, cuz I've been searching not that hard, but so far there isnt anyone even close. Ill be okay though. Im okay. ...or maybe im just saying that.

    Current Mood: pesimistic, reflective
    Current Music: stairway to heaven-led zeppelin

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